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Alex Mansfield | 17:41 UK time, Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Update, June 2018.
From 2018 the Domesday Reloaded website can be viewed in The National Archives' UK Government Web Archive. You can search for BBC Domesday Reloaded words, place names, content and pictures here:

Domesday Reloaded finally comes to an end this week.


At the end of last year, to mark the anniversary of the publication, we unveiled a new multi-touch device and a gallery at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. There’s also one in The Lab at MediaCityUK in Salford (although today and tomorrow it’s visiting London’s Olympia in the Learning Without Frontiers festival – do pop in if you’re passing).


The “Domesday Touch Table” was an exercise in re-presenting old media. It was great to have members of the original team on board because technologically today we are able more fully to realise the vision they had.


It looks and feels very 21st century – like a massive tablet device with up to four simultaneous users - but everything you see on it was taken from the 1986 Domesday masters, or was submitted for Domesday Reloaded. We stitched together the 23,000-odd 1986 TV-screen-sized map tiles to form a continuous, swipeable map, added in the other layers of map from the original so you can zoom in and out with a gesture, and pinned the TV news archives from the National Disc to their relevant locations. Then of course in every surveyed D-block you can find the 1986 and the 2011 pictures and articles.


I believe it complements the work done on building the Domesday Reloaded website, of The National Archives in looking after the data, and of all the hundreds of thousands of people, across the country of all ages, who had a go last year.


But what have we learned?


Tonight at 9pm on Radio 4, you can hear Prof Danny Dorling’s take on “How Britain has Changed”.


It’s of course impossible to completely describe something like 25 years of history of a whole country in 28 minutes of radio. So we sampled and sipped, and spent time travelling to meet people who submitted their thoughts last year. We argued on trains, stood around on pavements and wrangled in cabs. It was difficult. But everywhere we went we were charmed, welcomed and surprised.

The resulting programme is a mere taster of the differences, and the similarities, in our society’s perception of its past, in some very varied areas and circumstances.


Peter Armstrong always suggested the Domesday Project should be laid down like a fine wine; that it would increase in value with age.


Thanks again to everybody who enjoyed a snifter this time.


I, for one, can’t wait to find out how it tastes in another 25.

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Happy Birthday Domesday

Alex Mansfield | 18:03 UK time, Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Domesday Medallion - not real gold.

Not many of these exist.

25 years ago this week the "Domesday System" was finally unveiled and put on the market. Here's a scan of the BBC's in-house paper Ariel's article from that week.

If you search on the National Disc for "Acknowledgements" you get a 47-page list of credits which I share below. I still find it completely amazing how many people were involved. And then of course, there's the famous last paragraph of page 47...

To all of you, thank you.

Happy Birthday Domesday.


Credits and Acknowledgements     Page 1 of 47
             THE  DOMESDAY PROJECT          
       The BBC Domesday Project Team was    
       made up as follows:                  
      Editor : Peter Armstrong              
      Assistant Editor : Mike Tibbetts      
      Technical Project Manager : Roger Kelly
      Business Manager : Jane Charlton      
                         Bernard Doe        
      Data Services Manager : David Lee     
      Picture Editor : Ruth Rosenthal       
      Text Editor : Madeleine Kingsley      
      Social Science Subject Specialist :   
      Stewart Atkins                        
      Environment Subject Specialist :      
      Richard Tapper                        

                                       Page 2 of 47
      Culture Subject Specialist :          
      Susan Boyd-Bowman                     
      Geography Subject Specialist  :       
      Dr. Helen Mounsey                     
      Video Disc Producer : Andy Finney     
      Indexer : Katherine Dawson            
      Information Officer : Amanda Wood     
      Education Officers : Phyllis Gove     
                           Bob Salkeld      
                           Charley Loveland 
      Education Administrative Co-Ordinator 
                           Valerie Barrett  
      Education Assistants :Sarah Haybittle 
                            Shona Murray    
                            Stephanie Godfrey
                            Tom Walker      
      Education Clerk : Paul Hughes         
      Film and Videotape                    
               Research  : Penny Cowell     
      News Consultant    : Ken Callaway     
      Picture Assistants : Melanie Earnshaw 
                           Joanne King      

