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Will FA back or sack Capello?

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David Bond | 11:51 UK time, Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup 2010: Rustenburg

By asking the Football Association to back him or sack him, England coach Fabio Capello cleverly forced his employers into a corner.

In the aftermath of Sunday's dreadful defeat by Germany, Capello insisted he would not resign but said he wanted talks with the Club England chairman Sir David Richards.

"I want to know he has confidence in me," said the Italian.

If, following those talks, the FA offers anything other than unequivocal support for Capello at Monday's news conference in Rustenburg, the writing will be on the wall for the former Juventus, AC Milan and Real Madrid coach. Even putting off the issue until the team returns to London on Tuesday will place his future in doubt.

At this stage, it is difficult to call but the vibes coming from FA sources on Monday is that they will back him to help rebuild the England team.

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If that is the case, the main reason is financial. Having removed the break clause from his £5m-a-year contract on the day the team flew to South Africa, sacking Capello and his vast backroom team, including trusted assistant Franco Baldini, would cost £12m.

The break clause was in there to deal with exactly the scenario England now find themselves in - and former chairman Lord Triesman and Sir David will face severe criticism for removing the financial safety valve.

In fairness, Capello can only shoulder so much of the blame for England's poor World Cup campaign. The players deserve the strongest criticism but the Italian's inflexibility over tactics and his strict regime undoubtedly played a part. Just saying what worked in qualifying should have worked here will not wash. He should have adapted.

And if the FA sacks Capello, who is there to take over? There is no obvious alternative. And if Capello cannot perform alchemy with the so-called golden generation, who can?

The England team needs to be completely rebuilt before the 2014 World Cup and, ironically, the FA might need to say to Capello that, if he is to stay until the end of his contract after Euro 2012, then he is the man to carry on and deliver that overhaul.

Changing manager two years before a World Cup no longer looks sensible, given England's backwards step in South Africa. Bizarre as it might seem, Capello could end up being rewarded for failure.

The bigger question is perhaps whether he would want to stay. Yes, he is extremely well paid but the next generation of England players are not as talented as this one. He cannot be expected to perform miracles.

And, ultimately, he cannot be held responsible for the structure of English football, which puts commercial success ahead of the national team. Until the FA and the Premier League get together and work out a plan that puts the England team at the pinnacle of everything, there will be little real progress.

As I pointed out in my blog last Friday, this is the fundamental difference between the English and German football models - and how it showed.

There is, however, one man who can and should help bring change. Sir David is both Capello's boss and chairman of the Premier League. If anyone can try to coax the self-interested clubs into doing more to help England, he should be able to.

Failure to use Sunday's defeat as a springboard for a root and branch review of the game will not only raise questions about whether Sir David is conflicted by holding two such important positions but will lead to pressure on him and not Capello to stand down.


Fabio Capello tells a news conference in Rustenburg that he wants to remain as England manager but has been told by Club England chairman Sir David Richards that he must wait two weeks to discover his fate.


So the Football Association has asked Fabio Capello for a two-week cooling off period to reflect on the future. Hardly the vote of confidence the Italian was seeking, although he claimed he was happy with the situation.

Interestingly, two weeks was exactly the period of time in the break clause, which the FA removed on the day the England team flew to South Africa.


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  • Comment number 1.

    Back him I say. BUT he best get rid of the 'deadwood' and bring more youthful players in.

  • Comment number 2.

    Sack him, he has no purpose.

  • Comment number 3.

    It's a tough call - I mean the guy has such a good track record but some of the decisions he has made have been woefully inept you begin to wonder if pride is getting in the way of common sense. Anyone who knows even a litle about football identified that 4-5-1 was the way to go against Germany, with Ozil filling in the space behind the midfield it was crying out for someone sitting deep to pick him up and also providing some cover against the counter attack - especially given the lack of pace at center back. The players must take their share of the blame but I'm more amazed at Capello's decision making than anything else (Heskey on when you need a goal?). Had we played 4-5-1 with Cole out wide and Gerrard off Rooney we might have had a chance - it would at least have given us the best chance with what resources we have.

    My favourite quote was from Frank Lampard who said he didn't think Germany were the better side and that we were unlucky. And in that opinion lies half the problem......... we got hammered but a vastly superior team and we still don't see it half the time.

    Terry, Lampard, James, Upson need to go, even Gerrard maybe and look to the future. Rooney comes out of the tournament with no credit but remains the future, as does A Cole. Defoe doesn't offer much and Barry isn't up to it either.

    And Glen Johnson? If that's the best right back we have then we might as well give up now.

  • Comment number 4.

    I see absolutely no chance in the slightest that they will sack him.

    If Capello goes, it'll be off his own back and frustration.

    I expect the FA will back him to the hilt, they won't want to look foolish (yet again) having backed him so comprehensively only a few short weeks ago.

  • Comment number 5.

    He has already proved that he does not, despite his previous statement, select purely on form. We had players over there who were recovering from serious injuries, none starters in their domestic clubs, and one who was even pulled out of retirement (it would have been more except Scholes refused). Hardly forward thinking.

    He is far from the only reason we performed so badly in this tournament, but his tactics most certainly were a part. Rigid adherence to 4-4-2, and playing Gerrard out of position on the left, and replacing Defoe with Heskey when we needed goals yesterday are just some examples.

    I say it is time to say goodbye.

  • Comment number 6.

    It will make little difference who the manager is; England can no longer compensate for lack of individual technique by playing a fast pressing game because the game has moved on and the English style is out of step with the rest of the world. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. The only route to change is to develop more and more young players and devise a system where they are the majority nationality in our best league. However, changing social conditions and lack of sport in schools suggests that for to happen, if possible at all, will take many years.

  • Comment number 7.

    The FA should bring in Redknapp or O'Neill, both have got the ability to get the best out of their players and have done well with relatively average squads.

  • Comment number 8.

    It's a results dependent business. He has to go. Simples.

  • Comment number 9.

    Up until last week he was the greatest...

    ...and the overall comments were "WE GOING TO WIN!"

    Today England wants to sack him.

    Typical; always blaming the foreigner!

  • Comment number 10.

    If the new generation are not as good as our current crop, English football is in deep trouble indeed.

    Capello has to go for me. He is stubborn, and unwilling to change the style him team plays.

    But the final nail in the coffin came when he brought Heskey on for Defoe when we needed 3 goals just to draw, when Crouch was on the bench, and partners Defoe at club level.

    He has had his chance, his squad pick was poor, his 1st team choices were suspect at best and 4-4-2 may work against teams nobody has heard of but against class its too predictable.

    The players must also take some of the blame, they cannot play together, and as individuals, they have been shocking.

    Harry for England!

  • Comment number 11.

    Capello must remain. The problem runs deep as has been commented on countless times. I fear that the self-interested Premier League clubs don't care at all about the National team. Wenger is French, why should he care? Ancelotti Italian, Ferguson is Scottish, he really couldnt care. And thats fine. Then theres the club owners. Half of them barely understand football, they're from all corners of the globe and why should the England National team reap benefit from their private business venture?

    Sack Capello and what will you get thats any different? There are only a few select players that meet the so-called "International Standard", and they proved how good they are over the last 2 weeks. Only short sighted ignorance will call for Capellos removal.

    The problem of lacking talent falls to the FA. They must encourage and impose any new caps/rules to improve the youth system and get more English players in the big clubs and nurtured to this wonderful level that Messi and co are at. If Germany, brazil, Argetina, Portugal and the netherlands can do it, why cant we?

