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Tevez dispute turns nasty

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Dan Roan | 09:23 UK time, Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Despite his dramatic transfer request, I am told Carlos Tevez plans to report for duty at Manchester City's Carrington training ground on Tuesday afternoon following a four-day break in Tenerife.

And I understand that, after undergoing a minor eye operation in Italy before the Europa League match against Juventus on Thursday, City manager Roberto Mancini will hold talks with his captain in a bid to persuade him to stay.

But should the attempt fail, the dispute between player and club will then intensify.

On Monday, BBC Sport broke the news that City are not prepared to grant Tevez his wish of leaving Eastlands in January and are bracing themselves for legal action against the striker's adviser, Kia Joorabchian, if the Argentine refuses to play or retires.

The development was proof that this latest football saga is not just about Tevez's genuine heartache at being thousands of miles away from his daughters, who live in Buenos Aires with his estranged wife Vanessa.

Carlos TevezMan City fans want a swift resolution to the Tevez saga. Photo: AFP

The bigger picture is a developing power struggle between Joorabchian and City's board, especially chief executive Garry Cook. Two-and-a-half years ago, their relationship was healthy and mutually beneficial. Now it is deteriorating drastically, with the pair said to be communicating solely via email.

Having done business with Cook when he was a Nike executive in Brazil, Joorabchian, an ex-director at Sao Paolo giants Corinthians, recommended the Englishman to City's then owner Thaksin Shinawatra, who appointed Cook as chief executive in May 2008. In return, Joorabchian played a significant role as City went about their spending spree.

After brokering the £18m deal transfer of Jo from CSKA Moscow to City in 2008, Joorabchian continued to exert significant influence at Eastlands following the takeover of the club by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan in August 2008.

Joorabchian was reportedly involved in the first mega-signing by the new owners - the £32.5m purchase of Robinho from Real Madrid - and was alongside Cook when City officials met AC Milan representatives last year with a view to luring Kaka to Manchester.

In July 2009, City paid Tevez's representatives, including Joorabchian, who owned the player's economic rights, £25.5m to secure his services after his decision to leave arch rivals Manchester United.

However, over the last two seasons, encouraged by City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak and with Uefa's "financial fair play" rules looming into view, the club have made a concerted effort, led by City's football adminstrator Brian Marwood, to reduce the amount of money paid to agents and 'advisers' like Joorabchian.

This has paid off, with City halving their annual outlay on fees from £12.8m to just under £6m, although one well-placed City source suggested that Joorabchian resents the resultant loss of power, influence and earnings.

The club has compiled e-mail evidence which they believe proves that Joorabchian asked for a contract extension for Tevez earlier this season, contradicting the player's statement that he "could have signed an improved contract, offered by the club this season". They also point to Tevez's purchase of a second home in Manchester as evidence that the player is not necessarily intent on leaving the area and that other forces may be at play, namely Joorabchian's desire to engineer another big-money move. Joorabchian, they point out, also advises Mark Hughes, who was sacked by City last season.

City are upset by what the official described as "contradictory messages" coming from the Tevez camp. First, the striker was homesick and unhappy with Mancini. Then he had no personal gripe with the manager, blaming instead a rift with senior executives, a claim described as "ludicrous and nonsensical" by a City insider.

On Sunday, City went public, stressing in a statement that they were "particularly disappointed" by Joorabchian's role in the Tevez affair. Tevez said he "hugely resented" the suggestion he had been unduly influenced but there is a feeling at City that it is Joorabchian, more than Tevez, who is the problem.

Some may understandably ask precisely what City expected when they signed the Argentinian given Joorabchian and Tevez are no strangers to controversy. They first teamed up after the businessman's MSI company bought Corinthians in 2004 and secured the economic rights to the striker.

Two years later, Tevez was sold to West Ham and helped them stay in the Premier League, although the club were subsequently fined £5.5m for breaking rules on third-party agreements regarding player transfers and sued by relegated Sheffield United.

Tevez then joined Manchester United only to leave after a successful two-year 'loan spell' and despite the offer of a lucrative five-year contract and a £25.5m fee. United boss Sir Alex Ferguson hinted that Joorabchian's role in the player's contract negotiations had proved an obstacle to striking a deal.

Having been forced to sell Robinho to AC Milan this summer for half of what they paid for the Brazilian, City are in no mood to roll over again. The club are prepared to sell Tevez in the summer, on their terms, but not in January.

If Tevez is as unhappy about staying in Manchester as his associates suggest and refuses to play or retires, the club say they will sue for breach of contract, seeking tens of millions of pounds in compensation from Joorabchian himself. Given Tevez has three-and-a-half years left to run on a five-year contract worth around £10m a year, that could amount to a claim of around £35m.

A loan deal similar to the one agreed with Santos for Robinho is still possible as a compromise, but Dr Gregory Ioannadis, a lecturer in sports law at Buckingham University, fears the Tevez camp could ultimately win the day.

"If Tevez refuses to play or quits, breaching his contract, then that contract is rendered void and, because of the Bosman Rule, Tevez could then go and play for whoever he wants," said Ioannadis.

"It would then be normal for that club to pay the compensation. Ultimately the power lies with the player so clubs therefore are best advised to sell as soon as possible. The player's value will only decrease if he just sits in the stands.

"City could claim for compensation - and seem prepared to do so - but Fifa are unlikely to award the City the amount they would want. I would expect City to have to seek recourse at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. I still believe the most likely outcome is that Tevez will be sold in January."

Sources close to Joorabchian say he remains friends with City's owners but that he feels he has been "betrayed" by Cook, blaming him for the dispute over Tevez escalating. They point to the unhappiness of other key members of City's squad as proof that Tevez is not alone in the way he feels about his chief executive.

