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This week on EastEnders: 100% organic GM free beef. Mmm hmm

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010

100% organic GM free beef

Masood, Kamil, Syed, Christian

Another week, another excuse for Christian to take his top off. Note to Billie Jackson - when we said we wanted more guns in EastEnders, this is what we meant... So, Syed and Amira are moving out of the Masoods in order to... live across the hall from Syed's ex lover. Naturally, Zainab took this news with great restraint and maturity, chucking paint at Christian and attacking him with a roller.

Fortunately, Christian claimed that he wouldn't touch her 'in-the-closet son' but a chance sighting with 'Fight for this Love' playing in the background said different. He pledged to get his man back... but then Amira came begging for his help. We don't want Amira's heart to be broken, but we still want Chryed to be together. Which team are you on??

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Lock up your online banking details, Danny Mitchell's about

Danny and Roxy

We abhor identity theft, but sometimes people don't help themselves. Take Roxy Mitchell, millionairess, keeping the code to the Vic's safe in her phone? Letting somebody else set up her internet banking and - horror of horrors - choosing a password that contains no capital letters or digits!? Why not just scribble your pin number on all of the Vic's till receipts and be done with it, Rox? So Danny and Glenda reckon they're going to make off with her millions. Not if we get there first - we know her password as well, Danny (daddysgirl). Race you for em...

GI Jackson reporting for duty 


No stranger to open warfare having lived with Carol Jackson for 21 years, Billie is donning the camouflage and hoping to be drafted to a place more peaceful than Albert Square - Afghanistan it is, then. Max pointed out that if he could convince his mother to let him do what he wanted, he'd be more than able to defeat the Taliban. But is Billie serious about fighting for Queen and country? Or is he trying to run away from the guilt of what he's done to Jack?


  • Comment number 1.

    I think when Zainab hit Christian with thr roller was so funny! Then she fell in the paint herself! lmao x Roxy should take more care of her online bank account because its quite stupid letting Danny set it up when she knows full well that he could go on there and take all her money. But she wouldnt think that because she thinks he's nice. I think Billie is just joining the army to get away from his mom, like he said to everybody in the Vic!

  • Comment number 2.

    LMAO, i know!! I loved it when Zainab slipped on the paint. Classic. I loved the ending aswell, Zainab's face was priceless. Nice one Christian.
    Ohh and speaking of Christian, him and Syed had a little Romeo and Romeo scene going on there. Can't wait for monday's episode.... 100% orangic GM free beef. Syed how can you not resist?♥♥

  • Comment number 3.

    I hate the character Carol Jackson over protective mother. That's one sure way of your kids doing exactly the opposite that you would like them to do, and that is try to control them. Having said that I certainly would not like to be in her shoes and It must be very difficult to bring up kids that get involved in gangs. I still would not miss Carol Jackson if she were to leave the Square though never did like her much.

  • Comment number 4.

    zainab just wastes her time everyday. She still dosn't understand that if love is alive between two people u can never breck it a part. For example her and her hasband the will always love each other no matter what happeren. but i am still not on syeds or Christian side i am on amiras team she dosn't even know but when she finds out i think she would run away and come back oneday or she would understand and just be friends with syed and Christian (zainab will be anyoed again) but i think syed will chose the RIGHT person

  • Comment number 5.

    Well as Amira is leaving I think that Syed will choose Christian and Amira is not gonna be happy about that(understandably) and she could find out she's pregnant as it's EastEnders!

  • Comment number 6.

    I don't like new start in Enstenders, because I hate finting in Afghanistan. which is only crashing people's lives.

  • Comment number 7.

    I don't like the current Billie story with joining the army and with Carol keep going on at him, it's getting tiring listening to them arguing every episode. I found it funny when Zainab fell in the paint! I don't like the Danny Mitchell story, it's a good story idea but i don't like the fact Roxy trusts him and he's going behind her back!

  • Comment number 8.

    i wish ronnie and roxy should get over their dumb problems

  • Comment number 9.

    what r EastEnders trying to do make the Billie and Whitney love story the same as the movie Dear John? Danny is the same as Archie, i loved Archie, he made EastEnders worth watching for me, i do wish he was not evil but he is! it is fun to watch Danny twist Ronnie and Roxy's words then they hate each other even more ( like father like son ) LOL!! Glenda said Archie was evil, she is conning her own daughter and is using her own son! Zainab falling in the paint classic lol!!!!!! Amira is leaving i think Zainab scared her away lol i hope Christian and Syed get together!

  • Comment number 10.

    I really love watching danny sucking up to roxy and trying to ruin the family like farther like son ehh!!!

    xx Olivia

    ps.. Roxy get out of there hes a bad boy
    good luck Roxy


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