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Writing for Walford

Nickie | 09:30 UK time, Thursday, 31 May 2012

Do you live and breathe Walford? Walk down the street pretending to be Phil Mitchell? Do you know your Goldilocks from your Jack and the Beanstalk? Or have any idea how this could be relevant to writing for EastEnders or E20?

Watch this step by step guide to creating characters, worlds, drama, conflict - everything that makes a great episode of EastEnders and E20... or a great episode of anything....

Featuring advice from a host of EastEnders - Ricky Norwood (Fatboy), EastEnders Series Consultant/Lead Writer Simon Ashdown, Jeff Povey, Perry Balthazar, E20 writers Wemmy Ogunyankin and Corey Montague-Sholay and a video diary with EastEnders writer Daisy Coulam as she hammers out a draft, AND narrated by Tameka Empson (Kim Fox) - this is a must-see for anyone who's ever dreamt of writing for EastEnders.

Watch it, believe in yourself and get writing!

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 Get more information about creative writing

Find out if you could attend EastEnders writing events at the Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy in Hackney

On Set With... Chucky Venn

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Katy R | 11:27 UK time, Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This week, as the sunshine beamed down on Walford, we joined the gorgeous Chucky Venn aka Ray Dixon *swoon* as he came off set. 

We chatted away about his time so far on 'Britain's BEST soap' (well, we'd all agree with him there!) and his relationship with the incredibly energetic Tameka Empson (Kim Fox). Oh, and he may have mentioned some fairly impressively famous people he's worked with before!

Check out  his video - he truly is a very lovely chap!

AND don't forget to vote for him as in the TVChoice Awards!

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Schedule changes for week starting 11 June

Nickie | 15:00 UK time, Tuesday, 29 May 2012

There are lots of schedule changes afoot, so make sure that you don't miss a single moment over the next few weeks - or find yourself weeping in front of your telly with your dinner on your lap because you didn't realise it wouldn't be on. It's happened to us, and it's serious.

In addition to these Jubilee week changes

There will be no EastEnders on Monday 11 June or Friday 15 June.

EastEnders will be on Tuesday 12 June and Thursday 14 June at 7.30pm on BBC One as usual.


See the following week's schedules here

Photo spoilers: Taking baby steps...

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 29 May 2012

We need to talk

Although Tam is picking up on some signals from Afia - they're the wrong ones. She feels she needs more from life, e.g. freedom from her VERY nosey mother-in-law. So Tam offers her... a baby. How will she react?

Tamwar and Afia

Show me the... ring!?

When Mas come clean and tells Zainab he's been continuing with his tutoring, she wants to know where all the extra money is! He presents it to her in the form of a ring! Will she say YES?!

Zainab and Masood

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EastEnders episode discussion for week starting 28 May

Nickie | 13:00 UK time, Monday, 28 May 2012

It's a new week in Walford - and the action is as red-hot as Phil Mitchell after an ill-advised sun-bed session...

Have your say about anything regarding this week's eps - big or small, we want to know what you think.

Anyone agree with Derek's description of the Branning boys - 'gorgeous specimens of mankind'?

Should Alice give Derek a chance? Can you see a different Derek emerging since she's been in Walford? Or does a leopard never change its spots?

Janine versus Jean - Michael's got woman trouble...

And more...

Photo spoiler: Truth be told?

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 27 May 2012

Here's a quick look at what's to come in the week commencing 4th June...

A distraught Jean begs Michael to stop playing his very cruel games and be honest about the money he 'invested' for her. Does her heart felt plea force him to come clean, or will he continue to act oblivious? And will anyone believe poor old Jean?!

Michael and Jean

Pop back on Tuesday to see some more spoilers!

EastEnders schedule changes around the Jubilee

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Nickie | 15:39 UK time, Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Make sure you don't miss a single moment of EastEnders as schedules change for the Jubilee weekend.

On Friday 1st June, EastEnders will be on BBC One at 9pm.

There will be no EastEnders on Monday 4th June because of The Diamond Jubilee Concert

Tuesday 5th June will be as normal - 7.30pm on BBC One.

There will be a double episode on Wednesday 6th June starting at 8pm.

Pass it on so that nobody misses out!

