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Dark Day: Daleks, Davros or a Giant Space Octopus?

The Doctor Who Team

Did the Axons get their claws into the sun?

Last week we shared some of your suggestions about what could have caused Dark Day. Today, we delve into our electronic postbag and pull out a few more fantastic, funny and highly imaginative ideas!

Nadia, a Danish Doctor Who fan, had an ingenious idea that the sun was a prison, its ‘flames’ were a barrier and the darkness was caused when the sun’s prisoners lowered this solar ‘barrier’ and made good their escape. Ingenious!

Nicola told us, ‘The Vashta Nerada swarmed into our atmosphere ready to feast on humanity, but left to follow a passing fleet of Judoon instead (much more meat!)’ Well, nice to know the Judoon can do humanity a favour now and again!

Sebastian blamed the Axons and a time loop, Matthew pointed the finger of suspicion at Davros (‘up to his mischief again!’) and Ryan was certain that, ‘The darkness was caused by a battle where Silence falls!!!’

Paul name-checked a couple of figures from the Sixth and Seventh Doctors’ eras: ‘My theory is that there was a fuel leak from a spaceship powered by a Black Light Drive.  To paraphrase Sabalom Glitz's former associate, Dibber, you have so much Black Light you can hardly see where you're going.’

Sam was less sure… ‘A certain alien species was migrating, passing through our solar system. For a short while, they passed in between Earth and the Sun, blocking the light on some parts of the globe. Which species, you might ask? Well now, I'm not an expert on that particular subject, but you should ask the Doctor. He sure is an expert if I ever saw one!’

Talking of experts, Olivia blamed the Vinvocci, suggesting they ‘…had a problem with their light radiation beam. And it turned into darkness. Not so sinister after all!’

Meghan shared a very sweet theory: ‘I think a giant space octopus was fighting to get away from a band of space fishers. Because it was losing it let out a stream of ink to get away in and this ink covered a good part of North America. ‘

And finally for today, one of the most epic ideas came from JG:  ‘The Last Great Time War between the great planets of Gallifrey and Skaro created ripples that had an effect on history… and all planets have weak spots in history.  May 19th, 1780 was Earth's weak spot.  The Time War threatened to destroy Earth so the Doctor created a Blackout Shield to protect the Earth, but the Doctor couldn't save all the planets using this Blackout shield.  Some perished, never to be seen again.  But we all remember the Doctor's heroic deed on Earth as Dark Day.’ Marvellous!

Thanks again to everyone who got into the spirit of this with such inventive suggestions! We’ll be sharing a third and final batch of your ideas soon!

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