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20 things we learnt in the past fortnight…

The Doctor Who Team

The past couple of weeks has seen Doctor Who-land hit by a hurricane of information. The latest trailer, behind the scenes videos, interviews, Comic Con and press releases have been a great source of info about the new series and the people that make it, so we rounded up 20 of our fave facts from the fortnight…

1. There’s a global Zygon uprising in the new series. We know nothing more about it at this point, except it sounds epic. And awesome.

2. We learnt when Peter Capaldi truly felt he was the Doctor. ‘I think it was when they threw a rubber spider in my face and said, Fight it!’

3. Steven Moffat thinks Horror of Fang Rock is ‘really cool’. (He’s dead right. It’s brilliant).

4. The Daleks are back! We’d known about Missy and the Zygons returning to menace mankind again, but the trailer gave us a brief sneak peek of the exterminators! Eek!

5. Rachel Talalay, who directed Dark Water/Death in Heaven, is also helming eps 11 and 12 of the new series. In this video she told us, ‘these episodes [the series 9 finale] are completely different to what I did last year…’

6. The Doctor plays the guitar!

7. For Jenna Coleman, one of the best things about being Clara… is Peter Capaldi. ‘I just want to say how much I love Peter Capaldi,’ she told the Comic Con audience, with Peter sat right beside her. ‘One of the best bits about doing the job is going to work every day in the TARDIS with this guy!’

8. The Doctor looks great in shades. Okay, we might have suspected it, but the trailer delivers the proof. Doctor + shades = good look.

9. The new series features deadly mercenaries called the Mire, creepy underwater bases and Viking villages.

10. Peter Capaldi believes the Doctor wants to keep it in the family. ‘He loves traveling with Clara… The special bond he has is with Clara but I think he’d like to see his granddaughter again.’

11. According to Michelle Gomez, Missy’s perfect day would start with a cup of tea and possibly a small croissant. Then she’d slap Wonder Woman across the face.

12. According to Jenna Coleman, Clara’s perfect day would involve teaching Jane Austen, saving the world, having a cup of tea with the Doctor and getting an early night.

13. In the new episodes, Clara will help the Doctor ‘interact’ with humans, helping the Time Lord brush up on his social skills.

14. Steven Moffat has no problem (in theory) with a Doctor Who / Sherlock crossover. Cue lots of crossover puns / bad gags. We’ll start you off with it being set on (Tom) Baker Street…

15. You shouldn’t call the Doctor a guy. ‘The Doctor’s mysterious!’ Peter Capaldi stressed. ‘He’s a Time Lord! He’s not a guy!’

16. The TARDIS has got some cool, new roundels.

17. The orange space suits are back! First seen in The Impossible Planet. Last seen in Kill the Moon. The ultimate onesies make a welcome return!

18. There’s something going on between the Doctor and Maisie Williams’ character. When she shows her face the Doctor reacts with an aghast, ‘You?’ and she replies, ‘What took you so long, old man?

19. ‘Episode 11 is one of the most complicated…’ director Rachel Talalay revealed. ‘I can’t tell you anything about it except but it’s completely different and it just has my head in spaghetti!’

20. And finally, now we all know what we’ll be doing on Saturday, 19 September…