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Your greatest sporting achievements

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Dan Walker | 12:50 UK time, Thursday, 25 March 2010

Things in the Walker house were not good earlier in the week. Both the miniature heroes were ill - number one had a temperature that just hit 39 degrees and number two was feeling the pain of new fangs coming through. It meant Tuesday's trip to Windsor was a little too much for everyone.

Even though we were the only people on a boat that can hold about 200, the tour bloke still gave us the full spiel.

I now know there are 44 locks on the Thames and that there are over six miles of corridors in Windsor Castle. I could baffle you with additional castle-based facts, but I thought I would tell you about last week's trip to see Kevin Davies.

To mark the fact that the Premier League sponsors were giving £1000 per goal and £500 for every shot on target last weekend to Sport Relief, we were invited to a one-on-one masterclass with the Bolton striker.

Upon arrival at Bolton's training ground, I met up with our crew, led by fearless producer Chris Treece. But when we bumped into Kevin, he seemed spectacularly underprepared for what was ahead. "You want me to get changed?" he asked. "I thought it was just an interview."

We were also lacking a goalkeeper, so, as Kevin disappeared into the deep recesses of the changing room, the PR man from Barclays approached the club's press officer.

Within seconds, a bloke with gloves turned up. Neil Edwards is the academy coach at Wanderers and, presumably because he is Welsh, is known by everyone as 'Taff'.

Barrel-chested Kevin soon joined us and you can see the edited version of our masterclass right here.

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I know it sounds slightly sad, but the overhead kick at the end is definitely one of the highlights of my footballing career. I'll happily admit it was a complete fluke. What are the odds of perfectly connecting with one of those bad-boys at the first time of asking?

Kevin had been pinging balls in for about four minutes before urging me to "finish off with something special".

I thought about attempting Rene Higuita's scorpion kick but then the rational part of my brain kicked in. A. I could end up looking like an idiot on the telly. B. There is a 70% chance I could break my back. C. I'd just eaten an entire bag of mixed nuts and it wasn't the time to be contorting my body.

As Davies delivered the perfect ball toward me, it seemed to hang in the air and say "attempt the overhead".

My mind went back to a County Cup final between Hazelwick (my school team) and Thomas Bennett - the last time I attempted something similar in a match. My effort that night was rather unspectacular. The connection was alright but the ball rocketed into my own face and out for a goalkick!

This time was different. As I positioned myself, I knew it was going to be good. I felt the whole of the ball connect with the top of my foot and watched as it whacked the crossbar and ripple the back of the net.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Hold on a minute, you buffoon. There were no defenders, the keeper wasn't really trying and there was absolutely nothing riding on it."

All correct observations and you could probably add the fact that even at full speed I looked the wrong side of lethargic. But, as I glanced back across goal, Mr Davies looked back at me as if to say, "How on earth did YOU do that?"

For a moment, all was right with the football world. I felt like I could bang one in from 40 yards or swat away the likes of Vidic, Terry or Carragher with a single swivel of the hips.

The moment didn't last too long because my next touch was a classic mid-shin that rocketed off at right angles to my intended target... but it didn't matter.

This week, let's celebrate those rare moments of genius. Let's make this blog a tribute to those times when you've felt that - however briefly - you could take on the sporting world and win.

Let's hear about the shot, the volley, the putt, the delivery, the moment that still defines your sporting memories. The one you'll save for the grandchildren.

The whole of Football Focus comes live from White Hart Lane this week for Spurs v Portsmouth, so you can also let me know if you'd like to see something in particular and we'll try and squeeze it in.

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  • Comment number 2.

    Cardiff Combination League - top of the table clash. As the ball was swung over from a corner it fell perfectly. My right boot connected with the volley so sweetly that it was obvioulsy a goal from that moment. The 30 yards the ball had to travel seemed to take forever but when the ball hit the back of the net the place went crazy. It was undoubtedly the goal of the season and part of a 5-1 win (my brother scoring a hattrick including one from the half way line). I was sub that day (as an absoultely emergency cover between the sticks)and Tommo's boots had fallen apart so he borrowed my right boot at half time. I'd like to think I had some influence,in a Billy's Boots sort of way, on the moment as Tommo's shooting was normally less than accurate as I suspect this is the nearest I will ever come to a moment of true greatness!

    Jonny Metgod

  • Comment number 3.

    An incredible overhead kick from the big man


  • Comment number 4.

    One of my least glorious moments was when we decided to start a sunday football team, during our first ever pre season training session we were invited to have a friendly kick about with another local team and proceeded to be soundly trounced, something like 9-0.
    I should probably point out at this point that we were all supposedly fit and in our early 20s and they were an under 11 team!


    Celestine Babayaro

  • Comment number 5.

    Nice Blog.

    My most recent memory (although not a fond one) was after not playing football for about a year, arranging a 5 a side match with friends. So the game gets under way, im trying a few skills so see if i still "have it"....turns out that i dont.
    Any way after about 15-20 minutes the ball gets passed to me, im on the right wing with my back to the goal, i decide to flick the ball at the wall to try and get it behind me, i jump to control it and as i come down, *crunch* my left knee gives way.....and ive torn my cruciate ligament. 1 year on from surgery now, hopefully i will be back with my "dazzling" skills soon.

  • Comment number 6.

    Dan Walker

    BBC's finest

  • Comment number 7.

    One of my favourites was playing in goal in a five-a-side match... the ball was coming towards me so I kicked it straight back up the field (artificial pitch) and watched as it sailed high into the night sky. The opposition goalie was ignoring it at first, but as it started to curl a little in the air it was getting nearer and nearer to looking like it would go in, which is when he decided he'd better do something about it, and managed to scrabble it out for a corner. So near and yet so far, but still good fun.

    Another was on the local field playing with some mates. I was about 20 yards or so out from the opposition goal (couple of jumpers on the ground job) with my back to the goal. The ball was hit towards me so I trapped it with my left foot, swivelled round and hit it low, curling round the keeper as he tried in vain to save it. A rare moment!

    The Haitian

  • Comment number 8.

    Quality finish there Dan for the overhead kick! Great blog too, hope the kids feel better soon.

  • Comment number 9.

    Maybe not White Hart Lane as I think there's only a few pillars here and there, but it'd be interesting on FF to find the most obscured view within a renowned stadium and show the view (or lack of it) from there.

  • Comment number 10.

    At Lancaster Uni, the 9 colleges played inter league football at A,B and C team levels. I was solid C team, at best.

    At a charity auction the college held mid way through the football season, an appearance in the college A team was auctioned, and my mate decided it would be a good idea to bid on my behalf, and won.

    The big appearance came against our fierce rivals, and coming on as sub after 80 minutes with a pair of borrowed shin pads, a hangover, and the score poised at 2-2 - I managed to be first to a rebound parried by the opposition keeper to score the winner from all of 3(0) yards (left footed mind you).

    I therefore claim a 100% record at Lancaster Uni A team level.

    Jeff Kenna

  • Comment number 11.

    It's amazing how one moment of brilliance can overshadow years of footballing mediocrity.
    I scored a three-minute hattrick (of tap-ins) for my 5-a-side team the other week, and for the last two weeks I've felt like the lovechild of Messi and Pele.

  • Comment number 12.

    One of my favourite sporting moments was when we were in a quick cricket tournament with our primary school.
    We weren't very good and were the only team with girls (some of whom bowled underarm) and we weren't expecting to get out of the round robin stage. In our last match we had quite a bit riding on it as one of the other local schools could make it through if we won, which we somehow did (Probably down to both my batting skills and stifling bowling). However none of them had done the maths properly and we ended up going through to the three way final by virtue of some complex run rate system (some gloating may have occured).
    That didn't go so well as we got beaten by both teams, however the overall winners did seem a bit keen with their very own whites compared to our maroon tracksuits. Good memories all the same.

    Lutel James.