    Our players are simply not good enough

  • Comment number 12.

    Keep him, but he must a) get rid of a stack of under-performing players (Upson and Terry should top the list) and b) needs to be a little bit more flexible on listening to his players and advisors - 4-4-2 didn't work, Heskey didn't work etc etc etc.

    Finally the riot act needs to be read out to the so-called 'stars' who think they are bigger than the game. They are not. It is obvious that there are splits, cabals and factions in the dressing room and these need to be hit hard before the England team is split along petty lines for some time to come.

  • Comment number 13.

    Everyone knows that Gerrard's best position is not on the left of Midfield, that is except Capello. His tactics and formations stifiled the players. Surely a manager has to play a system that fits his players strengths. Before the Germany game the German managment knew that Gerrard, Lampard and Terry would be pulled out of position because it's not the way they normally play. They targeted our weakness and exploited it to the full. In effect, it was easy for the Germans to beat our tactics because we were too obvious and too limited.

  • Comment number 14.

    Sack him, his tactics in this world cup have been woeful.

    The bottom line is, even a not so good English manager (forget about Mclaren) or a manager that has managed in the Premiership has to be better than a manager who obviously has no idea how to make Premiership players perform.

    We keep hearing how the Premier League is the best, so why not play to our strenghths? It serves us well in the Champions League.

  • Comment number 15.

    Whether it is time to say goodbye or not, im not sure. However, how the fa could justify the presumed 12m it wuld cost to sack him, is beyond me. The mistake was removing the get out clause. Either way, the England team needs reshaping badly, and to begin with, i think Lampard should retire from international football and do his country a favour

  • Comment number 16.

    8 people from 10 in office are saying "Suck him back to Italy". That's right answer. P

  • Comment number 17.

    Time to go Fabio - his mystique has gone and it is now apparent the emperor has no clothes.

    Yes the players underperformed, but the fact of the matter is that it is largely due to Capello's stubbornness, bizarre squad selection, tactics and substitutions that we are out of the competition.

    And, much as I dislike the FA board, I would like to point out that had they not removed the break clause in his contract you journalists would be pointing to the consequent uncertainty over Capello's future as one of the contributory factors to the teams total failure - so they can't really win either way. The one man who will win , financially (shame he couldn't get us to do it on the pitch, is Capello who will get £12 million whether he stays or goes.

  • Comment number 18.

    He has to go. I don't expect him to, but we need a strong willed manager.

    Everyone thought we were getting a strong-minded character who will destroy the egos of the English and make us play. There were cliques all over the England camp that he never even attempted to break. His 4-4-2 is woefully inept, the system was poor and he was trying to fit the best 11 players on the field, rather than the best team.

    I know it sounds strange, but Gerrard is almost just too good. He played well on the left, because he can give 6 or 7 out of 10 performances in any position on the pitch. That gave Capello the thought that he could play out there, and Lampard could be released. Our qualification campaign went too well if anything, because he believed that this system would work on the big stage.. and it obviously didn't.

    The naivity of not taking any young, hungry players shone through too. You need that surprise element, that youth and speed, the new age of football. Just look at Germany, Spain.. they move so slick, almost as if they are floating. England run around like a herd of Elephants.. bumbling along, no speed, no grace.

    I know it's too late to look back, but the best thing to have done would be build around Rooney and Gerrard, and play our best players - no matter if it means leaving Lampard on the bench, or having inexperienced Joe Hart in goal.

    Does anyone remember what Capello said a few months ago? "I prefer 11 specialists in their positions, rather than playing people out of position"

    Okay.. so why was Rooney in the hole just behind the striker, when he's played up top all season? Why was Terry on the right of the centre-backs, when he's a left centre-back. Why was Gerrard on the left? Why was Lampard in the centre of a midfield TWO. Why was Milner on the right when he has played in centre midfield for Aston Villa ALL season.

    Although, let's not actually blame just the manager. In 2006 we were just as bad, but we had Beckham to make us look a lot less average, with his floated in free kicks and crosses to get us out of jail. Sven played the 4-5-1 when Rooney was fit, with exactly the same personnel (Beckham got injured so Lennon was on the right, but with Hargreaves in Barry's place) and look what happened there. Rooney got sent off, and we were eliminated once more. The players have to be made accountable too.

    It made no sense, and we're now out of the World Cup wondering what might have been. This is the end of this generation, and the next one really is not as bright. Rooney will still be around, and he surely has to look at himself.. I hope he comes back stronger in the next Euros and World Cup.

  • Comment number 19.


    How many English players play in the Champions League? Look at the first team line ups for Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool etc...

    I think you'll be surpirsed.........

  • Comment number 20.

    Keep him and give him a chance to rebuild the team. There is no other manager out there who is going to be willing to accept the England job, and although Capello made some poor decision (Heskey/SWP etc) he is still a top class manager.

    As many have said, get rid of the deadwood, rebuild the team, and see if he can prove his £6m salary.

  • Comment number 21.

    I don't agree with caps on foreign players to give English players more of a chance. It's contrived and ill thought out. The reason the standard is so high in the EPL is precisely because of foreign players and this is what brings out the best in players like Gerrard, Rooney and Lampard. If a player isn't good enough then it's simple, he needs to improve and this goes right down to the core of our acadamies. Simply shoe-horning a player into a top club because he is English will water down the talent and skill in the premier league.

  • Comment number 22.

    In answer to your question David, I think the F.A. have to back Capello or else make themselves look totally incompetent in having gone so far in removing his 'get-out' clause pre-tournament. The board would surely have to resign enmass not to mention how much it would cost English football for him to disappear and to employ another time waster? We seem to be living in a world where football failure is rewarded with big money pay-offs...make him earn his money!

    Personally speaking, I think it would be interesting to keep Mr.Capello on anyway - just to find out in his next squad selection who he actually blamed for the debacle, what mistakes he thought he'd made personally plus he's not the type of guy to accept failure so easily. Maybe the F.A. could publish his World Cup diary themselves o claw some money back?

  • Comment number 23.

    "The next generation are not as talented as this one" You are kidding right?

    Unless the next generation are born with no legs how can they be worse?

    Back Capello,sack anyone who thinks he is bigger than the team (Terry) never select the unfit (King,Rooney) and select the best available player for the position (Johnstone on the left,one of Gerrard or Lampard).

    We had far superior players on the field against Germany but we lost to the better team. Exactly how Blackpool got to the premiership the whole being more than the parts. Team England is the reverse.

  • Comment number 24.

    Personally I think the problem lies a lot deeper than the manager. Anyone who listened to Graham Taylor, Chris Waddle and, believe it or not, David Pleat last night on Five Live after the England game would have heard some excellent points regarding the grass roots of the game.

    One point I particularly agreed with was Chris Waddle's regarding kids playing football. They are quickly moved on to full-size pitches when they are 10, 11 years old (as I was at that age) and are thus encouraged to smash the ball into space for the quicker, larger, early-developed kids to smash in 50 goals a season, all in the name of 'winning at all costs'. Smaller kids are shunted to one side, even though they may have the potential to be technically superior.

    At the same time, kids who can smash or head the ball 50 yards up the pitch are given a pat on the back, whereas those who try t play out from the back (possibly making mistakes in the process) are told 'If in doubt, get it out'.