See schedule changes for the following week here

Ian's breakdown - tackling mental health issues

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Nickie | 09:43 UK time, Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The past few months have not been easy for Ian - his finances in ruins, his volatile relationship with Mandy... not to mention her war with his daughter Lucy. But more than anything, it's the earth-shattering revelation that Ben killed Heather which has tipped the balance. Not to mention the pressure to keep Ben and Phil's terrible secret...

Suddenly, Ian's behaviour has become manic, volatile. He's a desperate man, who's on the edge, and those around him aren't reading the signs...

We spoke to Time To Change, an anti-stigma campaign, run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness,  which challenges attitudes and discrimination around mental health. They worked with EastEnders on the storyline and told us:

"1 in 4 of us will at some point have a mental illness, so it's much more common than people think. Lots of different characters in EastEnders have mental health issues - there's been the Stacey storyline and Jean's ongoing mental health issues.

And now it's happened to Ian - a businessman, a pillar of the community. It shows the variety of people and the different situations in which a mental health problem can occur - anyone can fall ill at any time. No one's exempt."

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Photo spoilers: Getting into the swing of things...

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Putty in Derek's hand?

Alice and Derek spend some time together, building bridges and all that jazz... Derek assures his little girl that he's a changed man, and she believes him. But for how long?

Derek and Alice

Party time...

When Lauren points out that Lucy has a free house, she decides to have a party. She invites a whole bunch of people she's never met (a recipe for disaster), but who does she leave off her guest list?



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Vote in the TVChoice Awards

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Nickie | 00:01 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The TVChoice Awards nominations have been announced and they are 100% decided by the public.

You can vote online here  until midnight on 15th June 2012.

Best Soap Actor

Nitin Ganatra (Masood Ahmed), Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell), Shane Richie (Alfie Moon)


Best Soap Actress

Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning), Charlie Brooks (Janine Butcher), Lindsey Coulson (Carol Jackson)


Best Soap Newcomer

Jamie Foreman (Derek Branning), Chucky Venn (Ray Dixon), Tony Discipline (Tyler Moon)


Best Soap

Plus, EastEnders is up for the Best Soap award. We think it is... but then we would say that wouldn't we? What do you think? Vote for your favourites


Episode discussion for week starting 21 May

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Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Monday, 21 May 2012

Ian and Mandy's big day approaches... but Ian's life is falling apart. Will the wedding go the same way? Lucy's certainly planning to make sure it does...


Have your say about this week's eps and more...

Photo spoiler: Too good to be Trueman?

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 20 May 2012

Here's a quick peek at what's coming up in the week commencing 28th May...

When it looks like an angry Andrew is going to take his temper out on Tyler, Patrick creates a distraction! Just at the right moment he pretends to choke. We bet he didnt know Andrew's an expert in the Heimlich manoeuvre?! 

Andrew, Patrick and Rose

Check back on the 22nd for more spoilers!

On Set With... Jasmyn Banks

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Katy R | 14:25 UK time, Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The truly lovely Jasmyn Banks AKA Alice Branning spent some time with us on set (in the sunshine!?) to tell us what it's like being the newbie on The Square!

Find out how she felt about seeing herself on screen for the first time, and what she really thinks about her dodgy dad Derek?!



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Photo spoilers: Every Man-dy for herself?

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Katy R | 11:30 UK time, Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wedding day bliss?

A desperate Ian tries to convince Lucy that Mandy does love him, and everything is going to be just fine... Will this wedding really go ahead? Will Mandy be the next Mrs Beale?

Mandy, Ian and Lucy

Saved by the bell...

Time apart from Kat is having its toll our favourite Landlord. As they both talk about feeling lonely, Alfie's phone rings... perhaps just in the nick of time!

Alfie and Roxy


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Episode discussion for week starting 14 May

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Nickie | 12:22 UK time, Monday, 14 May 2012

Have your say about this VERY EXCITING week on the Square...

Ben cracks... Is the game up? And what will the fallout be?

Shirley and Phil reach crisis point...

Just when everything was going so well... Ray's daughter spoils Kim's fun...

Mandy's accused of getting up to some extra-curricular activities with a prominent Walford male...

Discuss these points and anything else that tickles your fancy about this week's explosive eps...

Photo spoilers: Who goes? Ian decides...

