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Picture gallery: w/c 4 October 2010

Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We may need to rename the show SnogEnders next week, as Walford becomes smooch central. Seems everybody's been bitten by the lurve bug.

Tea and crumpet?

When Billy pops over to Jean's for a cup of tea he finds she's got a surprise for him - and for once it's not a sausage one. Will he pucker up, or push her away?

Billy and Jean


The high life...

Some say Kat's going up in the world, but this is not the way she'd like like it - getting carried away on an unplanned trip. Could she be part of some crazy Top Gear stunt? All we know is... that people had better look out below if her water breaks.


Kat Moon



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EastEnders win six Inside Soap Awards!

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Lou | 18:00 UK time, Monday, 27 September 2010

Never mind the frock shocks at tonight's Inside Soap Awards... EastEnders have scooped SIX gongs at the bash, including the prestigious Best Soap accolade.

As well as clinching the top prize, here's the rest of the best voted by YOU...

Best Actress - Lacey Turner

The brilliant star beat off stiff competition to win Best Actress for the fifth year in a row. Her portrayal as Bipolar sufferer, Stacey, has reaped in the awards!

Lacey said of winning: "It's always nice to win an award, but when it's voted for by the viewers it makes it even more special.

"It has definitely been a challenging year but I am so grateful that EastEnders have given me such fantastic storylines."

She added: "I am so pleased that the viewers still love Stacey and haven't got bored of me!" We never get bored, do we?

Best Newcomer - Ricky Norwood

Ricky first hit our screens as slippery, wheeler dealer Arthur "Fatboy" Chubb in E20. The cheeky charmer became a hit with the Walford residents with his wayward ways. Ricky plays the Fatster brilliantly. You can follow Fatboy on Twitter too @manlikefatboy.

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Rita Simons goes Beyond Walford

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Lou | 13:13 UK time, Monday, 27 September 2010

Rita just can't get enough of pulling pints and chatting to punters, as she's been working in a real East End boozer for BBC Three programme Beyond Walford. That's the spirit love.


The actress, who plays Roxy, spends a week running a bar... just like the Queen Vic (hopefully not burnt out though). How will she fare in a real life East End boozer? Does she pour a good pint? Can she change a barrel? And does she listen to the regulars as they drown their sorrows? 

Rita says: "I’m really enjoying filming Beyond Walford, it’s been a real insight seeing what it's like to run a real pub. I just hope I don’t get carried away and start barring people like Roxy does!"

Let's hope she does.

The 60 minute programme will air later this year.

Love triangle: Naz, Sol and Asher

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Claire | 17:38 UK time, Friday, 24 September 2010

"What have I done?" tweeted @badgalnaz. Oh Naz! What have you done?! Whilst Naz went off for a snog fest with Asher, Sol and Stevie dealt with a blackout. Fatboy was not impressed "BLACKOUT, wagwan with the power?!"… "Swear that boy's DUMB".

At the club, Stevie somehow ended up grabbing Pippa's boobs… AGAIN. "What is wrong with me??" tweeted Stevie. LOL! How much do you wanna bet it happens again?

With Sol, Naz and Asher in a love triangle, who do you think she should be with? Follow the gossip with @manlikefatboy @Stevie4Olly, @OllyManHall and @badgal_naz.

Happy Birthday Stevie!

Billy Mitchell gets a blast from the past!

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Lou | 17:20 UK time, Friday, 24 September 2010

Ooooooh Billy's life is about to get a bit more gawd damn exciting! A new arrival is about to turn his life upside down in the form of Julie Perkins.

Who the hell is Julie? I hear ya.


Julie's a cockney geezer bird who's an old friend of the hard-on-his-luck Mitchell, and even though the pair of them haven't clapped eyes on each other since they were teenagers, the connection they once shared reignites (Ooohhhh).

Julie is more at home down the pub with the boys but underneath her robust layer, there’s a little girl abandoned by her mum wanting to be loved.

ALTHOUGH, as we all know... NOTHING is so clear cut in EastEnders! Does Julie have something to hide? Does she have skeletons in the closet?

Who plays Julie? I'll tell ya.... the critically acclaimed actress Cathy Murphy plays pint-drinking Julie. She's best known for her roles in House of Elliot, Glory Glory Days and Martina Cole adaptation Two Women.

Cathy said: "Like our characters, I’ve known Perry since I was 16 and he is a brilliant actor. We’ve never worked together before so I am looking forward to getting stuck into our fantastic rollercoaster of a story."

