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Mark Davison | 09:30 UK time, Thursday, 14 October 2010

Last Friday saw the release of the latest versions of the two biggest-selling football games, anticipated by breathless gamers the world over.

And barely a few days after kick-off, look what’s kicking off in the forums...


PIS (Pro Interactive Football) vs. FUFA (Federation of United Football Associations)  FizzyKid88: Anyone who finks FUFA iz any good shld seriously get der head examined. I couldn't faddum out new shooting function even though I scored from da halfway line when facing da wrong way. Nuff sed.   WhoAreYer: Sounds like u got 'super back-heel' enabled. Turn it off and I think u will like the way it plays.   IAMRONALDO: I reckon PIS have totally lost it. But the latest FUFA is FUFFING BRILLIANT!  LittleLampard: I stopped buying PIS when they introduced the underwear options for players. What was that all about?  BeefyLumps: WTF!?! The pants option on PIS is genius. Even better on the new version. It determines in-play chaffing levels and general ease of movement. But too practical = player wearing godawful kacks. So you've got to strike the right balance. Kacks off to PIS for bringing this in.  LittleLampard: No, they've lost it, BeefyLumps. 2 much attention 2 little details, not enough on game play. E.g. I spent 2 days giving Anelka a dragon tattoo across the top of his head but picked wrong ink for his skin type and u could clearly see bits of his scalp falling off as the season wore on. As well as making him look weird, he also kept ducking easy headers.   TinPopTen: Hey guys and girls, listen up! It's not in the manual but if you press R2, L1 and Y whilst pushing the right stick up on FUFA your player will twat the ref!  MooFace: I like wombles.


Wow, IAMRONALDO winding up the pro-PIS brigade there. Next, check how they come right back at him on page 7 of the same forum...


GoonerChops: Fuff off IAMRONALDO! PIS lets your players cry and even do on-pitch self-harming if they miss a penalty. Where else do you get that level of passion in a virtual game?  KungFuChristine: IAMRONALDO you iz talkin crap!  TrollBurger: What's with the Rooney goal celebration on PIS? Why does he do go over to that old looking bint in the crowd and do what he does?  GloryBum: LOL TrollBurger! You clearly don't read the tabloids. If you think the Roonster's celebration is odd then unlock Gascoigne in the


Seems like this rumble is going to run and run...

Mark Davison, co-creator of Henry 8.0, is part of the BBC Comedy website's crack team of topical comedy writers.



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