    We should be encouraging kids to pass, get lots of touches in small areas and learn to beat a man in a tight spot at the earliest possible age.

    this is a long-term project, however. In the short-term, whoever is in charge (don't take Redknapp from us, please!), I would like to see some of the stalwarts of the last 8 or so years moved on - Gerrard excepted - and would like to see a team picked from the likes of Hart, Richards, Ashley Cole (England's best WC player), Gibbs, Dawson, Cahill, Rodwell, Cattermole, Gerrard, Walcott, Lennon, Adam Johnson, Milner, Wilshere, Rooney.

    Hopefully some more will burst through in the next few years as well -our own Harry Kane being one of the ones to watch, as well as some of the England Under 17's that did so well last month.

  • Comment number 25.

    Yeah sack the manager, I mean that's fixed the problem every other time England have failed in a major championship hasn't it?
    Seriously though better to keep Capello and hope he learns lessons than start over with someone else who can just make the same mistakes from scratch.

  • Comment number 26.

    Wenger has been lambasted by the media for not buying English players, but it's clear that he was right. They are simply not good enough and those that are are overpriced.

    Wenger said that it would take 10 years to bring through a crop of English players at Arsenal's acadamy who would be good enough to play for their club and country and now we see the likes of Wilshere, Gibbs and Eastmond starting to come through. In 5 years time these players will be in the England squad and the English media and Wenger haters will have to eat some humble pie.

  • Comment number 27.

    I have to disagree that there is no obvious candidate. Harry Redknapp has an excellent record of getting the best out of players, and is tactically astute without depending on overly-complex or overly-rigid systems that players simply cannot adapt to in the short preparation for a World / Euro Cup.

  • Comment number 28.

    I think they should back him. Yes he's made mistakes but being rigid in your choice of system shouldn't mean that players become unable to control the ball. The problem is greater than the choice of manager. There needs to be a root and branch upheaval of the game in England. Why do kids start playing on adult sized pitches at age 10? If you go to any youth game and hear the parents on the touchline, many think that being a good player is the ability to kick the ball from one end to the other. The ability to keep posession is sadly overlooked. They should've saved the money from Wembley and put it into grass roots development. What was wrong with England playing around the country? Still, at least we have the "best league in the world"! When Rooney puts three past a poor Wigan or Wolves defence later in the year, everyone will be lauding him again....

  • Comment number 29.

    Capello has had a dreadful World Cup - squad selction, team selection / tactics, substitutions, never better exemplified than when he brought on Heskey yesterday.

    Nonetheless, we should stay with him: switching again just piles up still more pressure on the next guy. Capello has pedigree and is clearly not short on determination, we should let this run its course for the next two years and hopefully, having learned from this chastening experience, he will be a better international manager for it in the future.

  • Comment number 30.

    Sack him? Really? And get who exactly? O'neil isnt going anywhere neither is rednapp. Hodgson is off to liverpool (most likely), so that leaves how many available managers with as much experience as Capello? Is it just me, or can no one see how shocking the players were. Ok Capello got some things wrong, but those guys not once looked like they wanted to be there, in any match. Capello is stubborn granted, maybe he would have played joe cole earlier but couldnt after JT came out and basically said what the manager should do, unbeleivble behaivour...i'd love to tell my boss what he should do, but i dont!
    We need to avoid a knee jerk reaction by doing the standard thing of scrapping the manager and keeping the players.
    Whilst players like Stevie G, lampard etc are great and probably man for man are the best in the country, we need to look to build a team that works together even if that means having less superstars.

  • Comment number 31.


    Are you mental? You're going on TEAM performances, not the personnel we will have at our disposal. As a team, this team has been poor and maybe the next generation will work better together.

    The simple fact is we're in the last 16 of every country in the World in football. We're not as DREADFUL as the media may make out, but we're not good enough to win these tournaments. And how is that going to get better? There are only a couple of stand out players in the ''next generation''.

    But the next generation of English players in terms of INDIVIDUALS is no where near as good. But who knows what can come through.

  • Comment number 32.

    From our starting XI, 6 play champions league football regularly.
    Off the top of my head there are also another 8 who play regularly in CL. Add to that the 7 spurs players who will be this coming season playing CL football and you have 20 English players:
    Starting XI: Johnson, Terry, Cole, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney.
    Others: Ferdinand, Brown, Carragher, Walcott, Cole, Carrick, Hargreaves - granted not this season, Neville.
    Spurs: King, Dawson, Huddlestone, Bentley, Lennon, Crouch, Defoe.

  • Comment number 33.

    1. Can't speak English.
    2. Can't communicate with players, coaching staff and media.
    3. Makes poor decisions.
    4. Picks poor starting squad and makes poor subs.
    5. Doesn't stand up to media and drop iconic players when unfit (drop unfit Rooney).
    6. Is overpaid. (Psycho would do it for 250,000).
    7. Unproven internationally.
    8. Can't motivate English players.
    9. List goes on...

    We need to stop thinking that foreigners can do everything better than us.

    I say give Job to Englishman like Psycho or Rednapp, one who could give belief.

  • Comment number 34.

    His objectives were the semi final, so has fallen well short and still gets paid his £6m.
    Why not structure all salaries as follows:
    Basic £1m, qualification + 1.5m, Top Group = 500k etc.
    But then the FA don't think like everyone else!

  • Comment number 35.

    Capello's tactics have failed, not just in the World Cup, but in many friendlies as well.

    The football is too negative. It lacks any cohesion or imagination. Capello's had enough time to sort it out.

    He sadly has to go.

  • Comment number 36.

    I wouldn't be in favour of sacking him and I don't necessarily think it is his fault for England's failure. Providing he was able to change some of his methods when it came to 3 or 4 weeks in european and world tournaments (ironically, where he is extremely inexperienced - having not managed at international level before)I would keep him on.

    However, I can think of 1 alternative ENGLISH manager who they may want to replace him with. In order to get this man sir David and Lord Triesman would have to make a quick, decisive decision on whether to back Cappello or appoint Roy Hodgson - the soon to be Liverpool manager. If they dilly dally and then decide they want a new manager then it may be too late. Hodgson may not have the acolodes that Cappello has but he is, ironically, more experienced at national level!

  • Comment number 37.

    IF the FA keep him, he needs to totally overhall the team. Some of the players will be the wrong side of 30 by the time the Euros come round, and we really don't want another debacle! We need to give the up and coming stars of the future the chance to learn what International football is all about, so that they will be ready for World Cups and Euro Championships. Heskey, Lampard, Barry, Ferdinand,Wright-Phillips, potentially Terry should all be looking over their shoulders right now worried about their International futures.
    Get the likes of Ashley Young, Milner, Cattermole, Walcott, Wilshire, Smalling, Agbonlahor, Tomkins, Cahill, Hart in the squad straight away, mixed with the experience of Gerrard, Rooney, Ashley & Joe Cole. Utilise the experiences of the likes of Beckham and Stuart Pearce to drive some passion back into wearing the 3 Lions. Ditch the rigid 4-4-2 that has so often been our failing against 'better' teams and understand that modern football is played with different formations and tactics. Liverpool 4-5-1, Man Utd 4-5-1, Chelsea 4-5-1, Arsenal 4-5-1, Man City 4-2-3-1. Its a shame it takes a pasting for us to realise this, but now is the time for change. If Capello is willing to listen and learn, then let him continue. If not, get rid now, regardless of cost, and give the job to someone with passion, pride and the ability to build a winning mentality from a team on the brink of collapse. Mr Hodgson, you had better keep your phone on!!

  • Comment number 38.