                                       Page 3 of 47
                           Robert Hodges    
                           Sally Young      
                           Elaine Cappas    
                           Susan Hoyal      
                           Ann Jacob        
                           Gary Willis      
                           Tom Walker       
      Research Assistants : Julia Seidenwerg
                            Nury Vittachi   
      BBC Enterprises :    David Pryke      
                           John Harrison    
                           Peter Ballard    
                           Miranda Curtis   
                           Ian Duncan       
      Project Analysts : Ray Shaw           
                         Jenny Saunders     
      Analyst Programmer : Trevor Wood      
      Trainee Programmer : John Dusting     
      Graphic Designers : Rowland Morgan    
                          Haydon Young      

                                       Page 4 of 47
      Graphics and Photography,             
      Open University Production Centre :   
                          Sue Dix           
                          Jane Fielder      
                          Richard Baker     
                          Eamon Addison     
                          Maria Wood        
                          David Amy         
                          Peter Kerslake    
                          Steve Pirnie      
      Video Tape Editors: Peter Mathison    
                          Albert Bourne     
             Telecine  : Geoff Powell       
      OUPC Engineering : Alan Cathie        
                         Brian Sloam        
                         Peter Cole         
                         Patsy Roberts Powell
                         Debbie Purkiss     
                         Jim Harris         
                         Paul Chew          
      Project Engineer  : Tom Wakes         

                                       Page 5 of 47
      Designs Department, Engineering :     
                          David Kitson      
                          John Astle        
                          Jim Day           
                          John Stephenson   
                          Simon Auty        
                          Colin Malone      
      Copyright Department : Tom Rivers     
                             Vanessa Levy   
      Copyright Assistant :  Rachel Marchant
      General Assistant, Text : Joanna Ralph
      Research Assistant, Social Sciences : 
                              Marcus Raynor 
      Research Assistant, Environment  :    
                              Sandy Hammond 
      BBC Publications Designer :           
                              Rachel Hardman
      Music : Jonathan Gibbs, BBC           
              Radiophonic Workshop          
      Project Technicians : Nigel Millichap 
                            Dave Jennings   
                            Mark Thompson   

                                       Page 6 of 47
                            Alan Bright     
                            Kip Herring     
                            Philip Pauling  
      Receptionist : Fiona Bambrough-Stott  
                     Shona Murray           
                     Fiona Hynd             
      Secretaries :  Clare Puxley           
                     Kerry Cooper           
                     Eva Czerniecka         
                     Gurdip Sidhu           
                     Marian Hardie          
                     Anita Cannon           
                     Barbara Richardson     
                     Ruth Dyson             
                     Suzanne Ryan           
                     Heather Jackson        
                     Sarah Hubbard          
                     Maureen Wilson         
                     Tania Lindon           
                     Mandy Jane Baker       
                     Gillian Shearing       
                     Janice Gardiner        

                                       Page 7 of 47
                     Susan Blackman         
      Data/text typists:                    
                     Annette Dillon         
                     Josephine Tierney      
                     Kay Commer             
                     Sabrina Straker        
                     Sandra Walsh           
                     Laura Robling          
                     Jane Salisbury         
                     Suzanne Stelzer        
                     Roselette Brown        
      Proof Readers : Mary Finney           
                      Patricia Mowbray      
                      Melanie Bloomfield    
                      Judy Batchelor        

                                       Page 8 of 47
       The following worked as full or      
       part-time partners with the BBC:     
       At ESRC, Data Archive,               
       University of Essex:                 
      Prof. Howard Newby                    
      Eric Tannenbaum                       
      Eric Roughly                          
      Philip Holden                         
      Kevin Bales                           
      Fiona Newall                          
      Anne Hockey                           
      Nigel Walford                         
      Cherry Good                           
      Eileen Clucas                         
      Christine Wilkinson                   
      Randy Banks                           
      Mel Reed                              
       At Birkbeck College,                 
       University of London:                
      Prof. David Rhind                     

                                       Page 9 of 47
      Dr. Helen Mounsey                     
      Nick Green                            
      Vince Andrews                         
      Janette Colclough                     
      Martin Higgins                        
      Sara Finch                            
      Laurie Baker                          
      Ruth Hartley                          
      Rob Kemp                              
      Tamsin Willcocks                      

