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Picture gallery: w/c 05 April 2010

Lou | 09:30 UK time, Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Brannings must be THE most unluckiest faaaaaaamily. After the recent death of lovely Bradders, Jack is laid up in hospital after crazed Kylie uttered "April Fools" BANG...

This week's all about silly Billie, rich Roxy, and job-hunting Janine.

Monday 5 April

Hangin' on the Telephone

Billie, Max and CarolSaved by the bell! At least that's what could normally cut the tension in a heated domestic. Not in the Brannings' gaff! Max receives further news about hospitalized Jack... 

A waiting game

Chelsea, Carol and BillieEmotions run high in the hospital corridors, as the Brannings and unlucky-in-love Chelsea wait for news over Jack. Will the ex-copper pull through? He'd better.  

Tuesday 6 April

Family snaps

Billie and CarolCarol shows pics of the Branning family who died at war to wannabe recruiter, Billie. What part of 'DON'T' and 'JOIN' is Billie not getting here?  

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This week on EastEnders: Is this the scariest moment ever on EastEnders?

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 26 March 2010

Hope you took some breath mints first, Phil

Ronnie and scary Phil

If we had spent our formative years dreaming of our lovely daddy in far-off, exotic Walford, then walked into the Vic to discover that THIS was our daddy dearest... we might slip out the doors and thumb a lift back to Portugal toot sweet. But Louise is a Mitchell good and proper. Can Lisa really be that bad a mum that this option is more appealing?

So, once he'd climbed out of Ronnie's grill, Phil pledged to convince social services that his appalling criminal record and erm anger issues should not be an impediment to his looking after his daughter. Meanwhile, Shirley now finds herself playing THIRD fiddle, behind Peggy and Louise. And to think that this time last week Phil was drawing a temporary tattoo on his arm to prove his undying love to her. Some people.

Lucy's difficult decision


Poor old Lucy tried to do the right thing - but sometimes it's difficult to figure out exactly what the right thing is... is it going through nine months or pregnancy and labour in order to hand it over to a woman who, with the best intentions in the world, is starting to get a bit scary with the baby books and the names? Peter didn't think so. 

Plus, let's not forget that Lucy's endured 16 years with Ian as her father - should she inflict that on the next generation too? Consumed with the guilt of betraying Jane, Luce decided to terminate the pregnancy with her dad there to hold her hand. He promised to break the news to Jane. Does Ian have the decency to be open and honest to his beloved wife to whom he promised there'd be no more lies... errr... hmmm...

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Picture gallery: w/c 29 March 2010

Lou | 15:50 UK time, Tuesday, 23 March 2010

You can expect a burglery, a brawl and Branning' blood this week. Blimey, it's better than brilliant.

Monday 29 March

Holding hands

Whitney and BillieYoung love. Aint it grand? This soppy pair are even co-ordinating their wardrobe. If only he shook off Kylie and Co then these lovebirds might stand a chance at a blissful future.

Bar brawl

Billie and Billy

From lovebirds to jailbirds... it doesn't take a genius to recognise this hooded youth, attempting to rob the gaff. The only bar Billie's likely to get behind is on a prison cell.

Tuesday 30 March

Stacey's back

Jean and StaceyTroubled Stacey is faced with questions in the Slater household. It's a tough return to Albert Square, but after airing her worries to Bradley's photo... Stacey really returns!    

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Video exclusive: Jake and Lacey reunite... it's magic

Lou | 11:35 UK time, Monday, 22 March 2010

Straight after rehearsing their intense two-hander (term for an episode, play or film with only two characters don'tcha know), Jake and Lacey interviewed each other using YOUR questions.

How did Lacey react when she found out she was Archie's killer? What was it like filming the live episode? Will Max and Stacey get back together? Oooooooh. Find out all their answers to the questions you sent in via our Facebook and Twitter...

You can ALSO see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the episode this Friday. It's a gripper.

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Build-up to the episode on Friday: Max has experienced a whirlwind of grief, pain and anger over the last month since the death *wipes tear* of loveable Bradders. Has Stacey? WHO KNOWS! She blurted out to Max that SHE killed Archie Mitchell, then she pegged it after seeing her hubby flat out on the slab... where is she? Did Bradders know she killed Archie? Why did she do it? Max neeeeeeeds answers, love.