What do you think of Billy's blast from the past? Will Billy have a few shocks ahead from the fiesty female?

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie interview

Lou | 20:00 UK time, Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The fabulous twosome are back! Not only have you seen a wig, wit and wonderous stories from Kat Moon, but tonight Alfie was back in town...

The dynamic duo are already setting the screen alight!

Not only do Kat and Alfie have a history to remember, but actors Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie (try) to recollect their memories from over the years... this includes pink, fluffy candy floss! Oo-er.

Watch the brilliant pair interview each other in our comfy lounge.  It's heartwarming stuff!

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Like what you see? We have more video fun from the pair...  watch them 'av a laugh and make a few bloomin' bloopers in their video teaser too.

Both Shane and Jessie are appearing on The One Show on 22 September too, so look out for them from 7pm on there...

You can also discuss their comeback on Facebook and Twitter... we bet you're over the Moon... *cue Kat cackle*

Vote for EastEnders in the NTAs

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Lou | 15:00 UK time, Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Is it that time of year already? REALLY?!? (*Eyes widen and breath shortens*)

Surely it's not that momentous occasion where the red carpets are rolled out, the super dooper A-List sashay into the O2, the camera's click and the fashion police are on guard!!??? (*AND BREATHE!*)

Vote for Eastenders at 

OH YES, PEOPLE! It's National Television Awards time. Oh how the year has flown! 

These awards are voted for ENTIRELY by the viewers... so it's your chance to make your vote count.

Here are EastEnders' nominations to choose from:

Most Popular Serial Drama


Serial Drama Performance

Lindsey Coulson (Carol Jackson)

After a 13-year-absence from Walford, Carol's returned as the quick-tempered, over-bearing mother to her brood. Carol's over-protective nature is sometimes the curse of her and Lindsey has a lot more emotional turbulance to be screened... COMING SOON!

Marc Elliott (Syed Masood)

Marc's seen Syed fall for Amira, but fall even deeper for Christian. On New Year's Day his character married Amira, but against all his family's values... his heart was tugged in Christian's direction. The tears could have flooded the Square when the love triangle was revealed! Poor Syed had to endure the backlash and rejection from his family... all for true love.  

Don Gilet (Lucas Johnson)

Doesn't Don make a magnificent messed up man of the cloth? That description may not be written at the top of his character's profile, but the preacher has managed to spiral out of control over the last year. On top of killing his ex-wife Trina, he strangled Owen, kidnapped and pretended his wife, Denise, was dead and then held his family captive. Brilliant!

Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell)

WOW! Steve McFadden has excelled once again with his dramatic performances as badboy Phil. Over the last year he's fallen off the wagon, seen Ben go to a young offenders institute, became hooked on drugs, set fire to the Vic and said goodbye to his "muvva". Phew. Steve is a legend.

Diane Parish (Denise Johnson)

Poor Dee has been through the mill. Little did she know that her hubster, Lucas, was actually a murderer... until, of course, he confessed, kidnapped and banged her up in a cellar. The preacher even made her thank him for a plastic bag of supplies and asked why she was laying in the dark!? Erh... it's a cellar? I ask ya. Diane's had her work cut out.

Lacey Turner (Stacey Branning)

Lacey took home the gong at last year's ceremony for an unbelievable year of turmoil in Stacey's life. Yet again, the poor lamb has had to endure more heartache. She's watched her hubby fall to his death (we're still welling up over Bradders), admitted to being Archie's killer (did I call her a poor lamb?!!), gave birth to Lily, found out her best friend dobbed Bradders intot he cops... AND she revealed to Ryan that he's her daughter's father. Oh boy.

Most Popular Newcomer

Ricky Norwood (Fatboy)

"Hey baby girl." Oh, don'tcha just love Fatboy?! Since his arrival in E20, he's charmed his way around the Square. The wide boy may be a wheeler-dealer, but he's a loveable sweetheart with a pimped up ice cream van for wheels. Show him some love and vote for Ricky as Fats.

Make your choices on the National Television Awards website - you have until 11.59pm on Monday, 11 October. A shortlist will be published in early January.

The 16th NTA ceremony takes place on 26 January 2011 at the 02.

Picture gallery: w/c 27 September 2010

Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Kat and Alfie are back in Walford! She's on the run and he's still wearing the same eye-popping shirts! Meanwhile, Minty's spoilt for choice and Darren's a busy boy as we look ahead to next week's happening in the Square.