                                       Page 10 of 47
       At the Centre for Urban and Regional 
       Development Studies,                 
       University of Newcastle:             
      Professor John Goddard                
      Dr. Stan Oppenshaw                    
      Colin Wymer                           
      Martin Charlton                       
      Mike Coombes                          
      Anne Green                            
      David Owen                            
       At the Institute of Terrestrial      
       Ecology, Bangor:                     
      Dr. David Ball                        
      Geoff Radford                         
      Mervyn Williams                       
      Sheena Renner                         
      Sally Akroyd                          
      Robert Smith                          
      Jeremy Williams                       
      Barry Wyatt                           

                                       Page 11 of 47
       At Loughborough University:          
      Brian Negus                           
      Ann Irving                            
      Tim Rodgers                           
      Bertil Schou                          
       At the GeoData Unit, Southampton     
      Dr. Mike Clark                        
      Angela Durnell                        
      Pete Hancock                          
       At the Geography Department of the   
       University of Sheffield:             
      David Talnage                         
      Steve Black                           
       At the Open University Statistical   
      Prof. Toby Lewis                      
      Jim Paul                              

                                       Page 12 of 47
      Daniel Lunn                           
       At Liverpool Polytechnic:            
      Des McConaghy                         
      John Mason                            
       At the Department of Trade           
       and Industry:                        
      Harry Ivy                             
       At Philips, Eindhoven,               
       The Netherlands:                     
      Jan Geensen                           
      Kees van der Valk                     
      Bram Derksema                         
      Jan van Lier                          
      Steven van Kervel                     
      Joost Vermolon                        
       At Philips, Hasselt, Belgium         
      Jos Kea                               
      Harry Simons                          

                                       Page 13 of 47
       At Philips, UK:                      
      James Dunkley                         
      Jonathan Schenck                      
      Russell Ixer                          
      Vic Whiting                           
      Gerry Harrison                        
      Pam Ladd                              
       At Acorn Computers Ltd:              
      Chris Curry                           
      John Horton                           
      Chris Turner                          
      David Bell                            
      John Tait                             
      Valerie Holt                          
       From Logica UK Ltd:                  
      Jardine Barrington-Cook               
      Nigel Young                           
      David Freed                           
      Paul Cunnell                          

                                       Page 14 of 47
      Elizabeth John                        
      David Hepper                          
      Simon Young                           
      Philip Kao                            
      Chris Jones                           
      Jim Dodkins                           
      John Dabkowski                        
      Dorothy Briggs                        
      Helen Barnes                          
      Alvin Roussel                         
      Amrik Sagoo                           
      Sean Savedra                          
       At Cap Scientific Ltd:               
      Neil Jerrome                          
      Simon Johnston                        
       Freelance Computer Scientists:       
      Dr. Martin Porter                     
      Jonathan Griffiths                    

                                       Page 15 of 47
       CAL Video Graphics Ltd:              
      David Pratt                           
      Lesley Treadwell                      
      Bill Keehner                          
      Trisha King                           
      Peter Kavanagh                        
      Terry Hylton                          
      Marco Guisti                          
       The following served on an honorary  
       basis as members of the Domesday     
       Editorial Board                      
      Peter Armstrong (Chairman)            
      Sir John Boreham, formerly Director,  
      Central Statistical Office            
      Prof. Howard Newby, ESRC, Essex       
      Prof. David Rhind, Department of      
      Geography, Birkbeck College           
      Prof. John Hey, York University       

                                       Page 16 of 47
      Dr. David Ball, Institute of          
      Terrestrial Ecology, Natural          
      Environment Research Council          
      Prof. Ted Wragg, School of Education, 
      University of Exeter                  
      Prof. Peter Hall, University of Reading
      Prof. John Goddard, Centre of Urban and
      Regional Development Studies, Newcastle
      Prof. Alan Macfarlane, Dept. of Social
      Anthropology, University of Cambridge 
      Dr. Helen Mounsey (Secretary)         
       The BBC Steering Committee:          
      Duncan Thomas, (Chairman), Controller 
      Resource Development & Engineering,   
      Bryon Parkin, Managing Director,      
      Roger Laughton, Head of Daytime       
      Programming Television                

