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Top hat and tales

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Rick Jones Rick Jones | 16:02 UK time, Friday, 26 June 2009

rick_swimming.jpgrick_mendelssohn_arthurs_seat.jpgAs a responsible grown-up, I am currently crossing Scotland in fancy dress. The affair with Mendelssohn is going strong. My cane is a boon, my whiskers are the real thing, and my collapsible top-hat's default is the erect position so that it keeps springing up and I have either to wear it or keep it clamped under my arm. Remember, friends, I have no other clothes. I have sent two pictures. One of them is Mendelssohn on Arthur's Seat, the mountain outside Edinburgh. The other is of the swim he took in the Firth of Forth.

I am doing everything Mendelssohn did. Today I reached Birnam Woods which excited Mendelssohn because of its Shakespeare connections and next to it Dunkeld. I went up to see the Falls of Braan with a sketch pad and clambered down to the same rock as the composer, even chose the same hand- and footholds, probably. I didn't have quite the same patience as he with drawing, however.

I got a man to take a picture of me by the falls to show that I had been there. We got talking. He too is a blogger. And a priest. He told me his scurrilous blog Sex and God and Rock and Roll gets 2,500 hits a day, most of them Americans. Here it's only kleines c. Thanks kleines.


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