The best, bar none...

Alfie sets up a drinking den in the Vic's barrel store. Is this the start of bigger plans for him and Kat to re-enter the pub game? They need to get some crisps in if they're going to do it properly though...

Kat and Alfie Moon


 Still a player

When Fatboy teases Leon that he is losing his touch, the young stud boasts that he has recently slept with someone else.

Fatboy and Leon




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Jessie and Shane's video teaser

Lou | 17:30 UK time, Monday, 20 September 2010

"My name's Lionel Richie and this is LuLu..." is a Hello that will have you jumping over the Moon in our laugh-a-minute video of Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie.

The jokey duo make themselves at home as they settle down to grill one another on Kat and Alfie Moon's comeback.

The pair could easily have sat in those chairs All Night Long before firing off questions. BUT we didn't mind!

Av' a giraffe at the fun-loving actors laughing their way through their intros... and making bloopers along the way.

They'll have you Dancing on the Ceiling... (*groan*)

Jessie and Shane's fun bloopers!

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Celeb Tweet Week

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Claire | 17:08 UK time, Friday, 17 September 2010

Looks like everyone in Walford's going dance crazy. Fatboy, Sol and Asher are training up, ready to dance with Flawless who tweeted to the one the only Fatboy. "Shout out back at my homeboyz @flawlessuk. Respect", replied @manlikefatboy. It ain't only Flawless that Fatboy's caught the attention of… He tweeted Omarion who replied "@manlikefatboy lol!!". LOL indeed.

From raps to gaps, Stevie and the GapYah guy have been reminiscing about Phi Phi. @GapYah tweeted, "You were HILARIOUS at Araminta's pad. Was it chunder central back Walford? Must visit your EastEnd pad soon for banter". Poor girl!

Olly's been up to his usual antics… "Off to claim what’s rightfully mine!". He nicked back the memory bed. How does Olly sleep at night? Very comfortably, we imagine. At least Stevie's handling it well. She's already moving on... to MASOOD! "Oh, Masala Masood man, wherefore art thou?", Stevie gushed.

Follow the E20 S2 crew for up to the minute updates @Stevie4Olly, @badgal_naz, @OllyManHall and @manlikefatboy. Episode 5 will be online from 21st September 8pm.


Is it love?



Flawless dance moves in E20

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Claire | 16:18 UK time, Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Flawless are going to be in E20 S2... Watch out Walford! Marlon ‘SWOOSH’ Wallen rested his dancing feet, sat back, and chatted about the experience on E20 S2.

"We were contacted by the Producer, Deborah Sathe, who is a good friend of mine. We’d worked together a few years ago on other projects. We are definitely fans of EastEnders and it was very exciting to be involved in playing a role, as Flawless. I remember all of us sitting in the Square saying "oh my goodness we are actually here!" Everyone was so friendly and we took loads of pictures.

Watching EastEnders you wouldn't normally see dance used within the show and for that reason with such a high profile programme and large viewing figures it’s exciting because EastEnders: E20 is raising awareness of dance - it has loads of surprises and dance is one of them. It's what Flawless is all about, not only for dance but most importantly to encourage people to chase their dreams whatever they may be."

Watch EastEnders: E20 as Sol and Asher train up for the ultimate dance competition, flexing their skills against Fatboy.


Ricky Norwood and Marlon Wallen rehearse.


Flawless film a scene for EastEnders: E20 S2



Barbara's tears over Peggy's exit

Lou | 15:46 UK time, Wednesday, 15 September 2010

How did you feel when Peggy Mitchell walked away from Albert Square all for the sake of her son Phil? Emotional? You're not alone.

Barbara Windsor gets emotional on BBC Radio 5Live 

Barbara Windsor fights back the tears at the sentimental send-off too.

The national treasure popped into Richard Bacon's 5Live studio on Tuesday for a chat about Peggy's departure and becomes teary when the DJ plays her a clip from her last day on the Square. Aaawwwww.

 Richard plays her an extract of her sick son telling his "muvva" that she's suffocating him and Babs cannot help but react. She tells the DJ: "I'm feeling it now."

Watch the touching clip of Babs:

At her leaving party in July, she said: "I have had the most wonderful time on EastEnders and I will miss you all."

We miss you too Babs.