                                       Page 17 of 47
      John Radcliffe, Head of the Open      
      University Production Centre          
      Terry Smith, Head of Computer         
      Services, Television                  
      Dick Bates, Chief Accountant,         
      David Kitson, Acting Head of          
      Designs Department                    
      Peter Armstrong, Editor,              
      Domesday Project                      
      John Astle, Head of Designs Department
      Tom Wakes, (Secretary), Project       
      Engineer, Resource Development &      
      Engineering, Television               
       The Consultative Committee:          
      John Keeble, (Chairman),  BBC         
      John Harrison, BBC Enterprises        
      Peter Armstrong, Editor, Domesday     

                                       Page 18 of 47
      Mike Tibbetts, Assistant Editor,      
      Domesday Project                      
      Harry Ivy, Department Of Trade and    
      James Dunkley, Philips                
      Gerry Harrison, Philips               
      John Horton, Acorn                    
      Christopher Curry, Acorn              
       The Technical Review Committee:      
      David Kitson, (Chairman), Designs     
      Department, BBC                       
      John Astle, (Chairman), Designs       
      Department, BBC                       
      Roger Kelly, Domesday Project, BBC    
      Andy Finney, Domesday Project, BBC    
      Mike Croll, Research Department, BBC  
      John Tait, Acorn Computers            
      Chris Turner, Acorn Computers         
      Kees van der Valk, Philips Eindhoven  
      Bram Derksema, Philips Eindhoven      
      Jan Geensen, Philips Eindhoven        

                                       Page 19 of 47
      Jonathan Schenck, Philips UK          
      Jan van Lier, Philips Eindhoven       
      Steven van Kervel, Philips Eindhoven  
      Joost Vermolon, Philips Eindhoven     
      Jardine Barrington-Cook, Logica       
      Jim Dodkins, Logica                   
       The Software Committee:              
      Peter Armstrong, Editor, Domesday     
      Ian Trackman                          
      Richard Millwood, Chelsea College     
      John Tait, Acorn Computers Ltd.       
      Jonathan Schenck                      
      Jonathan Griffiths                    
      Peter Smith, Research Machines Ltd.   
      Paul Saunders, Philips                
      Martin Porter                         
      Jim Paul                              
      Simon Johnson, Acorn                  
      Roger Kelly, Domesday Project         
      Jardine Barrington-Cook, Logica       

                                       Page 20 of 47
      Richard Russell, BBC                  
      Michael Grove                         
      Neil Jerrome, CAP Scientific          
      Richard Tapper, Domesday Project      
      Stewart Atkins, Domesday Project      
       The Education Committee:             
      Prof. Ted Wragg, (Chairman), School   
      of Education, University of Exeter    
      D. Snowshill, Ordnance Survey         
      E. Pilkington, Association of Head    
      Keith Anderson, Chief Education Officer
      P Spendlove, Independent Schools      
      R. Hamilton, Chief Executive, North   
      East Education & Library Board        
      R. Mycock, Department of Education &  

                                       Page 21 of 47
      Arthur DeCaux, Senior Assistant       
      Secretary for Education, National     
      Association of Head Teachers          
      T J Shaw, Department of Education &   
      Ms. J Atkinson, Office of Population  
      Censuses and Surveys                  
      M Harrison, Chief Education Officer,  
      Leslie Clark, Chief Inspector, Scotland
      D. Turner, Department of Education &  
      P. Edmondson, (Calderdale LEA)        
       The Marketing Committee:             
      Jean Nunn, (Chairman), BBC Enterprises
      Gerry Harrison, Philips               
      Vic Whiting, Philips                  
      Mike Juett, Philips                   
      Peter Ballard, BBC Enterprises        
      Harry Ivy, Department of Trade and    

                                       Page 22 of 47
      Mike Tibbetts, Domesday Project       
      Roger Kelly, Domesday Project         
      Amanda Wood, Domesday Project         
      Bob Coates, Acorn                     
      John Harrison, BBC Enterprises        
      Miranda Curtis, BBC Enterprises       
      Phyllis Gove, BBC Enterprises         
      John Horton, Acorn Computers          
       We are grateful to the following BBC 
       service departments :                
      BBC Data (General Manager Richard     
      Brock House Addressing Unit, BBC      
      Engineering Training Department,      
      Print Unit, Woodnorton, BBC           
      Office Training Department (Manager:  
      Monica Long, Consultant:  Dee         