They also insist that Cook has gone back on certain commitments made to Tevez when he signed. The Tevez camp believe City are bluffing over their refusal to sell next month and are simply playing hardball in an attempt to keep any transfer value as high as possible. Tevez, they say, simply hates life in Manchester and is intent on living somewhere where his ex-partner will be prepared to base herself and give him access to his children. Namely Spain.

Two months ago, Mancini was asked whether he would be interested in signing Wayne Rooney after the United striker refused to sign a new contract at Old Trafford. The Italian's prediction that United would bow to the player's demands and that Rooney would stay proved accurate. At the time, Sir Alex bemoaned the role of Rooney's agent Paul Stretford. Mancini would be forgiven for feeling the same about Joorabchian.

City may rely on Tevez even more that United do on Rooney. The difference between the two clubs is that City may make a stand.


Tevez is training with his Manchester City team-mates.


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  • Comment number 4.

    What could possibly be wrong at Eastlands? Something's afoot here. The nostlagia is simply a red herring.

    Wonder how City are feeling now, being jilted by someone who was flaunted as the epitome of the shift in power in the city of Manchester?

    How times change!

  • Comment number 5.

    Anyways..back to the real issue of the blog.
    I really dont understand this Bosman ruling..
    If the club has paid so much for the player and pay the players so much money surely they must be entitled to compensation if the player refuses to play.....
    I mean if I didnt do the job I was being paid for, I would be sacked or face a disciplinary hearing..
    Why is football so different...An example should be made of Tevez's case.

  • Comment number 6.

    Good Blog Dan, and an interesting take on the situation Dan, with plenty of topics covered that hadn't been properly aired in the media.

    One thing I find fascinating is that already this season, three of the big teams have had a MAJOR story that dominates, away from what is actually happening on the pitch. Firstly Liverpool with the takeover saga, then MU with Rooney, and now this with Tevez at MC. To a lesser extent Chelsea with Ray Wilkins. I wonder what Arsenal have up their sleeves - isn't a boardroom battle due there soon?

    I'm sure a lot of it is media hype (the thousands of column inches that were written about Rooney are testament to that) but I wonder if these are PR stunts, orchastrated by the club, player, and others involved? I could be wrong, but should the Tevez thing blow over (Let's face it, he's making the same noises that Rooney did, and look what happened there) my suspicions will be closer to being confirmed.

    On another note, and echoing what was said somewhere else, if reports of Tevez' salary are correct, then surely the odd air ticket could be afforded to his daughters to come and see him...

  • Comment number 7.

    So basically, Joorabchian has been involved in signing Jo for £18m (flop), Robinho for £32m (flop), helped fail to sign Kaka and is now helping their best player to leave. As a United fan, all I can say is long may his association with City remain!

  • Comment number 8.

    as a city fan I can honestly say......the more things change at my beloved club the more they stay the same !

  • Comment number 9.

    @1,2 & 3 Grow up!

  • Comment number 10.

    Interesting Fifa relax rules on registration of agents and a big story about undue influence of an agent over a player comes out!!!
    Yes the Bosman rules made it fairer for players, but what about the fans and non-playing loyal servants of clubs. this merry go round of I want more money has to stop, as it's bleeding us dry.
    this is killing football if Fifa had any real respect for us the fans they would try and redress this balance. No hang on or are they more interested in the money men like Joorabchian who can give them inducements!!! 2022!!
    Real sea change has to occur to give football back to the fans and it needs to come from top with next years fifa election!

  • Comment number 11.

    Money, money, money. Where is football in all of this? It makes me weep to think how the game of football is being destroyed for the ordinary fan.

  • Comment number 12.

    excellent blog Dan, I wish McNulty would be able to be as clear and objective as you. and I do agree with #5 here, if the Bosman ruling says that a player can breach a fix term contract like this without ANY serious punishment then there is something wrong with it.

    anyways, the basic problem is more and more established latinos want to quit the PL and the reason behind cannot be just the weather.

    but why is it preferred to warm a bench in Barcelona/Madrid then play in the PL?

  • Comment number 13.

    There is a difference here between the Rooney and Tevez situation. Rooney left enough room in his statements in order to back down when the money was right. He could claim that private conversations with the senior execs of the club had calmed his fears about ambition and was now happy to sign a new contract. Tevez on the other hand cannot make his children be closer to manchester than they already are. Tevez hasn't left the room to maneuver that Rooney did.

    Joorabchian only saw the English Premier League as a cash cow. Tevez and Mascherano were unknown so he had to create a shop window so that their value would increase (West Ham). He then retained control, taking loan fees and transfer fees (Liverpool, Man City & Man Utd). Now he realises that the money has shifted to Madrid and Barcelona so has been trying to move his assets there for another pay day - he has succeeded with Mascherano (although I am not sure he ever gets a game) and will continue to try with Tevez.

    Joorabchian's MO is to move players on not renegotiate contracts - he doesn't earn enough that way/

  • Comment number 14.

    Forget Tevez, Cash in on him and use the funds to sign Alan

  • Comment number 15.

    Man City own Tevez's registration to play football for the length of his contract, even if he retires.

    If he retired from football, then decided to play again the new club would have to purchase his registration from Man City, which wouldn't come cheap.

    Currently, Tevez doesn't qualify for a Bosman or even a Webster transfer.

  • Comment number 16.

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  • Comment number 17.

    Donttrustthegovernment at #11 - you can do something about it.

    Just don't pay to go to watch any of the big clubs or Sky TV - then your money won't find its way into the agents pockets.

    Go down to the local park or club and watch football being played for the right reasons.

  • Comment number 18.

    Morning, It's a good day. United are top and Cidy are struggling to keep their best player.

    On a serious note it goes to the state of football when this is happening. Carlos was caught with his hand in the cookie drawer and now he doesn't see his kids. I feel for him but he made his bed.

    Where can he go? There are only two clubs in Spain that he would consider, FCB are in a lot of debt and don't need him so it would only seem that Madrid would be the only place to go.