Picture gallery: w/c 20 September 2010

Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kat and Alfie are back in Walford! She's on the run and he's still wearing the same eye-popping shirts! Meanwhile, Minty's spoilt for choice and Darren's a busy boy as we look ahead to next week's happening in the Square.

Cafe Katch-up

Kat's wigging out Mo as she reveals what she's been up to. But why the need for a cover-up? We suspect she's got herself into a spot of bother. Typical!


Christening crisis

Minty's really mixed up when it comes to the ladies. Will he choose Heather or Sam? Just don't put a damper on Hev's special day if you choose the latter, will you?



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Audio: Peggy's Theme

Rob Francis | 15:21 UK time, Monday, 13 September 2010

We're sure you all shed a tear on Friday, as Peggy Mitchell walked through Walford one last time, to the strains of Simon May's stirring 'Peggy's Theme'. We know we did.

To celebrate the end of an epic era, we've now scooped a 30 second extract from the tune for you to play to your heart's content. Grab a hanky and hit 'Play'.

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Peggy's last episode as it happens

Lou | 20:00 UK time, Friday, 10 September 2010


Peggy Mitchell



20:50: Did you miss Peggy's last episode? Worry not! You can watch the full episode here. You can also see the catch-up clips. Enjoy!

sparklingly via Twitter: 'Byesies Barbara Windsor.You are awesome. #iheartpeggy #eastenders'.

20:45: "Nobody messes with Peggy Mitchell."

20:43: Did you see the Kat and Alfie TV trail? THEY'RE BACK! If you missed it... watch the video on our

20:41: She may have left Albert Square, but she's still on BBC One! Watch Peggy Mitchell: Queen of the Vic. The programme celebrates her best moments and eventful life in Albert Square. What's your fave Peggy storyline? 

Sandra P via Facebook: 'Loved the way she just walked away... no taxi no nothing'.

20:40: Check out tonight's MEGA revelations..

Revelation 3: Ronnie is Pregnant

The bird and the bees have certainly been busy in Walford. Ronnie is five months pregnant! She should be over the moon but instead Ronnie is scared something will go wrong. Nah, nothing ever goes wrong in Albert Square. Right?

Revelation 2: Ryan chooses Janine

Ryan's secret weighed heavy on his mind tonight, but in the end he chose Janine instead of Stacey. Will he be a good father to Lily? Surely he can only keep this act up for so long before his wife finds out?

Revelation 1: The Queen of the Vic

Last but by no means least, our beloved Peggy Mitchell has walked out on Walford forever. Where will she go? What will she do? Hopefully she'll settle in a nice countryside bijou gastro pub where life goes smoothly. Show your love and 'heart' for the one and only Peggy Mitchell. Goodbye and good luck, Queen of the Vic!

20:38: Our gallant Queen of Walford follows her mum's advice. She walks and remembers what she sees...

... Of course, she stops to take one last glance at the Vic before walking away down Bridge Street. 'Peggy's Theme' plays.

20:33: Peggy promises Ronnie that everything is going to be OK. She tells Phil she's leaving for him. Let's hope he pulls his act together for her!

20:28: Peggy's motherly love smothers Phil. The poor boy.

MaxxCoxx via Facebook: 'I will miss Peggy.'

20:25: *Reaches for the nearest napkins*. OH IT'S TOO SAD. The faaaaaaaaamily woman is saying her goodbyes. How can she leave Sam begging and blubbing into her perma-tanned cleavage!? I ask ya.

20:22: Booootiful scenes. Sparring bosom buddies Peggy and Pat share their love for one another in their unique way. Peggy: "Pat, for a right old cow. You ain't so bad.
Pat: "And you ain't quite the bitch I thought you were." Classic.

20:19: OMG. Ronnie reveals that she's pregnant to Peggy! "You're like a mum to me." Lots of tears and hugs. Where's my tissues?!

20:15: Pegs reveals to Billy: "I'm gonna beg, steal and borrow, Billy. I'm getting out of here and I'm taking Phil with me."

WOWSERS! Will they flee to Spain to join Grant?! The 'bruvvas' could fashion their leather jackets once again...

20:14: Peggy walks into her beloved Queen Vic. She's greeted with charred walls and.haunted memories.

Her voice echoes: "I don't think you know who you're dealing with here. I'm not some cuddly little old lady. I'm Peggy Mitchell. I'm old East End. Real East End. Proper. You don't mess with me." What could Archie say to that?