Don't miss the two-hander this Friday, 26 March at 8pm.

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Zoe Lucker joining EastEnders. Ooh!

Nickie | 00:01 UK time, Sunday, 21 March 2010

Zoe LuckerShe played the terrifyingly taloned Tanya Turner in Footballers Wives. She tripped the light fantastic out on the floor in this year's Strictly Come Dancing. Now she's heading for the bright lights of Walford and she has one man in her sights - Max Branning.

Zoe will appear in the show playing Vanessa for a short stint later this year when her character pays a visit to Max Branning's car lot...and sparks fly.

We'll have to wait to see what Vanessa's agenda really is. How will the Walford residents react to her arrival on the Square? Has Max finally met his match?

This week on EastEnders: The Roxy Mitchell Empire expands

Nickie | 20:29 UK time, Friday, 19 March 2010

The Roxy Mitchell Business Empire expands     Ronnie, Danny and Roxy

The Dagmar, Chrissie's nail bar, Booty... as Ian pointed out, the beauty salon site is Walford's biggest donkey. However, who cares about unwise business ventures when a. you've inherited your father's millions and b. you have the opportunity to shatter your estranged sister's vindictive dreams?

Cue a heated bidding war where even Danny tried to reign in Roxy's spending. Turns out, Ronnie only kept bidding to drive up the price. But who'll be laughing when Roxy's parading around the Square with free new hair/nails/eyelashes and Ronnie's reduced to buying an out-of-date hot oil home hair treatment pack from the Minute Mart? Aha!

Who's that girl? 

Louise and RonnieSo with the spirit of the Mitchell burning bright within her, young Louise traveled from Portugal to Walford only to fall at the final hurdle, mere metres from her dad's door. If it had been Billy or Minty she'd met, she'd have been tucked up in her new bed in the Vic as soon as you could say "You're faaaaaamily".

Unfortunately she met Ronnie who aside from hating her family, has... errr... some issues. Ronnie quizzed the Square's dads about their relationship with their offspring - Jack (estranged dad), Billy (estranged dad - except to Jay who isn't actually his son), then finally Phil who couldn't comment on his parenting methods as he was too busy having a ruck with Max and Jack. Cue Ronnie packing Louise off to social services as any kindly Auntie would. Note to all Walford parents: don't let Ronnie babysit.

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Picture gallery: w/c 22 March 2010

Lou | 16:50 UK time, Tuesday, 16 March 2010

MintyFrom threesomes to explosions... next week will have you gripped and gurning. (Any excuse to add the cheeky chappy pic of Minty again this week. Oh to squeeze that man's cheeks!)

Check out next week's photos. They're stonking.  


Monday 22 March

Three's a crowd

Jordan, Abi and BenThings get prickly when Abi brings Jordan to Ben's birthday party. The rose between two thorns isn't fazed by Ben's fingers stuck to his lips. Maybe it's his new finger-face dance.

Playing truant

Lucy Beale

No wonder I never skipped school - it's more fun blanking the teacher than sitting with salt and pepper for company. Lucy ponders over her future - what's a girl to do.

Hungry Phil

Ronnie and Phil MitchellQuick! Feed Phil... before he takes a whopping chunk out of Ronnie's head! The angry-eyed fella bites her bonce off... However, a new Mitchell walks in to witness his rage. Oops.

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Video: The cast run riot for Sport Relief!

Lou | 12:11 UK time, Monday, 15 March 2010

What do you get when you cross EastEnders cast members with exercise? Organised chaos! Bless 'em. Although, they do rate 10 out of 10 for enthusiasm!

Brimming with energy and fashioning their Sport Relief t-shirts, the actors ran around the Square all in aid of charriiiideeee. Aaaawwww. Good 'ol Perry Fenwick (Billy), Nina Wadia (Zainab), Adam Woodyatt (Ian), Diane Parish (Denise), Sam Attwater (Leon) and Shona McGarty (Whitney) were just a few of the sporting stars who tied up their laces for the fab cause.

Nina just luuuuurrves David Beckham's chiselled cheeks on her chest too. Wouldn't we all?! Perhaps she can nurse his poorly foot better. Watch the cast run riot around the Square for the Sport Relief Mile. Seeing Devon cough his lungs up at the end is a corker...