    I suspect that he will stay at City, get a pay rise so that he can finish sooner and play at home whilst seeing his mates and playing in his band.

  • Comment number 19.

    Is this Dr Gregory Ioannadis, a lecturer in sports law at Buckingham University, for real?

    "If Tevez refuses to play or quits, breaching his contract, then that contract is rendered void and, because of the Bosman Rule, Tevez could then go and play for whoever he wants," said Ioannadis.

    What an absolute load of tosh. Walking out on his contract would open him to countless lawsuits. The Bosman is irrelevant, as it applies to contracts that have run their course, not unilaterally broken contracts. Also there is the small matter of his registration, which would be held by City until his contract would have finished, this would stop Tevez from playing for anbody, anywhere for the next three and half years minimum.

    This fella couldn't be more wrong if he had tried.

  • Comment number 20.

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  • Comment number 21.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I recognise that contracts are legally binding and have nothing to do with Fifa or any other footballing body. This is a business contract and breaking it would incur penalties if taken to a civil court.
    Or not?
    As I say, I'm not a lawyer, but I can't see how refusing to play while legally bound to do so would not be seen as breach of contract.

  • Comment number 22.

    Legal issues start where common sense ends, and I have no knowledge about player contracts, and so this posting is more for general comment about the player / club relationship at the highest level.

    The main problem with contracts is that in general although they are between the player and the club, it would seem that in general any breach of a contract is more likely to be committed by the employer. It would be very intersting to know what conditions are beholden on the player. Whilst the turning up to training as required is relatively easy to police, how about to perform to the best of his ability (how would that be judged?), conduct himself in a responsible manner (define responsible) etc.

    And if the player is considered by the club to be in breach of contract how can they seek compensation from the player for financial losses suffered as a result of lack of services provided? The club will probably have paid a transfer fee for the player, and that will almost certainly be irrecoverable, but surely if a player, having accepted a move to a new club has a responsibility to conduct himself responsibly in order for the value of the transfer fee paid to be justified? What potential losses might be suffered by the club if the player is not performing to his highest standard (e.g. if City don't qualify for Europe in 2011/12 as a result of not having Tevez's goals)? All totally unquantifiable, probably legally impossible to prove, but nevertheless potentially arguable.

    Sure, a player can get injured and the club would therefore be without his services and the same losses might be incurred, but injury is different to breach of contract.

    That said, it would appear that so far there is no evidence that Tevez has breached his contract - in fact it has been reported that he will continue to train, and whether he gets selected should be a matter for the manager, but what annoys and frustrates me is the general trend of top players having a hissy fit when things don't go their way and undoubtedly causing disruption in the squad. We all know that football is a team game, and in order for the team to perform everyone should be pulling in the same direction.

    Also, why should Tevez be bothered about the relationship between himself and executives at the club at this time? He has a contract, and therefore his immediate (and possibly only) responsibilities are to the manager / coach (with whom he has recently said he does NOT have a problem) to perform as a player in training and on the pitch, and to fulfil any other PR responsibilities for the club that are contractually incumbent on him.

    So, where does this go? City have a tough decision to make. If they do let Tevez go and try to sue Joorabchian they will undoubtedly incur significant costs, and may not achieve what they want, and won't have the player. On the other hand they can hold Tevez to his contract (which would appear hasn't yet been breached) and leave him to keep the bench warm (maybe even the reserve bench) for the next 3½ years. Expensive, as they'll still have to pay his wages, but as we all know, money isn't a problem.

    Maybe it is time to make a stand. A customer who though he had been treated unfairly, but baulked at the cost of following the matter through to legal resolution, made the point that principles are fine if you can afford them. City can afford them.

  • Comment number 23.

    I wonder who will be willing to sign a player with such issues of discipline and loyalty

  • Comment number 24.

    As a Manchester United fan, I am happy to see the back of Tevez and it's times like these that make you realise that he is better off outside of Old Trafford.

    I won't deny he is a great player who is truly a joy to watch, but him and his advisors are not the kind of people you really don't want involved with your club. City have had to learn the hard way, it seems.

    He'll probably go to Spain (Madrid most likely) and go through the whole stroppy process once again. Someone or something is bound to upset him no matter where he ends up.

    I understand now why he carries that dummy around.....! Anelka was a sulk, but Tevez is something else entirely.

  • Comment number 25.

    Machiavelli would be right at home in amongst all this lot of goings on. Supporting Blackpool has to be a lot less complicated methinks.

  • Comment number 26.

    @ 12, Madrid is landlocked, so no beaches, but I agree with your sentiment none the less.

  • Comment number 27.


    As a Manchester United fan, I am happy to see the back of Tevez and it's times like these that make you realise that he is better off outside of Old Trafford.

    I won't deny he is a great player who is truly a joy to watch, but him and his advisors are not the kind of people any fan wants to be involved with their club. City have had to learn the hard way, it seems.

    He'll probably go to Spain (Madrid most likely) and go through the whole stroppy process once again. Someone or something is bound to upset him no matter where he ends up.

    I understand now why he carries that dummy around.....! Anelka was a sulk, but Tevez is something else entirely.

  • Comment number 28.

    A few days back, Kidd was comparing Mancini to SAF. SAF is the boss in the dressing room though and doesn't allow such issues to occur and if they do, he takes action on the spot.

    I've always been an admirer of Tevez as a footballer and I'm puzzled by this situation. There are two issues here, I think:
    a) Manchester City, as a club, are bigger than any player at the club
    b) this is the second occurrence where a big name player wants to leave the club in such a way.

    The only certainty is that Manchester City need to resolve this a.s.a.p. and in the future to ensure that players signed want to play for the club and they want to live and work in the UK.

    The future is rosy for Manchester City. Until last evening, the club were joint top of the premiership for the first time at this stage of the season after God knows how long. Champions League football is visible now, to say the least. Even the title looks a realistic opportunity, given the slump my club (Manchester United) and Chelsea are having this season. The management of Man City need to defuse this situation and not allow it to happen again. It may have been difficult until now to sign players who want to be present at the Champions League on the following season but that obstacle looks as though it belongs in the past, now.

