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This week on EastEnders: Suspicious minds...

Nickie | 20:23 UK time, Friday, 30 April 2010

Christian, Syed, Amira: The truth came out!

Syed and AmiraGor blimey, guv. We love a bit of drama as much as the next person, but we're not sure we're strong enough for this level of heartache - Syed outs himself, then leaves distraught (where's he gone? A number of Team Syed claim he's been round theirs' doing naughty things. Behind Christian's back!? Surely not...); Amira gone, but not forgotten, especially by Team Amira who are mourning her departure in full force; and Christian beaten up by Qadim and his henchmen, with Team Christian struggling to fit in a cab bound for Walford to protect Mr Clarke. And now Mas has found out that Zainab knew all along. What next -  are we going to have to set up Team Masood and Team Zee!?

Meanwhile, if you wish Monday's episode had ended differently... rewrite the script!

Cheating, cheating and more cheating...

Peggy, Harvey and PatBut it's not just Chryed/Symira who have been dabbling with illicit dalliances. Peggy and Pat were seduced by hoodwinking hack, Harvey this week.  Running around "like two soppy schoolgirls" as Dot put it. It's not the first time that they chased the same man (Frank Butcher, anybody?). Frankly, where two seasoned fighters like Peggy and Pat are concerned, Harvey's lucky to have made it out of the Vic alive, once they found out.

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British Soap Awards: Vote Enders for Best Soap!

Nickie | 13:30 UK time, Thursday, 29 April 2010

Updated Friday 7 May: Voting for the British Soap Awards has now closed.

Here's a trip through time to see why it's been such a blimmin good year...

Who Killed Archie?

The big question on everybody's lips this year was... Who Killed Archie? If you bet your shirt on Darren as father of Heather's baby (see below) and Stacey for doing in Archie in an accumulator then you're probably reading this from your new swanky pad in the Bahamas.

Archie lay next to the Queen Vic bust

The live episode!

The killer revealed! A police chase! Tears! Bradley's fatal plunge! Ronnie's revelation that Archie abused her. Me oh my, how did they fit it all into half an hour and not forget their lines?


Christian, Syed and Amira love-story

Chryed! Symira (did anyone ever call them that?)! It was the love story that had us all taking sides - Team Syed, Team Amira, Team Christian. And all crying, no matter what side we were on, when Syed came out, rejected Christian and Amira left. And it ain't over yet...


Christian, Amira and Syed

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Picture gallery: w/c 3 May 2010

Rob Francis | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bedside bonding, rent-related rucks, Fat beats and chain reactions...

This week's episodes are all about... marital mayhem, club culture, teen tearaways and devious Danny.

Monday 03 May:

Knock, knock...

Who's the spooky figure at the doorway? Masood looks scared - and so he should be - he's just banished Zainab from the family home.


It's curtains for someone

There's more scary goings on with Fatboy and Leon, as they net a ghostly stranger. We're more frightened by Fatboy's Adam Ant style make-up. More Prince Alarming than Prince Charming, we reckon.



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Seize the storyline! We wanna see your scripts!

Nickie | 20:19 UK time, Monday, 26 April 2010

Christian, Syed and Amira! Syed outs himself! Amira leaves with her teenie-tiny secret! Christian's spurned!

It could have been so different... in fact... in an alternate reality, what would have happened? Amira and Syed together? Christian and Syed together? Amira finds someone else? Zainab enters and attacks Christian with a paint-roller (again)?

Here's the script... why don't you finish this script excerpt with the ending that you'd like? We want dialogue! We want drama! We want your amazing endings written in scripted form!

This is just for fun - it won't effect what you'll see onscreen. We just want to see what you come up with!


Behind-the-scenes video shoot: Christian/Syed/Amira

Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Monday, 26 April 2010

On-screen they're fight-fight-fight-fight-fighting for this love, but at this photoshoot they're dancing, smooching and generally having a good old-fashioned Walford knees-up. Check out the video now...

Make sure you don't miss the Christian and Syed special on BBC Three, after the BIG episode on Monday 26th April, at 8.30pm.

PLUS, join us to watch Monday's EastEnders together, Monday 26th April at 8pm over on the Facebook pages for Team Amira, Team Syed or Team Christian


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Whoever said that life was easy??

Nickie | 19:50 UK time, Thursday, 22 April 2010

*Update! Lots of people are online now, about to watch tonight's EastEnders on the team of their choice - Team Christian, Team Amira and/or Team Syed Why don't you join in too??*

As the Masood family reaches crisis point, we're starting to worry about everyone involved. 

