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David Thair | 18:20 UK time, Thursday, 12 August 2010

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Director Matt Lipsey writes...

Vexed began for me, as most projects do, with a call from my agent asking if I wanted to read a script. That bit was normal, nothing out of the ordinary. The next bit was the bit that was right out from left field: "it's for a new cop show", she said.

I think the words "we need a new cop show almost as desperately as we need a new talent show" came out, or words to that effect. "No, apparently this is different" she went on to explain. Yeah right! Then I found out that it was written by Howard Overman. I'd already had a chance to read an early draft of Misfits (it was fabulous as a piece of writing - and went on to become fabulous as a piece of telly) so the cynic in me was temporarily set aside.

The pitch at its most simplified is this: a cop show that's not a cop show, or, Moonlighting for the noughties. Two mismatched police officers forced together in the line of duty. She is a slightly repressed and insecure, diligent hard worker who does things by the book and he is a wholly unreconstructed lothario for whom police work just gets in the way of the more important job of enjoying himself. No surprises then that they hate each other - but life is never that simple, never that black and white. I only had episode one to read but it was more than enough to hook me. Not to harp on about it but anyone who has seen Misfits will know what Overman is capable of - nothing is ever quite what it seems. And Vexed didn't disappoint. Funny, clever, ballsy, razor sharp, and often deliciously, dangerously wrong.

VexedBut why isn't it a cop show? Its central protagonists are two cops. Each episode centres around a police investigation for crying out loud. Yes, all the trappings are there, but that is exactly what they are: a trap, because by somewhere toward the end of the first act you realise that the show is not really about the world of crime investigation but more about what goes on in between. Jack and Kate could just as easily be civil servants, but the fact that they are cops makes the frisson so much more interesting. There are many great one-liners, but one sums it up for me: as Jack and Kate are leaving a crime scene, Jack tells Kate he has to go for a fitting for new suit. "But we're in the middle of a case" she says.  He fires back, "Yeah and if we solve it today we'll only have to start another one - you think they'll just let us chill for the rest of the week?"

We have here the refreshing notion of a cop that doesn't really care that much about being a cop. It's an idea that will clearly offend those of us who believe that our boys and girls in blue are singularly motivated by the desire to protect the rest of us. But there is some real mileage in this. Jack is not a bad guy - he's scammed a bit here and there - but he's not bent. However neither is he the maverick, nothing-by-the-book kind of guy. Oh alright... he is maverick. But not in the stereotypical way of so many police dramas of the past. Yes, he throws the book aside because it gets things done far more efficiently - but that's only so he can skive off early to Tony's café and enjoy a real cup of coffee.

So what of Kate and the central dynamic? Isn't that all a bit of a cliché? She's by-the-book and he's a maverick. Again this is where the writing is so good because although they seem to be diametrically opposed, there is something inevitably seductive about Jack's approach, and what we see is how Kate is drawn out of herself and despite her best efforts she finds she is, like we all are, more than capable of straying off into the long grass. She doesn't so much hate that he does nothing by the book but that it works so bloody often. She's as much about competitive point-scoring as she is about crime-solving.

Fantastic; here we have a couple of cops that behave like normal, flawed people. Kate's insecurities make her all the more vulnerable and Jack's machismo is softened by charm and slips just enough to see that he is as human as she is. They bicker and squabble like an old married couple and gradually (I say gradually, we only have three episodes to tease this out) they start to get under each others' skins and we see the glimmerings of something more between them.

This show will live or die by the central characterisations. If you don't at least begin to fall for Jack and Kate by the end of episode one, if you don't start to love their dysfunctional, often volatile relationship, then episode two may not be for you. I think we have cast this extremely well (but then I am completely biased) and in my next blog I will tell you why... not about being biased, but about the casting.

Matt Lipsey is the Director of Vexed, which begins Sunday 15th August at 9pm on BBC Two. He also directs Psychoville, which is returning for a Halloween Special.


  • Comment number 1.