    Plus, it would be a good idea for clubs in this country to not acquire players owned by individuals rather than clubs, in the future. This thing should be illegal.

  • Comment number 29.

    @Arsenalforlife - Mate I fully agree. It seems that footballers really want their cake and eat it (and the rest of the buffett) too.

    However, it does seem a strange one that City feel that they have a legal standpoint if the player actually retires from football altogether. Surely a player cannot be forced to delay a retirement even if they are under contract with a particular club.

  • Comment number 30.

    @26 - he said 'benches', not 'beaches'.

    @12 - "but why is it preferred to warm a bench in Barcelona/Madrid then play in the PL?"

    Simple answer, tax. They are obviously in our highest tax band and lose a big chunk of what they 'earn' as a result. In Spain, I believe, the government especially excluded foreign footballers from their higher tax brackets - so the mass arrival of foreign players into La Liga is a form of economic migration...

  • Comment number 31.

    Okay really have no desire to start City bashing but I think their does seem to be a lack of unity. Perhaps if, or when, they start bringing through a few players from the youth ranks they may show a little more unity and loyalty. I know the Tevez situation is a unique one but the feeling of unsettlement on the City ranks has been a constant for perhaps twelve months (give or take). For a final cheeky little dig - big sam wouldn't have stood for this nonsense, haha.

  • Comment number 32.

    Tevez has been trouble wherever he's been and his agents activites stink like bad fish. SAF knew a wrong 'un when he saw one and must be smirking into his whisky mug this morning at Carrington. Top of the PL, unbeaten with a game in hand and comfortable winners of their CL group, ready to kick on in the 2nd half of the season as usual. Meanwhile the noisy neighbours with their "Welcome to Manchester" banners quietly roll them up and store in the 35yr empty trophy cabinet. City once again powering forcefully backwards under the disastorous leadership of the laughable Gary Cook -staggering from one self-imposed crisis to another. Its pantomine season all year round in Manchester with the best show in town always at Eastlands...

  • Comment number 33.

    I've been saying for years that agents need to be taken out of the equation. One agent per club, whose responsibility it is to find the talent and make sure the player will fit in at the club and to help negotiate transfers and contracts, and then we can see the back of these money-grubbing leeches who force their players into unwanted situations for the sake of a big pay-day.

    Not that Tevez is innocent in all this. The timing of this whole affair, just after Rooney makes a fuss and gets a hefty pay rise, smells a little of self-interest, but when a club has as much money as Man City, can you really blame him? Especially when it's clear that the team is dependent on Tevez for any hope of a title push.

    All things considered, I hope he leaves. For one thing, I hate the whole footballer culture and everything it entails, but mostly I just hope Tevez is telling the truth and really does want to go home to his family. If he resurfaces in Argentina then everyone's happy except Joorabchian, and frankly, he had a lot worse coming than a little financial frustration. Here's hoping he gets landed with that £35 million lawsuit. Maybe that'll be enough to put him out of business.

  • Comment number 34.

    So we've had Rooney and now Tevez rocking the boardroom and Hughton/Allardyce getting sacked after doing seemingly commendable jobs given the resources at their disposal. Football is looking like an asset bubble to me, when you seen absurd things like this go on it's best to get out.

    To all the fans out there who've bemoaned how football has lost its soul and is now about relieving the everyday fan of his/her disposable income sorry but ask yourself how much is your loyalty and emotional attachment to your club worth? Football has become the plaything of the obnoxiously rich, and there's nothing they care more about or show more loyalty towards than their own money. If they didn't think they could make money from their investment they wouldn't cough up the cash to buy clubs/pay greedy players in the first place. And why do they think they can make money, because of your loyalty, they can run the club in the most cowboy fashion they want, openly insult the fans (Fred Shepherd anyone?) and yet you still pack the stands, buy the jerseys and pay the Sky subscription. They are taking you for mugs and in all likelihood laughing about it, don't look to FIFA/UEFA or any other governing body, they are all self interested, self serving bureaucrats. The only thing to do is to not go to the matches, not buy the merchandise and don't pay the subscription. I stopped doing any of those things back in 2001.

  • Comment number 35.

    Let's hope Tevez signs for Blackburn.
    Or Newcastle.

  • Comment number 36.

    £2000 per week maximum for any footballer. That is a good salary. How many people reading this will ever earn over £100,000 per annum?

    The argument has always been that football is a short career so they deserve their inflated salaries but the world has changed, no-one has a job for life anymore. Why should they not have to work at the end of their careers?

    If the players don't like it they could try and leave these shores for Spain etc but the few rich European clubs can't buy everyone and they would eventually follow suit anyway.

    These salaries are no good for anyone but the players and the agents.

    What a great game it could be. A sport where success is attained by good coaching and good tactics not by greed and who has the most money.

    For the fan, the astronomical reduction in a club's overheads will result in sensible ticket prices and not having to be dictated to by Sky. And if Sky no longer need to pay so much to show the games even Sky prices might come down.

    Everybody wins.

  • Comment number 37.


    1. Tevez stays at City and sees out his contract like a good team man.

    2. Tevez moves to Real Madrid and has a remarkable reconciliation with his wife who also moves to Spain.

    3. Tevez is a man of his word and he turns his back on the riches of football to be with his family in Argentina.

    Genuinely - which do you think is more likely?

  • Comment number 38.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 39.

    There's clearly a lot going on behind the scenes at City.

    If Tevez was at any other club he would probably be granted his wish, and be allowed to leave. However, with City's financial power they could quite easily hold onto him until his contract ends, just to annoy him.

  • Comment number 40.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 41.