  • Comment number 13.

    Dan..your overhead kick was a real cracker mate!

    Must surely give you a shout of getting into one of those celeb teams they throw out
    at Old Trafford, Wembley, St.James' Park and the Madjeski every now and again?

    With your connections surely you must fancy playing striker against Germany in the next celeb game on Channel5/ITV4 - now that would be a sporting highlight

    or does your Beeb contract rule you out?

  • Comment number 14.

    Great blog Dan!!

    One defining moment that I remeber was when I was at school. Me and a few mates used to play 7 aside football against the teachers after school once a week. As i received the ball from a throw in I looked up and saw the keeper of his line, hit the ball first time and sweetly chipped it over him. He didn't hear the end of it in maths the next day.

    On to football focus, how about you try another overhead, while lawro is in goals??

  • Comment number 15.

    My one shining moment came on the first night of training with a new team, all having a kick around waiting to be called in by the gaffer.
    Few of the lads are taking free kicks at the teams goalie, most being caught, going hopelessly over or wide, one ball rolls to my feet. Everyone stops for a moment to see what the newby can do, I steady myself, took a few steps back... and rocketed one into the very top corner to much applause!

    think Beckham v Greece in 2001, Obviously I didnt make a big deal over it though I never scored a better free kick. It could only ever go one direction from that moment...


    Marian Pahars

  • Comment number 16.

    Hi Dan. Regular reader first time poster!

    Going on the theme of your unexpected achievements, I have a classic from our team a few weeks ago.

    Drawing 1-1 with rivals (who play on the pitch directly next to us), I found myself in the unfamiliar position by the right corner flag (I was playing right back, normally a centre back) after receiving the ball back from my throw in.

    I brought the ball to the corner of the box and swung it in with my left (worst) foot, falling over in the process. My player manager was screaming at me to pass, but I never get this far up the pitch. It floated to the back post, the keeper came out and knocked it into a defender, 2-1 to us, winning goal.

    This caused a bit of debate at the club whether it was my goal, but the ref confirmed it. See the link:

    What do you reckon? Mine considering I never score? Or just an OG?

    P.S. I also headed a ball off the pitch ground out for a corner as I was already down from a slide tackle, that was particularly impressive!

  • Comment number 17.

    Under 17's away to Felling Magpies. Played so poorly in the first half the manager threatened to bring me off. 5 minutes into the second half I broke the offside trap but it was quickly evident the opposition would catch me within 10 yards. I took a wild and windy swoosch with my left foot and lobbed the keeper from 40 yards into the top corner. We went on to lose 3-2.

    Worst moment came a few years later in training when after about an hour of 5-aside I decided to turn on the flair and fell to the ground having borke my own leg with no opposition players anywhere near me.

  • Comment number 18.

    Quality overhead kick Dan, good stuff...although i thought the following celebration was a little mediocre for what had preceded it. You were probably tired though, so i'll let you off.

    Sporting highlight has got to be a free kick i scored in the last minute of a Sunday League Cup tie. We were playing at home, but losing 2 - 1 to a team lower than us in the league, and it had been your typical cup tie...loads of endeavour and graft, but completely bereft of any quality whatsoever. We were pressing for the equaliser and had created some chances, but couldn't take any of them. Playing centre forward, i was not having a good day. One of those games where the only reason your still on the pitch is because theres not another striker on the bench and the only unused sub is still throwing up last nights 8 pints of lager and donner kebab.

    Anyway we get to about the 89th minute and we win a free kick on the edge of the box. Just outside the D, right smack in the centre of the goal. One of the younger lads on the team, who fancied himself a little bit too much, grabbed the ball and was planning on taking the freekick. I was having none of that, i might have been having an absolute mare of a game, but i was still the top scorer and this free kick was mine. Cue strop and a hissy fit from the young lad, followed by a few choice words aimed in my direction. The opposing team set up their wall, about 6 of them in it, guarding the goal to the keepers left. Keeper thinks he's got my sussed, and that i'm going to try and curl it up and over the wall...well David Beckham i'm i take my run up, take aim, put my laces through the ball and leather the ball straight as an arrow into the keepers top right hand corner. Poor fellow didn't even move.

    Massive celebrations ensued, we lived to fight another day, I was the hero, and even the opposition were talking about the goal when we got to the pub afterwards....

    Sadly i've not come close to re-creating that glorious moment, and with now being domiciled in the US i'm reduced to playing this bizarre sport called "soccer". Oh how the mighty have fallen....

  • Comment number 19.

    Quality as usual dan.

    Always look forward to the blogs.


    Jesper Blomvquist

  • Comment number 20.

    Werneth area in Oldham circa 2000. Kickabout with friends playing across the width of a full size pitch. I lauched a shot from my own area and scored at the other end. Actually it might have just been a clearance, but I'll tell the grandchildren it was shot.

  • Comment number 21.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 22.

    There are a couple of moments for me. A particular favourite was whilst playing Sunday League for my local team aged about 15. The game was against our local rivals, a team made up of several players we knew from school and so there was much at stake.

    Late on in the game the opposition were breaking down the right. I played centre back at the time so was getting back to cover. As the striker beat our left back headed for goal I could see our keeper heading out to close him down.

    The keeper got a touch on the shot and it looped in to the for what seemed like an age giving me just enough time to meet it in the 6 yard box, flying through the air, with an outstretched boot tipping it onto the crossbar and out for a corner. I felt like Alan Hansen!

    2nd, pub football, 2 years ago, my first start at centre mid against top of the league. Walking to the pitch I told my brother I'd score a goal. Within 5 minutes, lashed one in from the edge of the box. I do enjoy being right...

  • Comment number 23.

    Dan that was a peach... some of the other stuff was highly suspect but all forgotten..

    Boom! my finest hour came when we were getting beaten 2-1 in an amateur cup game.. they had just scored and we took kick off.. I was on the edge of the 'D' and it was rolled back to me.. I had spotted the keeper off his line and rolled it forward and 'laced it'... the keeper starts scrambling back and to be fair made it look even better by doing the running backwards dive.. it hits the underside of the bar and goes in..

    Jeremy Goss.

  • Comment number 24.

    Three spring to mind (a bit greedy, but still have to tell them)
    1) Scoring with a back heel in a penalty shoot-out. The keeper was frozen, think he was just too stunned to move.
    2) Murton Rovers (JFDI) under 16's, was playing on the left wing, went in for a 50-50 challenge, some how the ball got caught inbetween my feet & my momentum made me topple over, causing me to do a cartwheel, ball still in my feet, past the other player before laying off a perfect ball to my team mate (won a special ballerina trophy at the end of season awards ceremony for that)
    3) Playing for the team my mates & I started, Oystermouth FC, in the Swansea Pick-Up-Spares Saturday 3rd Division. Was a centre back, facing the keeper while he took a goal kick, when he mis-kicked it & the ball rolled to me. Not knowing two opposition strikers were closing me down, I did a Cryuff turn, causing the two strikers to crash into each other, before going on a mazey run, past two other players. Ended only when their midfield enforcer shoulder barged me & dislocated me shoulder.

    Three fantastic highlights from an otherwise pathetic footballing career

  • Comment number 25.

    First ever competitive game for Almondvalley under 12's against the best team in the league (Oakbank). Ball crossed in from the right hand side and, without breaking stride, brought the foot behind me and with the heel, flicked it into the net. I scored 3 more goals in 5 more years before deciding refereeing was the career for me.

    Justin Edinburgh

  • Comment number 26.

    Bristol Downs League, Division 2. 1998-ish. Corner comes over to the opposite corner of the penalty area (not a set-piece, just a badly overhit corner). Looks like its going over my head and out for a throw so I figured I may as well try and get something on it and I jump, falling backwards and rotating myself at the same time. Perfect connection and the ball flew into the top corner inside the near post. Not only that, but I went on to score the other in a 2-0 win.

