The Google ticket

  • Tim Weber
  • 28 Jan 07, 08:41 AM

Looking back at the past week, what was the hottest ticket in town?

Undoubtedly the Google party on Friday night.

The party was so packed that shortly after its start the organisers had to engage in strict crowd control at the entrance.

Once inside people were craning necks to see Sergey Brin and Larry Page making the rounds, who tried to explain how to stick the colourful flashing Google badges to people’s shirts (look, there are two magnets at the back here).

To a select few they even distributed the most exclusive tickets in town: The Google founders invited a small group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to fly back to California on board their executive jet.

Does that mean Google is about to buy you, I ask one of them. He hesitates briefly: “No, but would you refuse an invitation to fly home on a private Boeing 767?”

Err, probably not. Now, where did I leave my copy of the BBC editorial guidelines? It has a chapter on that sort of thing...

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  • 1.
  • At 03:54 PM on 02 Feb 2007,
  • Paul Greenwood wrote:

O.k, this may be a bit picky but at the WEF, where issues of climate change were high on some agendas it seems a bit remiss of Mr Brin and Mr Page of Google with their 'Do no evil' statement to turn up in their own 767.
Weren't there enough scheduled flights ?

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