Poor Pegs looks at the blackened bar.


EmEmEmma via Twitter: '@bbceastenders won't see much of the episode because I'll be wiping my tears! #iheartpeggy #eastenders'.

20:08: Peggy visits Stacey in hospital... will she get Stacey to confess to Archie's murder?

20:00: The time has come. Grab your tissues. Peggy is leaving Walford! She's graced our screens for 16 memorable and fantastic years, but the Walford icon will never leave our hearts. Am I feeling your luuuurve? YES I AM! Share it on this blog.

There are other ways of course! You can chat about your fave Peggy moments as well as what happens in this episode on Facebook and Twitter.

What you gotta do? Just use the hashtags #iheartpeggy and #eastenders. The best comments will be published on this blog. You know it makes sense.


Watch the Kat and Alfie TV trail

Lou | 16:10 UK time, Friday, 10 September 2010

Brace yourselves... loud-mouth Kat Moon and cheeky charmer Alfie Moon are back in town! And guess what? Kat's bigger than ever, as she's pregnant!

The tart with a heart, who's known for her leopard print, red polyester and short skirts is bound to kick up a storm when she arrives on Friday, 17 September. And Alfie will surely put the smiles back on our faces after Peggy's exit... when he turns up looking for his wife on Tuesday, 21 September.

What have the pair been up to since they left for a better life in the States? Are they still loved up? Is Alfie the father of Kat's baby? Oooooooooh it's gonna be a corker of a comeback...

Watch the TV trail...

Kat and Alfie are back in town!

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Fired Up E20 Tweets

Claire | 16:03 UK time, Friday, 10 September 2010

It's a sizzling week in Albert Square. Fatboy tweeted a mobile vid of The Vic up in flames " - OMG. Friend just sent this to me. Vic Fire. Up in flames". Trust him, he even managed to turn it into a potential pulling session. "Ronnie, my bed's always open". Steady on there cowboy!

Romance was certainly not in the air for poor Stevie. Olly dumped her and she was HEARTBROKEN. "I will never forget this day for as long as I live. My life has changed." Cheer up Stevie! You're too good for him anyway. Within hours Olly was onto the next 'bird' as he tweeted "I THINK I FOUND A WINNER, NO RING AROUND HER FINGER! FRISKAAYY!" Urgh. What a slime ball.

Stevie turned to new friends to cheer her up, but being vulnerable she had a... let's just say an interesting evening. Naz wasn't too sympathetic, "This girl @stevie4olly is too funny! Follow her. I'm crying over the boob grab". Oh dear.

For the latest gossip, follow the crew @manlikefatboy, @Stevie4Olly, @badgal_naz and @OllyManHall with the hashtag #E20S2.


The E20 S2 Crew



The Queen Vic fire as it happens!

Lou | 19:30 UK time, Thursday, 9 September 2010

Did you miss the Vic fire? Or do you just want to watch the full episode again? I don't blame you. You can also watch catch-up clips... hooooooray!

shazza21 via the blog: 'Absolutely amazing episode. I was on the edge of my seat throughout, can't wait till tomorrow's episode!! Amazing acting from all cast!! Felt as if I was really there!!'

20:15: How were the historic fire scenes filmed? Want to know how Nina Wadia (Zainab) injured herself in the explosion?

Watch the BBC THREE fire behind-the-scenes video

You can see more footage from the destruction of the Queen Vic in the BBC Three programme EastEnders: Kat and Alfie's Return (yep. they're coming back!), due to air on Friday, 24 September at 8.30pm:

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Val R via Facebook: 'Tonight's episode was probably the best one I've ever seen. So emotional! I'm still filling up ... Well done to the writers!'

20.05: So.... yet more juicy revelations were exposed tonight... did you see the fifth one coming? 3, 2 and 1 will be revealed tomorrow... what will they be? Ooooooh the suspense is a killer...

Revelation 5: She's Your Daughter

Stacey finally did it. Ryan was told that he's Lily's father, and on his wedding day no less. That throws a bit of a spanner in the works for the newly weds. Has the honeymoon ended for Ryan and Janine, before it's even begun?

Revelation 4: Burn Vic Burn

OMG. Tonight the Queen Vic burnt to smithereens, and Phil was to blame. Anyone else notice his resemblance to Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Move over Jack, "Heeere's Phil"! Peggy looked destroyed as she shouted, "Let it burn". What will the Queen of the Vic do now that there's only burnt rubble for a throne?