    Yes, it does sound hackneyed and predictable, but then a bunch of ASBO teens getting superpowers didn't win me over immediately either. And, as you rightly pointed out, Misfits was gold. I'll give it a chance. Might review it on my blog if I can think of two and a half witty things to say about it.

  • Comment number 2.

    He looks ok, but what's going on with her jaw? Isn't there some procedure to take the corners off? I find her a bit disturbing.

  • Comment number 3.

    I largely agree with Alison Graham in RT. The 'gay' jokes came close to being offensive and were very old fashioned. Admittedly the 'diesel' idea was a winner. There were one or two good lines but these were poorly delivered. I didn't like the characters.

    Why do so many Brit shows have muddy sound with poor mixing so the music and fx drown out the dialogue? The picture was dull also.

    Apart from Who, Sherlock and Being Human there is no fiction worth watching on BBC. (Also worth noting, these shows besides being imaginative and well written have some actors that don't look like the back of a bus.)

  • Comment number 4.

    Episode one - Main female character is a police officer who attacks her husband with a rolling pin and breaks his legs (because she wrongly thinks he is having an affair) and then jokes about putting him in wheel chair. Domestic Abuse as comedy hmmm.. what’s in the next episode - a crazy series of confusing events lead her to undertake a series racist homophobic attacks but they will all get out of intensive care very soon so it all ok in the end? Not funny.

  • Comment number 5.

    I found a lot of it average, but some of the jokes did make me laugh aloud. Will watch at least a few more episodes to see if it grows on me.

  • Comment number 6.

    I thought it was brilliant! Jokes were hilarious and I can see the relationship developing - very clever!

  • Comment number 7.

    Superb - reading the other blog comments, I think that me and my partner were clearly watching another programme! Jack is a shallow man on a mission to enjoy himself; Kate is a woman keen to "get-on" with her career and "prove" herself. Dysfunctional people? Of course they are! That's the whole point.

    Thouroughly enjoyed the first episode; the opening sequence, viewing the flat while the dead body was on the living room carpet, standing over the corpse discussing sight-lines to locate the TV. Brilliant.

    As for the comment about the "gay-jokes" being borderline offensive; let's stop being "right-on" here - all comedy will offend someone, particularly when they set-out to be offended.

    Looking forward eagerly to the next episode of this well acted, well scripted, well directed show. BBC has a hit on it's hands with this one.

  • Comment number 8.

    I have to agree with kempie666. Was I watching the same programme? I found it wonderfully funny, deliciously irreverent, tasteless and edgy.
    Tim Price: So you like your humour anodyne, inoffensive and gentle?
    Well that recipe would have effectively put paid to the most of the great achievements within the canon of British TV comedy, be it Monty Python, Til Death Us Do Part, Green Wing, Yes Minister and In the Thick of It.
    Not sure I want to live in that sort of world.

  • Comment number 9.

    Loved it - several laugh out loud moments and a brilliant opening sequence. Great choice of actors for the leads too.

  • Comment number 10.

    Great cast characters and quite a few "laugh out loud" moments.
    Of course not everyone will like it, comedy is subjective. I, personally, will eagerly await the rest of the season. More please!

  • Comment number 11.

    Brilliant viewing, cant wait for next episode.

  • Comment number 12.

    Goonesque: Ah the old "edgy and out there so its all OK and we would never push the boundaries of comedy otherwise" excuse. I do not remember the old "breaking the wife`s leg sketch" from Monty Python or even old Alf physically attacking his wife or Jim Hacker GBHing Sir Humphrey. Bet if the scene had been the male character doing that to his new girlfriend it would never have been aired. I thought the show had some really funny parts excepting that scene. You could easily have written it without the husband beating part. Rightly times change and attitudes move on - plenty found Love Thy Neighbour funny at the time.

  • Comment number 13.

    Both myself and my wife thoroughly enjoyed this show, what a breath of fresh air from the usual reality shows and cooking and antiques in the attic etc

    Im so pleased to see a new comedy drama, it held my attention right through to the end and the characters were just great fun and believable
    with good chemistry.

