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He Wears a Fez Now

The Doctor Who Team

The Doctor has a date with destiny…

The Eleventh Doctor’s first series came to a spectacular conclusion with The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, and you can catch both episodes tonight on BBC Three.

In The Pandorica Opens the Doctor faces an army of old enemies who have formed a monstrous alliance. River is back to help out her old friend but Amy has problems of her own as a deadly Cyberman stalks her! The adventure continues with The Big Bang… Forget the episode’s ‘stone’ Dalek, River’s revenge and its brilliant timey-wimey twists… Just enjoy the Doctor’s new fez!

The Pandorica Opens is on BBC Three tonight (Friday) at 7pm and is followed by The Big Bang at 7.50pm. Shortly after the episodes have finished you can view them online by visiting our homepage.

And don’t forget we’ve got galleries, clips, behind-the-scenes interviews and much more for both The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang that you can access now!

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