Can there possibly be a happy ending to this?? As you probably know, things are only going to get more dramatic! Join us on Monday 26th April at 8pm to chat while we watch, on whichever team suits you best - Team Christian, Team Amira or Team Syed. Gah! We can hardly stand it!!

Plus! Watch the exclusive vid of John Partridge (Christian), Marc Elliott (Syed) and Preeya Kalidas (Amira) getting up to high-jinx at their most recent photoshoot

Marc Elliott (Syed), Preeya Kalidas (Amira) and John Partridge (Christian) Christian's dilemma Amira's dilemma

Syed's dilemma

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Picture gallery: w/c 26 April 2010

Rob Francis | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Heart to hearts, big revelations and Family with a big, capital, F.

This week's all about... the truth behind Syed and Christian, less than cosy meals for two, a smooth-talking journo, and oh, some hilarity over T-shirts!

Monday 26 April:

Come on, Chelsea
Mother and daughter have a heart to heart on what's fast becoming the traditional home for such a thing - the Queen Vic sofa (well Arthur's bench is a bit drafty). Or maybe Denise is just trying to persuade a reluctant Chelsea it's her turn to get the drinks in.

Chelsea and Denise
The writing's on the wall

Is Amira hysterical over the revelation of Syed's infidelity, is she wondering what colour scheme to go with next, or are they both practising some killer Tango moves for the next series of Strictly? You decide!

Syed and Amira

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Look what we found in the Walford Gazette!

Nickie | 20:25 UK time, Monday, 19 April 2010

So we were leafing through the pages of the Walford Gazette to see if there was any news on Peggy and Pat pulling out of the election race, and look what we found on Page 24. It could all be a coincidence, I suppose... but does this person/situation look in any way familiar to you?

What advice would you give to troubled 'Anonymous' from Walford?

Problem page

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Friday night's EastEnders... we're watching it... NOW!

Nickie | 19:45 UK time, Friday, 16 April 2010

*Update - consider Friday's episode TOTALLY WATCHED, but you can still let us know what you thought below, and join the Team of your choice on Facebook. Plus, check out some of the comments*

Just to explain what's going on - we're having a virtual viewing party of tonight's EastEnders - starting 8pm, Friday 16th on BBC One. I'm here chatting (see below in the comments section - it's quicker than posting comments up here), but for more chat, interaction and quicker updates, join our Facebook pages - pick whichever character your sympathies lie with, and get chatting with us and your kindred spirits, as the drama unfolds!!

Team SyedJoin Team Syed

Team ChristianJoin Team Christian

amira_profile_30.jpgJoin Team Amira

Here are some of the things that people were saying...

Team Christian
Tilly - how many people on this page want to hug Christian? Me first! ;)
Matthew - i want christian and syed together again! FOREVER!

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Let's watch Friday's EastEnders together!

Nickie | 12:28 UK time, Thursday, 15 April 2010

It's the dilemma that's sweeping the nation! The burning question on everyone's lips in every office/school/supermarket/gym/pet shop in Britain, indeed across the globe!*

Which Facebook group to join - Syed's, Christian's or Amira's? Whoever you think needs your support the most, join up and be amongst your kindred spirits, the people who love your character most! There's exciting discussions happening there daily, hourly, even minutely... if that's a word...

Team SyedJoin Team Syed

Team ChristianJoin Team Christian

amira_profile_30.jpgJoin Team Amira


Plus, join us on Friday 16 April at 8pm to watch EastEnders together! We won't say much, but it's going to be very exciting and we can't watch it alone! We'll be watching/commenting here on the blog, but for the full chatty experience, join the Facebook team of your choice and get ready for some true drama!!

*Well we're excited anyway...

Picture gallery: w/c 19 April 2010

Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 13 April 2010

*Contrary to the byline, this Picture gallery is the work of Insider_Rob*

Amira may have baby blues, Jack's still out of whack and Masood's messed up after seeing his son in a new light.

This week's all about... babies, bullying, and a bit of doctor, ooh!

Monday 19 April: 

Steeled with a kiss...

It's definitely a case of "doctor, ooh!" as Ronnie gets smoochie with the manly medic. Just don't stick your keys in his ear, dear!

Ronnie and Dr Steele

Cake and heartache

There may be talk of a bun in the oven, but there's definitely cake on the table round at the Masoods'. What (or who?) will birthday boy Syed wish for when he blows out his candle?

Syed and Amira

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Christian's Dilemma...

Nickie | 12:11 UK time, Monday, 12 April 2010

Oh Christian. One minute, he's accosting Syed's mum in the Square and claiming that he's going to get his man back. The next, he's faced with a tearful Amira, begging for help in mending her passionless marriage. Will Amira's emotional outburst break his resolve?

