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Focus enters the final straight

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Dan Walker | 16:19 UK time, Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bonjour everybody. Can you believe there are only two programmes and three blogs - including this one - left this season? Thankfully we have the World Cup to keep us entertained and this week's effort will be largely focused on the BBC's recent World Cup press day.

You will also find the latest 'Behind the Scenes' from our interview with actor and comedian Rik Mayall if you scroll down far enough.

The World Cup press day is something of a logistical beast. Everybody who is going to South Africa with the BBC this summer was summoned to TV Centre in Shepherd's Bush to speak to the assembled representatives of her majesty's media.

New Match Of The Day 2 presenter Colin Murray only knew 24 hours beforehand that he would be part of our BBC coverage in South Africa, so he couldn't make it, Mick McCarthy, Emmanuel Adebayor and Gordon Strachan were all busy training, while Clarence Seedorf and Jurgen Klinsmann, our new World Cup pundits, were overseas.

Having everyone in the same place at the same time gives you the perfect opportunity to get things done. First up, photographs. We did these in groups and I was bunged in with Garth Crooks, Martin Keown and Mark Bright, who was wearing a lovely red leather belt.

I grinned inanely for the individual shot and then inexplicably put my arms around Keown and Bright for the group one. I'm not sure it will ever see the light of day.

After the photos were done, I made my way back to the main room for food. Alan Hansen, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Mark Lawrenson were tucking into bacon rolls, strange shaped cakes and these weird chicken skewer things.

As the big hitters were all called in for their pictures, me, producer Jase and cameraman Martin set up to film our pundits making their World Cup picks. I haven't used a flipchart for years but it all came back to me pretty quickly. If you missed them choosing their England 23-man squad, or would like to see it again, here it is.

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Once that was done, we were all ushered upstairs for two hours of gentle questioning by the media. There were several tables laid out in a big room and two or three members of the BBC football team seated at each of them, along with four or five journalists. Every 10 minutes, the journalists moved on to the next table. It was a bit like speed dating.

Lineker and Hansen were on one table, Shearer and Lee Dixon on another, while I was with Keown and Damian Johnson. Keown was subjected to 95% of the questions, understandably, but I vaguely remember saying something about Spain and revealing my earliest World Cup memory - Lineker missing that header against Argentina in 1986.

I felt a bit sorry for Keown because he was repeatedly asked what it was like to go to two World Cups and not play. He dealt with it like a true pro. The story about him almost throttling John Gorman after being told he would have played in the next game had England not lost to Argentina in 1998 will live long in the memory, mainly because I heard it 15 times during the course of the day.

My final two acts of the day were to listen to a security briefing on South Africa and get my jabs. A lovely, chatty lady made sure I won't catch the lurgy this summer. In return, I gave up the use of both arms for two days.

For those of you who may be interested, most of my time at the World Cup will be spent on the BBC bus. We start in Cape Town on day one and will travel the whole of the country, bringing you a heady mix of football, culture and history. I am presenting a few matches here and there, too, but the bus will be my home for five weeks.

We also filmed with Rik Mayall last week. He may have a World Cup song out, but the following snippet of conversation should tell you everything you need to know about his knowledge of football:

Me: "What do you make of Capello?"
Mayall: "I've never met her!"

He was a fascinating bloke and our latest 'Behind the Scenes' footage should give you an idea of how it all came together...

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If you want to let me have your own England 23-man squad or have any questions, fire away. Also, we did top manager and player last week so let's go for your worst moment of the season so far.

The whole programme comes live from Valley Parade this Saturday to commemorate 25 years since the Bradford fire. You can stay up to date with preparations for that one by following me on twitter at


  • Comment number 1.

    (I hope I'm still) First...

    Great insight Dan,

    I can't see Keown having been used if we'd done the Argies - surely surviving that you wouldn't want to break up the team, and I can't see him having replaced Becks either.

    Right - home for tea, tuna pasta bake.. Huzzah

    Ian Walker

  • Comment number 2.

    (Oh and come on Wednesday)

  • Comment number 3.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 4.

    Make that tackling... rather than the sailing term!

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Dan..really interesting stuff about the Press Day (something Joe Public get's to hear about). I bet all those interviews were a bit of a Busman's holiday for you though..speaking of which...