    If Gerrard is a world Class player surely he can play in more than one position. Messi seems to be playing well in position which is not his usual one.

  • Comment number 39.

    Capello should stay and learn from this. He did sort out the mess left by McLaren. The Premiership is the problem - too many games and lack of International friendlies. Reduce the premiership to 18 teams and scrap the League Cup.

    Which England players were best in 2006? Answer - Beckham and Hargreaves who played for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich at the time. We need our best English players to play outside the Premiership to understand different systems of playing. Finally we need to learn to pass the ball!

  • Comment number 40.

    The FA should sit down first and think if they have a vision on how to steer the England team. They should not be reactionary to firing Capello or reactionary by backing him to the hilt. If the root cause of our problems is not idetentified then we can all guess what will happen in 4 years and so on. The FA need to sit down perhaps with capello..perhaps with a lot of premiership managers and look at a path forward that could bring the world cup home. Band aids such as firing Capello and bringing in XYZ are not the answer...we need a leader in the FA perhaps that is where we should start and change the structure and the makeup of how the England project for 2014 and beyond should start...but we need a leader from the top

  • Comment number 41.

    "Yes, he is extremely well paid but the next generation of England players are not as talented as this one. He cannot be expected to perform miracles."

    Even after a convincing and unequivocal defeat we are still overestimating the talent of this current group of England players. We think the status of the premiership bestows immediate world class player status. They have proven to us over the last few weeks they are not.

    Fans will no doubt point to English success at the highest level of the champions leaugue. Im sorry but last season there were some weeks where more scottish born players than english were participating. The problem with the national side is far deeper rooted than who is the current boss taking millions from the FA.

    I beleive that the 'untalented' next generation have the potential to show far more hunger and desire and will be far more succesfull.

  • Comment number 42.

    First of all, really good blog and getting better all the time. Same goes for pieces to camera.

    I'm Scottish and sad to see England exit the World Cup (especially as I bought a TV with £10 cashback for every goal England scored :-(

    I agree with most of #23, in a team game you can't afford anyone who thinks he's bigger than the team so I wouldn't wait for Terry to announce his retirement from international football, I'd retire him.

    Also agree with selecting the best player for the position but England also needed pace and finishing ability, would Walcott have provided it?

    But can't agree with the comment "We had far superior players on the field against Germany". Only Gerrard MAY have made it into the German team and with apologies to Liverpool fans, if he gets an offer from Spain this summer he should sign it and get the removers in pronto and go and reach his potential.

  • Comment number 43.

    I am amazed at the various comments here saying Capello should go. Nobody seems to have learnt anything from previous appointments. You cannot expect a manager to come in and fix everything in a short time. Winning games is about following the game plan - do we know if the players actually followed the game plan? They all performed very well during the qualifying stage and there were no reasons whatsoever that they shouldn't have performed using 4-4-2. At this level, the Manager is a guide, it is down to the players to execute.

  • Comment number 44.

    History does not lie, we are not good enough. No manager can make a silk purse from a sow's ear

  • Comment number 45.

    Fab Capello`s attempts to coax Paul Scholes and Jamie Carragher out of international retirement really sums up this guy`s inept management!

    I mean, I wonder whether he also asked Stuart Pearce to start playing again?

    To think that the F.A. pay this guy some £6 million a year is simply staggering beyond belief!

  • Comment number 46.

    capello has to be sacked!

    people are saying the players are to blame, but who chose those them, he didnt have to pick any of the 23 man squad he could have dropped lampard, gerrard and rooney if he wanted.

    he just the same as steve mcclaren and worse than sven, picking players on repuation and not making a team.

    teams like argentina and brazil, their managers have dropped big name stars such as ronaldinho, pato, cambiasso and zanetti to create teams that play well together and players the manager trusts.

    their managers were not afaid to drop big name players but england managers are, if the players dont play well together, some have to be dropped.

    the england team, doesnt play like a team but group of individuals and that comes from the manager.

    fa has to find a manager that isnt scared to drop big name players to create team out of the players.

    if the players dont perform it is the managers fault all the time, like at spurs, when ramos was at spurs they were at the bottom of the table but when redknapp toke over the team started playing better and won games using the same players as ramos.

    and people are saying cappello has a good club record, who cares, it doesnt make u a good national team manager, all the england managers before had a good club record.

    u have to look at his england record and it not good enough 1 win and 3 goals in 4 world cup games isnt good enough, and who cares about the qualifers, argentina had a poor qualifying but now they are favorites to win the world cup, are people back in argentina bothered about the qualifying now.

    the fa were stupid enough to get rid of the clause in his contract and now have to pay the 12 million to get rid of him, i think the fa board members should go with him and start afresh

  • Comment number 47.

    English pundits and media have for too long championed an out dated and old fashioned style of football that involes 'blood and guts' and 'getting stuck in', when in reality this equates to an excuse for a lack of technical skill that English players have.

    It might have been effective in the 60's and 70's, but the game has moved on and it's no suprise that the best players in the Premier league are from overseas.

  • Comment number 48.

    i bet Rio Ferdinand is relieved he was injured. This exit has proved how he was missed both as player and captain. it's hard to assess Germany's performance, let's see how they fare against Argentina...

    As far as Capello is concerned, the FA have to back him until 2012 at least, i'm sure as a succesful coach the manner of the defeat will have hurt him just as much as we English fans. He can't turn dross into gold, and it is the performance of the players which is of most concern, they didn't even look fit. The next WC is in Brazil, which means no altitude but hot temperatures...

    However it can be done, look at how the England cricket team has gone from one-day no-hopers to 20/20 world champs and currently beating Australia...

  • Comment number 49.

    Really what would be the point of sacking him? Capello fell into the same trap as Eriksson and Mcclaren, the same trap will get every single manager in the world. No one can explain why Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney in particular are so brilliant for their clubs but awful for England. Capello must have watched EPL games this season thinking we have a really decent side, only to combine them together into a below average side.

    If we sack him the same story will happen at Euro 12, the new manager will look at these English players who perform for their club, but break down when selected for their country.

    In my opinion England have some of the best players in the world, overall one of the best squads, but a very average team.

  • Comment number 50.

    There do seem to be a lot of "Terry" types in the spectator stands, prepared to sack a coach who has a clear record of winning, for not being able to coach players who blunder (Upson, Terry) or whose comeback goals are not recognised by five officials (Lampard)or who cannot get an ex-captain (Terry) to shut his Mr. Christian impersonation up four days before a critical game or a prima donna (Rooney) goal scorer to score even once in a four-game performance. This is not a matter of nationalities or styles. The FA/Premier League has to back off on its commercial pursuits and rethink how it can require less commercial production and more national production from its players. The lads simply looked like they had lost their legs, and this goes for Italy, France and Spain as well.

  • Comment number 51.

    The FA should back Capello but also look to the future in grooming Stuart Pierce for the top job as he has an outstanding track record with the youth squads. Grassroots development is patchy a bit of a post code lottery. I was very impressed in West London's Pittshangar park where every Saturday morning during the footy season about 200+ kids between 8 to 18 years turn up to be coached in all weather by professional coaches and there are no changing room facilities. But this is not the norm across the country.

    We do have a promising crop of under 17's but the next steps in their development is not working. Take Theo Walcott who still has a lot of promise but can only be called an adequate to good player rather than a good to outstanding one. Ambition may also be an issue, or lack of it as some players reach a certain level are happy with their lot but are not prepared to put in more effort to improve themselves.