See past revelations that were exposed earlier this week:

Countdown of revelations 7... 6...

Countdown of revelations 10... 9... 8...

emmajadex via Twitter: '#eastenders that was amazin!! I'm speechless.'

20:00: "Let it burn, let it burn..." must be the most gut-wrenching words that have uttered from the Walford icon - the Queen Vic's landlady is a legend. Heart Peggy and she may feel a little better!

19:57: Stacey finally tells Ryan he's Lily's father! "She's yours. She's your daughter." Will the hero of the day make a good dad? Will he tell Janine?

19:56: Another explosion! This one's loud enough to grab Grant's attention from Spain.
Ryan falls from the ladder holding Stace...

19:51: Poor Pegs. Roxy may as well have smacked Peggy around the chops: "It's too late!"

19:46: OMG. An almighty explosion blows the heebeegeebees out of everyone.

The Vic batters out the flames which puts an abrupt stop to Janine and Ryan's wedding
reception... screams, smashed bottles, and lots of heat... you'd expect nothing less on one of Janine's wedding days!

19.45: Sick Phil "I just want a little taster" Mitchell doesn't look so hard now does he?

His emotional showdown with his "muvva" proves to be fatal for the Walford legend, as the Queen Vic goes up in flames... NOOOOOOO!!

Phil: "My parting gift, mum." Did anyone ever tell Phil that it's dangerous to play with matches?!

19:34: "Get outta ma pub" is shrieked at quivering Stacey, after revealing to Peggy that evil Archie raped her... AND SHE KILLED THE BLIGHTER. It's not gone down well with the iron lady. GULP. Has Peggy said her infamous line for the last time? Will the legendary matriarch call the copshop on Stace?

19:30: The opening credits are rolling and the intensity is building, as we begin to watch a whopper of an episode. After 25 years of fun, fisticuffs and family dramas... the Queen Vic won't go down without a fight! Are you sitting comfortably?

Give us YOUR reaction as the drama unfolds. You can also join our facebook event The Queen Vic LIVE discussion. Get on our Twitter page and get tweeting about the fire by using #vicfire.

Bryan Kirkwood interview!

Joe Harper | 18:31 UK time, Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Exclusive interview with EastEnders Executive Producer Bryan Kirkwood who discusses the Queen Vic fire, new characters joining the show and and what's in store for the rest of the year!

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Scott Maslen to dance on Strictly!

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Lou | 13:10 UK time, Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Walford heart-throb Scott Maslen has been revealed as one of 14 (brave) contestants set to shake his bootie on Strictly Come Dancing! What a trooper.

You've seen the actor's counterpart, Jack Branning, waltz his way into a string of Walford women's hearts. Now you'll see if Scott sports the snake hips he needs to Tango his way around the judges fingers.

Does Scott have the moves to take him to the top?

Erm. He may need to fit in the rehearsal hours... "I've always liked the idea of learning to dance - that's what interests me about Strictly", Scott shares.



What's Scott's favourite dance? Find out in Scott's launch interview on the Strictly website.

Watch Scott's training video with Natalie on the Strictly blog!

It takes two to Tango...

Former EastEnders' stunner Kara Tointon, who played sexy 'tart with a heart' Dawn Swann will be going up against Scott on the dance floor... who will come out on top?

Will Scott rumba his way into the judges hearts, or will Kara waltz away as the winner? We're cha-cha-cha'ing at the thought!


Good 'ol Bruce Forsyth is clearly impressed with the line-up: "The casting of the celebrities is far better than last year and it will make the show." Who's betting that Brucie will tell our Scott: "You're my favourite"? Good game, good game.  

We can't wait! Support scrummy Scott and stunning Kara when the show starts this Saturday at 6.25pm on BBC One.  

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The countdown of revelations... 7... 6....

Claire | 20:00 UK time, Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Revelation 7: Mr & Mrs Malloy

Ryan and Janine actually got married?! Turns out they have bigger hearts than we thought. Even after Janine revealed she went home with another man Ryan still said, "Let's take the risk. Let's get married". What a man. Forgiving and forgetting is rare in Albert Square. It brings a tear to our eyes.

Revelation 6: I killed your husband

Oh Stacey. Why did you go and open your mouth? Peggy received a big shocker tonight when Stacey revealed, "I killed your husband. It had nothing to do with Bradley". And with Billy opening the door to Phil, Peggy's night is about to get even worse. Tune in on Thursday for an explosive episode.