    I hope to see not only more episodes but a lot more series of this show -congrats BBC we need more "dramadies" !!

    PS we also Loved Dappers too-hope it gets a series.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hadn't heard any hype about vexed but it was very good, really made me laugh. Looking forward to next episode - hope it lives up to expectations!

  • Comment number 15.

    I can't believe people actually enjoyed this - also can't believe I sat through the whole thing "giving it a chance". Also once again from the BBC a "let's make fun of gingers" joke. I'm sorry to sound bitter but it really is the last form of tolerated racism. They wouldn't have been allowed to make fun of a character for being coloured. Perhaps they are all just jealous...

  • Comment number 16.

    I have some sympathy with Tim Price and his views. I don't find beating people and severely injuring them particularly humorous. I said at the time that if it was happening to a woman it would have been leapt on from a great height.

    I didn't like the programme much and I really wanted to. I didn't like either of the main characters, there was nothing to like.

  • Comment number 17.

    I liked this, it may not be as good as 'Misfits' was. But I did enjoy watching Lucy Punch and Toby Stephens they work well together, looking forward to the next part :)

  • Comment number 18.

    Great programme! A light-hearted tongue-in-cheek romp that had me smiling for ages afterwards. I was later shown Michael Deacon's snotty review in the Daily Telegraph and couldn't believe anyone could be so patronising. What a miserable outlook for a man to have. No, an extensive straw poll of my many middle-class professional friends revealed they all thought it was just what they needed and we can't wait for the rest. The gorgeous Lucy Punch played the part beautifully and Toby Stephens was absolutely right, spot on. Well done! Bravo!

  • Comment number 19.

    I love it! Toby Stevens is a gr8 actor, very witty and funny. I hope they'll be more!! :-)

  • Comment number 20.

    ... Sorry, 'There'll'!!!!!

  • Comment number 21.

    Oh Dear - some serious people out there I feel - What's the problem?
    A great piece of writing, excellent casting, super lines and well worth the watch. But maybe its the in between the plot of being in the Police that wasn't understood. The writing shows more of the individuals than their actual job - but I guess having been there myself, I can see and feel that side of it. Those who cant, maybe feeling the Police are supposed to be so serious in and out of work. Great fun and 3 episodes may not be enough.

  • Comment number 22.

    Just watched Vexed on the iPlayer not quite knowing what to expect......then found ourselves remembering various one-liners and laughing out loud all over again! Then checked out the blog - unbelievable! How anyone can find the 'ginger' scene offensive is quite beyond me - time to get a life methinks! And I'm ginger too!! And so is the Jack character!!!

    Come on people - LIGHTEN UP!

  • Comment number 23.

    I LOVE IT!!! please say there are going to be more than 3 episodes!!! All my friends are talking about it!!!!

  • Comment number 24.

    Only 3 episodes??? This is just like Luther. The BBC commission an absolute brilliant series and by the time word has got round to watch it (for those that don't Twitter!) it's finished. Are the BBC too scared to deliver a complete series anymore??

  • Comment number 25.

    What is going on with the BBC these days? They keep making good TV programmes lately

  • Comment number 26.

    Oh, that figures... only three episodes.

  • Comment number 27.

    I don't watch much TV these days. I remember the brilliant BBC comedies of yesteryear like Fawlty Towers, Porridge and Allo Allo. I almost missed the first episode of Vexed. It wasn't well advertised and I eventually stumbled across it on iPlayer... What a treat! I laughed out loud for the first time in ages. I appreciate it won't suit all tastes, but the second episode had me crying laughing. Now I discover (thanks to aaron-77) there are only three episodes to be enjoyed.. What the hell are the Beeb playing at? Nonsense like Holby goes on forever but cutting edge comedy gets three hours! Wake up... See the light!

  • Comment number 28.

    I have found the first 3 episodes GREAT.. a comedy with a little thought in the script. The main characters work well together too... tonights episode wandered into the daftness arena with the "no you cant go to the toilet" scene, but apart from that, I have laughed out loud at some of the black humour... and I must say, it's been a while since I laughed out loud at BBC comedy... please tell me quality comedy is on the way back to the BBC at last!