    Since the Terry affair blew up I felt that Capello was left to get on with it as the FA showed a hands off stance. Root and branch reform of the FA is desperately needed: Trevor Brooking heads up Youth Development in the FA, yet he is excluded from the meetings to discuss where development monies should be spent!

  • Comment number 52.

    the man is a joke and a liar. HE CANT EVEN SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE. HOWS HE SUPPOSED TO GUIDE US? he distances himself from the players. look how maradona treats his players and look how they perform for him. taking heskey and using him so much is a sackable offence in itself. how you gonna win the world cup without scoring?! playing gerrard on the left and not behind rooney. bringing SWP on the left to replace milner against usa when joe cole was availible. playing our best centre back, terry, out of position. taking carragher and not using him in the biggest game. clearly he's better than upson and johnson. not giving joe cole enough tournament time. not giving the future of english goalkeeping a chance, joe hart. just the general defensive long ball style of play our team used in every game. all reasons for him to go. if all the players were in a system they were used to and in their best positions then they could be blamed but the manager never gave the team a chance to play how we all know they can. except heskey who i cant believe is selfish enough to allow himself to be selected. how is he even in the premiership? he must know he's rubbish!!!

    the average england fan could have done a better job then that idiot capello. he wrecked our hopes and dreams. as long as he is in charge i wont watch another england game. we need an attack minded english manager who puts less emphasis on tactics and discipline and is more concerned with getting the best out of the players and playing good attacking football. even if we dont win we deserve to be entertained.

  • Comment number 53.

    If the masses really think Capello should be sacked, and that there is a better option out there, then the media have done their job and you lot (like the players) really did believe that England were going to win the World Cup.

    England did themselves a massive favour and avoided an even greater hiding that was waiting to be dished out in the quarter finals by Argentina.

  • Comment number 54.

    Capello is a great manager, no doubt about that, his achievements are there for all to see....but sadly he is a great club manager and has been unable to make the transition to the international arena.
    In my view he should resign, he has not taken the team forward during his tenure and the qualifying campaign has been exposed as a massive smokescreen.
    Let us look at the qualifying campaign, defeating an ageing Croatian team (who had a player sent off), winning at home, but losing away to the Ukraine, and unconvincing victories against Kazakhstan, Belarus and Andorra. Include friendlies where we have been outplayed for periods of the game but such footballing giants as Egypt and is it any surprised that performed so ordinarily on the biggest stage of all?
    Capello has not managed to get the best out of the squad and has shown an alarming lack of flexibility in his management of players and tactics. In any walk of life a manager must listen to his people, and be prepared to compromise ALWAYS. He must be inspirational and accessible and seek the buy-in of his team. Capello has not been successful on any level in doing this.
    I saw an interview with Andy Gray and he said that essentially any half decent manager could do the job, they just need to pick the right players for the job, have a plan B and make the players immensely proud to play for their country.

  • Comment number 55.

    Gerrards best season for Liverpool was when he had Macherano and Alonso behhind him.
    Lampard has Essien, Ballack, Malouda etc
    Terry has Carvalleo.

    These players rely on more talented foreign players to do there hard dirty work with little personal reward whilst they take all the plaudits. The English dont have these type of players to support them.

  • Comment number 56.

    The Manager - Is his primary role one of tactician or motivator? If it as tactician he needs to stay, he has a wealth of European experience, (lets be honest an 1-1-8 formation should have been enough against Algeria). If it is as motivator, he should go; but who replaces him? the names being bandied around have little to no champions league experience. Do players really need motivating for a world cup?

    IMO, players should shoulder 85% of the blame and the manager 15% for their exit. Compare the England players to the Italians when they lost, the Italian players were all devastated and crying, whereas the English players merely shrugged their shoulders.

    Completely re-build the side, either by putting in all of the U17 side and replacing with one or two senior players, OR why not scour the league for a team full of Englishman and give them the run out against Hungary? in August, could they really do any worse and what have we got to lose??

  • Comment number 57.

    Well it's easy to say sack him, but let's be honest that is not the solution. How many manages has Engalnd had in the past 12 years is it alwasy the managers fault.... It's the system that is the problem, too many foreign players in the premiership. After this generation of so called golden who will replaced them?
    None of the top team have a core of English players, even in the youth teams they are buying foreigners. The problem is the same in Italy and look what happened to them.
    Until FIFA and the FA sort out a scheme to get they young players up to international standard within top clubs these problem will only get worse. You look at Argentina they have an array of talent and most clubs in the country don't pay the stupid money that some of the Europen clubs do and so they build from within.

    Oh and FIFA get a grip and intorduce technology for over the line and offside. We are in the new millenium just in case you have not noticed...every other sport is doing all the clubs want it, is everyone else wrong...

  • Comment number 58.

    I am not interested in football and know relatively little about it.. I am looking from the outside. Why sack the coach? The players are to blame, they are paid too much they are not superstars they are ordinary people who have been made into super stars by the press. They are rubbish players. Pay by resuts a win and all the players get paid, loose and no one gets paid. That will create a passion and a hunger.

    They are multi millionaires already so why bother to try?

    This need to be taken through all the levels of the game from the youth sides right up to the big clubs. It is all about money now
    sportsmanship, and passion for winning for the good of England counts for nothing.

  • Comment number 59.

    Economically it makes no sense at all to remove him. It would make much more sense in my opinion for managers to be given contracts for tournaments. I.e. if you qualify then you'll still be in charge for the finals, if the FA are then happy with the subsequent performance then they will offer a new contract. That way no-one is rewarded for failure.

    I feel that most of the blame should lie with the media. The players and the team are over hyped. Technically we are no where near as strong as other teams who remain in the competition. Our players are built up to be world beaters, if that is the case why are so few foreign teams interested in our "big names". These players fit the English model of football however I can't see them fitting into other leagues where more emphasis is placed on technique.

    There is no way any other team would have splashed out the kind of money Man City did on Barry or Lescott. Totally average players who lack composure. It is a shame Carrick has gone backwards as at one stage he looked perfect for a mid field berth, another shame is that Hargreaves has had so many problems as he is one player with experience of playing away from the Premier League and probably why he was our best player a few tournaments ago!

    You say the next group of players are not as talented as the current side, however you may have missed that England have just won the Under 17 Euro title. If you think of them, add in the likes of Jack Wiltshire then maybe it will not be all doom and gloom. I think you have fallen into the trap of believing these players to be better than they are - none of them were involved in England's under 18 win back in 1993 (only Paul Scholes was called upon), so I don't understand why these players are still classed as "the golden generation".

  • Comment number 60.

    Getting rid of him will achieve very little. He is a good manager, despite this failure at the World Cup.

    What we need is to build a new team around a single player. Rooney can be one of the best in the world when the rest of the team let him. Look at Man Utd, he is the central player and therefore scores tons of goals. This is what we need. Start blooding our younger players. Euro quals should be quite simple, perfect timing to do it. Keep some key players to aid the change over, Terry, A.Cole, J.Cole, Lampard, Gerrard. No-one else. By the time the next world cup comes around, none of these should be playing. The Germans decided to go for youth and look at them, its worked.

  • Comment number 61.

    Based on his performance at the world cup, he has to go, but they can't sack him - it would cost too much. Really in the 4 games, he has displayed a total ineptitude. It says a lot about what happened behind the scenes that the team played so badly. So much worse than anything we saw under Sven. At least Sven's tactics would have dragged us to a shootout.