    That was good enough, but later in the evening I went to a youth group event at Redland Green Tennis Club where a lad and two girls came up to me and asked if I was the guy that scored the overhead kick that afternoon.

    I'm not sure what made me happier: the goal or the comletely unexpected public recognition. Probably the former. Would have been the latter if one of the girls had accepted my romantic offer of a Pheonix From the Flames style re-enactment of the goal at her place later. Ah, how swiftly young love is crushed!

  • Comment number 27.

    The acrobatic finish matches the article for me, quality.

    Primary school, away cup match on a terribly wet winters day. Late in the game I set off a dribble down the right flank - no doubt dribbling around mud and potholes mainly but as I reach the edge of the box, I lose the size 4 Lotto boot from my kicking foot in the aforementioned mud. Undeterred, I prepare to loop in a cross - an almighty scrum has now formed in the box. Inspiration hits and I swerve the ball high over the 4ft keeper and high into the full-size nets. Get in, I'm mobbed... 4-4.
    Turned out to be real anti-climax as the opposition almost immediately bagged an undeserved, an more to the point, debatable winner. A combination of several muddy boots and hands took the ball over the line that day and yes, it still hurts… Hero-status was all to fleeting.

  • Comment number 28.

    Here in my butcher’s shop in Smollensk, where today my assistant Yuri is today make excellent goat’s blood sausage, we are think back on glorious achievements in local Smollensky Sunday league of footballs. And how we laugh about many great moments. Like the time when we have to play in pan-Russian Championships against AFC Dynamo Dynamo (they a factory team – factory make dynamo) in Magnetogorsk. And pitch is contaminate and one of Dynamo players get septic leg. Then favourite brilliant play by Yuri against ex-professional centre forward in Irkutsk team, Kosmos. Yuri is have trouble mark him in first half. Then in second Yuri advise forward that Big Oleg, local oligarch who is manage protections, know where forward and family is live. Froward cry like babies, fake injury and is spend last crucial half hour on bench. We beat Kosmos 12-10. Eat that Marco Paparazzi!

    As for me, it is game against local university team. I am play goals. It is 0-0 in second half and suddenly ball is burst. We looking round for spare and find only spherical top of Van der Graaf’s generator from university physics lab. We go one nil up when university goalie get out of way of scuffed shot (he drama student and want protect face) of Yuri. Then in dying seconds university forward is hit fierce drive towards top right hand corner. I am diving to punish away like Lev Yashin, when uneven trajectory of sphere swerve it towards head. I am knock unconscious, sphere is deflect outside box, and ref is blow final whistle. It is glorious victory and I am man of match and it well worth week in hospital. Though now I cannot remember what Uncle Sasha is look like.

  • Comment number 29.

    Playing for my local side U14s against the fantastically named Wansbeck McGuirk, I came up for a corner - watching as the ball swung in and was half cleared, it fell to my wrong foot... I took a touch, rounded the defender and finished with something not too dissimilar to aplomb...Not really that impressive I know, but for an unadventurously slow left back whose career tally barely breaks double figures it was a landmark goal...I spent the rest of the game trying to skin everyone and (unbelievably) succeeded...everyone else on the team couldn't understand it and for that day I thought I could do anything...
    I Went back to being to being an extraordinarily ordinary left back after that, but it gave me the belief that I could play if I wanted to and the following season I actually did play well...for a bit(passing, movement, overlapping, free kicks, corners, the lot - what a cultured left boot!) before becoming inexplicably awful again (I blame the distraction of girls, music and alcohol...)
    It all culminated when I tried to take on a few players whilst inside my own half away in horrendous conditions against a team far superior to ours... I got past the first one, then played the ball past the second...didn't have the speed to reach it...lost possession. The opposition played a few passes and shot from the swirling wind our keeper didn't know where the ball was going and ended up colliding head on with the post, putting himself in hospital with a great gash in his head....comedy blood spurting like the black knight from The Holy Grail or something from Kill Bill; even the referee ran away in disgust. He blames me to this day...don't know why...
    The downward spiral was complete, and my mate's got a bloody big scar on his forehead to prove it! I've never skinned anyone since...

  • Comment number 30.

    P.S...Dan, what a cracker...always enjoy your blog and Footy Focus. Good lad!

  • Comment number 31.

    Great Blog Dan.

    Had a classic moment last year playing for my 5 a-side team at uni. I was playing up front and the ball was played to me from midfield. As it rolled towards me I deliberately ran past it (a la Pele against that goalie at the World Cup) leaving the fat defender stranded, before running around the other side of him. Was about 20 yards out so thought I'd try and cap this piece of skill with a cracking finish.

    Unfortunately the keeper tipped it over, but was still a rare piece of class!

    Ruel Fox

  • Comment number 32.

    Hey Dan, hope your kids are getting better and sweet overhead mate...pure brilliance.

    One of my finest moments came when we were playing doubles with the one goal. The Keeper kicked the ball really far out and so I raced to get it, brought it back just slightly after the halfway line of the normal sized pitch and I looked at the goals and then the ball and thought bugger it i'll give it a shot...............low and behold it stayed in midflight and went in sweetly just below the crossbar = SWEET.

  • Comment number 33.

    Alright Dan, nice tech-ers with the bicycle kick..

    I've had a few good moments with a five iron in my hand but not many on the football pitch. I wanted to be the school goalie when I was at secondary school but until I grew and stretched out in Year 11, I was rounder than a football, ate from a trough and spent my days snuffling for truffles. But, when I did grow, I grew to 6ft3 and all of a sudden, I found myself - finally, in year 13 - as No.1 choice between the forward, debut, I get lobbed early on and we go one nil down, we pull it back, the game dips in quality as a Lincolnshire-rainstorm passes through the town, then, after a period of scrappy schoolboy football in the middle of the park, they play a long ball over the top, I rush out, I make myself 'big',I think to myself 'peter schmeichel, peter schmeichel, peter schmeichel'....and one of my centre-back MULLERS their forward from behind. Penalty, 85th minute...

    I stare the penalty taker down and do the Dudek shuffle, he runs up.. I see him open himself up, he's hittin it to the right, I follow the ball, dive left, stretch out reaching like Peter Crouch playing Inspector Gadget in a Hollywood blockbuster and fingertip the ball left. The ball misses the post and goes out for a corner. I crash down to the floor. I dislocate my shoulder.

    The referee tries in vain to pop my shoulder back in, he fails but it doesn't matter. As I trundle off the pitch to a ripple of applause I am proud of my save, proud that I have prevented the team going 2-1 down and I breathe in the triumph..

    Just as I am about to step in to the changing-room, I think to myself, I need to look back, like a General looking over the field of battle at the end of a long, successful day, I need to shoot one more glance at the spot where I conquered. I turn round, grimacing in pain, shoulder in hand, and watch as the substitute keeper drops the ball from the corner, and the same striker I had thwarted just a few painful moments ago, pounces and taps the ball in off his shin.

    I will never forget and I will never forgive!!! have a good show tomorrow mate, ross,

  • Comment number 34.

    i remember playing in a teesside junior alliance game for yarm town boys back in the early 90's. as a holding midfielder turned left back i'd never troubled the scores on a regular basis.
    as i was the only left footer in the team i was generally stood over all free-kicks, although never actually taking them, until one day.
    picture the scene: 25 yrds out, central and for some reason i got to hit it. it dipped and curlled round the wall crashing down of the under-side of the bar and bouncing down and back into play. the ref wasn't sure if it had gone in so asked the women stood behind the goal if it had crossed the line. my mam said it had. :)

  • Comment number 35.

    For everyones general enjoyment: Pele's dummy

  • Comment number 36.

    My finest sporting moment would be either at school when playing football, I was one of the unfashionables, who couldn't afford the best footballs and shinpads, bu none of that mattered, when I was weirldly selected to take my teams's penalty, I just hit it (It was one of those light balls that curves easily) and it curved superbly over the goalie, and this was a really good goalie, that was special

  • Comment number 37.