  • Comment number 29.

    This show is a winner. A breath of fresh air. Please make more programmes please

  • Comment number 30.

    Really enjoyed this series and hope to see more. Personally I thought it was clear that much of the comedy came from the fact the audience was meant to recognise when characters were making crass jokes, and laugh at the characters embarrassing themselves not at the jokes they were cracking. Anyone remember how the humour in ‘The Office’ worked? I thought it was a creative move to use that type of scripting in a Cop show.

  • Comment number 31.

    In response to Tim Price, this is ADULT comedy, and BLACK ADULT comedy at that. It is not EDGY, there is very little new here in terms of comedy technique. The "violence" you seem to find offensive simply slapstick. This is not new, or edgy, this is just GOOD, well written, well performed, and well produced comedy... for a grown up audience.

    BTW I *DO* remember the Green Knight sketch from Monty Python, where entire limbs were amputated, complete with gushing blood...

    This is the sort of well considered humour I had hoped some of the more "edgy" comedy of late would be... they disappointed, but Vexed seems to be capable of becoming a classic.

  • Comment number 32.

    Ive got to say i love this show and hope there is more to come. The cast could,nt be better, Toby Stephens plays his part to T. Its just brilliant i know its made me laugh, well done bbc.

  • Comment number 33.

    We loved the first episode of this show and then saw some really damning reviews in The Times. Maybe we had misjudged? But with the second one we enjoyed it just as much and also the third tonight.

    It's actually quite unusual to watch a comedy and laugh out loud. But this show was really funny. Condoning domestic violence? Racist? Err, purrleease, get real.

    Please BBC make some more episodes of this show. Ignore the critics as they people that matter - the viewers - really enjoyed this.

  • Comment number 34.

    Just three episode, what are the BEEB playing at, best 'Drama' on the box, I mean Comedy, and the next series has to have more then just three......and keep it on TWO.:)

  • Comment number 35.

    Completely agree with Alexanderthegrate about the snotty Telegraph review, clearly someone is having issues and needs to lighten up. Vexed is laugh out loud funny, so wrong it's right, light hearted, tongue in cheek, loved it! Perfect sunday night viewing.

  • Comment number 36.

    I have watched and thoroughly enjoyed all three episodes of this superb series. It was hilarious. I trust that there will be a longer series of Vexed soon. One of its major strengths is its superb and consistent characterisation and good acting. I wholeheartedly dispute the criticisms and agree that the Telegraph review was ludicrous. I loved the humour and the mickey-taking of political corectedness and related issues. I think that there is nothing or very little to offend anyone in this programme. Well done to the BBC; programmes like this make the licence fee worth paying, and lets have much more of the same.

  • Comment number 37.

    Thank God for great British comedy, thank you BBC. It wasn't till I read this blog page that I realised there are actually people out there who didn't enjoy this programme! Everyone I have talked to smiles at it's mention. Even my youngest daughter loves it and sadly she is one who I have seen laugh at the American crap we usually get fed. She laughs at the US formula prescribed times of course, one line - laugh -two lines - laugh. I tried watching the imported stuff once or twice and found myself not even raising one smile throughout the tedious episodes. We British demand good British comedy with its timing, insight, and yes even its un-pc remarks. Guess what,life is not pc, deal with it. Vexed ticks all the right boxes not only for me and my friends, but I suspect for the majority of viewers. Many more please

  • Comment number 38.

    What scheduling - while Channel 4 have Dispatches about incredible athletes with disabilities, you've got a man in a wheelchair arguing he's as capable as anyone of comitting a serious, violent crime. Top stuff. Is there any way you can get hold of the Hardwicke House tapes and let's compare with another close to the bone comedy. (Plus both feature a Kinnear.)

  • Comment number 39.