What would you do? Christian could sabotage Amira's chances with Syed... All's fair in love, as they say... But would you really do that to a friend, when they needed you most?


Amira and Christian




Have you decided who to support?

Team SyedJoin Team Syed

Team ChristianJoin Team Christian

amira_profile_30.jpgJoin Team Amira



This week on EastEnders: 100% organic GM free beef. Mmm hmm

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010

100% organic GM free beef

Masood, Kamil, Syed, Christian

Another week, another excuse for Christian to take his top off. Note to Billie Jackson - when we said we wanted more guns in EastEnders, this is what we meant... So, Syed and Amira are moving out of the Masoods in order to... live across the hall from Syed's ex lover. Naturally, Zainab took this news with great restraint and maturity, chucking paint at Christian and attacking him with a roller.

Fortunately, Christian claimed that he wouldn't touch her 'in-the-closet son' but a chance sighting with 'Fight for this Love' playing in the background said different. He pledged to get his man back... but then Amira came begging for his help. We don't want Amira's heart to be broken, but we still want Chryed to be together. Which team are you on??

Pledge your allegiance by joining one of our Facebook pages:

Team Christian
Join Team Christian


amira_profile_30.jpgJoin Team Amira


Team SyedJoin Team Syed

Lock up your online banking details, Danny Mitchell's about

Danny and Roxy

We abhor identity theft, but sometimes people don't help themselves. Take Roxy Mitchell, millionairess, keeping the code to the Vic's safe in her phone? Letting somebody else set up her internet banking and - horror of horrors - choosing a password that contains no capital letters or digits!? Why not just scribble your pin number on all of the Vic's till receipts and be done with it, Rox? So Danny and Glenda reckon they're going to make off with her millions. Not if we get there first - we know her password as well, Danny (daddysgirl). Race you for em...

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Team Syed, Team Christian, Team Amira - whose side are you on?

Nickie | 16:00 UK time, Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Team ChryedThere's nothing like a good love triangle, but one thing we suspect - all three sides of the Christian/Syed/Amira love triangle won't come out of this smiling.

Whose side are you on? Are you aching for Syed to break free of his guilt and to follow his heart, rather than his (handsome) head? Is it high time that Amira got her happy-ever-after? Do you long to see Christian get his man?

Pledge your allegiance by joining one of our Facebook pages:

Team ChristianJoin Team Christian


amira_profile_30.jpgJoin Team Amira


Team SyedJoin Team Syed


Your Team needs you! And in the meantime, here's a spot of flirtation from next Monday's episode. Apologies to Team Amira for this one... but who could resist a spot of 100% organic GM free beef of this calibre?

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Picture gallery: w/c 12 April 2010

Lou | 09:30 UK time, Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Poor 'ol Jack's still in a bad way in hospital - will he take a turn for the worse? We hope not.

This week's all about... best buddies, bullying, and of course... CHRYED! 

Monday 12 April

Lads' night out

Fatboy and LeonAaaww... don't they look cosy? Fatboy and Leon share a glass of the hard stuff whilst out with their dates, Zsa Zsa and Julie. Don't the dazzling duo scrub up well?

Bullied Ben

Ben with bulliesBullying's a nasty beast. Imagine how Ben feels when he's threatened by a gaggle of school girls. Is the mucker singing to 'em? Not sure that will help the situation.  


Jack BranningDutiful Dot visits laid-up Jack in hospital and informs him that he may not fully recover. Truth hurts, as he halts any more visitors. Give the lad some grapes.

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This week on EastEnders: Jack's shot and Janine's in lurve

Nickie | 20:29 UK time, Friday, 2 April 2010

Kylie shoots Jack Kylie
So... Billie's former squeeze decided that if she couldn't have Billie, no one could (after shoving a poo through the door of the Jacksons as a final gesture... well if that didn't win him back, nothing will). But she didn't factor Jack's extreme manliness when calculating the angle of fire for aiming at Billie. Jack dove to protect his nephew and got shot in the process. Will he pull through? It isn't looking good and yet again the Branning/Jackson family is bracing itself for another bout of mourning. Fingers crossed for our JB.

Ryan hearts Janine and... Janine has a heart... who'da thunkit? Janine and Ryan
Was it Lancelot who said of Guinevere: "You're the most horrendous human being I've ever met in my life but I'm so completely and utterly in love with you it makes me sick"? No, it was Ryan Dean. The lucky lady in question? Ms Janine Butcher, who had inadvertently wooed her man by a mixture of casual naughtiness, con-merchantry, weeping over her aged murdered ex, and pimping him out to Roxy Mitchell while trying to bed Roxy's brother for a stake in the Mitchell Empire. Wow, when you see it all written out like that, you can see the attraction.

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