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Are you rising to the challenge? Check out the Sport Relief site to see what you can do to help the charity.

This week on EastEnders: Papa don't preach...

Nickie | 20:29 UK time, Friday, 12 March 2010

Papa don't preach... Lucy and Ian

...Lucy's in trouble deep. But she's made up her mind - she's keeping her baby. Oooh oh she's gonna keep her baby and she's going to give it to Jane. "This baby means everything to me," emoted Jane, not mentioning the fact that Ian's erant spawn is the reason why she can't have one in the first place. Ian smiled distractedly while plotting to convince Lucy to get rid of the baby. The importance of GCSEs obviously wasn't a strong enough argument... appealing to vanity failed... even plotting her plummetting popularity on a graph had little effect. Finally the big guns came out - Marie from the Caf's labour video. But Ian had underestimated the British education system - Lucy had seen way worse in sex ed, and still wanted to go ahead with it. Instead, the video prompted Ian to start blubbing about the miracle of life and he gave his OK to Lucy and Jane's decision. But now that Leon's found out, are the Beale baby plans in jeopardy?

Grime night at the Vic Peggy

No more sitting on your lonely bar stool til closing, swaying to The Feeling. This is the new Vic. And in an attempt to keep up, Peggy got her download on and secured some of Whit's sickest grime dubs. Not only that, she donned her tequila girl outfit, squirting toxins down the throats of her waiting punters. However all she got for her efforts was grief from Billie's crew, a drink thrown at her and her booze nicked. Upstairs after a telling off from Roxy, she and the Queen Vic bust sat forlorn and unwanted. Frankly there are a lot more reasons to keep the bust out of the Vic than Peggy - at least Peggy didn't kill the landlady's father... Luckily, Danny's return took her mind off things. So that's two Mitchells he's won over.. two left to go... (sadly, in terms of influential Mitchells, Billy doesn't count)

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Video interview: Himesh meets the man behind Danny Mitchell

Lou | 10:10 UK time, Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lock up your daughters, nieces and WIVES... Danny Mitchell is back on the scene. Not content with snogging the face off of newly-wed Amira... he's returned for more. But, hang on! Is Liam Bergin, the man behind the new Mitchell, anything like the latest lothario to hit Walford? Himesh (Tamwar) investigates for us.

Rita Simons (Roxy) was due to interview Liam with YOUR questions, but due to filming schedules, Himesh stepped into her shoes to test him instead.

Did you see Himesh as the Overlord? Check him out too. The scoundrel.

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Picture gallery: w/c 15 March 2010

Lou | 09:30 UK time, Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Check out next week's drama... from warring sisters to fun run fiasco...

Monday 15 March

Nature's way

Lucy and Leon

"Lucy and Leon (below) the tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G." Or, perhaps not. This little madam has scared off this snake-hipped charmer. One bun in the oven later and a bowl-full of regret.

Tuesday 16 March

Sisters at war

Ronnie, Danny and Roxy

In Bingo lingo that'd be 'one fat lady'. Roxy's bank account is busting on the obese side. So, a bidding war for Booty against her is just not worth it, Ron. Advice? Go back to bed.

Digging up the dirt

Denise and Lucas

Little does Lucas's wife, Denise know that she's digging up more than she bargained for in the Square's garden... her rotten ex, Owen. Lucas's attempts to stall the makeover doesn't go well.


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This week on EastEnders: Dealing with life and death

Lou | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 5 March 2010

Beale's baby burden

Peter and Lucy Beale

Oh dear. When Lucy, the rebellious madam isn't shouting "I'M RUNNING AWAY!", she's still a growing pain in the butt... and now gut (shock. Horror. SHE'S PREGNANT). 

Jane was happily gathering the faaaamily for Ian's 41st birthday dinner (with no shoddy leather jacket, or lilly-white bum in sight this year), when Lucy threw a hissy fit. To Jane's surprise - she's not just cheesed off at Leon for dumping her... she's preggers. Cue the wide-eyed shock expression. Cue the lightbulb...

With a little hesitation and worry over Ian's reaction, the pair decide it's Jane's job to "tell dad". Nice. The teenager also offers broody Jane the chance to live out her dreams of being a mum... she can take hers. Jane accepts. Tip: Tell Ian ladies!