                                       Page 23 of 47
      Television Personnel:                 
      Senior Personnel Officer : Judith     
      Personnel Officer : Margaret Parry    
      BBC Broadcasting Research (Manager :  
      Peter Menneer)                        
      BBC Educational Broadcasting Services,
      Research Unit                         
      Audio Visual Library: John Bodnar,    
                            Luke Finn       

                                       Page 24 of 47
       The BBC would like to record their   
       warmest thanks for the contribution to
       and help for the project given by the
      A.C. Nielsen Co. Ltd.                 
      Agricultural Census Branch, Ministry of
      Agriculture, Fisheries and Food       
      Applied Geochemistry Research Group,  
      Imperial College                      
      Associated Newspapers Ltd.            
      Automobile Association                
      Barratt West Midlands Ltd.            
      British Geological Survey             
      British Market Research Bureau        
      British Trust for Ornithology         
      Business Statistics Office, Newport   
      Central Office of Information         
      Central Statistical Office            
      Chartered Institute of Public and     
      Financial Accountancy                 

                                       Page 25 of 47
      CISI-Wharton Econometric Forecasting  
      Associates Ltd.                       
      Council for National Parks            
      Countryside Commission                
      Countryside Commission for Scotland   
      Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
      for Scotland                          
      Department of Agriculture for Northern
      Department of Employment              
      Department of Energy                  
      Department of the Environment         
      Department of Transport               
      Duke of Edinburgh's Award             
      Euromonitor Ltd.                      
      English Tourist Board                 
      Environmental and Medical Sciences    
      Division, UKAEA Harwell               
      Express Newspapers Ltd.               
      Fisheries Laboratory, Ministry of     
      Agriculture, Fisheries and Food       
      Forestry Commission                   

                                       Page 26 of 47
      Game Conservancy                      
      Girl Guides Association               
      GLC Ecology Unit                      
      The Guardian                          
      Health and Safety Executive           
      Her Majesty's Stationery Office       
      Isle of Man Tourist Board             
      J. A. Storey & Partners               
      Kodak Ltd                             
      Land Applications Working Group,      
      National Remote Sensing Centre,       
      Department of Trade and Industry      
      Landscape Institute                   
      Liverpool Polytechnic Area Information
      Macauley Institute                    
      Manpower Services Commission          
      Medical Research Council, Environmental
      Epidemiology Unit, Southampton        
      Meteorological Office                 
      Microelectronics in Education Project 

                                       Page 27 of 47
      Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and
      Ministry of Defence                   
      National Association of Local Councils
      National Association of Round Tables of
      Great Britain and Northern Ireland    
      National Council for Voluntary        
      National Farmers' Union               
      National Federation of Women's        
      National Federation of Young Farmers  
      National Interactive Video Centre     
      National Radiological Protection Board
      National Trust                        
      National Trust for Scotland           
      Nature Conservancy Council            
      Plant Pathology Laboratory, Ministry of
      Agriculture, Fisheries and Food       
      Office of Population Censuses and     

                                       Page 28 of 47
      Ordnance Survey of Great Britain      
      Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland   
      Post Office, Letter Operations        
      Regional Newspaper Advertising Bureau 
      Royal Society for Nature Conservancy  
      Rural Community Councils              
      SIA Ltd.                              
      Scottish Association of Young Farmers 
      Scottish Microelectronics Development 
      Scottish Tourist Board                
      Scottish Women's Rural Institute      
      Scout Association                     
      Soil Survey of England and Wales      
      Sports Council                        
      The Times                             
      Third Age Trust                       
      Wales Tourist Board                   
      Warren Spring Laboratory              

                                       Page 29 of 47
      Water Authorities Association         
      Wildfowl Trust                        
      Youth Hostels Association             

                                       Page 30 of 47
       Picture Libraries Sources            
      The Picture Team wish to give special 
      thanks to the following people and    
      organisations for their support and   
      co-operation in supplying a large     
      quantity of photographs covering a wide
      range of subjects:                    
      Heather Angel/Biofotos                
      ASC London  :  Mike Henrie            
      BBC Central Stills  :  Graham Milloy  
                           & Colleagues     
      Bob Thomas Sports Photography         
      British Tourist Authority Picture     
      COI  -  Terry Mead                    
      Camera Press                          
      Crafts' Council  :  Mary Hersov       
                          Liz Lydiate       
      Design Council  :  Bridget Kinally    
      Format Agency                         