    That BBC Bus sounds like THE ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL to a top soccer tourni'(, culture and history 24hrs a day for a solid month!) If England do well it will be a truley unforgetable journey! All you really need is for the wife and kids to follow along in a camper van packed with your favourite food supplies and it'd be perfect or are they banned along with the players' WAGS ;( ?

    One journo's get match tickets in advance and do know which games you are going to cover or is it all be last minute suprises - Press free for alls - arguements on the bus etc?

  • Comment number 6.

    Apparently not allowed to mention an incident in last nights match which to me was one of the worst incidents in the season - on a par with C Ronaldo and Rivaldo in past International competitions in many ways. Its a shame that for me it tarnished the great play that Barcelona normally display. Hopefully this doesn't breach any rules and reg's.

    Boss Hogg

  • Comment number 7.

    Mottie Dan!
    Another great blogg, other than Rick Mayall; I'm sure that if he ever met me his opinion of me would be as low as mine of him .

    Worst moment of the season, wondering if CCFC would be wound up at the high court and wondering how they will manage next week at court. After that Ryan Shawcross taking out Ramsey... don't think it was deliberate but it was still bad.
    My 23 are somewhat depeleted since I cannot keep tabs on the EPL from the USA
    Green, Hart, and I'd love to see Henesey in the World Cup but he is Welsh
    Baines, Cole (against my gut instincts) King, Sol Campbell, Terry Brown and some other right back.
    Downing, Carrick, R. Shawcross (developmental)Gerrard, Lampard, Walcott and Peter Whittingham (class player also developmental).
    Rooney, Bent, Heskey and Michael Chopra.
    Press on!

  • Comment number 8.

    At last! You're broadcasting from somewhere outside the Premier League. Nice one.

    Ruel Fox

  • Comment number 9.

    The guy who commented first, get a life. Small victory or what?!

  • Comment number 10.

    Blaenorynycwlyd, that world cup squad is amazing! Although no room for David Nugent and Stuart Parnaby? I suggest a rethink.

    Quality blog as usual dan although really didn't enjoy Rik Mayall but hey, other than that have been quality blogs all season!

    Yours sincerely


  • Comment number 11.

    Jagielka has to go. I'd start him ahead of Terry.

    Adrian Heath

  • Comment number 12.

    Worst part of the season for me has to be Blackpool in the FA Cup against Ipswich. Not for Blackpool's performance, we outplayed Ipswich with only 9 men, but for the referee's poor showing after he had obviously had bad outings to Blackpool as a child and saw this as revenge. Add the fact that I was home for Christmas/New Year and it was one of the few home matches I saw this season, since I live in Ipswich...

    Loved Rik Mayall and all your work this season, KUTGW Dan :)

    (First time replying to this I think)

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Dan,

    In 2006 Focus carried on through to the world cup, covering the cup final, European Cup final, play-offs and the build up. Why isn't it doing so this year? Is it because of F1?

  • Comment number 14.

    Rickie Lambert

  • Comment number 15.

    Evening everybody. I trust all is well. Thanks for joining in so far.

    Paul Faithfull (#1)
    I think Hoddle said in his autobiography that he wanted to use Keown as a sort of man marker in the latter stages. Didn't really do much to improve Martin's mood though.

    JoC (#5)
    Accreditation is the key when it comes to world cup tickets. Mine came through today - which is very exciting. We will hopefully be taking in about 12-14 games during our time out there but we will have to check in with the people working on the individual matches.
    Most journos from this country will just follow England so will get accredited to all their games but can go to others if they want.

    Surreybloke125 (#6)
    I think you got away with that one. I think Sergio's peak will live with him throughout his career... much like Rivaldo and that ludicrous collapse against Turkey.

    blaenorynyclwyd (#7)
    Not sure about R Shawcross in midfield for England but I do like your heavy Welsh bias. Why not go the whole hog and stick haven't put Owen Glendower in goal?

    Custodian (#8)
    Feel the football league love.

    xPoppySwirlx (#12)
    Welcome in comrade. Lovely to have you on board.

    I am going to have to stop typing now to go and turn the telly down. I can hear Janet Street Porter ranting on Question Time.

    Keep the comments coming, I'll see you tomorrow.

    Officer Dibble

  • Comment number 16.

    SaintStatto (#13)
    No Focus through to the world cup because the games in South Africa clash with our on air time. I think the decision has been made - rightly - that people would much rather watch live football. I hope that answers the question.