    This is difficult for me, I have enjoyed Vexed but felt that this last episode really overplayed the One Ball card. I have One Ball, as you might expect it’s a sensitive subject, it’s a birth defect not testicular cancer etc, and has clearly affected me and my sex life. I am now 55. My wife recently passed away, she never cared less, but it is a very touchy subject. I think it was rather insensitive particularly as men are encouraged to check for testicular cancer and we are reluctant to do so, this approach does nothing to make the subject more acceptable. At the end of Casualty or Eastenders etc you get a “If you have been affected.” Message, I didn’t see one here. I don’t’ believe that the programme would have made such fun of a woman who only had one breast. I do accept that the programme is on the edge when treating many issues e.g black and disabled issues were also featured but I did find this a joke too far, a couple of laughs would have been ok but it was a running theme throughout the 60 minutes and had also been featured in episode number 2.

  • Comment number 40.

    Brilliant series: I'm surprised by the lack of BBC promotion. It came on with no fanfare, and judging by the lack of TV press reviews I suspect an equally low-key delivery to the press. Compare this to the hype and hysteria around that dreadful series the 'Deep'. Please continue this programme and with the same cast.

  • Comment number 41.

    Love it, love it and love it!!!! More of this please it should be on bbc 1 prime time. It is so refreshing to see a litte political incorrectness turned on its head with the owner of the cafe who knows everything before it happens LOL! This series has made me laugh out load and I hope it is coming back

  • Comment number 42.

    A Fantastic comedy, with genuine appeal to those who like their entertainment sharp, clever, dark and laugh-out-loud funny. A pity only three episodes, this is exactly what I expect the BBC to commission with my licence fee - something new and quirky in a world of hum-drum pap. It will be a sad day when writing and acting of this quality are sidelined, or not commisioned, in favour of the "safe" by-the-numbers mindless drivel seemingly favoured in the last few years by most channels (or, possibly, this is just my take on the spoon fed pap, er shows that have been broadcast).
    My thanks to all involved in bringing this to the screen, I have enjoyed your hard work.
    I found nothing offensive in the episodes and if I ever do come across something so offensive to me that it actually affects my well being I can exercise my democratic right to turn it off and not watch it again, simple.
    Choice, people, thats what I expect the BBC to provide, pap and all.

  • Comment number 43.

    At last something really funny to watch on tv....totally brilliant. The cast is excellent as is the acting...well done BBC. Please make more like this...really refreshing. Will miss my 'vexed' pick me up.

  • Comment number 44.

    Vexed is great fun - different and refreshing. Love the relationship between the characters - good acting !
    Nice to hear a little bit of 'politically incorrect' humour to upset the 'nanny' state....
    Edgy - Please bring it back again !

  • Comment number 45.

    Brilliant! Was suprised by some of the comments but I suppose its not everyones cup of tea when its so close to the bone and not 'PC'. Laugh out loud funny. Hope the BBC ignore the critics and commission another series.

  • Comment number 46.

    I can only concur with the majority of opinions expressed on this page. I genuinely hope the Beeb commissions another series.
    Refreshingly irreverent, midly offensive and - a quality so often absent from TV comedies - deliciously funny!
    The two leads were wonderful, as was the supporting cast.
    In the recent years the Beeb has become paranoid about offending people -to the detriment of its programming, and particularly its comedy output. So please, please take NO notice of the PC brigade and give us another series.

  • Comment number 47.

    I can't believe the first few comments its like some of them didn't even watch the show before commenting. I thought I was really funny, I laughed out loud and wished there was more. I don't understand why people are negative.

  • Comment number 48.

    I've never commented on a blog before but felt complelled to do so after watching Vexed and finding it hilarious. Toby Stephens is Drebinesque (there is no higher praise for comic acting) as Jack and Lucy Punch is just as funny in her reactions (the grenade scene in episode 2 springs to mind). The stories are fun and there are some great lines. The fact that broadsheet comedy critics seem to hate it and a bunch of cyberspace Millie Tants are trying to deconstruct the jokes must serve as confirmation to the powers-that-be at the BBC that they have a diamond of a programme in their hands. Please recommission Vexed - it makes me laugh.

  • Comment number 49.

