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Clara and the Doctors

The Doctor Who Team

Clara Oswald was a total one-off in many ways. Obvs. But one of the coolest unique things about her was that she featured with each of the first thirteen Doctors! That’s got to be worth a closer look, right?

He’s the One!

Clara not only met the first Doctor, she persuaded him to take the TARDIS that became ‘his’ time machine. Good call, Miss Oswald!

Two’s Company!

She encountered the Second Doctor very briefly in The Name of his Doctor. He was zipping along at full pelt… Possibly fleeing the Terrible Zodin..?

The Power of Three

It’s the Third Doctor in ‘good old’ Bessie, driving his quirky yellow roadster through the wilds of Gallifrey, as seen in The Five Doctors.

Four to Doomsday?

Clara glimpsed the Time Lord during the mid-point of his Fourth incarnation… The moment below occurred for him during the Sontarans’ attempt to conquer his home planet in The Invasion of Time.

V for Victory!

The Fifth Doctor is in a pickle but anyone who’s watched Arc of Infinity knows he won out in the end…

Six of One…

The Sixth Doctor strides quickly through a corridor behind Clara and she spins around, somehow aware of his presence. Possibly she heard that very loud coat he’s rocking…

The Magnificent Seven

Clara glimpsed him before anyone said ‘don’t leave me hanging’ or the Seventh Doctor might have been yelling those words in this moment taken from Dragonfire, the adventure where he first met Ace.

The Never Hateful Eight

In this blink and you’ll miss it moment, the Eighth Doctor rushes past Clara. He appears to be wearing the garb he grabbed in his debut adventure as opposed to the more world-worn clobber he worked in The Night of the Doctor.

War Path

Although she’d already glimpsed the War Doctor, she got to know this incarnation of the Time Lord during The Day of the Doctor and it was clear he had a very big soft spot for his future companion. ‘If I grow to be half the man that you are, Clara Oswald,’ he once told her, ‘I shall be happy indeed!’

Lots of planets have a Nine

All the shots above (aside from the pic at the top and the one of the War Doctor) are from The Name of the Doctor, taken from the episode’s pre-title sequence. But various versions of the Doctor dashed past Clara towards the close of the adventure, just before the Eleventh Doctor met the War Doctor. This pic is taken from that sequence as we’re briefly reunited with the fantastic Ninth Doctor…

X the Unknown

She may not have known in him in the pic immediately below (again from The Name of the Doctor) but Clara got to know the Tenth Doctor better during the epic, The Day of the Doctor.

Starting Eleven

Of course, when we first encountered a ‘version’ of Clara she was the ‘soufflé girl’ although heart-breakingly, the Eleventh Doctor ultimately discovered she’d already been converted into a Dalek… The Doctor then encountered Clara in Victorian London during The Snowmen and finally, in The Bells of Saint John, ‘our’ Clara agreed to join him in his adventures throughout time and space…

Twelve: Angry Man

Her relationship with the Twelfth Doctor was initially fraught but over time their friendship became stronger than ever. Now he’s lost her we can only guess how angry, vengeful and spectacular his next move will be…

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