    Top Cat

  • Comment number 17.

    Must be the first time I agree with Janet Street Porter!

    Perhaps they should make footballers wear skin tight top's like the England Rugby Union team have started doing, then they wouldn't be able to do that shirt pulling which seems endemic these days.


  • Comment number 18.

    Ok my 23. Starters in capitals (based purely on form)

    HART, Green, James

    JOHNSON, KING, DAWSON, A.COLE, Ferdinand, Terry, Brown, Baines

    MILNER, BARRY, LAMPARD, GERRARD, Lennon, Walcott, Joe Cole, A.Johnson

    ROONEY, CROUCH, Defoe, Bent.

    No place for Carrick. As a United fan his form has been awful and his confidence will be at an all time low. Ferdinand has struggled with injuries and hasn't played, and Terry hasn't been the same since Bridge-gate. Brown in as he can play CB or RB. Baines is the best alternative to Cole even if Bridge made himself available (don't rate Bridge at all. How a player can get paid what he does and not be able to use his right foot one jot is beyond me).

    Backups for midfield are essentially made up of 3 or 4 wingers. This is because Milner can play central, as can Joe Cole. Walcott and Gerrard can play off Rooney. Adam Johnson has been in great form and just edges out Downing and Young for me. A natural left footer who can play on either wing is a great asset to have.

    Only 4 strikers for the reason I mentioned above with 2 midfielders being able to play mroe advanced. Also no Heskey as his form has again been terrible and I don't care how unselfish he is, a strikers' job is to score goals. Crouch can do the same job and he has an amazing goal scoring record at international level. And Bent has been on fire this season, scoring half of Sunderland's league goals!
    If Lennon gets back to full fitness in the last 3 games and shows good form I would put him in over Milner as his pace would scare the opposition. Also if Hargreaves was fit and had a few games under his belt I would take him in a heart beat. England need a player with his strength and determination.

  • Comment number 19.

    p.s Crouch in more for his international form than his club form, as he hasn't been getting much game time at Spurs.

  • Comment number 20.

    dan i regularly watch football focus and think you do a good job presenting it and have a good rapport with all the bbc pundits on it i was wondering was you interested in or considered for the match of the day 2 presenting gig? i was hoping you would get it


  • Comment number 21.

    So Jurgen Klinsman is joining the BBC. This would be the Jurgen Klinsman who got the first man ever sent off in a World Cup (an Argentinian, forgotten his name) with the most disgraceful piece of play acting seen on a football field?

    He'll go well with Alan - he made it into a penalty - Shearer, Alan - never comment on a Rooney or Gerrard dive - Hansen et al. At one time the MOTD pundits disapproved of and tried to prevent cheating -a long time ago. Nowadays cheating is accepted as long as it's the right players doing it.

    History depends on who is writing it. A Maradona handball becomes a reason for never ending national indignation. Two Linekar dives against the Cameroons is consigned to oblivion.

    How about Ronaldo getting Rooney sent off again? It's what it's all about you know - winning.

  • Comment number 22.

    Excellent blog once again Dan. I know Motty has stopped covering live games but will he be involved with the World Cup coverage in any way?

  • Comment number 23.

    People will argue until the drunken loner at the bar falls asleep about which strikers England should take to the World Cup. I'd like the strikers to be Rooney, Defoe, Crouch, Bent and Agbonlahor. Unfortunately, I think Mr Capello will opt for Heskey rather that Bent and Agbonlahor, but i've got a feeling he's probably a little bit more aware than me of what it takes to win a World Cup! I'd be disappionted if Zamora gets the nod (8 league goals in a supposedly exceptional season, compared with 24 for Bent, in a supposedly average one).

    If you were boss, and had to pick one player from outside the Premiership to take, who would it be? I think Steve Bull was the last player outside the top flight to make the squad? Mine would be Lee Camp.

    As a Sheff Wed fan, i've not had clean underwear for the past week and the C Palace vs WBA match was the least i've ever enjoyed 90 mins of football in my life! What is your gut feeling about Sundays showdown, affectively an early League 1 play-off final?

    Guylain Ndumbu Nsungu

  • Comment number 24.