    I agree with the correspondent who points out that Bosman only applies if the contract expires. If Tevez refuses to play, that's a simple breach of contract and City have the right to sue. More likely, he'll play, but the chances of him playing well are remote. Proving he is deliberately breaching his contract by playing badly is going to be tricky. His lawyers would argue that such a miserable dispute - and being seperated from his kids - were the key factors in a dropped on-field level of performance. You cannot be contractually obliged to be a good player as form fluctuates. Not only will City see their asset plummet in value, they'll probably have to stop playing him because he's no longer worth his place. Who'll break first? Hard to say. City are the one club in the world that could eat that kind of loss just to naff someone off, but will they? Doubt it. Tevez to Real - where he'll mess about again.
    Hell of a player though.....

  • Comment number 42.

    Not alot of love for the Bosman ruling here, frankly I cannot say I am surprised - one just has to look at how Ajax have faired since the ruling came into effect to see the damage it has done to some good honest clubs.

    Anyway, Tevez situation stinks and typically it is Joorabchian's name which seems to be taking centre stage. Time for football to do away with agents once and for all.

  • Comment number 43.

    Tevez is Argentinian, Bosman rule is about free movement of EU citizens within the Euopean Union. Webster ruling is also not watertight, as the Court of Arbitration in Sport came down on the side of the 'hard done by' club when deciding compensation. My opinion - let him rot in the reserves. He will then undoubtedly seek to sue in that he is being prevented from fulfilling his employment and reaching the benefits of his contract (goal bonus etc). City should stand firm and let this be a test case. If no-one is prepared to stand up to the players/agents then they will become bigger than the club and a new generation of fans will follow players rather than clubs.

  • Comment number 44.

    Tevez at odds with City,
    Rooney now signed a new contract at United.
    United top of the league,

    Happy Christmas Mr Fergurson - I bet life just can't get any better for you at the moment!

  • Comment number 45.

    I have to laugh at those who Criticised Ferguson for letting him go. I will never stop laughing at City.
    I don't think Tevez is the type to ever play badly on purpose.. But he might go on Strike.
    He is a stubborn boy I think. A great footballer but a little too self important.
    He can do what most people have to do, buy himself out of his contract and go home. I actually think City will be more United without him... ( Sorry I couldn't resist)

  • Comment number 46.

    #42 Not only would his value plummet but he would also be costing City (if Rodney Marsh is to be believed) over £500,000 a week (net salary of £286k plus tax, NI and employers NI). If City don't sell Tevez in the January window it will cost them around £12-£17million in salary in this period. This is the least profitable of their possible approaches to the situation. Letting him break his contract and then suing him might not be a bad idea as they would then not have to pay him and could use the money on a good legal team

  • Comment number 47.

    All multi million football clubs have to deal with lawyers, Agents etc who earn a great deal of money from footballers, although rich and talented are not known for their intelligence.
    I suspect the players only want to play football. win trophys and play for the best teams.
    Everyone else, including the media want their pound of flesh.
    Sometimes i feel sorry for these millionaire footballers......but not very often.
    Unless they sign for Bristol City of course!

  • Comment number 48.

    The annoying thing about the Bosman ruling is that the treatment of Jean-Marc Bosman, that led to it, couldn't have happened in English football.

  • Comment number 49.

    how are city making a stand when they have been the instigators of all this madness in the last couple of seasons?

    It's all coming back on them, their club is a joke

  • Comment number 50.

    While we, well I, am on the subject of Roan v McNulty, In another article, McNulty is 'perplexed' at the sacking of Allardyce. The bloke's salary and contract reflect the possibility of him being sacked. We should stop feeling pity for people who make millions out of a football when it then goes pear shaped for them.
    If Tevez you are homesick then just go home, end of, not that difficult. Put up or shut up.

  • Comment number 51.

    Sorry Man C fans

    Being a Leeds Utd supporter and gone through this pain, including Harry Kewell leaving for Liverpool and still paying his wages, I have very little sympathy.

    Sell him for the best price asap!

    Players want the wages and nothing else, loyalty means nothing.
    We feel the premier league is the best league in the world, I disagree.
    We are foolish enough to pay the players crazy wages, clubs (and fans) are being taken for everything the (top) players can get.

  • Comment number 52.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 53.

    Re 38. colinbell

    It never ceases to amuse me how fans of Man City love to point out that United (gasp!) have corporate hospitality and (shock, horror!) have fans who don't reside within a three mile radius of the stadium.

    I've just checked the City of Manchester stadium website and apparently they have corporate hospitality too. In fact it you get one of their 'platinum boxes' you can even get heated seats! Furthermore 'The Mancunian Lounge' offers prawns on the menu... delicious (both the prawns and the irony).

    But it doesn't just stop there.

    A quick google search reveals that Manchester City has supporters clubs in London, Stockholm and even Malaysia!! It must make your blood boil that other people are deriving enjoyment from your club.

  • Comment number 54.

    Interesting World Cup decisions, Leveraged takeovers, Billionaires as a minimum requirement, players moving far beyond the 'fair pay for a fair days work'. It's all becoming so uninteresting.

    We need to get back to football being just a game played by people who love it.

    Those days seem to be lost for ever, which might explain why year on year I'm becoming less and less interested in the game and certainly with the people in it!

  • Comment number 55.

    Dan. You make a lot of good points. However, the problem is clearly between the players "advisors" and the clubs themselves based on the amount of money in the game. City are prepared to pay to get the top players quickly, in order to jump on the Champions League gravy train as soon as possible. In turn the "advisiors" are always looking for the best possible deals, which are not always in the players best interests. As for Tevez himself, he is one who just wants to play and always gives 100% - I believe his statement that it is not about the money. No idea how this will end, but one player doesn't make a team no matter how good they are. Personally, I would like to see some cap in the commission paid to the "advisiors" and pay for performance for the players...

  • Comment number 56.

    No.53 - Easy mistake but I'm not a City fan, I was when I was eight, then I grew up........ But I still hate United

  • Comment number 57.

