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Picture gallery: w/c 10 May 2010

Rob Francis | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 4 May 2010

This week's episodes are all about... family ructions, bad bets, booze and bin bags.

Monday 10 May:

Disappearing act

We'd like to present the first edition of our weekly 'Spot The Syed' challenge. Computer magic has erased him from this photo, but mark it with an 'x' to tell us where you think he is.


Tuesday 11 May:

All bets are off...

Syed's after a job at the bookies, but will Janine offer him the winning ticket? We're putting a pony on him falling at the first fence.


Thursday 13 May:

Out in the open...

"Jane, I can't hide it. There's something I need to tell you about me and Ian..." Okay, we made that up, but we think we'll pitch it to the writers one day.

130510_christian_jane_ian.jpg Pointing the finger

Look out, Masood's having it out with Zainab! He seems to have got a word in edgeways too - possibly a first?


Friday 14 May:

What a load of rubbish

Zainab needs to learn a thing or two about presentation if her car boot sale of Syed's stuff is going to attract the punters. She needs someone with a bit of design flair - but maybe not Christian...

140510_christian_zainab3.jpg Patients are a virtue?

Ronnie tells Roxy that she's already moved Jack to the clinic. "So who was the bloke with the bandaged face in his bed that I've been feeding grapes to for the last hour?"




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