    Well done BBC! I am still laughing. And please, Sensitivebloke, don't take it personally. I too have a parallel problem which is frequently laughed at, but I take the view that most of us, even when we are laughing at a sensitive, er, part, are also very aware that life deals us some hard knocks, and underneath we are deeply sympathetic.

    The un-PC approach the Series takes is totally refreshing and Toby Stephen's OTT style is beautifully matched by Lucy Punch's terrific acting of her role. The sniffy critics should be sent to the Tower.

    Bring it back!

  • Comment number 50.

    Great show, very funny, so many great jokes in there! I too am really surprised that people didn't enjoy the program! And the casting is perfect, with the lines delivered brilliantly!

    Can't believe there are only three episodes though, I hope the next series (which the BBC surely must commission) will have a full six!

  • Comment number 51.

    Really enjoyed this show, it's good to see a pompous Shakespearean actor to amuse and not taking himself too seriously. It's not often you get to see an actor with the qualities and pedigree of Toby Stephens playing such a tongue in cheek character. This show should really be allowed to run it's course. So dear Aunty Beeb - we get the 3 episode pilot concept but let's give it the thumbs up for at least a traditional series one. Thank you.

  • Comment number 52.

    Are there going to be anymore episodes made...I do hope so!!

  • Comment number 53.

    WELL DONE BBC - a really well thought out and executed comedy, I just could'nt help but laugh out loud shame it was such a short run.
    I do hope you now bring this back for another run.

  • Comment number 54.

    Please commission more episodes of Vexed! I LOVED it. (Couldn't believe the humourless reviews - what's wrong with people??) Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch both great. More more more!

  • Comment number 55.

    I really enjoyed this show and hope to see more. The two main charaters were funny and played by two talented actors. Thought it was a great take on a modern mixed sex police buddy show and definitely struck a cord with me. I drew loads of parallels with work situations with women. The show takes this further in a good way making it a charming well written piece.

    It could have brought in more charatcers and given the other side characters more depth but I guess the 3 episodes wouldn't have done this justice. Would also have added to the show if they actually went to their office.

    Here's hoping this isn't an American style 'get you interested then cancel' arrangements, sometimes it justs takes a bit of time, if you going to do a series - do it properly. There is a lot of mileage in this show.

  • Comment number 56.

    I really enjoyed it and thought the two main characters, and the actors who played them, worked really well together. I liked that both Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch played completely against character in terms of everything else I've seen them in. I don't think all the 'jokes' worked - the recurring theme of Lucy Punch's character putting her foot in it with the black barman got a bit painful. But overall I thought it was good fun and I really hope they make more. Which probably means they won't...

  • Comment number 57.

    Excellent. Finally! a light at the end of the tunnel of 'Reality' shows/find another karaoke star hell! Thank you BBC. Vexed, Sherlock Holmes AND Roger and Val - you really are restoring my faith in British television. Keep up the good work and please commission some more episodes of all three. As one of the faceless joe public I despair of the comments of the so-called paid expert critics! What were they watching-obviously not the same as my household! Perhaps they should be watching people sleep in the Big Brother House or being stripped of their dignity when waiting for judgement by half wits commenting on their dancing/skating/singing/... abilities in front of millions! How low can we go! Make us even more proud BBC - bring us out of Cable tv style hell!

  • Comment number 58.

    Vexed.... Fantastic, The BBC at it's best trying something new & it works, Thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Love the scripts & Cast (great chemistry) Can't believe the few negative comments I've read but seem to remember some people didn't get the now iconic Faulty Towers for a while ether.
    Please continue the Vexed Series & soon, as the calibre of people involved at every level in making this 'Mini Series' will not be sat around for long (if at all!)
    Three episodes are not enough!

  • Comment number 59.

    Brilliant! I couldn't stop laughing! Please BBC, more, more, more!!

  • Comment number 60.

    The only BBC series I liked, so great characters and humor!

  • Comment number 61.

