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9 outrageously awesome Doctor Who facts!

The Doctor Who Team

In the extremely unlikely event that you needed to be reminded of how amazing Doctor Who is, both on and off screen, we’ve compiled a list of nine awesome Doctor Who facts to keep you tied over until the next series!

Ticket to ride the TARDIS

In the season 2 story The Chase, Vicki and the Doctor use the Time/Space Visualiser to tune into the Beatles playing ‘Ticket To Ride’ on Top of the Pops in 1965. The original video of that performance has since been lost, so the only remaining footage is the one that features on Doctor Who!

Life in the Whoniverse

Georgia Moffett and husband David Tennant’s children were destined for a life of time travel, with both their dad and their granddad (Peter Davison) having previously assumed the role of the Doctor!

Verity Lambert

She was, of course, the first producer to work on Doctor Who, but did you know that she was also the first ever female television producer to be employed by the BBC!

15 year old Peter Capaldi loved Doctor Who!

In 1974, a Glasgow-based Capaldi penned the Radio Times to congratulate them on an ‘excellent’ feature they published on Doctor Who. 40 years later, he himself made the Doctor excellent!

Safety in Transit

You might already know that ‘Torchwood’ is an anagram of ‘Doctor Who’ but did you know why? Back when the series was first produced the production team wanted to keep the tapes nice and safe during transit, so they switched around the letters a little bit and it later became an obvious title choice for a spin-off series!

Location Repetition

The Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay has featured in a number of Doctor Who episodes, from posing as a feline-friendly hospital in New Earth to being the perfect location for the Master to give his Prime Minister’s speech. Whatever it’s being used for, it’s definitely the perfect place to stop and recharge your sonic screwdriver!

Asteroid 3325

A small, dark asteroid, lovingly named Asteroid 3325, was discovered on the outer region of the asteroid belt in 1984 and was later given the name 3325 TARDIS for its... well, connections to time and relative dimensions in space!

But that's not the only Who-named hunk of space rock out there. Lalla Ward, who played the second Romana, has the special honour of having Asteroid 8347 named after her!

President Kennedy

The 35th President of the United States was shot the day before the first ever episode of Doctor Who was aired in November 1963. Because of this, it had to be repeated on the following Saturday before the screening of the second episode.

Famous faces

There have been many recognisable guest appearances over the years, from bands and musicians to scientists and comedians. Some of them include: Davina McCall, Sharon Osborne, McFly, Simon Pegg, Barbara Windsor, Anne Robinson, Maisie Williams and The Streets’ Mike Skinner.

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