                                       Page 31 of 47
      David Hoffman                         
      Eric and David Hosking                
      Network Agency                        
      The Photo Source Ltd                  
      Press Association : Nicholas Kester   
                          John Nuttall &    
      Rex Features  :  Frank Selby,         
                       Paul Brown &         
      Homer Sykes                           
      Universal Press & Pictorial Agency    
                      Ltd  :  Peter Dare    
      Woodmansterne Publications            
      Also thanks to:                       
      A & C Black Ltd : Who's Who           
      Anglia Television                     
      Architectural Association Slide       
      Library :          Andrew Higgott     

                                       Page 32 of 47
      Arts Council:      Roger Malbert      
                         Barry Lane         
      Association of Illustrators :         
                         Vicki Roger        
      Animal Photography : Sally Ann and    
                           John Thompson    
      Dr. David Ball - Institute of         
                Terrestrial Ecology         
      Clive Barda                           
      Jonathan Bayer                        
      Clive Bournsell                       
      Lynne and Richard Bryant              
      BBC Photographics : Roger Mead        
      BBC Central Stills Laboratory :       
                 Barry Deamer               
                 Roger Hooper               
                 Mike Kennedy               
                 Mike William               
                 Alf Cole                   
                 Felix Borg                 
                 Ray Brown                  

                                       Page 33 of 47
      BBC Reference Library                 
      The British Film Institute, National  
      Film Archive, Stills Library          
      British Geological Survey             
      British Technology Group: W.P. Whiting
      Clive Boursnell                       
      British Home Stores                   
      Burger King                           
      British Aerospace                     
      British Film Year : Keith Hows        
      Central Independent Television        
      Central TV  :      Barry Ledingham    
      Cartoon Gallery  : Pat Huntley        
      Channel Television                    
      Channel 4                             
      Conde Nast Publications Ltd           
      Cranks Health Foods : Daphne Swann    
      Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament      
      College for the Distributive Trades : 
                         Deidre Brook       
      Cinema Theatre Association :          
                         David Jones        

                                       Page 34 of 47
      Conran Foundation (Boilerhouse        
      Camden Graphics                       
      Chris Capstick                        
      Anthony D'Offay                       
      Designers & Arts Directors            
      Association  :  Edward Booth-Clibborn 
      Directorate of Naval Recruiting       
      Directorate of Army Recruiting        
      Christopher Dunkley                   
      Dawn Publications                     
      English Cheese Council                
      Ephemera Society : Maurice Rickards   
      Farmers' Weekly : Diana Shanahan      
      Ffoto Gallery, Cardiff : Sue Beardmore
      Financial Times : Glyn Genin          
      Francis Kyle Gallery                  
      Forestry Commission                   
      Freemans : Lynne Bury                 
      Luke Finn                             
      Guardian : Donald Wintersgill         
      Gordon Fraser Gallery Ltd             

                                       Page 35 of 47
      Granada Television                    
      Rod Hackney                           
      Harry Smith Collection                
      Nigel Hepper                          
      HTV Wales                             
      HTV West                              
      Brian Hunt                            
      Habitat : Anne Sayer                  
      Institute of Contemporary Arts        
      ICOREC : Joanne O'Brien               
      Juda Rowan Gallery                    
      Kodak : Derek Liley                   
      Peter Kain                            
      Marketa Luskacova                     
      Roger Last                            
      Patrick Lichfield                     
      Lisson Gallery                        
      Littlewoods Organisation              
      London Transport Advertising :        
                           Mike Ingham      

                                       Page 36 of 47
      Lynne Franks Ltd, Public Relations    
      Landscape Institute                   
      London Weekend Television             
      Derek Muir                            
      Milton Keynes Development Corporation 
      McDonald's Hamburgers Ltd             
      National Museum of Photography :      
                         Colin Ford         
      Newport Survey : Daniel Meadows       
      National Trust : Jenny Hunt           
      Nigel Greenwood Gallery               
      Nikon UK Ltd : Sue Colman             
                     Elaine Swift           
      National Dairy Council                
      Northern Ireland Tourist Board Picture
      National Magazine Company Ltd :       
                   Susanne Van Langenberg   
      Northern Ireland Milk Marketing Board 
      Observer : Jane Bown                  