    21. At 02:42am on 30 Apr 2010, Grzegorz Kucharczyk wrote:

    History depends on who is writing it. A Maradona handball becomes a reason for never ending national indignation. Two Linekar dives against the Cameroons is consigned to oblivion.


    Some strange vitriolic points made here. I'll ignore the pundit comments as Shearer was some player but falls quite short as a man in my eyes, plus his robotic style of punditry doesn't grab me.

    Lineker diving? The same Gary Lineker who was neer booked or sent off during his career?? If you watch the 2 penalty incidents, one nearly borders on a double clothes-line assault by keeper and defender, and the other one is where he has turned on the famous Lineker after burners and a clumsy challenge has brought him down. No complaints from the Cameroon players in either circumstance, and an assertive but excentric performance from the ref, who I recall refereed the final? Klinsmann, yes he had a reputation of being a diver. What he also was: A world cup and european championship winner. A phenomenal striker and somebody who the english public warmed to due to his surprising sense of charisma...compunded with driving a battered VW Beetle around north london. Glad to have him on board.

    Adebayor is a suprise Dan. Is he in there due to his ability to say more words per minute than anybody else in the world...he talks quickly, and directly.

    Worst moment of the season? Henry handball, i'm a bit bored of not having some of the home nations at the major tournaments.

    Were the weird chicken skewers a Satay skewer Dan? I hope so. Only bettered by Salt & Pepper Chicken.

    Uwe Rosler

  • Comment number 25.

    Morning all. Here we go with some early observations / answers to questions

    WC2010GROUPC (#18)
    I like your insight there partner. A good strong list but I expected nothing less from your user name.

    Bendtner4Sale (#20)
    Glad you are enjoying football focus this season. I don't think I was considered for the MOTD2 job because - as a Christian - I have always made a commitment not to work on a Sunday. Some people think I am an idiot because of that - and the fact that I rule myself out of jobs - but I am very happy and thankful to be doing what I am doing. I hope that makes sense.

    Grzegorz Kucharczyk (#21)
    Thanks for your pundit anger but I think most of your points have been dealt with well by Tomefccam (#24). It's always a good sign if a pundit line up sparks debate and I think we have a very strong one.

    On the Adebayor thing Tomefccam, I have interviewed him 3 times in the last 12 months and he has improved incredibly. Last time he was speaking in a much more measured fashion and he certainly brings something different to the table... or sofa. The great thing is that he has opinions and he is not afraid to express them.

    The skewers were more sweet chilli by the way... immense.

    IUTBDBNID (#22)
    Motty won't be commentating this time round but will be used more as a sort of pundit so we can get the best out of his ridiculous knowledge of world cups gone by. I think he first went to one in the 1930's! Only kidding Mr Motson. You will see a lot of him on Colin's highlight show.

    Right, I am off to Hillsborough now to film some bits for Friday Focus and then Bradford beckons. I am hoping it's going to be a really good show tomorrow. You can hear exclusively from John Terry, we'll look ahead to the world cup with Tim Cahill, reflect on the Wednesday v Palace game and pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Bradford fire 25 years ago.

    I'll be back on later if you have any further comments / questions. See you soon.

    Marshall Bravestar

  • Comment number 26.

    Impspromotion 2012 (#10)
    I'm not quite sure how Nugent and Parnaby have been playing this season. From New England my interest in EPL & Championship is quite parochial; and those players fall outside of the orbit of my attention. SORRY. Remind me who are the IMPS?

    Dan, (#15) That Owen Glyndwr was a poor jibe! Misspelled too! And you with Welsh ancestry, as you pointed out two bloggs ago. It would be great to see you broadcasting from the half empty stadiums of RSAS. (I just love their national anthem)IF ENGLAND REACH THE QUARTER FINALS I WILL FIND A PUB BROADCASTING JUST TO SEE YOU ON TV! Having said that the wife gives birth in July so I might have to sit down and work out my priorities;is it going to be Dan on the tele or my wife's big belly? The final is on July 11th isn't it?
    Also I think your comments to Bendtner for sale (#25) might give a full answer to all the bloggers who have written in saying "I want to be the next F.F. presenter- how did you do it?"
    Just goes to show that even in 'vacation jobs' principles still count. (vacation jobs being those jobs that are vacations to the rest of us like sitting watching footie all day every day.) LOL

    Marshall Zukhov & Tito

  • Comment number 27.