Janine and Ryan's Wedding

Check out revelations 10... 9... 8... which were exposed on Monday.

Think you know the next revelation? Log into our EastEnders facebook page or comment below. Get chattin'! 

E20 S2 Episode 1 Starts Tonight!

Claire | 16:49 UK time, Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ain't long now. E20 S2 episode 1 will be up on our site very shortly. We're excited! Naz gets lippy. Stevie gets hurt. Sol gets dissed. Asher gets wheeler-dealery. Is that even a word?! Anyhoo... When you've seen it, let us know what you reckon? Who's is fav character? What dya think's gonna happen next? We wanna hear from YOU. Get commenting below ppl...

Naz and Fatboy's Bust-Up

Don't forget there's always our BBC EastEnders: E20 facebook page and the characters' twitter accounts @manlikefatboy, @badgal_naz, @stevie4olly and @ollymanhall.


EastEnders scores TV Choice brace

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Lou | 16:00 UK time, Tuesday, 7 September 2010

As Walford hots up for a crackin' week of fiery drama, an array of stars have been burning out the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards in London.

And guess what?

EastEnders is on fire (literally), as it triumphs with Best Soap upon entering one of it's most dramatic weeks in history.

Fabulous Lacey Turner also took the prize for Best Actress for her portrayal as troubled young mum, Stacey Branning.


Poor Stace hasn't had it easy, has she? AND the widow feels the heat even more this week... should she tell Ryan he's Lilly's father? Will she get out of the burning Vic alive? OMG.

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Picture gallery: w/c 13 September 2010

Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Testing times, quite literally, for the residents of Walford this week. What will be the result of Albert Square's latest daddy dilemma. Tell us what you think.

Daddy detector

Ricky is just one of the many Walford residents taking a paternity test this week. Either that or he's the first person able to clean his ears wih a cotton bud - from the inside!

Ricky and Bianca

Pointing the finger

Not exactly the shy, retiring type, Bianca has some strong words to say about baby Richard's parentage.

Sam, Ricky and Bianca

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The countdown of revelations... 10... 9... 8...

Claire | 20:30 UK time, Monday, 6 September 2010

Revelation 10: Cheating Janine

Oh Janine, Janine. On the eve of your wedding? How could you? Looks like Kim was right when she said, "Some women are women's women, and some are men's women, and you and me Janice are men's women". Oh, you wise old sage, Kim. Could've got her name right though! So Janine cheated on Ryan with a smooth silver fox with a Porsche and penthouse. Not impressed. Poor naked Ryan. Will the wedding go off without a hitch?

Revelation 9: Bradley ain't Lily's father

Stacey tells Dot "Bradley ain't Lily's father". We've never seen Dot look so shocked. Except on the day the smoking ban took effect. If Dot now knows, surely it's not long before the whole Square finds out?

Revelation 8: Banged up Phil

Peggy's locked Phil up in the Vic. Looks like Janine was wrong when she said Peggy was a "clapped out old banger with too many miles on her". Harsh. Peggy's still Queen of the Vic when it comes to sorting out the Mitchells. Go Pegs!

View Tuesday's revelations here.

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Janine and Richard's Snog

Spolier alert: Janine's hen party shenanigans

Lou | 00:01 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

What do you get when you cross Ronnie and Bianca? A big blazin' row of course! And Janine's Hen Night is no exception. Lucky Janine.

It's all fists and fireworks as the celebrations get under way at R&R on Monday night. Whilst Janine gloats about Ryan's sexual abilities, Bi and Ron fight over their fella's sexual encounter... Sam! Is Ricky the daddy to her little'un, or Jack?



Don't miss it! There's also swoonsome naked torsos to dribble over.... a perfect Monday night pick-me-up.

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The Blog of Revelations

Claire | 11:17 UK time, Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Phew! It's getting hot in here and it ain't cooling down. Next week is jam packed with sizzling (literally) revelations. More intense than Shirley's evil stares. More shocking than Janine's doof doofs. And more revealing than Kim's outfits. After each episode we'll continue to countdown our 'Ten Revelations of the Week'.

How does the fire start? Will Ryan and Janine's wedding go ahead as planned? What's going to happen to our beloved Peggy? We want to hear what you reckon will go down in Walford next week. Get commenting below.


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Peggy Mitchell and The Vic Fire

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