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Rock and roll star

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Dan Walker | 08:42 UK time, Wednesday, 20 April 2011

As I approached the door to the Lennon suite at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool the air was thick with guitar strumming occasionally punctuated by the unmistakable tones of one of the Gallagher brothers.

I knocked on the door and listened to the music getting closer... it opened "Aright kid. Getin eor. I've seen you on tele man". "I'm also aware of your work," I responded.

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Horses for courses

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Dan Walker | 19:46 UK time, Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Watch the eyes! Watch the eyes!" Those were the words of BBC horse racing pundit Richard Pitman before he pushed me out of the way of the galloping Tidal Bay at Aintree.

I was watching the Grand National from inside the track beside one of the fortified plastic railings by the start. The field had completed the first circuit and, while the rest of the horses were quite keen on turning left to go round again, Tidal Bay had had enough. He crashed through the railing - five feet away from us - before being subdued by a quick-witted marshall waving a massive towel in front of his face.

We took the decision to present Football Focus from the Grand National meeting a few weeks ago. Personally - and I know many agree with me - I love taking the show on the road and pushing the boundaries a little. Being out of the studio brings a freshness and vitality that is hard to replicate on the sofa.

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A day at the races

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Dan Walker | 10:17 UK time, Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hello everyone. Just getting things together for this Saturday's on-the-road show at Aintree.

The whole of Football Focus comes live from The Grand National meeting with Rafa Benitez and Steve Claridge joining us as guests. You might be wondering 'why'?

Don't panic we are still covering all the football but there's a long link between the sports - Fergie's horse is 2nd favourite, Tony McCoy is a huge Arsenal fan and there will be loads of ex-pros watching from the stands on the day.

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