    What did City expect? they have assembled a squad of over rated, over paid individuals who all have a huge ego problem. When they started putting this squad together I said it would be OK until someone was left out of the team and then all hell would start. Looks like that is picking up momentum now, Ade, etc want to leave Balotelli already talking of leaving, now Tevez and soon it will be some of the others. City need to assemble a TEAM if they want to win the league not a bunch of just about OK players most of who wouldnt get into any of the other top 5 teams.

  • Comment number 58.

    I dont think Tevez has copied Rooney.. I think he is simply looking at how Robinho engineered a loan home for a stint then cut price move to a massive club like Milan.. I think he has seen this and is jealous as he is stuck in Manchester and feels he can do the same..

    Bury him in the reserves and stop all the trips home he has been allowed to make.. for as much as City are not well liked for their money no one can deny they have bent over backwards for this guy.. make him report everyday to train and fine him if he doesnt..

    I only say this as the player power has to stop somewhere.. the money is still inflating and now its becoming apparent they can walk away too when they want.

  • Comment number 59.

    Let's cut to the chase here:

    As a Man City fan I would not want to see Tevez on the field of play again because I wouldn't trust him to perform for the club.

    I have never rated his performances that good in any case (chases around a lot with little affect and not very good at laying on goals for others like Silva or Jo are always able to do--missed a fair few sitters too).

    Man City don't need someone like him so I would get shot of him like they got shot of Robinho (both have talent but never able to produce 'real' form on the pitch). Don't forget, if Tevez is not there to score goals someone else like Yaya or Johnson will oblige (he will be replaced by somone equally as good, if not better).

  • Comment number 60.


    Sir Alex knew he was signing a mercenary when he had the chance to, and after all he was a bit part player not worth the price tag for all the trouble he causes. Where do we sit now ? of the league!

    Worst thing Tevez ever did was selling his soul to the $. He could have stayed with a good club with fans who loved him, players who loved him and where he had a manager that thought the world of the boy, still for some its not enough.

  • Comment number 61.

    He's probably done it to the wrong club as he is only a playing asset not so much a financial asset in terms of how the club will suffer.
    Tevez just walking away scotch free get real a similer instant happened with Chelsea and the drug taking Romanian he now owes then tens of millions. simple get rid og him abroad and bring in 2 of 3 Torres, Dzeko or Kun Aguero

  • Comment number 62.

    Why do people insist on using the $ sign?

    Don't you have a £ sign on your keyboard?

  • Comment number 63.

    The Tevez situation is quite simple, really. Manchester City are not a big club. Their fans, and the media, believe that the money makes them a big club but that's not true. Many of the players they are signing do not have any respect for Man City and believe that they are doing City a favour by playing for them. Sure, Tevez is a mercenary but he's not the only one. There's no loyalty from these types of people and fans should stop looking at these players and being shocked when it turns out this way.

    Contrast City with Barcelona, arguably the world's biggest club right now. Unlike City, who are trying to buy their way to success, the core of Barcelona's current team has graduated from their La Masia youth programme. Barcelona have an identity, a culture, a 'way of playing' that the players they produce understand and adhere to. Barcelona's best players respect the traditions and history of their club. I doubt Tevez or Balotelli could tell you who Paul Lake was, or Bell, Lee and Summerbee, or Joe Mercer or Malcolm Allison. When Barca do buy the mercenaries like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Chygrinskiy it often doesn't work out and those players quickly move on. The loyalty comes from their own players.

    I think Manchester City made a grave mistake letting players like Stephen Ireland and Richard Dunne go. You may say that those players aren't doing brilliantly at Villa, but City should have based their squad around a homegrown core of British/Irish players, players bred in the Man City culture. Signing the likes of Tevez and Robinho gives the illusion of finally playing with the big boys, but City aren't big enough to keep these prima donas happy.

    They should sell the likes of Tevez and Balotelli by the end of this season, and look for quality British talent, and properly assess the foreign talent that they sign. For all the money Chelsea spent, their most consistent players over the last 7 years were Terry and Lampard. Compliment a homegrown core with the right foreign players and not mercenary drama queens, and City might finally find the formula for success and then domination.

  • Comment number 64.

    @59, are you crazy?
    Tevez has been one of the few success stories at City, since the cash flowed in, and he has scored more than your other strikers combined, the past couple of seasons.

  • Comment number 65.

    @60 _RED_DEVIL_

    But will they be still on top after Sunday after they play Chelsea?

    You can get odds of 5/2 on United winning; however, the odds on Chelsea winning is 11/10 on.

    The bookies think that Chelsea are the favourites funny enough.

  • Comment number 66.

    Colinbell = Well put I agree with your comments. Football has been ruined by greed. Greed created by the Premiership and the Champions league.

    Collie = I actually agree with most of your comments. (excluding the United bit)

    The thing that really pi***s me off is that Tevez was on the CITY website last week in an exclusive video depicting his love for CITY, remarkable but bloody true. It stinks of the Rooney syndrome, being held to ransom is a very difficult position.

  • Comment number 67.

    This Bosman point doesn't make much sense to is a basic rule of English contract law that if a party breaches a term in a contract another party can obtain a remedy for that breach. This could be by suing them or otherwise.

    As far as I understood the Bosman ruling was due to a player being retained at a club on half his wages at the end of his contract and not being allowed to move?

    If Tevez does refuse to play or retire and then pop up in another team, Man City may be able to point to the Ariel Ortega case where Fenerbahce sued him for $11,000,000 and he was banned for 4 months. It would probably make teams think twice before offering him the massive wages he wants on a long-term deal..

  • Comment number 68.

    0ops, not 11/10 'on'; however, still need to put £10 on to win £11 so almost evens.

  • Comment number 69.

    @64, no not really, the media has hyped him up too much.

    A lot of his goals were claimed off of others in the Team because he touched them as they went in anyway.