    Great blog again Dan and a great goal!
    I wish I could match all these tales of great goals but unfortunately I only managed to master the art of the tap in and scoring scrappy goals. Hopefully this means my crowning football moment is yet to come!
    Stephane Guivarch

  • Comment number 38.

    Great blog, great video. Have always rated Kevin Davies.

    My top sporting moment: having been shown the hell choke only the week before, I managed to pull it off in a grappling competition against a good friend in the gold medal match. Sweetest moment of my fledgling grappling career, and I lived off it for weeks afterwards :)

  • Comment number 39.

    I scored once. It was dead good.

  • Comment number 40.

    Nice overhead goal by the way, I couldn't do it in a million years...

    Mr Spoon

  • Comment number 41.

    Great blg as always mate, and great goal.

    My best moment is one of two:
    1. Almst a carbon copy of yours, in the park with a mate crossing it, no bar though!
    2. Local 6-a-side league, playing the 'rough' team, and it's played through to me, i'm bearing down on the ball and the nutter at the back is bearing down on me. Quite clear i'm going to get clobbered, but i manage to get there first,score and then et kicked 6 feet into the air.

    On a different sport, having the players off both teams applaude when i play a squash shot behind my back and cut into the corner for the perfect drop - still lost the game though!

  • Comment number 42.

    Scoring in a the winner in a 3-2 win in the Bedford Sunday League, there was 20 minutes left and we got free kick mid way in the opponents half so me and my mate decided to take a wander from centre back and get in the box, the ball floated in and was flicked on at the near post by my centre back partner, the keeper flapped it in the air, it got headed back towards goal and was cleared off the line and was dropping towards me, having drifted from the penalty spot over to the left wing area, I took a touch to put it on my right foot about 18-20 yards out and went to cross it in, being a centre back I got it wrong and instead of crossing it in, I curled a beauty into the far top corner, we went on to finish 2nd in the league by 2 points, so I tell my mates I scored the goal that got us promoted.

  • Comment number 43.

    Have you got another profile on here Dan...?

    6. At 1:11pm on 25 Mar 2010, The_Honey_Monster wrote:
    Dan Walker

    BBC's finest

  • Comment number 44.

    Mr Walker - another 'ripper' of a blog - many thanks. Also hope the kids feel better soon!

    One from the highs and one from the lows from me - the lows I think all will love:

    Playing footie on the double tennis courts (which were concrete) in my school days the courts themselves whilst not full length of course were almost a full pitch width so crossing was always a good option. Playing a kickaround game at lunchtime I'd made a canter to the edge of the imaginary box (the goal itself was in front of a closed gate with had two poles and a bar across the top that were near-perfect goal dimensions). As the ball sailed in on a fairly low pinged direction I arrive, body open, as the ball was about to hit the turf, holding off one of my friends on my right shoulder I struck the ball on the volley with the inside of my foot from about 15 yars out and watched in absolute amazement as it curled wildly beyond the keepers grasp, clipped the top of the bar above the gate, smashed the chainlink fence (aka back of the net)! An absolutely brilliant finish from a frankly poor footballer - Bergkamp would have been proud of it - and I was promptly given an impromtp verse of 'there's only two Dennis Bergkamps'! Amazing

    Unfortunately this is one of the funniest but also lowest moments I've seen in a football. My 11-aside team were having a training session one midweek summers evening. Our team's a good close-knit group that likes a laugh and we were having a quick 5-a-side game. Then had a break, during which we were kicking the ball about... I attempted a place curler and scuffed it so the ball limply rolled towards the keeper who came out to collect it. He received the ball, took a touch and took a few jogged steps out of goal, ala Higuita I suppose... He then tried a Crufff turn with it, had his legs too close together and totally misjudged himself, tripped himself up and in the process actually broke his knee!! He was out for over a year (as our first and only really competitive keeper). We absolutely wet ourselves for the first five seconds until his grimace of pain turned into an increasingly-loud groan and we realised something was badly wrong! Thankfully he's fully recovered and in the sticks for us again these days - and he has the humour to have a proper laugh about it... Such a freak incident though...

    Cheers all - happy Thursdaying!

  • Comment number 45.

    I don't know if the moderators are more laid-back on Robbo's blog (I gather your the same people), - however over on his blog people get away with mild swearing and other general rudness where as on here that is not the case.

    In post 21 I feel I sufficiently covered the language that was hurled at me from the opposition when I scored my wonder goal by the opposition, so to have a comment removed I took a lot of time over is franky ridiculious.

    Wob't go into as much depth this time.

    Think Messi v Getafe, with a little something ectra, - honestly it was that good!!

  • Comment number 46.

    losing 4-1 against a scratch side, i told my striker parter as we kicked off after their goal, screw it, i'm shooting.

    top corner, off the cross bar, from the half way line.

    cue madness

  • Comment number 47.

    2nd Hole at Mendip Spring golf club. Sporting a hangover, a crisp 8 Iron 143 yards, that looked like it was never going anywhere else, the words 'Oh that is all over the flag' came out and in she dropped for my one and only hole-in-one so far. For some reason I was using a pink ball that day but it does look good on the mantlepiece!

    Now I know I was probably one of hundreds of people who got an Ace that day but it's great feeling!

    Great blog as per usual Dan but only one mention of food and that was 'Mixed nuts'. Whats going on there?!

  • Comment number 48.

    Nice one Dan, Lineker i'm sure is jealous.

    My best achievement on the pitch was in a 7-a-side league on astroturf one friday night. It was a top of the table clash against what can only be described as a bunch of hallions (Northern Irish word for lout) the dirtiest team in the league.
    We were trying to play football, they were only interested in kicking lumps out of us and this was on astroturf! So after several burnt elbows and knees there were 5 minutes to go, the score was 0-0, I was standing on the edge of the 'd' being marked by their 2 centre backs.
    My mate was out on the right wing and played a wicked cross heading straight for me, I managed to get a yard of space and took the ball down on my chest with my back to goal, then took a touch on the turn with my left foot and slapped it into the top corner on the bounce with the same foot. I had never, before or since, managed to score a goal like that with my standing foot, cue a bit of an over exuberant celebration amid foul mouthed abuse and threats on my life.
    We held out for the 1-0 victory and made good our escape to the car afterwards unscathed (bar the wounds of the battle, namely the weeping elbows and knees after hitting the astroturf floor every time you rode a challenge)

    Hugo Porfirio

  • Comment number 49.

    Afternoon all. Too many comments... my brain is melting. Some top draw anecdotes everywhere you look.

    I have just got to write some scripts for the programme and I shall come and address things properly. In the mean time... keep them coming.

    Steve Sedgeley

  • Comment number 50.

    Proves your a popular guy dan and that the beeb should definately give you a contract extension and pay

    Looking forward to saturdays show.

    Nenad Milijaś

  • Comment number 51.

    Every dog has his day!

  • Comment number 52.

    great blod dan

    sporting highlight. passing tim henman with an inside out forehand down the line on the wimbledon training courts........aged 10! there was a youth tennish scheme started years back and the first 10 clubs to register to it in the country got to send their top two players to wimbledon for an hour and a halfs coaching session. 30 mins with henners and and hour with his then coach david phelgate. in one of the drills we were doing back hands, obviously with henman in the usual coaching stance at the net. he gave me a relatively poor feed that bounced in line with the middle of my body. forgetting who i was playing against, instinct stepped in and i stepped round the ball to crack it down the line with my forehand! the whole incident was made 10 times better and that much sweeter by henmans (frankly sour) next words when he said, "that wasn't a back hand was it"............utter and complete jubilation and a moment i will never forgett!

    Jonathan Rowland

  • Comment number 53.