    I think #18 has a pretty decent selection. However, my starting line-up would be slightly different. I think Joe Hart's age doesn't matter. He has has an awesome season and look at him - he's brimming with confidence, let him start. Also, i've never been a fan of Barry's, and Lampard and Gerrard I think just don't mix. So here is is:

    HART, Green, James

    JOHNSON, KING, FERDINAND, A.COLE, Dawson, Terry, Brown, Baines

    LENNON, MILNER, LAMPARD, J.COLE, Barry, Walcott, Gerrard, A.Johnson

    ROONEY, BENT, Defoe, Crouch

    By the way, can I point you in the direction of a world cup song that I think is far better than Rik Mayall's? It has been played all over the radio in the Midlands and is airing at Wolves and Birmingham grounds before matches.

    please listen!

  • Comment number 28.

    Agree with WC2010GROUPC (Post 18) in squad terms.

    Would be very happy if Capello took that squad. Maybe Richards for Brown.

    Disagree with your starting line up but otherwise some good calls in there.

  • Comment number 29.

    Dan i commend the not working on a Sunday ethic. Congratulations on the season so far.

    Prior football focus' at this stage of the season have 'focus'sed on the relgation battles and various permutations for places, how are you going to fill the programme with all but the top spot and 4th wrapped up??

    Murray on MOTD2? Is he the first to make the Channel5 to BBC transition? who next Barnes and Collymore? Although thinking about it the chap from robot wars (Jonathan Pearce) went the other way before returning to join MOTD... Is it like some sort of feeder club system? i.e. Chappers has to prove himself on a Thursday night before he can make the step up to the Prem like Murray.. or do you get threatened with being dropped if you don't perform? Ha. I hope not.

    Worst moments of the season really depends on your allegiences, i personally loved the Beachball incident, and loved the whole Fergie time Owen winner.

    Worst bit for me, being a Macclesfield native living in Nottingham, was the untimely passing of big Keith Alexander after the Notts County game.

  • Comment number 30.

    I also wanted to sign off Ali Dia (Not to be confused with Ali Daei) But got post comment trigger finger.

    Ken Monkou

  • Comment number 31.

    Pleasing to read about your respect for Sundays. I'm not religious but I do wish more shops were closed. Ice cream vans are essential through the summer though.

    We once had a goalkeeper at Swindon Town in the early 80s, Jimmy Allan, who wouldn't play on Sundays due to his religious beliefs. I don't think he missed many games though as Sunday fixtures were few and far between back then. His career was sadly cut short due to an arm injury sustained in a home match against Rochdale on a Saturday. Make of that what you will.

    Dan, do you have any interest in the main Match of the Day presenting job? I find Lineker, well... dull.

  • Comment number 32.

    My 23:

    Keepers: Hart, James, Green

    Defenders: Terry, Ferdinand, Upson, Dawson, Johnson, G.Neville, Cole, Baines

    Mid: Lampard, Gerrard, Barry, A. Young, Milner, Lennon, Carrick

    Strikers: Rooney, Crouch, Defoe, Heskey, Bent

  • Comment number 33.

    25. At 10:16am on 30 Apr 2010, Dan Walker wrote:
    I don't think I was considered for the MOTD2 job because - as a Christian - I have always made a commitment not to work on a Sunday. Some people think I am an idiot because of that - and the fact that I rule myself out of jobs - but I am very happy and thankful to be doing what I am doing. I hope that makes sense.

    Excellent point Dan, a moral decision and a very important one too. Luckily I don't have to rule out sunday work as I have weekends off, but this reminds me of a time when I was invited to an "all you can eat" chinese buffet for a friends birthday that fell unfortunately on good friday. Having paid my £12 I gladly tucked into a plate full of egg fried rice, soft noodles and sweet and sour sauce as the rest of the group feasted on ribs, wings, name it.

    Can't wait for the Cahill feature being a blue.

    On the Murray issue, I am suprised he has been chosen...maybe thought he was a little low brow for the beeb. However i'll wait and see. He met me just after my 21st a couple of years back and was friendly and polite.

    My England squad inclusion? Gary Neville. There's no accounting for experience and class, We can have our pace in other areas of the team.

    Bob Dowie

  • Comment number 34.