    He missed quite few sitters, noticeable against United when he should have scored and it went outside the post.

    I would be interested to hear of one single assist where he made a goal for someone else. Compare the number of assists Tevez has made with the number of assists Silva makes. I would rather see Silva playing anyday of the week.

  • Comment number 70.

    62. At 1:35pm on 14 Dec 2010, colnun wrote:
    Why do people insist on using the $ sign?

    Don't you have a £ sign on your keyboard?

    I would imagine its in reference to the Sheik that owns Man City, who is oil rich and oil as a commodity is usually sold in American Dollars and is also always refered to as dollars per barrel as a price.

  • Comment number 71.

    Colnun... whatever Tevez is or has done you cant argue with his ability.. he has been outstanding and to say differently is mad..

  • Comment number 72.

    #63 = Now that was quite funny.

    CITY have developed youth for over a decade. Players who may have not made it have CITY have gone on to play for an array of clubs.

    Croft, Flood, Kileen, Jordan, Weaver, Onuhra, Ireland.

    The simple fact is that these players could not take you to the next level, that level being Champions League football. Buy English??? Who? We bought Milner (who I dont rate) Barry, Lescott and Johnson.

    Who else do you suggest?

    Red Devil = You comments are just not worth discussing.

  • Comment number 73.

    Farewell to Manchester turns to another mega transfer to some where else.
    The January transfer window is opening,the goose (Joorabchian) is getting fat and fatter.
    These type of agents need to be banned,they harm the ugly game (Now).
    It has happened between West Ham:Manchester and Liverpool in English merry go round.
    How much has the fat goose milked out of fans.

  • Comment number 74.

    @71 Mikey

    If you reread my post @59 you will see that I said he was talented. I have seen some fantastic things that he has done. Indeed a very high talent; however, there were a lot of times when he didn't produce it. It was quite frustrating at times (being a very selfish player didn't help the team get goals and there are a few draws where had he passed the ball we would have likely got more goals (and therefore points). I am afraid that Shaun Wright-Phillips also falls into that category--greedy.

  • Comment number 75.

    If youy lie down with dogs you can expect to waker up with fleas. Worrying really if player power becomes so strong that clubs cannot plan even for the season ahead without wondering who will just decide they are off. That said, if you fancy London Carlos, thiunk you'd slot in nicely just off Drogba.....

  • Comment number 76.

    You said you have never rated his performances.. he misses a fair few sitters and doesnt set up enough..

    How i Thought you were questioning his ability from that is beyond me...!

  • Comment number 77.

    Although the sports lawyer makes a general case based on past presedent I'd imagine if a club wanted to challenge the current system in the hypothetical case of Tevez either refusing to play or retiring during the period of his existing agreement then they'd win (especially with fees paid to Joorabchin/MSI). It's strait forward breach of contract, the only reason why it'd be arbitraily rejected would be purely on the grounds FIFA/UEFA/The FA haven't set any directives on it. It's similar to the initial Bosman ruling which was a simple case of restriction of trade and was always going to win just needed a paticular case to come to a head and for someone to make the effort to challenge it.

    I think this all largely depends on who's side the Man City owners are on, Tevez and Joorabchin or Cook. Either way one will not survive this situation. If it is Cook then it's obvious Man City and Chelsea are the only two clubs with owners so individually wealthy that I'd imagine if provoked would be prepared to write off £X million on fees or court costs to prove their point. If that's the case Tevez and espcially Joorabchin will ultimately lose out one way or the other.

  • Comment number 78.

    No surprise here. Man City are going through the Chelsea growing pains.

    Best paid doesn't mean top of the league. Both clubs have small grounds by comparison to the likes of Man Utd, AC/Inter Milan and Barca/RMadrid.

    Top players like to play in front of huge crowds - it's the same for all entertainers.

    City and Chelsea have to pay over the odds - and ultimately get the wrong type of player (those where money is key).

    United now have such heritage and a great stadium, they can attract players who LOVE the game and who also improve at the club too.

    I'm not saying United don't have issues on wages. The Rooney saga is a good example. The only difference is that he stayed. There's not really anywhere else he could have gone...

    ...and few players go on to greater things leaving United. Ronaldo the only 'real' exception, (however we did get a good price for him).

    Suffice to say - Ferguson was right to let Tevez go.

    City need to realise that they need Champs League footie to attract the biggest talent to make up for the small ground etc. Chelsea did so, but they'll always pay more than they should.

  • Comment number 79.

    Joorabchian.......Why can't FA just BAN this man from doing business in England? Or is the FA just inefficient?

  • Comment number 80.

    When Manchesters junior club signed this bloke,with all the fanfare of a shift in power(arf)and the "Welcome To Manchester" poster,we Reds gritted our teeth and bided our time.
    It seems the chickens have well and truly come home!
    Tev has probrably realised what he has joined..and more to the point,what he had when he was at Utd.
    Apart from losing out on the League Cup last season,he maybe realises that his influence if still at Old Trafford would have secured him and Utd of another point being the difference.
    I don't believe this is a money issue..£10m per year is more than enough for the greediest of people/agents.
    It's the medals/titles and the alien concept on the citeh front..but one that is still a possibility on the Utd front.
    Having seen Robhino leave,Onuhua Bellamy and Ireand gone,RSC and the others being touted around for the January sales,Ballottery already looking for the exit door,at this rate citeh will be fielding the youth team in May!
    Rats and sinking ship come to mind.

  • Comment number 81.


    I agree that Tevez is a talented footballer; however, I have been disappointed by some of what he has contributed to some games (if he is that wonderful, why have we lost and drawn so many games?).

    Don't get me wrong, I have put my money where my mouth is and stand to make a small fortune when Man City win the Premier league this season.

    It is just that there are 10 other players on the field for Man City and we would have won nothing without them (take the game against Arsenal when we lost a player). Did Tevez make it all right on the day then? No, far from it.

