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Michael McIntyre and Andi Osho

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Jon Aird | 17:30 UK time, Friday, 22 October 2010

Andi Osho


This week Michael McIntyre takes his Roadshow to Leeds, where he introduces sets from Jack Whitehall, Andi Osho and Sean Collins, plus Ardal O'Hanlon to close the show. In our regular interview spot here on the blog, we're pleased to catch up with Andi Osho and pose the following important questions...

Comedy Blog: If the Roadshow could go anywhere in the world where would you like it to be, and why?

Andi Osho: Is it OK to go somewhere hot? Michael McIntyre’s Caribbean Roadshow has a ring to it. 

Comedy Blog: Where in the UK have been your best and worst gigs?

Andi Osho: The Comedy Store is like Westminster Abbey for new comics, it’s sacred ground. So when I did an open spot that finally convinced the owner, Don Ward, to give me a paid gig, that was a pretty special moment, only surpassed when Eddie Izzard came back stage shortly after I’d been on and started giving me advice. “You should talk about jam... mmm yeah.” He didn’t say that. He was lovely.

Probably my worst was a very rowdy gig down in Bournemouth. There was one table of teachers that wouldn’t shut up. They were really arrogant, half of them had their backs to the stage and they thought they were funnier than the comics. In the interval, the promoter had a stern word. Later we found out, they weren’t teachers...they were police

Comedy Blog: Which stand-up comedian, living or dead, would you most like to see on the Roadshow?

Andi Osho: One of my comedy heroes is Chris Rock. I’d love to see him walk out in front of an unsuspecting audience and go “Helllloooo Cardiff and what the f*** is up with y’all?” How good would that be?

Comedy Blog: Who's the most famous person you're friends with on Facebook, or follows you on Twitter?

Andi Osho: Well you can ‘befriend’ any one on facebook and follow anyone on twitter. I’ve got a few famous followers, the weirdest being Keith Chegwin. I got an email saying Keith Chegwin is now following you. I thought, I really hope that’s on twitter

Comedy Blog: Which website do you really love?

Andi Osho: Youtube. To quote Ghostbusters, after looking at that site, “I’ve seen sh#t that will turn you white.” It still amazes me, the things that people put on line.

Comedy Blog: What are you doing next?

Andi Osho: I’m looking forward to touring my Edinburgh show, Afroblighty, next year in the mean time, I’m working on a radio sitcom pilot. I love writing and try and cram in as much as I can (when I’m not tweeting!)

Comedy Blog: What comedy project would you do if money was no object?

Andi Osho: I’d amass the best writers and producers and create a new sitcom that showcases the best of the UK’s multicultural talent. It’s been way too long since there’s been a successful black comedy in the UK.

Comedy Blog: What do you see as the future of comedy?

Andi Osho: Who knows. Stand up comedy is hot property right now, it’s a great time to be involved. It's brilliant because stand up on TV seems to be having some kind resurgence. Stand ups are being allowed to get up from behind desks and just do what they do best.

Comedy Blog: JLS have recently launched their own condoms. What merchandising would you like to see with your name on it?

Andi Osho: Wow, that is optimistic on their part. My name sounds a little Japanese so perhaps a sushi restaurant and when someone orders our signature dish the waiter would say “Andi Osho’s Special” and I’d say,” Ah bless”

Comedy Blog: What question would you like to be asked, that no one has ever asked you?

Andi Osho: "Would you like some free shoes from Louboutin?" No one EVER says that to me. What is wrong with this world? I love my heels even though I can barely walk in them. I look like Mr. Tumnus.

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Watch Andi's full set on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, this Saturday at 10.00pm on BBC One. Read more interviews in the Comedy Blog archive.


  • Comment number 1.

    Really enjoyed the set on tonight's show, but tell me, is the show really as short as we see on the TV, or are we just getting the highlights?

    Thanks! XX

  • Comment number 2.

    "There was one table of teachers that wouldn’t shut up... they thought they were funnier than the comics." In the case of Ms Osho, not hard to imagine.

    Why is this woman suddenly getting loads of TV exposure? Dreary, unoriginal material ("I'm Nigerian, listen as I do the voice.." yawn - it didn't make Gina Yashere funny, it won't do it for you either), all delivered really, really badly. See her almost non-appearance on Mock The Week for further evidence, if you are really mascohistic. She's rubbish.


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