    Hey Dan,
    Nice to read a bit of harmless good fun. You should have paid the fine for sky-ing the one volley over the trees. You should have paid another fine for the boots. At first I thought you were wearing cycling shorts too, they would have incurred a fine and a prison sentence.
    My best moments were in goal at college (inter-mural)and I do not need to bore anyone with them. My worst moments were loosing track of time when I was reffing. Glad to leave all that behind.

    One other thing Dan, I think Lawro and Dixon have too much fun at your expense. Every now and then give it back to them. There has be thousands of yards of footage of them on (and off) the pitch making a donkey of themselves. Here is a suggestion, the last FF of the season should feature a special report on 'bloops' of the season- good bit of fun, somehow or other a few of Dicko & Laurie's finest moments could just find their way in. Recruit some Spurs / Evertonian archivists to dig some film out and also reward in advance your production team, then the job is done. What would the consequences be.... would they take the Mickey out of you next season any more than they have this season?

    ALSO HOPE THE KIDS GET BETTER. BY 2ND CHILD HAD A BAD FEVER, VOMITING ETC so we took her to the doc he prescribed lucozade (US equivalent at lest), then he charged us $206. Two hours later she stopped vomiting anyway.

  • Comment number 54.

    I remember playing for one of the worst Sunday League teams ever. We won one game all season, and that game was in the cup when we beat the top of the league in the division above us! Hence massive celebrations - only I was injured for that game, so I guess I was the problem. Anyway, my finest moment was in a pre-season game for Witton Gilbert (said 'great' team.) I was the ref in the first game, and gave away a penalty to the opposition. It was in all fairness a handball. But, credit to the lad in goal, he saved it (along with my blushes.) Second half came, and i got my chance as the marauding right winger, terrorising one of the lads from my sixth form at left back. I chased him back, forcing him to play it back to their goalie (who, incidentally, had been on holiday with me the month previous with the sixth form.) I nipped in behind the left back, hoping to beat the goalie to the ball. I went to slide tackle the goalie (why?) but he cleared it on the corner, just outside the box. As my body was already on the floor, the ball connected with my nose and powered into the empty net. Cue embarrassment on all accounts. But since the opposition had only seconds before scored a screamer and celebrated with a cartwheel, I did too. We lost 5-3. Next game was the League opener, and we lost 10-0. I dropped back to left back second half and won M.O.M. Crazy!

  • Comment number 55.

    This was only at school - and I tried it virtually every day for 2 years - but I scored a full on Di Canio strike. The ball was punted up field, came over my shoulder and I took it on a scissor kick volley first time straight into the top corner. I've since tried to replicate it and failed miserably every time.

  • Comment number 56.

    Last season can be defined as a relegation battle for the team I play for. Very early on it was clear we were in the dogfight.

    During mid-season we went through a period of high scoring games, one of the most memorable being a 5-5 on rainy day in November. I scored 4 of our 5 goals which in itself makes this encounter hugely memorable but it's my second goal which I'd like to talk about.

    5 minutes after the break, after some scrappy playaround the edge of the box, my strike partner edged the ball in my direction. I had my back to goal around two yards outside the box (relatively central, slightly to the goalkeepers right). I flicked it up, swivelled and hit it clean on the volley into the top corner a la Thierry Henry against Fabien Barthez. I still have dreams about that strike...

    The similarity of the goal to Henry's effort was mentioned in the changing room afterwards and then my manager stated...'It was better than Henry's, you had to beat a normal-sized goalkeeper...'

    Efan Ekoku

  • Comment number 57.

    Top blog, top goal Dan.

    Finest sporting moment for me, scoring a hat trick of corners at under 13's. After the first one went in I got some abuse from one of the dads from the opposition team saying it was a fluke (yep, you read right, a parent, not a fellow 12 year old as one would ordinarily assume) then I popped a couple more in!

    Should have hung the boots up then really..

  • Comment number 58.

    Great Blog Dan. I am looking forward to hearing you at the youth rally in tandragee in 3rd week in april.

    But my best sporting moment would have to be for my rugby team Lurgan against our heated rivals larne in the first game of our season. we are loosing 16-9 in the last 10 minutes, but one of our guys was sin binned so we only had 14 men. We looked nower near gettin a win, being camped in our own 22. But on the blindside of a ruck, our flanker picked the ball up, i wa in support but his pass didnt go to hand, but I improvised and kicked the ball on and outpaced their winger(Im scrumhalf) collectedd the ball and one the long footrace to the line. My team went mad and piled on me. One of the best sporting moments of my life! We converted to take the lead and went on to win the game.

  • Comment number 59.

    My greatest moment, is also my most recent. In February, I was visiting with the in-laws in Rio de Janeiro, and my two brothers-in-law suggested we have a kick about. At 34 I wasn't expecting much, they were younger, Brazilian and I hadn't played a game since breaking a toe a few years before in a 5-a-side game.

    We were playing two vs two, attacking one goalie, with some other local lads joining in and I was paired with a kid who was frighteningly good. I was holding my own in the kick about (Not running too much, spraying passes around, and not bothering to try to match any of them for skill) when the ball fell to me outside the area. I looked up to see my team mate, making a bee line for the goal and I shaped to stick a pin point cross onto his head, when I saw the goalie move to cover the cross, a slight change of posture and I chipped him instead, the ball going in off the angle of post and bar. The look on his face as he realised he'd be caught in no mans land was priceless, especially as he was one of the brothers-in-law (the 6ft 6ins one).

    Low point, at school heading for goal during the lunch time kickabout/free-for-all and I had my legs taken out from under me, from behind, by a lad a couple of years younger than me. getting smacked down onto solid concrete hurt like hell. So thanks for that, Birmingham player Lee Bowyer.

  • Comment number 60.

    Nottingham University vs Crewe - 1995 picked up the ball in left midfield about 30 yards out and curled a beauty into the top corner.


  • Comment number 61.

    It's great that we all have those "Messi" goals in us but the "David James" moments are far funnier. I managed to miss a tap in at the back post from less than two feet but the best bit was that I put it over the bar!

  • Comment number 62.

    Dan Walker for 2010 World Cup :P

  • Comment number 63.

    I was playing left mid at the time, contrary to most of my career at centre back. An away game in West London, only a handful of spectators opting to watch us. An attack down the opposite flank, the ball breaks to me on the edge of the box and I launch an unstoppable shot into the top right hand corner, no chance for the keeper.

    It was my own goal. My attempted clearance rocketed in. Winner.

  • Comment number 64.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 65.

    Afternoon all.

    Great to see you are getting stuck in. I've had a good giggle reading those anecdotes.

    Well done Enough with the spoons (#1).

    Bristolcymro (#2) Excellent mention of Billy's Boots! No reason why you can't claim a little credit for that.

    DDSmart (#4) You want to keep that to yourself. I was once thrashed by a 12 year old at tennis when I was in my mid 20's. I have spent the last few years trying to blank it out.

    HudsonLA (#5) If only there was footage of said incident. You could have a career in half time entertainment!

    The Duke (#9) Good idea. I've spent many an afternoon with one goal obscurred from view in the Everton press box.

    Hendry's Superhuman (#10), rob_of_the_rovers - the real one not the imposter (#12), Bav (#18) are 3 great tales matched by many others.

    AddickCW (#11) If I were you I would retire now. It can only get worse as Antony Hull (# 15) will tell you.

    JoC (#13) I'd be there if asked pal but I know my place in the food chain. I think I'll get the call if Paul Danan turns them down.

    Davemathieson (#16) welcome brother. I'd give it to you everyday.

    Konnolsky (#28) Poetic, random, slighty mad but brilliant!

    TheScarlettWarrior (#30) Always good to have a scar as a permanent reminder of a great moment. I'm sure your mate appreciates that.

    Stroke of Luka (#31) so close to perfection. Excellent reference to 'fat defender'.

    Rossfox (#33) Dislocated shoulders are never a good thing. My mate at university once popped his out whilst wearing a velcro fly suit. Painful but very humourous.