    Tevez is good; however, he is only a cog in the wheel--less than 10% of the team. Pick any player in the squad in his place and even if they are only 50% as good as him then we will still be over 95% as good as we were before (sorry about the maths--don't wish to tax too many brains).

  • Comment number 82.

    to be honest, i am now sick of the lot of it. Football at the highest level has become a joke and a soap opera with about as much relevance to life. Poor World Cup, corrupt officials at the highest level, ridiculous decisions on the next two hosts and the ridiciulous rooney saga now followed by this. With the odd exception, there are scant few top footballers who realise how lucky they are to be able to play the game at that level, if there were they would be a lot less of this. And don't try to compare it to a normal job; "everyones entitled to move jobs, get the best money etc etc ". Getting paid £5m, £10m, £20m A YEAR puts them in the top 1% of the earning population so it is not a normal job and cannot be compared as such.

    Its back to watching non/lower league for me, where while some of these problems exist, at least you have players and clubs closer aligned to the fans and the love of the game.

  • Comment number 83.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 84.

    #65 Actually Chelsea could win (by one goal) and United remain ahead of Chelsea on goals scored (although Arsenal and City would still have had the chance to overtake them). However, United still would have a game in hand.

  • Comment number 85.

    He's obviously not the full crust, Tevez, coz he won't get anywhere near his current wage in Argentina. Ever since the backside fell out of Banco de Credito over there, folk have been eating shoes and everything. Crying shame.

    Not a bad player Tevez, but not a great player. Stick a black wig on Stephen Ireland and get him back - he was a good lad. Head like a half-sucked lollipop though.

  • Comment number 86.


    To be honest, it was Man City going top that I was thinking about when I suggested that Chelsea were likely to win that one.

    United will still have a game in hand; however, ask any manager and they would rather have the points than a game in hand.


    It is because I have some large bets on Man City to win the Premiership this season that I have been very frustrated by Tevez not performing at times. It brings it home more when you have money riding on his performance that he could have done better.

  • Comment number 87.

    The blue part of Manchester is all red

  • Comment number 88.

    "I hugely resent suggestions that I have been unduly influenced by others. I wanted to leave in the summer, but was convinced to return.

    so was he unduly influnced to return or not???


  • Comment number 89.

    "United will still have a game in hand; however, ask any manager and they would rather have the points than a game in hand."

    Not sure I agree with this. It depends who the game in hand is against, and given United win more matches than they lose, and win more than they draw, I think SAF would probably prefer the game in hand scenario. I certainly would. At the other end of the table I would agree with you.

  • Comment number 90.

    I'm believe Tevez will head for Paris, and get a job as a bell-ringer.

  • Comment number 91.

    Strange that this agent has been responsible for 3 of city's least successful signings (should Tevez go that is)-Jo, Robinho and Tevez. Me thinks he's not exactly a great agent.

  • Comment number 92.

    Good Blog Dan- With the 'terrible two' involved - i.e. Joorabchian & Cook, its no wonder the affair has 'turned nasty' - those two deserve each other!
    Some recent newspaper articles and a number of City fans, at least those on 606, (as it was with some United fans when Tevez was reportedly leaving OT)have tended to cling to the belief that somehow Tevez is just an 'innocent dupe' in all of this; that he's just 'dancing to Joorabchian's tune' or that he's just a 'home-loving guy' who misses his family so much.... etc.etc.. when the reality is that Tevez has only ever been interested in the money, since the day he set foot in this country, as to be honest, are most other foreign and a great many english players too! Loyalty to a club is something rare, and getting rarer! Once the Giggs, Scholes, Gerrard, etc era has passed its likely we will have seen the last of the 'one club for life' player.

  • Comment number 93.

    89. At 3:07pm on 14 Dec 2010, Give Me A Break! wrote:
    "United will still have a game in hand; however, ask any manager and they would rather have the points than a game in hand."

    Not sure I agree with this.
    FAIL. The point of playing games is to get 3 points. Do the math.

    Honestly, some people. 'Give Me A Calculator' more like.

  • Comment number 94.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 95.

    With all due respect to Buckingham University / public swimming pool I rather suspect you could find a far better qualified person to give you a legal opinion on City's potential breach of contract claim.

    Incitement of breach of contract is a tortious claim and is unaffected by the Bosman ruling. Similarly the fact pattern of this case is so different it is hard to argue the Bosman ruling could even apply. The default position must surely be that City can sue for any breach of contract and claim damages for any losses flowing from the breach.

    I would suggest speaking to a top sports firm like Brabners Chaffe Street, Bird & Bird, Olswang, DLA Piper

  • Comment number 96.

    , dave parker wrote: ha ha ha

  • Comment number 97.


    Give you a dictionary more like it and then we might be able to understand what you are trying to say!

  • Comment number 98.

    Croft, Flood, Kileen, Jordan, Weaver, Onuhra, Ireland.

    How many of these are any good?

    Croft is a league 1 player.

    Weaver?! lol

    Onouha looks decent, but will be playing elsewhere in your league.

    Ireland you treated like rubbish and he left you.

    SWP will be sold this Jan/Summer, as will Adebayor, Barry and Lescott.

    Good luck with Jo and Barmy Balotelli up front.

  • Comment number 99.

    "City may rely on Tevez even more that United do on Rooney. The difference between the two clubs is that City may make a stand."

    What, like they did when they gave-in to Joorabchian's demands to buy him in the first place?? Wasn't it, in fact, Utd that made a stand in July 2009?

    The majority of journalists have repeatedly pointed fingers at Man U for not buying Tevez last year... perhaps you now realise why SAF and the Man U hierarchy had reservations. He comes with a lot of baggage, not to mention the meddling agent.

  • Comment number 100.

    @ 97 - the comment neither mentioned nor involved you, however I cannot legislate nor compensate for any intellectual failing on your part.

    Read it again with a grown-up next to you and it'll become clear.


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