    Dan, what do you think of the idea of selecting Sol Campbell and G.Neville instead of the likes of Brown, Dawson or Baines in defence. The experience alone the two veterans have would be immensely valuable especially in the dressing room as both their club manager's testify, and if they are 'back-ups' - chances of too many minutes on the pitch are slim anyway but throwing either on wouldn't be a gamble?

    Motty seems an inspired choice on the highlights show, Adebayor definately wont be universally popular as he goes in for too much self promotion. Hope you get to see some great games out sure do clock up the miles!

  • Comment number 35.

    Dodgy Cheese Sarnies............ niceness

  • Comment number 36.

    Afternoon all. Just on way to Bradford. Will get to your questions asap. I'll let you know when Friday focus is up and running as well. See you soon.

    Terry Nutkins

  • Comment number 37.

    My version of the squad – more “nearly, but not quite”, as in, at some point of this season, each of these characters were quite genuinely talked up as having a chance to make the trip to South Africa!

    Keepers: Manuel Almunia, Ben Foster, Joe Lewis

    Defence: G Neville, P Neville, Titus Bramble, Michael Mancienne, Sol Campbell, Paul Konchesky, Nicky Shorey

    Midfield: Paul Scholes, David Bentley, Owen Hargreaves, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Kevin Nolan, Matthew Etherington, Jermaine Pennant

    Strikers: Dean Ashton, Michael Owen, Dave Kitson, James Beattie, Emile Heskey (you mean…..)

    Manager: Hope Powell

    Petar Barota

  • Comment number 38.

    Dan & anyone else..
    When does Capello announce his 23 member squad?

  • Comment number 39.

    Colin Murray has been doing Fighting Talk on Radio 5 for ages so its not really a complete defection to the BBC as he is already with them. I think he is a fair choice for the job and as usual, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

    England 23:

    GK: Joe Hart, David James, Robert Green
    DEF: J Terry, A Cole, L Baines, G Neville, P Neville, R Ferdinand, M Upson, M Dawson
    MID: J Cole, A Lennon, F Lampard, S Gerrard, A Young, J Milner, G Barry
    ATT: P Crouch, W Rooney, E Heskey, T Walcott, B Zamora


  • Comment number 40.

    Worst event(s) of the season has to be clubs going into administration (Chester City, Portsmouth et al, and the worrying thing is who will be next?) However, for sheer comedy value you can't beat Phil Brown's dressing down of his team at halftime out on the pitch. According to Boateng this was the turning point for their season - I'm not so sure.
    Think Colin Murray is a great choice for the WC by the way, I like his banter on the UEFA Super League matches televised on Five. However, Adrian Chiles he is not - such a shame he went to ITV.
    My suggested England team would be:
    GK: Hart, James, P.Robinson
    DF: Terry, Ferdinand, A.Cole, G.Johnson, Baines, M.Richards, Craddock, Jagielka
    MF: Etherington, Lampard, Gerrard, A.Young, Lennon, Milner, Barry, Downing (Parker, Bentley, Joe Cole & Carrick are near-misses)
    ST: Walcott, Rooney, Bent, Crouch plus 1 from Defoe, K.Davies, Heskey, C.Cole & Agbonlahor
    Would be great if Cappello could tempt Scholes and Carragher out of international retirement. However, I'd also like to see him blood some young talent like Adam Johnson, Mark Noble, Chris Eagles, Tom Huddlestone and Dean Sturridge and give them a chance to shine as they do in the league week in week out.
    One last thing - RIP all those who passed away in the tragic Bradford fire. I studied there for 4 years and it was such a sad day in the city's history and emotions are still raw about it today. At least the game has improved safety-wise and that sort of thing will hopefully never ever happen again.

  • Comment number 41.

    #40 Phil Brown did that last season rather than this one, however, it did have plenty of comedy value.

    Uncle Tobermory

  • Comment number 42.

    gotta love Rik Mayall. check out his call to war titled "World Cup Anthem 2010" on Youtube

    there's also another good song on Youtube for World Cup 2010 written by Roni Francois who used to play bass giutar for Lene Lovich


  • Comment number 43.

    Another good song on youtube. Lace Up Your Boots a demo song for England World Cup 2010. Listen to it here:

  • Comment number 44.

    Great blog as usual Dan. Telling indeed that all the top pundits walked away from the table in about 5 seconds after the killer question. But their selection will mirror Capello's pretty closely, I feel, barring injuries.



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