    Downingforengland (#34) Ignore everyone else… your mum knows best.

    Pilgrim_mike (#36) Curling a penalty over a keeper? That must have been a beauty!

    Rob K (#38) Excellent wrestling moment. Shame you didn't mention Brett the Hitman Hart.

    SouthernFairy (#39) Wonderful lack of verbosity.

    Surreybloke123 (#43) Not me officer. Some poor deluded soul.

    Jurynow (#47) I can almost picture it now. On the mixes nuts question… sometimes you've gotta keep food on the down low.

    Keep them coming comrades. See you soon.

    Neil Webb

  • Comment number 66.

    It was a five-a-side game with a bunch of mates at University. With my back to goal, a team mate passed the ball towards my feet with a fair bit of pace on it. Realising I was quite close to goal, I decided to dummy the goalkeeper by shaping my body to receive the ball and swivel in one direction. Rather than taking the ball with me, I simply stepped over the ball without touching it. The goalie was completely wrong footed and the ball sweeped into the far corner.

    All nine other players were completely gobsmacked at what they had just witnessed. And to this date it is the single most genius thing I have done to assist a goal without actually touching the ball. The goal went to my teammate but everybody knew the genius they had just seen.

  • Comment number 67.

    I've got two moments that spring to mind.

    1) Playing for my local Scout group in a city wide 5 a side circa 1997, I was in goal when I decided to shoot as we were getting mauled and, frankly, I'd lost my temper. The other keeper didn't move... it skipped off the wet astroturf at twice the speed I'd hit it and nestled itself tidily in the corner.

    2) Playing for my 7 a side team at Uni, and once more a team I played for was getting taught a lesson. My mate rolled the throw to me (under arm throw ins...) and I ran on to it, and drilled it first time from about 25 yards from goal. And the goals were very, very small. The ball stayed at about an inch above the pitch the whole way, and was in the net before I'd blinked. Two games later I did my medial ligaments though, and haven't played a full game since!!

  • Comment number 68.

    In a 5 a side game, playing in goal, I saved a shot, managing to put it straight into the basketball net. I claimed that I'd meant to do it, but was of course lying!

    Ludek Miklosko

  • Comment number 69.

    As a chronic sufferer of tourettes my greatest sporting moment was leaving the pitch having played for Australia without having said 'Baawling Shaaane' once; I felt like a muppet every time I said it.


    Adam Gilchrist

  • Comment number 70.

    With 5 minutes left of the game and the score at 2-2 I had drifted up the pitch from right back in a hopefull attempt to increase our likelyhood of scoring. After a game of ariel ping-pong in the centre circle somehow the ball was poked out to me, and I ran past two or three half hearted challenges aiming for the right corner of their box. At this stage their over confident and annoyingly lippy captain and centre back closed me down and for a few second there was a Ronaldo-esue moment of stillness. Days before I had been playing around with skills, and for some reason I thought this was a good time to slip in an elastico, some how it worked and I felt like I had slashed the defenders ego...
    It helped that my cross, with my weaker foot, found a player and he scored a looping header over their flailing keeper in a hilariously poor attempt to stop it.

  • Comment number 71.

    Good to see everyone seems to be enjoying the blog this week!

    Totò Schillaci

  • Comment number 72.

    Best footballing moment for me:

    I'm pretty much the brute central defender who lumps the ball forward at an opportunity. Anyway, I'm standing at the half way line whilst some of our forwards are doing their thing up front, the ball gets cleared and is set to land about 10 yards in front of me. I run up to it, it (accidentally) bounces off my thigh. It somehow bounces a perfect speed and distance in front of me. I carry on running for a few more steps as the ball loops its way down and leather it at about knee height. Ball ends up a bit to the left of the top right corner. Beauty.

  • Comment number 73.


  • Comment number 74.

    Hello again. Just about to leave the office of dreams. Couldn't resist another look.

    Good to see the stories are still flowing in.

    Jimothus (#66) You paint a very impressive picture of that one.

    East Mids Sky Blue (#67) Double strike bonanza. The candle that burns brightest burns shortest my friend. A great loss to the game.

    Paul Faithfull (#68) It's long been a dream of mine to combine sports in that way. Whenever I play with mates on a Tuesday night I can't resist leathering the ball into a hockey net at the side of the pitch… why is it so satisfying?

    Jason Wilkins (#69) Welcome Adam. Lovely to have you on.

    CHRISSAMBA (#70) Nothing better than silencing a lippy ape with some skills. Don't worry about the comedy keeper - a goal is a goal is a goal.

    Surreybloke123 (#71) I am sure someone somewhere is bubbling with rage. It's bound to come out.

    Simon (#72) It's a classic. The knee control plus sweat strike always goes down well. If only you could replicate it every week.

    I'm off home. Back in early tomorrow to film the opening at Spurs.

    See you soon.

    Graham Fenton

  • Comment number 75.

    Hi Dan. My best footballing moment was in two matches. I had just started playing football on a real size pitch and in my first match I was put though but the keeper got their first and banged into my legs. I wasn't wearing any shinpads and the pain was immense. However I got up and got the ball 30 yards out. Skilled 5 defenders just to get to the edge of the box with 3 more defenders and a highly skilled goalkeeper in my way. I curled the ball into the top corner like nihat vs Czech. In the same match when it was 1-1 I got the ball 20 yards out and curled the ball in again. Top corner. It was hard coz we were playing with an old mitre injury kept me out of school for a week. The next match I played despite my injury and I was made captain and with my terrible team 2-0 down I scored a hatrick with three loners. After that I thought I was David Villa. Since then I have had injury problems to my knee and thus I have lost 2 seconds off my 100 metre time of 13 seconds. That was my moment and I will remember it forever.

  • Comment number 76.

    Finest footballing moment:

    During a penalty shootout for a non-important cup, I was between the sticks and it went to sudden death. I managed to pull off a stunning diving save at the top left corner and we got the trophy. Made me feel like I could stop a strike from henry or Van Nistelrooy.

    Adners Svensson

  • Comment number 77.

    I suppose my finest sporting moment is when I was standing at a line-out and one of my mates shouts over from the touchline that my flies are undone. The hooker takes the throw and the ball hits me on the head as I'm looking down. Then again, the time I ran the wrong way when playing cricket was a tough one. I just hit the ball and instrictively started running, but we'd been playing a lot of softball so my insticts were a bit wonky. It took a while to live that one down.

  • Comment number 78.

    greatest moment - playing in goal and running out to take the ball of the strikers toes and smashing a long clearance all the way down the pitch over my mate in the other goal.

    Funniest moment - failing to catch a ball properly and promptly juggling it into my own net. made all the more worse by the fact that EVERYONE including my own team had turned round and walked off and were only aware of my mistkae by the stream of expletives that left my mouth :-)

  • Comment number 79.

    Running down the wing. Cut inside the full back, look up for a cross, running out of pitch... Nobody to play the ball to. Goalkeeper is edging out. I cut across the ball with the outside of my foot, on some sort of sudden instinct, and fire it straight into the far corner... practically -on- the touchline.

    People almost died watching it, that's how good a goal it was.

  • Comment number 80.

    Seriously? The moment I fell off the rowing erg machine with one of the best scores on the freshman team, much to everyone's surprise, especially mine. It was around 3250, not that that means anything to anyone. My friend Andy, who won an Olympic gold medal, had something like 3600. As close as I ever got to the Olympics.

    I watched my friend throw a frisbee from fifty yards away and thought: this is useless, trying to play frisbee with a green frisbee on a green hill on a moonless night...and lost myself in appreciation of how pretty the night was...until the frisbee broke my nose.

  • Comment number 81.

    Favourite sporting moment has to be me (the goalie) outscoring our 2nd striker in a series of 5 minute cameos in Uni 6 a side last season. The fact that he only got 2 the whole season in no way detracted from my achievement.