    The problem is that certain 'Guardian reading' critics don't understand what, we, the general viewing public want - that's why all viewing figures are down. Now, you start a new series like Vexed and its something a bit new, brilliantly cast so they crawl back into their comfort zone and go all PC and Hackney council. Vexed was great, still is great, PLEASE, make another series but perhaps 6 episodes rather than just 3!

  • Comment number 62.

    Seroiusly, this is one of the funniest programs I have ever seen. The script was very witty, the Director was a genious and the Characters were refreshingly honest, in the midst of a society where we fear offending anyone, at all, ever. Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch were nothing short of perfect, a great script always helps but these two are exceptionally talented. Would love to see a second mini series, or a second full series. Well done BBC

  • Comment number 63.

    This was absolutely brilliant. The only problem is that it was only 3 episodes long! Please make a proper series!
    This is tv with humour and attitude; not the bland boring tv of the mainstream.

    Well done, please do more.

  • Comment number 64.

    I watched the first two episodes of 'Vexed' and there were a couple of good scenes but in the end I was left rather underwhelmed by the writing and the ating. No more of these please.

  • Comment number 65.

    I have to agree with most commments on this page, it made a pleasant change from other Police series which I thought monotonous, apart from The Bill in the early stages I identified with people like Reg, Burnside, Tosh, as ex-Police I have seen these characters in the service, and I met characters like those in 'Vexed' oddball but very funny perhaps some ex-police input? More please I think this series should have another run.

  • Comment number 66.

    PLEASE BRING BACK THIS PROGRAMME. 3 episodes weren't nearly enough. So so so funny. I want to explore Kate and Jack's relationship now that she has done the sensible thing and ditched her loser husband. Brilliantly written, brilliantly acted. Lucy Punch and Toby Stephens both excellent casting. PLEASE COMMISSION ANOTHER SERIES

  • Comment number 67.

    Hear Hear and i second all of the positive stuff above!
    I started to think that i had just dreamed "Vexed"...nobody at work had seen it and i was left,ultimately bereft in anticipation of the fourth episode...Of course it replaced "Sherlock" in the schedule and revealed itself to be even more of a niche product,in my favourite of realms..that of the darkest of comedies...It has all the right ingredients ..superb casting.. outre subject matter.. a sort of callous irreverence offset by a daftness and sense of the ridiculous...add to that a theme tune that sounded like "the Hives"
    You've only got to glance at the terrible reviews the Mail and Telegraph gave it to gauge the undeniable brilliance of "Vexed"
    As for the viewing habits of my colleagues...i'm equally personally in the dark about something called the "Hex-Factor"?
    ..( i think it's about putting the equivalent of a Gypsie's Curse on people who think they can sing and threatening to deport them?) Anyway ..More "Vexed" Please!!

  • Comment number 68.

    Just want to make sure this doesn't get buried in the BBC archives and forgotten about, I thought I would add a few words here. Vexed was new, original, brilliantly cast and side side-splittingly funny. I was gutted when I discovered there were only three episodes. considering the general level of brain dead crud the BBC churns out these days, would it be too much to ask the BBC to squeese something a little different in the their schedule like Vexed? A quick scan through what's on of an evening over the next week would suggest they can, I mean "Total Wipeout" in the prime time Sat night spot? Chewing gum for the eyes and brain. If the bean counters in charge now were in control 20/30yrs ago, we would never have enjoyed such brilliance as Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Yes Minister etc. due to those programs not being just a bunch of cretins falling over covered in foam.
    My apologies for that descending into a bit of a rant but it really is about time we had some balance - less 'plain trash' (wipeout), less no-brainer CG (take your pick) rubbish and a bit more witty, funny, tongue in cheek, original, i could go on, but basically BRING IT BACK!
    Top tip for all the people above complaining about vexed, Watch something else then! that's what the remote is for.

  • Comment number 69.

    We loved the show in hungarian as well. PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!

  • Comment number 70.

    I agree wholeheartedly with quantumcheese! Bring back Vexed, the 3 eps from the first series were absolute gold. The writing was great, it was funny, engaging, and the characters were superbly cast.

    We need more quality TV like this!


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