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Enjoy Doctor Who with Immersive 3D Sound!

The Doctor Who Team

Update! You can enjoy the special binaural version of Knock Knock on BBC iPlayer now! And learn more about this amazing surround sound edition below...

Get ready for Adventures in Space and Time with a special 3D sound mix for headphones – it’s virtual reality for your ears!

The binaural edition of episode 4 delivers a 3D surround soundscape for anyone wearing headphones, placing the audience at the heart of the action! In other words, pop your headphones on and as you enjoy the adventure you’ll have sounds seeming to come at you from all directions, just as though you’re right there with the Doctor and Bill as they try to survive this spooky story!

Want to give it a quick try right now? The preview clip at the top of the page is from the binaural version. So, grab some headphones, double-check you’ve got them on the right way round (it really matters when listening to this immersive sound mix!) and click play. Great, isn’t it? And yes. Spooky, too…

And don't forget, BBC iPlayer users can now enjoy the whole of this brilliant adventure – featuring David Suchet as the sinister Landlord – with an amazing 3D audio mix... Click here to access that version!

You can also check out the videos below to find out more about the binaural process and what preview audiences said about the experience of Doctor Who in 3D sound!