  • Comment number 82.

    Playing for Canterbury university vs Burwood in Christchurch, New Zealand. ACtually there's two very memorable moments from this match. We won the match 2-0 and I scored both goals. The first was a screamer from near the half way line where I cut inside from the lin e and just let rip. It went in the top of the net straight over the 6 foot something keeper. I tried to recreate this the next day by myself and couldn't get close. Now you would think the second goal can't be another one but I mention this more for our bizarre it was. The ball was crossed in and I hit it from just inside the box but it ballooned up off my boot really high in the air and looped in over the keeper!!!

  • Comment number 83.

    As a Bolton fan I couldn't help but notice your blog featured on the front page with mention of Kevin Davies and what a good read and clip it was.

    I played a lot of football over the years, from a Brewery team to Bisham Abbey and managed to bang in a few along the way that I remember happily. I coached when I first came to the States 20 years ago but the highlight of it all was three years ago when my son's football club arranged a Lads v Dads game at the end of their season. I did extra treadmill duty for a couple of weeks beforehand and scored a few that day but the best memory of all my footballing exploits came about by just being on the same pitch as my own son. I couldn't walk properly for a couple of weeks afterwards but no need to tell him that eh!

  • Comment number 84.

    Top blog as always Dan.
    My top moment would have to be about 6 months ago, in the Altona Thursday night Division 3 Indoor Soccer League (They call it Soccer out here in Melbourne, the dozeys..).
    Anyway, it was a tightly contested game. I picked up the ball on halfway, out on the right. I was looking for a ball to play but all our men seemed to be tightly marked. I noticed a gap to the keepers right and with the outside of my right foot curled the ball top corner. players from both sides, plus the ref, were stunned into either silence or laughter, while I stood chest puffed out, arms aloft, a la Cantona v Sunderland in '97.

  • Comment number 85.

    That goal ... you are some boy and to have the evidence as well, classic.

    Sadly, of the top of my head, I have no classic footy moments that I can immed pin point, but I was proud of the time I won the Under 14's BB Down Batallian Table Tenis Competition, and go back and retain it the following year. Beat that!! Unfortunately I went on to fail my Ulster trail and the rest is history!

    Another proud achievement was visiting Wayne McCullough a couple of times in Las Vegas and sparring with him in ihs gym. Again I have the video evidence of that whole trip, which I will treasure.

    Suggestions for White Heart Lane. Get yourself and the old boys of the sofa to do a bit of penalities or something that we can laugh at. More hands on stuff form Lawro and co to laugh at is always worth watching.

    Phil Thompson

  • Comment number 86.

    As a (slow) centre back with questionable technique, I treasure every ball i can stick in the back of the net. Just last year in a six a side game, I broke up the oppositions play with a timely interception and steamed forward Ricardio Carvahlo style to the two defenders. I was coming at pace (yeah right!) so they were hanging back until one of them started to approach me as I got 20 yards from goal. Most players would have skinned him. I on the other hand decided that wouldnt work and with my uncultured left boot, i decided to curl the ball around the defender, aiming for the bottom left corner. The defender was obstructing my view so it was a bit of hit and hope, with the hope being the goalkeeper was as unsighted as i was. Anyway, the ball curled in bouncing once on the way and the keeper could only stand and watch.

  • Comment number 87.

    Great blog theme Dan - and your goal had the lazy elegance of Berbatov. Reassuring to see I'm not the only one who remembers the pathetically rare moments of moderate skill as though they were watershed moments in the development of modern football.


    1. My only EVER league goal (I was a decent centre half who got nosebleeds beyond the half way line) between the ages of 10 and 16 was for Devizes Town under 12s. Rubbish goal - low ball from corner pinged out to me 6 yards out. Controlled with right foot, moved to weaker left foot and slotted past the keeper. The sixth goal in a 10-1 win - hardly decisive, but the fact I was playing against a team containing all my schoolmates made it so sweet. Sad or what.

    2. Staying at youth hostel in Germany during year 9 school trip in '97, we played a group of German lads who we'd not got off to the best of starts with (I remember flick knives being displayed upon our arrival). Anyway, we arranged 7 a side match branded the Euro 96 semi-final replay. With the score at 2-2 with a minute left we won a corner. I sat back, but there were no options for the taker so I called for it. It rolled perfectly across me from the left so I could strike a low, hard curler with my right foot from the edge of the box. It went in off the post - cue celebration from the entire English contingent of moderately xenophobic teachers and students (this was perhaps the best attended schoolboy 7 a side game in history) - immediately followed by the final whistle as though it was the plot of a cheesy film. What makes this better is an old school friend who played in that game, who I've not seen in 10 years, still reminds me of it whenever we happen to make contact as though it was one of the greatest moments of his life too! A goal that is still revered 13 years on - by people/a person other than me, and it beat the Germans. Truly life-affirming.

  • Comment number 88.

    I was in year 11, I was 15. For a few years my form, 11G, had played a series of rivals with another class in our school, 11B. We had had some epic games, the first one a 5-4 win for G (my team) after extra time and a 7-3 mauling for us. We have been beaten, with 6-2 and 3-0 reverses but on the whole, we had won the lion's share of games.

    So, it comes to an inset day, and thanks to a no-show from our left back, I move out of my normal position to fill in the awol full back. Turns out to be a dull, dull game with very few chances. Sooo, it's nearing the end of the game. After one of my many forays forward from left back, I can't find the energy to retreat as B start a late counter attack. It turns out to be a pretty lame attempt and our defenders deal with it easily, with a massive hoof upfield from the centre-back. It was literally the 90th minute and I am still hovering to the left of the oppostion's penalty area, with a loose marker nearby. I realise the beast of a clearance is heading towards me, so I make a half hearted effort to bring it under control. It bounces off my knee, about 30 yards out, to the left of the goal, and it's at that perfect height to volley it. Sooo, with one thing in my mind, I swing my right foot at it. It connects brilliantly and I watch the ball loop over the keeper, past the outstretched hand and into the top right corner. Jubiliation follows, and my team mates swarm me to share my moment with me.

    You must understand that although I usually play as a striker, my style is straightforward and it is rare for me to score goals of real beauty. But it remains to this day the best goal i've scored, made even better that it won the game in the dying minutes. Funny how after the opposing team's kickoff, suddenly i'm bursting with energy for a whole minute, until the final whistle, i've never played with such intensity.

  • Comment number 89.

    Great blog Dan but these namechecks of footballers just aren't obscure enough! Where are the likes of Adrian Paz, Duncan Jupp, Mark Rivers, David Tuttle, Andy Petterson, Adrian Coote, Dean Gorre, Robert Niestroj, John Karelse, Mark Lever and Pierre Laurent?

    The suggestions that the likes of Steve Sedgley, Ruel Fox and Jeremy Goss are obscure are just not good enough. Sorry to spoil your fun by being a big pedant.

    These should give you food for thought:

  • Comment number 90.

    Cracking blog once again Dan - who'd have thought that I'd be posting a reply within 12 hours and being down in the 90's?!

    It's the isolated moments of greatness that keep us all playing sport (my superb 92 2-dart check-out in a game of 301 and hat-trick against my brother when playing cricket in the garden spring immediately to mind). But there is one moment that really stands out.

    It took place on the Wales National course at the Vale of Glamorgan Golf Club. To say my golf skills are distinctly average is being kind, and the only reason I was playing was because we had corporate membership in work and it was free to play! I was on the 7th hole, had sliced my tee shot off to the right, and was in the light rough, about 130 yards from the green - there was a small matter of a large pond separating us! It just so happened that as I approached my ball, a chap playing the parallel hole coming in the opposite direction had sliced his ball right also, and was a couple of metres from me. Being a gent, he looked at me and said "after you". In that moment, I believe I felt the kind of pressure that John Terry was under when he stepped up for that penalty against United. However, I took my 7 iron out of my bag, composed myself, swung my club and connected with the ball in the sweetest of fashions. It sailed through the air, over the pond, and stopped quickly on the green, about 6 feet from the hole.
    The bloke looked at me again and remarked "good shot mate". I gave him a nod, picked up my golf bag and went on my way, for the next 130 yards genuinely feeling that I was as good as Tiger Woods..... until I 3 putted that was!!