                                       Page 37 of 47
      Photographers Gallery :               
                 Sue Davies                 
                 Zelda Cheatle              
                 John Beveridge             
                 Alex Noble                 
      The Post Office                       
      Portal Gallery                        
      Press Agency (York)                   
      Punch Publications Ltd :              
                 Paula Chesterman           
      Pacemaker Press, Belfast :            
                 Frank Carvel               
      Radio Times  :  Pat Carthy            
                      Jenny Fleet           
      RAF Publications                      
      Rapier Design : Peter Colton          
      Antonia Reeve                         
      RIBA  :  Jackie Clark                 
      Doc Rowe                              
      Royal College of Art Photographic     
      Spitting Images : John Lloyd          

                                       Page 38 of 47
      Saatchi Collection                    
      Scottish Arts Council                 
      Brian Shuel                           
      Scottish Tourist Board Picture Library
      Soil Survey of England and Wales :    
                      Robert Evans          
      School of Fashion, Newcastle          
      Polytechnic : Mary Bromley            
      Second Nature                         
      Society of Designer-Craftsmen :       
                       Jane Birkett         
      Tate Gallery  :  Richard Humphries    
      Derick Thomas                         
      Tesco Stores Ltd                      
      Thames Television                     
      Ian Tilbury                           
      Times Newspapers : Ralph Nodder       
      Tyne-Tees Television                  
      United Biscuits (UK) Ltd              

                                       Page 39 of 47
      Victoria & Albert Museum :            
                       Mark Haworth-Booth   
      Waddington Galleries                  
      Whitechapel Art Gallery               
      Wales Tourist Board Picture Library   
      Wendy Restaurants (UK) Ltd            
      Yorkshire Television                  

                                       Page 40 of 47
       The Following Local Authority        
       Co-ordinators of our schools' survey:
      Avon             P. Gilliat           
      Beds             M. Blakey            
                       D. Taylor            
      Berks            L. Taylor            
      Bucks            S. Tarbox            
      Cambs            C. R. Beresford      
      Cheshire         J. W. Myhill         
      Cleveland        Dr. B. Holley        
      Cornwall         B. L. Boorman        
                       O. Baines            
      Cumbria          J. Mitchell          
      Derbyshire       Dr. F. Jones         
      Devon            J. L. Ralston        
                       D. Sullivan          
      Dorset           M. Baumann           
      Durham           P. Livsey            
      Essex            S. M. Leverett       
      Glos             J. Turtle            
                       G. Mellings          
      Hants            G. Dinkele           

                                       Page 41 of 47
      Hereford &                            
      Worcs            J. Foster            
      Herts            D. Sutton            
      Humberside       B. Lewis             
      Isle of Man      R. B. Cowin          
                       M. Barrow            
      Isles of Scilly  R. Arend             
      Isle of Wight    F. Gregory           
      Kent             D. Roots             
      Lancs            C. King, S. Harrison 
      Leics            G. Sparrow           
      Lincs            J. D. Golicher       
      Norfolk          J. A. Scott          
      Northampton      D. Hill              
      N'umberland      D. F. Hume           
      Notts            D. C. Smith          
      Oxford           B. Larkin            
      Shropshire       J. Ravenscroft       
      Somerset         J. Rose              
      Staffs           D. R. Adams          
                       M. J. W. Rogers      
      Suffolk          D. G. Penrose        

                                       Page 42 of 47
      Surrey           P. Richardson,       
                       D. Clark             
      E. Sussex        P. J. O. Taylor      
      W. Sussex        K. C. Leslie         
      Warwicks         S. Wilson            
      Wilts            E. Larkin            
      N. Yorkshire     R. H. Jones          
                       B. Ives              
      Barking/Dag      B. Wigg              
      Barnet           M. Thorne            
      Bexley           S. J. Waller         
      Brent            J. Lewandowski       
      Bromley          D. Carter            
      Croydon          K. H. Randell        
      Ealing           J. Doran             
                       S. Haddon            
      Enfield          R. Dunhill           
      Harrow           A. Dark              
      Havering         J. B. Thomas         
      Hillingdon       R. J. Wales          
      Hounslow         P. Askew             