  • Comment number 62.

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  • Comment number 63.

    I speak not as an Englishman but I don't see how Capello is the problem here.

    Let's look at the evidence Sven, McClaren and Capello have now all failed to live up to the ludicrously high standards that the media imposes on the team. Believe me all 3 of these guys, McClaren included, are good coaches and in Capello the English genuinely have the best club coach in world football over the past 20 years. There is are 2 common denominators in all this - the players and the FA.

    The players are not technically good enough. Simple. Gerrard and Rooney are the only 2 technically gifted players you have. People are blinded by the physicality of the English game into thinking players like John Terry are actually any good. Who's fault is this? The players or the FA?

    I'm of the opinion that it is the FA. There is zero effort into promoting local youth talent. You only have to look at the club academies - even the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal have hardly any English youth players in their ranks! Truly shocking. Why is there not a condition set for 90% of the youth players at these clubs to be British?

    The FA have sold their soul for financial reward time and again. You only have to look at how everything in the English game is geared totally and unequivocally towards making money. What other nation would even countenance building a national stadium and then let it be used every weekend throughout the year for pop concerts, American football, whatever to be allowed to strangle the life out of the playing surface?

    Where is the much hyped youth academy we used to hear was being built?

    Where is the winter break that Germany and now even Scotland gets? We've even heard about a 39th game being added to the normal season just to milk the cash cow even further.

    Yesterday's 4-1 debacle is just a microcosm of the perilous situation that BRITISH football, not just English, finds itself in. The problem is not in Capello it is in the culture that hires people like him to act as a very expensive sticking plaster to cover up the mess underneath.

  • Comment number 64.

    Sack him.

  • Comment number 65.

    He needs to be sacked, he was by far the worst part of this england squad. Its all well an good saying a certain player was awful (about 5 were awful for every minute they played) BUT why didnt the manager CHANGE them then?????!!! His job is to assess any given situation and come up with a strategy and tactic set for dealing with it. Not once did he make a POSITIVE change in all 4 games, not once did he identify a problem (of his own creation) and rectify it. I simply cannot believe hes not getting total blame from everyone because he is totally to blame.

    If he stays I will not support him and thusly will not support england. Im beyond fed up of failures being rewarded.

  • Comment number 66.

    Has Capello done something to you in a previous (or even this) life? You seem to have a real hatred of him.

    anyway we have not gone backwards, we didnt qualify for the last major event, we qualifed for this one.

  • Comment number 67.

    After 50 years of failure I think it's a bit weak to try and blame the foreign manager. The last two English managers were poor and the one before that was also got knocked out of the World Cup at this stage. Even Bobby Robson had a bad start in Euro 1988.

    Of course we should have an English manager, the fact that we haven't is evidence that we are not in the international big league. The only reason to sack Copello is if it saves money, but then we'd be throwing money away like we did with Sven.

    The problem is that whenever we are under pressure we stop playing as a team and passing the ball. I don't pretend to be an expert but our best players never seem to have full mastery of the basics, it wouldn't make much difference who was manager.

    Neither is it all down to foreign players in the Premiership. I'm old enough to remember Don Revie ~(another failed English manager) saying that kids in the 1970's were lacking in basic skills compared to those in the 1960's

    My suggestion would be to pay the next manager half of Fabio's Salary and spend money coaching promising young players who have the self discipline to concentrate on the boring stuff, like trapping the ball, bringing it under control and passing it to a team mate.

  • Comment number 68.

    As much as we all know he won't be sacked (thanks to another top monumental error of judgment by the F.A - ud have thought theyd have learned from the Erikson era) I think he should be. I think the players should have to take some criticism, as instead of putting 110% into it, rooney and gerrard just sulked because they were out of position.

    However, the facts are:

    a) key players (rooney, gerrard, lampard, barry, terry) Were played in the wrong positions or in the wrong roles from the USA game. Everyone was saying it, but the more it was discussed, the less likely it became that it would be changed. I think this arrogance from Capello cost us dearly.

    b) We were tactically inept, too rigid, and arrogant. We lined in the same way that produced an average performance against the smallest nation in the tournament and expected to just out play a good, quick and well organised German side. We totally dis-regarded the Germans, which was both arrogant and foolish. Then when things went wrong (which was in every game except Slovenia) we couldnt change the game, personel or tactics wise. If we couldnt out play the opposition we would remain out played for 90 mins

    c) It appears most of the players had fell out with each other and the staff. The looked de-motivated, poorly briefed and lost. For this all of the coaching staff and the senior players should take the blame.

    For these reasons I think Capello must shoulder most of the blame. He should take a leaf from his fellow countryman (lippi) and just accept he made mistakes and leave. Blaming referees may have been plausabe in '86 or '04... but now its a side issue. We have been woeful all tournament and didnt deserve to get as far as we did.

    Capello, like Lippi and the italians, is playing old, slow, dated football that can be out played, out paced and counter attacked by modern football TEAMS and tactics. I doubt this would change under the likes of Redknapp or Hodgson either, who both prefer fairly rigid formations (also mainly 4-4-2). I think we should look to a younger manager with different and more modern ideas. Pearce isnt good enough for top level management, and is too much a part of the old reigime, so hes deffinately out. therfore I think, if there was a change of manager, it would be foreign again. I know its a very VERY unlikely scenario... but I think a certain Mr. Klinsmann would bring a fresher and better approach. Afterall, he got a dated, frankly rubbish team to a world cup third place...

  • Comment number 69.

    Bring in performance related pay, then we might see an improvement!

  • Comment number 70.

    For those with short memories, or for those who are too young to remember.

    Here's some England results

    Lost 0-1 Rep of Ireland
    Lost 1-3 Netherlands
    Lost 1-3 Soviet Union.

    Not a very good tournament - that was what England did in the Euros of 1988.

    And yet - less than 2 years later - under the same manager - semi finals of the World Cup - best placing since 1966, before or since.

    Capello has had 1 tournament - Bobby had 3 tournaments - & frankly it's amazing he ever got to Italia 90 after Euro 88 - I expect the press weren't quite as influential then, & neither were the fans. Anyone who has called for Fabio to go would have also kicked Sir Bobby out the door, long before Italia 90

    And of course back then in the 'crisis' of English football in 1988 - they didn't reform the FA, or put all their faith in 3 kids from Arsenal - no.

    Because they didn't have time to react or do anything. Because Italia 90 was on them too quickly. Didn't change the manager - didn't change the FA. Went from losing every game in Euro 88 to semi finals of the World Cup....

    Facts, eh? Tsk!

  • Comment number 71.

    Back, sack or crack?

  • Comment number 72.

    The qualifying group results flattered to deceive - it just goes to show how poor the other teams were. I think it's debatable whether we have any truly world class players looking at their individual and collective performances. All are technically lacking, too slow and lacking in any creativity when you compare with nearly all the other teams. The manager is clearly fixated with 'systems' and too rigid to adapt, and struggles to communicate. I think he has to go as do most of this squad.
    The self denial on bad performance alone make if clear that they have'n't a clue.

  • Comment number 73.

    If Capello had any sense of honour he would resign after his team's performance over the last four games but as always these days it's all about the money and he won't go unless he gets a pay off.

  • Comment number 74.

    7. At 12:53pm on 28 Jun 2010, Piskie RR wrote:
    The FA should bring in Redknapp or O'Neill, both have got the ability to get the best out of their players and have done well with relatively average squads.