  • Comment number 91.

    Not obscure enough! I've heard of Duncan Jupp and Dave Tuttle!

    How about Nicos Papavasiliou?

  • Comment number 92.

    I did once score an immense goal in an indoor five-a-side league match when at school. Began in my own half, flicked the ball up slightly over the leg of an onrushing opposition defender, nutmegged the next, pushed it past the final defender and sprinted round the other side to strike the ball cross goal with an impossible angle to beat the keeper. Sports hall went nuts and even had to run to those gathered on the sidelines for a high-five dash.

    HOWEVER...My footballing exploits pale into insignificance in comparison to those of my sister. Yes that's right. I was surprised to hear a few years ago, not long after my sister went off to Cambridge University that she had volunteered for the Pink Panthers (great team name) Emmanuel College Women's Team. Knowing from experience how woeful my sister was at anything sporty, particularly team sports, I was truly shocked to hear what happened next. Check the annals of Cambridge history - this goal went down as an all-time dream moment. With 89 minutes gone in the second match of the season, my sister came of the bench with time ticking down and scores tied at 2-2. She had NEVER played remotely competitive football before. With the clock ticking into stoppage time, a long ball was lumped forward in the general direction of my out-of-position sister (she was put on as a defender and stood unknowingly as if playing off the last man). As the ball dropped she was totally confused as to why people were shouting at her when the ball hit her on the back of the head (leaving her even more confused), looped from her position well outside the D, over the helpless opposition keeper! She was heralded as woman of the match, match winner and was named captain for the next game! Somehow she also went on to finish top scorer that season. Incredible.

    Great goal by the way Dan. You don't half run funny though.

  • Comment number 93.

    Great Blog Dan, enjoyed it!! Ridiculous volley as well...I can't believe you got it on video as well - something to show the grandkids...

    #28 made me laugh a lot...genius!! #33 as well, brilliant!!

    Bjorn Kvarme

  • Comment number 94.

    Quite a few good moments in my sporting career so far. I'll choose one from the highest level I've played at...

    About 13 years old, was picked to join the Millwall School of Excellence. After impressing at the training sessions on Thursday nights with Fudge et al (a coach I'm sure somebody else knows...), I was picked to play for the Academy team. I was on the bench for the first half whilst the 'regulars' did their thing, before being brought on for the second half on the right wing. Scored a clinical goal from the angle of the 18 yard box, before scoring a back heel at the corner of the 6 yard box from a corner.

    Unfortunately I developed Osgoodschlatters disease soon after, and never played for Millwall again due to funding issues when I returned to full fitness. My Sussex career never played out either due to having a blinding hangover at the trials...

    My other memory is from recently; Playing in the middle of town in Haywards Heath with plenty watching while walking their dogs, scoring a goal strikingly similar to Rooney's v Arsenal at the Emirates from this season - stroking it into the bottom corner from the edge of the box after running from deep; keeper didn't stand a chance!

    Andy by the way Dan, love the goal, although I wouldn't advise wearing flash boots below county level, you'll get 7 shades kicked out of you!

  • Comment number 95.

    Picture the scene:

    It's a sunny spring day over north-west London back in 199something. The twin towers of Wembley gleam only a couple of miles away. In a park next to a school, it's nearly the end of lunchtime, and a typically frantic game of football is drawing to a close.

    The score is something like 863-all and there's everything to play for. A young, tall lad is keeping goal, bravely hurling himself at the feet of the opposition and claiming crosses into the box, getting grass stains all over his charcoal trousers when the teachers start to come and get everybody inside. As the herd moves in, the football carries on, desperate to get a result. The next goal will settle it.

    After claiming another cross, the tall lad throws the ball out to one of his players, who whistles down the wing and fires in a shot that's saved for a corner. The two remaining girls watching the game don't even notice as the tall lad runs up, hoping his height will give his team an advantage, hanging just on the edge of the area ready to run in.

    The corner is banged in, but it doesn't go where everyone expects it. It arcs high, away from the penalty spot and towards the edge of the area, where the tall lad has reconsidered his run and waits for it. He sets himself, with his eyes on the ball all the time, winding up and waiting for it to drop. As it does, he takes one step with his left foot, and swings his right.

    THWACK is the sound that echoes round the park as his instep moulds itself round the ball. One or two players duck as it rockets past them, between the goalposts at head height, as the keeper dives despairingly late.

    The game is won. goal I ever scored. Absolutely amazing. Felt like everything was in slow motion for that second, all in harmony for just one moment...

    There's also my ridiculous basketball moment where I intercepted a pass and immediately went up the court, passed the ball through one guy's legs, flipped it over the head of the next guy and laid it up for two points - but then it was disallowed for travelling. :( I think my basketball career ended there.

  • Comment number 96.

    It was dinner break, sometime in the summer of 1987 and Mr Miseroys class were playing our arch rivals, Mr pierce's class for the umpteenth time that week. It was nearing the end of this clash and we found ourselves 2 - 1 up, thanks to a double by Shaun Evans but mr Pierce's side were showing signs of a comeback and had scored moments earlier when Mark lloyd poked home a scuffed cross by Gareth Williams which squirmed under our keepers foot (he was eating some Space raiders crisps ayt the time so couldn't use his hands). There was another attack by Mr Pierce's class which was broken down by our midfield enforcer Austin Gregg and bounced in my direction. Ball still bobbling, I swivelled around taped it it front of me, I was about 25 yards from goal when I looked up to see a crowd of players running towards me and the keeper a good 5 yards of his line. I looked down and connected with the ball at about 5 o'clock sending it up and over the crowd of defenders before gravity coaxed it back down just under the cross bar and into the netless goal.
    There was silence as I walked back to the centre circle with a huge grin on my face, then I could hear someone say "what a goal", and another comment "that was mega bad ace".
    The final whistle went (school bell) moments later and as we walked back to the class I was aproached by one of the bigger lads from the next year up, he was in the school football team and he said that it was one of the best goals he has ever seen.
    I was king of thwe world that day, I was Dalglish, I was Rush, hell I was Maradona. I had just scored the goal that would be the highlight of my football playing days and something that I would still remember clear as day 23 years later.

  • Comment number 97.

    Mine has to be the potential 147 I was on at Frames Snooker Hall in Sheffield back in 1996. I'd just watch Shearer and Sheringham destroy the Dutch 4-1 in the Euros, I was well refreshed having supped several pints during the match and my cueing arm was feeling spot on.

    I broke, leaving the white tight on baulk, my mate played a shot to nothing which went horrendously wrong, spreading all 15 reds into pottable positions but somehow leaving the black on it's spot.

    So here was my chance. I lined up the first red, and opted for a bit of left check side, unfortunately I got a shocking contact and missed it. Break over.

    Not played alot of snooker since.

  • Comment number 98.

    My best moment was also my worst. Blistering free kick came in curling. I managed to get by some miracle a hand on the ball but broke my wrist in the process. We had used up all our subs and I had to swap with an outfield player but had to come off five minutes later because of the pain and we finished the match a player down.

  • Comment number 99.

    Dan, at first glance on the home page, I thought you looked like Teddy Sheringham, you story has merely confirmed this. From now on, you will be known as Edward to me...

  • Comment number 100.

    "The moment didn't last too long because my next touch was a classic mid-shin that rocketed off at right angles to my intended target..."

    Keep the head up Dan - if you don't buy a ticket you'll never win the've got to be there to miss them...etc

    Brian Roy


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