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The Return of Doctor Mysterio: The Sneak Peek!

The Doctor Who Team

Doctor Who’s relationship with Children in Need stretches back to 1983 and this year we were treated to a special preview clip from the Christmas Special!

What can we say about the sneak peek? Well, the Doctor is on top form and up to his attack eyebrows in trouble – no change there, then... Great to see Nardole back and we’re super-intrigued (no pun intended!) about The Ghost – the caped figure who can fly, withstand bullets and fire off a few wisecracks in case his arrival wasn’t memorable enough! We’re also looking forward to finding out more about Lucy Fletcher, the journalist who seems astonished by the fact she’s honest with the Doctor… How is she tied in with The Return of Doctor Mysterio?

We’ll be looking into the Christmas Special very soon but for now, enjoy the preview clip and if that’s not enough, check out what happened when the universe of Doctor Who collided with the world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…

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