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One Weekend. Two Unmissable Trailers.

The Doctor Who Team

Update! We’re delighted to confirm that both trailers have materialised on this site… Watch them now!

The Day of the Doctor premieres on BBC One a fortnight tomorrow, at 7.50pm on Saturday, 23 November… and this weekend we’re releasing two trailers for this special anniversary adventure!

You can see the first sequence of clips from the episode in a trailer that airs tomorrow, just before Atlantis at approximately 8pm, on BBC One. We’ll have it right here for you here immediately afterwards because we hope you’ll want to watch it again (and again!) without delay!

And to really make this a special weekend we’re also releasing a second trailer on Sunday. Versions of this trailer have been seen at industry events but this is the first time it’s been released in its finished form, complete with the kind of special effects that help make The Day of the Doctor so epic.

So, if you want to see action from the 50th Anniversary Special, be sure to visit the site on Saturday, just after 8pm and again on Sunday! Can’t wait? Then check out interviews with Steven Moffat and the cast or enjoy our gallery of images from the episode!

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