    I've long argued even before the appointment of Capello that Alan Pardew would do well and before you ask no I'm not a supporter of any of the clubs he's been at, I just think he has done really well at clubs with little or no resource.

  • Comment number 75.

    if we want to succeed in the future our national team Capello must go, he hasn't go ability and he doesn't know how to choose player. and also taking decision was very bad. example if the team not displayed good performance first 45 minutes and tactics not working very well,the manager should think and try another tactics. Brazil had poor display their opening game with North Korea, but second Half they were able to break N Korea defence and score goals. But Capello did not change anything and have same performance first half and second half, so if the manager cannot spotted mistakes in the first half, this means he is not capable to do the job.

    Anyway, let us look forward now, are we going same way again? and Capello remains his job. I sure the problem goes deep and deep. My suggest is now we have time to think carefully and make effective plan for our national team for Euro 2012.

  • Comment number 76.

    We need rid of Capello (as well as the ageing majority of the players), there is no point in having a manager who cant nurture a cohesive squad.
    The England job is a poisoned chalice for some reason and has been for years. Therefore the right path to take is to rebuild and aim for 2014 or even the 2016 Euros as the place to show the world a different England team.

    What struck me about the poor performances throughout this campaign was how the England team were way off the pace, every other team I have watched has had an urgency about them, as well as mounting pivotal counter attacks, we were so slow, scared and unimaginative...and that's being kind!

    I honestly believe that if we build the team with the likes of Walcott, Rooney (awful at this tournament, but still a proven brilliant player when on form!), Adam Johnson, Milner, Micah Richards, Chris Smalling, Jack Rodwell, Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge, Danny Welbeck and develop them over the years, then we will have a well gelled team with pace, enthusiasm and perhaps a shot at getting us back into contention with the top nations.

    I know a lot of people are saying that these players were the golden generation and we don't have a stock pile of ready made replacements, but I disagree. We have good young players that can pull on the shirt and play with pride, enthusiasm and most of all imagination, and I for one would have rather gone out of the world cup with a team of youngsters with heart, that with a team of players who seem to think they deserved to do well just because they do well (in general!) with their respective clubs.

    We need someone who is good at managing egos as well as being forward thinking with the team tactics, 4-4-2 was never going to win, and neither was reverting to type with the likes of Heskey, Wright Phillips and Carragher being in the team.

    I think they job should go to Stuart Pearce, he has managed before is hugely respected by all the players, knows the younger players form managing the u21 side and could really (given the time) develop an England team to be proud of.

  • Comment number 77.

    I say sack him.
    He made some dreadful decisions.

    Taking Heskey was a joke. He is not even good enough for the Premiership. Then sending him on to save the day and get three goals,
    a ridiculous idea.

  • Comment number 78.

    Capello has taken a team that didnt qualify for the 2008 euros and got this team through to the last 16 of the world cup.
    The Slovakian manager has done the same and I am sure he will be considered a hero.

    The only Difference is that Slovakia know they are not a great side with world class players and the English think they are!

  • Comment number 79.

    Congratulations the English media!! How you love to build-up our sporting teams and individuals with obsessive 24hour media coverage and dramatic headlines. You have masterminded the sad demise of some of our 'World Class, Golden Generation'. How? By giving these players colossal media coverage that ultimately results in them developing ego's to match their millionnaire status.

    Did we have a focussed team of hungry and passionate players? Yes, but only for greater media coverage and the additional trappings of sponsorships and the like that generate additional income. Sadly, not for the pride of representing their nation by having the gift to be able to perform on the greatest football stage on this planet.

    Player + Agent + Media coverage = £££££££

    Can we blame Mr Capello for this? What an absurd question.

  • Comment number 80.

    @ 52

    The manager you describe is Kevin Keegan, and look how well his reign as England manager was received by fans. Sven brought the England team to the level of its ability - under him we qualified for every tournament, and went out at the quarter finals every time. That's exactly how good we are, no better.

    If the FA sack Capello, they'll tie their hands with getting a successor in two ways. First, they won't be able to afford (nor would they dare) to pay the kind of money they paid Capello. Second, they'll be very reluctant to appoint a foreign manager. That reduces the list of potential replacements considerably, in fact probably down to one - Stuart Pearce. I'm a fan of Pearce, but there is nothing in his track record to suggest that he can succeed where experienced and successful managers like Capello, Robson and Eriksson have failed.

  • Comment number 81.

  • Comment number 82.

    Capello is rubbish he should leave

  • Comment number 83.

    Capello made sum big mistakes and sum players underperformed and you can talk about those factors all day but it doesn't change the fact England have been massively unsuccessful for 14 years.

    Why? it's simple, the Premiership has seriously damaged our international team.

    Big clubs don't focus on growing home talent anyway near as much as we need them too. Foreign players make the EPL great not the English.

    The FA need to step up and restrict EPL clubs on the amount of foreign players allowed to start a game of football, I would suggest 4 or 5 per team.

    The big clubs need to be forced to grow home talent; otherwise we can never expect to win a World Cup.

    It is no coincidence that the last time we were successful in a World Cup was 1990...before the EPL was invented.

    England are a second rate team, over paid and overrated and it won't change until the FA make fundamental changes to "English Football"

  • Comment number 84.

    47. At 1:21pm on 28 Jun 2010, Piskie RR wrote:
    English pundits and media have for too long championed an out dated and old fashioned style of football that involes 'blood and guts' and 'getting stuck in', when in reality this equates to an excuse for a lack of technical skill that English players have.
    It might have been effective in the 60's and 70's, but the game has moved on and it's no suprise that the best players in the Premier league are from overseas.
    We failed to qualify in '74 & '78, so it wasn't efective then either.
    We have a long history of failure at international level, and the players that failed include most of today's TV pundits.

  • Comment number 85.

    Oops sum = some

  • Comment number 86.

    Capello made a lot of mistakes.

    Picking injured and out of form players for the squad, not playing players in their best position and the rigid 4-4-2 without anybody really able (excepting Milner) to put in a decent cross.

    However, I would not get rid of him as a knee jerk reation just now. Let him continue and see if he's learnt from his errors.

    The FA should charge him to bring in a younger group of players and develop them with the next world cup in mind.

    Players like Terry who are the wrong side of 27 need to be sacraficed now, for the sake of the future England team, although I accept you keep 1 or 2 around for the guidance they can provide.

    If this means a difficult qualification for the next European's, so be it.

    It would be helpful if we got rid of the 'Micky Mouse' League cup, cut 2 teams from the premiership and had a winter break. Does any other European nation have 2 domestic cup compitions?

    Not that much chance of that though - greedy self interest will likely win out again. Perhaps it could happen if a premiership 2 was set up as a compramise to prevent income loss.

  • Comment number 87.

    "Until the FA and the Premier League get together and work out a plan that puts the England team at the pinnacle of everything, there will be little real progress".
    You are absolutely spot on. But then with due resepct the English Premier League , albeit is played in England , with all the top Premier League teams either owned by foreigners or the banking instuitions, I doubt very much they will have ENGLAND team's welfare at heart. They would be fully focus on the owners' egos and/or financial returns that they would only indulge in those players who are able to deliver the ambitions of the clubs. And sad to say, most of them happened not to be English.
    I believe it's the foriegn players that make the likes of Gerrard, Rooney, etc shine in their club games.
    Unless, of course, you ask the Consevative/Liberal Deomcrat to restrict the foriegers in each team on a quota basis........

  • Comment number 88.