To post or not to post

Masood and Billy

WHAT. A. WEEK. Postie Mas has *deep breath*... been dealing with fatherhood (again) to ickle Kamil, admitted to gambling, been accused of theft (and denied it), had no dosh to pay for a romantic curry with Zee, and worst of all... slept on a lumpy couch. Surely sofa-sleeping happens in most marriages!? Tip: Get a comfy couch. 

Billy and Mas have built up their fair share of residents' cards and letters. Naughty. But who posts cash these days? Tip two: Just send cheques people! 

Shotgun romance

Whitney and BillieWhitney, Whitney, Whitney. *Sigh*. This bangle-eared lovely doesn't make life easy for herself, does she? Billie's 'old crowd' haven't taken too nicely to his new arm candy. That Kylie has tormented the poor lass AND wound Billie up about a gun he's hiding for them. It's no toy water pistol either. Tip: Don't touch guns. 

Farewell Bradders

Jack and Max Branning

Max's turmoil over his son's death has plagued him this week as Bradley's funeral crept up and landed on him. Hardly 'Father of the Year', but oh, how we toss the betrayal aside and warm to him in his hour of need. He even gets a touching arm on his shoulder from bro, Jack.

His hopes of "Tan" turning up were dashed, but his ex, Rachel arrived to mourn her son. And what was on Becca's mind? Who knows, but she must have been been cold. The predator borrowed a dress from widowed Stacey's wardrobe and then pressed her mouth against Max's. Perhaps she needed a little oxygen. Tip: Cross your legs. It's a funeral.


Introducing Himesh... the Overlord

Lou | 13:13 UK time, Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Be humble. Bow. The Overlord is in your presence...

Himesh (Tamwar Masood) stands his ground, he accepts any challenge, and he's hungry for conflict. His subjects follow in his shadow (all the way to the canteen apparently)... or, at least that's what he wants you to believe!

Enjoy this video insight into Himesh's whack world around da Square. He honours us with time out of his really, really (really!!?) hectic schedule at EastEnders.  

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Watch this space for more videos of this divine human being. All hail the Overlord (I aim to please) *bows and walks away*. 

Weekly preview gallery: w/c 8 March 2010

Lou | 13:54 UK time, Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ooooh... take a look at our photos of next week's action...

Monday 8 March

Becca's fruity affair

Max and Becca

Becca has her sights firmly pinned on Stacey's previous fling... Max. She smothers herself in whipped cream and tinned fruit (how cheap!) in the hope that it will appeal to Max's appetite. Try a bit of Brigadoon, love.

A serving of tension 

The Jackson's family meal

Tensions rise in the Jackson' household... really?! Never. Surely not in that harmonious place of pleasure. Carol throws a dinner party in the vain hope of bringing the faaaaamily together. Does it work? Does it heck.

Baby Beale

Jane and Lucy

Preggers Lucy and broody stepmother Jane decide that it's time to tell Ian about their plans for the baby. How do you think Ian handles it?  Let me think...

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Get your hankies out... it's Bradley's funeral pics

Lou | 11:55 UK time, Monday, 1 March 2010

Emotions run high this Friday in Walford. So, prepare yourselves peeps - get your tissue boxes at the ready and curl up on the sofa clutching your favourite cushion... it's Bradley's funeral!

It's been two weeks since newly-wed Bradders fell to his death, and boy did we suffer as we sat on the edge of our seats. We gasped. We held our faces. We mourned.

Will his bereaved widow, Stacey show up? THE MURDERER. Here's a sneak peak at the photos from Friday's show... brace yourselves. It's emotional.

Jim and Max, and Jack and MaxTwo very rare moments to witness - the Brannings hugging! Max comforts his dad, Jim. And Jack shows some love for his bruv, Max. Nothing like a death to pull faaaaamily together.  

Mo, Jean, Charlie and BeccaSingle White Female alert!! Bitchy Becca decides to don one of Stacey's dresses. As you can imagine it doesn't go down too well with Jean. Doesn't the girl have any idea? Buy your own damn dress lady! While you're at it, see if they're selling 'sensitivity', as it's much-needed. Grrrr. 

Dot, Carol, Jim and Max

Poor Dot and Jim. Dot's been through the mill lately, what with losing her beloved grandson and granddaughter Dotty/Kirsty all in the space of two weeks.  

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