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Never Mind The Buzzcocks - Ask Phill & Noel

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Steve Saul | 21:10 UK time, Thursday, 16 September 2010

Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding


Hey Pop Quiz Fans! Have you ever wanted to ask Phill and Noel a question that they can answer in a contractually obliged, shortform, format? No? Neither did we...until now!

So whether you want to know the best way to wind up Bono, the worst thing to do at a gig or you're just itching to find out which of them is better at badminton, send us your questions now.

The best ones will be tackled head-on by our team captains, so if you really think these two strange men are the best people to deal with your burning issues, then I suppose that's up to you isn't it?

You can ask your questions in a variety of ways on a variety of platforms.

On Twitter, you can tweet your questions to @bbccomedy using the hashtag #BuzzcocksQT.

Our favourite tweet so far: @LPinshon - Top 3 eyebrows in music. #BuzzcocksQT.

You can post questions on our Facebook page.

Our favourite comment so far: Luke Jerromes - Which one of the Spice Girls would have survived longest in a Zombie Uprising?

And, of course, just leave comments below and we'll put them in the Buzzcocks bucket for consideration.

Thanks and good luck!

Please Note:  when contributing to this post that your comments and username may be used on the Never Mind The Buzzcocks Red Button programme and the BBC Comedy website.



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