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 13 May 2012

Here's a sneaky peak at what's coming up in the week commencing 21st May...

Lucy tries one more time to stall / ruin Ian and Mandy's big day by throwing away Mandy's wedding ring. A desperate Ian then forces Lucy to hand over Cindy's ring to see if it will fit his bride to be!

Thats the final straw for Miss Beale... She gives her dad an ultimatum, choose her or Mandy. Who's more important to him?

Mandy, Ian and Lucy

Say hello to Joey Branning

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Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hot on the heels of sister Alice, meet Derek Branning's first born, Joey. And while kind-hearted Alice is prepared to hear out her absent father, Joey isn't exactly the forgiving type... and he's not afraid to bend the truth if he has to. Can he turn Alice against her dad? Has Derek finally met his match?

David Witts who will play Joey says: 'I am delighted to be joining EastEnders after being a fan for so many years. Joining the Branning family couldn't have come at a better time especially after the recent British Soap Award wins.'

Executive Producer, Lorraine Newman added, 'Joey is a fantastic addition to the Brannings. After an explosive entrance onto the Square, he is set to break a few hearts as he campaigns to bring Derek down."

So... Derek versus Joey... let battle commence!

Matt Lapinskas waves goodbye to Walford

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Nickie | 09:45 UK time, Thursday, 10 May 2012

He arrived in Albert Square in July 2011 with brother Tyler to join dad Eddie and ever since Anthony Moon has kept himself busy wheeling and dealing down the Emporium, romancing Amira, kissing Mandy, trying it on with Jodie and indirectly getting Derek Branning picked up by the Old Bill... earning his brother Michael a battering.

But all good things must come to an end and Matt Lapinskas has revealed that he'll be leaving the Square for pastures new soon. He says:

"Working with David Essex, Tony Discipline and the EastEnders cast has been an absolute pleasure. I’m currently filming some great storylines which I can’t wait to be seen on screen later in the year. Although I will really miss EastEnders and everyone involved, I am very excited about future projects and what is next for me as an actor."

Watch a video of Anthony in action...

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Photo spoiler: Never a dull Mo-ment!

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 8 May 2012

In deep water

Alfie is messing around with his new flatmate Roxy when Mo arrives home. Oh, how pleased she will be to be greeted with a face full of water?! And how will she feel about Miss Mitchell living under her roof?

Mo and Alfie

Bloomin' lovely

Aw, are we seeing Derek's softer side here? Who has he splashed the cash on - and will they be pleased to see him?



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Episode discussion for week starting 7 May

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Nickie | 08:00 UK time, Monday, 7 May 2012

Make sure you have your say about this week’s episodes…

There’s a new girl in town. Time for Derek to test his family values?

Lauren’s night out goes too far. What would you do if you were Lucy?

Whitney and Tyler have baby blues. Are they right for each other?

Carol, Morgan and Tiffany prepare to leave. Should Ray let his son go?

Discuss these topics and anything else about this week’s eps that tickles your fancy in the comments section below….

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Photo spoilers: Mum's the word

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 6 May 2012

Here's a look at what's coming up in the week commencing 14th May...

Ben finally bursts. He decides to tell big bro Ian about his murdering ways. Surely it's best to share that information with as few people as possible Ben!? How will Ian take the news and what would their mother think?

Ian and Ben

We'll put more spoilers up on Tuesday!

Photo spoilers: Alice in Walford-land

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Daddy Derek

When Derek confronts the harmless looking young lady who's been following him all day, he isn't prepared for what she has to say... Welcome to Walford, Alice!

Alfie, Derek and Alice

Oops she did it again!

After a girls' night out (which Lucy would like to forget and Lauren can't rememer) Lucy spills the beans about Miss Branning's antics. Is this the end of a beautiful friendship?

Ian, Lucy, Tanya and Lauren

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June Brown to take a break from EastEnders

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Nickie | 09:00 UK time, Tuesday, 1 May 2012

If you've heard the rumours about June Brown taking a break, don't worry! She'll be back!

June, who plays Walford legend Dot Branning, will be hanging up her wig for a short break - but will be back after a few months.

We hope Mrs B has retrieved her spare key from former lodger Fatboy who could otherwise turn Number 25 into Walford's premier party hot-spot while she's away...

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