                                       Page 43 of 47
      Thames           W. H. Johnson        
      Morden           S. Holmes            
      Newham           K. Jones             
      Redbridge        S. Black             
      Richmond         A. Graham            
      Sutton           A. Wenam             
      Forest           J. Hobson            
      I.L.E.A.         E. Wackett           
                       B. Weaver            
      Bolton           R. Bradburn          
      Bury             B. P. Hardman        
      Manchester       R. Hertzog           
                       N. Waller            
      Oldham           G. Royle             
      Rochdale         R. Branwell          
                       D. Cavener           
                       R. Blows             
      Salford          J. P. Langley        
      Stockport        K. A. Hayhurst       
                       B. Walker            
      Tameside         J. Heywood           

                                       Page 44 of 47
      Trafford         A. E. Jaycock        
      Wigan            E. Steed             
      Knowsley         G. Hall, J. Fletcher 
      Liverpool        T. D. Girvan         
      St. Helens       J. H. Whittaker      
      Sefton           M. Cook              
      Wirral           C. A. Humphries      
      Gateshead        L. Turnbull          
      Newcastle        C. Winlow            
                       N. Elliot            
      N. Tyneside      G. B. Thornton       
      S. Tyneside      R. Sanderson         
      Sunderland       J. Watson            
      Birmingham       P. Archer            
                       F. C. Wiseman        
      Coventry         B. Rayson            
      Dudley           Rev. G. Hodgson      
      Sandwell         P. Beard             
      Solihull         Dr. D. C. Woods      
      Walsall          J. Miller            
      Wolverhampton    G. Warner            
                       G. Boon              

                                       Page 45 of 47
      Barnsley         Dr. M. L. Jefferson  
      Doncaster        R. Dain              
      Rotherham        S. Hardwick          
      Sheffield        B. Greasley          
                       B. Steven            
      Bradford         J. Corn              
                       E. Sargeant          
      Calderdale       T. Scratcherd        
      Kirlees          J. Morgan            
      Leeds            J. Plummer           
      Wakefield        P. Buttle            
                       I. Rees              
      Belfast          M. Montgomery        
      N.E.  ELB        W. Smyth             
      S.    ELB        J. P. A. McKeown     
      S.E.  ELB        T. Morwood           
                       B. Pope              
      W.    ELB        M. Hill              
      Clwyd            T. C. Davies         
      Dyfed            R. J. Williams       
      M. Glamorgan     T. G. L. Hopkins     
      S. Glamorgan     M. Cook              

                                       Page 46 of 47
      W. Glamorgan     W. Weston            
      Gwent            I. Lewis             
      Gwynedd          G. Roberts           
      Powys            D. Davies            
      Jersey           Dr. J. Renouf        
                       J. Le Boutillier     
      Guernsey         R. Couch             
                       G. Le Huray          
      Borders          J. Forsyth           
      Central          D. M. Dickie         
      Dumfries and                          
      Galloway         T. L. Gilmour        
      Fife             D. S. Mackay         
      Grampian         H. K. Wray           
      Highland         A. Sharland          
      Lothian          G. Wilson            
      Orkney           Dr. G. Marshall      
      Shetland         G. W. G. Burgess     
        Argyll/Bute    D. Martin            
        Dumbarton      R. Taylor            
        Glasgow        E. Allister          

                                       Page 47 of 47
        Ayrshire       M. Tinning           
        Lanark         G. R. Gardner        
        Renfrew        J. Graham, M. Brennan
        Tayside        C. Kiddie            
                       C. Milne             
                       J. S. Johnstone      
      Western Isles    D. Mackay            
       And final thanks to around one million
       volunteers, mostly from primary and  
       secondary schools, for all the local 
       survey work.                         

Last chance to update Domesday Reloaded: Make your mark on history

Neil Copeman | 16:06 UK time, Friday, 14 October 2011

Tick tock, tick tock... The Domesday Reloaded project 2011 is drawing to a close...

On the 31st October it's time for us to close Domesday Reloaded to updates and new submissions. This means that from that date you'll be unable to send us pictures, text entries or comments for your area. We're doing this to mark the end of the 2011 project and to enable The National Archives to capture the site and preserve the data  - thus ensuring that it will be available to future generations.

(Don't worry, Domesday Reloaded will still be available to browse on the BBC for a good while yet). 

So whilst there's still time, make your mark on this fascinating record of our collective history and send us an update!

Also, which picture do you think we should we leave on the front page when we stop updating the site?

Suggestions for your favourite image from Domesday Reloaded are most welcome...


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