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Programme 3 - Extra Videos!

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Graham Gillies | 22:35 UK time, Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Programme three. It's all over!

Well not quite. There's two extra videos this week. The first one is from the town of Pisco in Peru, which suffered a terrible earthquake in 2007 and the other is when Mark sampled the local delicacy of Guinea Pig, also in Peru (if you find the realities of animal farming disturbing it might not be for you).

Visiting Pisco Earthquake Town

Mark spends a night with the people of Pisco, Peru. A poor region that was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2007.

Guinea Pig Lunch

The calories have to come from somewhere! Mark stops off for some really-fresh Cuyes, that's Guinea Pig, in Peru.

We hope you have enjoyed the site and the whole Cycling The Americas experience. Don't forget you can watch the whole series again on iplayer for the next seven days.

Programme 2 - Extra Videos!

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Graham Gillies | 22:35 UK time, Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Programme two, Central America, things are really hotting up! Don't forget you can watch both the episodes again on iPlayer for the next two weeks.

This week's exclusive videos, filmed by Mark, are: an extended scene with the border police; getting to grips with some dirty washing - hotel-room style; and the very cute Panama monkeys.


Border Police

A ride along with the US border patrol opens Mark's eyes to the real danger south of the border.

Dirty Washing

When you drink 10 litres of water everyday and sweat nearly all of it out then you really need to keep your gear clean. Mark shows us how it's done.

Panama Monkey Business

Mark goes into the jungle to meet some of the locals.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the show so far, or go on twitter and tweet Mark directly, he'll do his best to respond.

Programme 1 - Extra Videos!

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Graham Gillies | 22:35 UK time, Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We hope you really enjoyed Mark's first programme, North America. Don't forget you can watch it again on iPlayer for the next three weeks. There's an extra special treat here for everyone. Three exclusive videos that Mark filmed on the road from Alaska to the US/Mexico border.


Video, Wild Camping

Mark tries to find a quiet spot to pitch his tent off the highway in the Wastach Mountains of Utah, USA. Camping out can be difficult and dangerous in parts of the United States as wild animals and natives can be very territorial.

Video, Sign Post Forest

Mark stops at the remarkable Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake in the Yukon, Canada. The forest was started in 1942 by a homesick soldier who marked the way to his home with a simple sign. Now over 65,000 signs have been put up in the forest by travellers along the Alaska Highway.

Video, Lonely Restaurant

To cycle the massive distance of the Americas, Mark has to consume over three times the calories of a normal adult male. That means eating lots of large meals, but dining solo in restaurants also serves as a reminder of how far away from home he is.

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