    #3 - (richakn) spot on, one of the best blog responses I've seen.

    We've got to go to town on this England team now. Lampard, Terry and James should do the decent thing and retire - this "golden generation" has yet to be moulded by Sven, Steve McLaren and now Fabio Capello - so it's never going to work is it?

    Bring in the young lads. Germany beat us in the U-21 Euro final last year and had four of those in the side yesterday - we had one. Not only that but Ozil and Khadira were two of their best players on the day.

  • Comment number 89.

    yes lets look to the next generation!...... oh hang the next generation contains footballing superstars such as agbonlahor, huddlestone, young..... lets face it, the next generation is a lost cause as well. we need to be looking three generations down the line, and all the while the national academy at burton weeds over. France set up their academy and won a wrold cup and european championship. the germans then set there's up and a team of its alumni beat us 4-1 yesterday. yet the FA are stuck in the past, they dont do anything forward thinking and are so reluctant to chnage, you can pay a manager 6 million a year but if he doesn't have quality players it doesn't matter.

  • Comment number 90.

    I think he should go and I think an English manager should replace him. Capello is as much to blame as anyone for our poor performances, he was stubborn with his tactics. 4-4-2 wasn't working, Gerrard on the left wasn't working, and yet at no point did he change anything. All his substitutions were straight swaps. Wright-Phillips on for Lennon? They're the same player!
    I think that in the last 2 games Capello was out to justify his decisions, instead of accepting he was wrong and changing it to the benefit of the English team.

    The players should take a lot of the blame as well, Rooney, Lennon, SWP and Barry were terrible in all the games they played in, and Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, and A.Cole were a shadow of what they are at club level. Part of this is undoubtedly because they were not being played to their strengths under Capello's system. Wasting your best player on the left is ridiculous, but even when it clearly wasn't working, and the whole country was crying out for Gerrard to play behind Rooney, Capello didn't even entertain the idea.

    Capello also lacks the power to inspire and motivate the players. At half time yesterday the England players would have had their heads down. They gave away 2 sloppy goals and had a legitamate goal disallowed. What they needed was a Churchill-like motivational talk, to get their heads up. Fabio can barely speak English, how is he going to motivate his players?

    Offer the job to Harry Redknapp, and if we're lucky he will take it.

  • Comment number 91.

    Back him. Despite some poor decisions at this World Cup, I still think Capello is an excellent coach and with his own team he could mould something better. He got rid of a lot of star names at Roma, but was still successful. This current squad is effectively the same team that failed to qualify for Euro 2008 so to get into the World cup as we did was to a certain degree a success. Perhaps he will do better with a more workman like squad than the so say talented superstars we have now.

  • Comment number 92.

    I believe a serious rebuilding process needs to happen starting from the Hungary game later this year. Any player who will not be in the reckoning for the 2014 World Cup (Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Carragher, James etc) should not be massively involved in 2012 qualifying. Build the team from scratch, keeping players such as Rooney, A.Cole, Lennon and Milner but start bringing through the likes of Rodwell, Wiltshire, Adam Johnston etc. Use the Euro tournement as an experiance-building exercise.

    Unfortunately, although I strongly believe Capello is a top manager (his record speaks for itself), I do feel that such a sweeping change of playing personnel would need a new manager and new coaching staff, with new ideas and new methods.

    As for the new contract given to Fabio before the WC, why do the FA feel so scared of losing the manager that they feel it right to sign them up to expensive, long-term deals? Why not be sensible, give them a two year tournement to tournement contract that enables them to extend it if the coach does the business or terminate it (without compensation needing to be paid) if they perform badly?!

  • Comment number 93.

    I think its very harsh to say the next generation are not as talented. If you look at the German team yesterday both Ozil and Muller are very young and were not heard of 4 years ago. There could well be 3 or 4 outstanding players coming through the ranks that might make the difference in 4 years time for England.

    The question is will they get a chance at a big club and if they are at a smaller club will they make the panel?

  • Comment number 94.

    The England job has been the graveyard of so many reputable managers. We can not always hold the manager to blame.

    We have to realise that there is basic problem in our football. We play too much and we also have huge naivety compared to the continental players. Every foreign manager has hinted at this and we need to take it on board. Use Capello's experience to move us forward, that is the only positive for us.

  • Comment number 95.

    Whilst our brave service personnel are committed to long tours of duty and putting their lives on the line daily, it is self evident that the over pampered prima-donna's in the English team had nothing other on their minds but to hit the beach early with their WAG's. Utterly DISGRACEFUL!

    Cappello an Italian showed more commitment, passion and pride from the sidelines than anyone within the team on the pitch. No Passion, No Commitment, No Pride, No Urgency, No Flair...etc

    I do not believe Capello is to blame, albeit his tactics/regimen have and will continue to raise question. In this regard I believe he should stay. That said neither he nor any subsequent England Manager will lift the world cup, until Country comes before club, and there is a major shake up of the FA that compels the inclusion of a minimum number of English 'nationals' and increased focus on the grooming of a youth system to produce players adept within/to the modern European and South American systems.


  • Comment number 96.

    Sack him.
    Not my usual knee jerk response but in this case it's warranted. England were totally ill-prepared for individual games and the tournament as a whole and Capello's tactics, decisions and choice of players leaves way too much to be desired.
    Warm up games used to select our 2nd choice defenders rather than gettign the starting 11 playing together (most of these didn't play anyway) relying on injured (Barry)and out of form players (Heskey etc) when he had said he wouldn't be doing that, picking players who are never gonna be good enough for international football (Barry & Heskey again), unflexible formations, the list is endless. He should go, and those who appointed him and altered his contract prior to the tournament should go too.

  • Comment number 97.

    The FA will back Capello because they have no choice either financially or politically. In any event would his departure and the appointment of yet another manager or coach suddenly turn England into a tournament winning side? I think not. The problems with England run far deeper than 'who is the manager' (even if that is a nice easy subject for the media to grasp hold of) and some are even beyond the direct control of the FA and should be laid at the door of the Premier League. Where the FA are without doubt guilty is in continuing to spend a huge amount of money on the England management set-up to no good purpose when it would be better invested in development facilities.

    Interestingly it seems that many big name Premier League players are struggling for form at the World Cup and not just those that play for England.

  • Comment number 98.

    How many decent young British players have come through in the premiership in the last two years?

    How long before the FA listen to Trevor Brooking and try to so something about the training of youth players?

    How long before the FA admit we ahould spend some money on a national acadmey of excellence rather than pointless stadiums which have pitches which football can't be played on?

    How long before someone in the FA or even the government (god forbid) says that all teams must start with at least 5 British players?

    HOwlong before someone realises that paying someone over 100k a week and expecting people to pay 40 or 60 pounds to watch them is not a long term economic plan?

  • Comment number 99.

    Also - not trying to tell the press how to do their job or anything - but someone really needs to find out what has been going on behind closed doors with team England in SA - because that players revolt & Capello's friendly cuddles afterwards is obviously the tip of the iceberg.

    When Lampard was asked last night what went wrong & he said he didn't know - do you really think he didn't know? Or that he didn't want to tell us? Because Terry's saying everything was great. And Joe Cole said there were 'issues'. So perhaps the press might like to go find out what really happened before anyone else from Team England insults our intelligence.

  • Comment number 100.

    What 'youthful' players would they be? There is a severe lack of talent coming through and England will struggle for years to come until the foundation, i.e. the FA are replaced and the whole setup reviewed


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