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Jimmy Wiggz GPIG RIP

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David Thair | 12:20 UK time, Monday, 21 June 2010

Doc Brown (aka Ben Smith) spent 10 years rapping his way through the music biz, touring with Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, Mark Ronson and releasing three critically acclaimed albums before falling out of love with the industry in 2007.

Since then he's developed a new - though perhaps not so different - performance-based talent that involves the use of a stage and a microphone: stand-up comedy. Thankfully it turned out he's very, very funny, alternating between stand-up and rap to hilarious effect.

And now he's turned some of his songs into videos, just for us. We're very proud to present the first... Jimmy Wiggz!

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We asked Doc to tell us a bit about shooting this video, which was clearly lot of fun.

Doc Brown writes...

In many ways, this rap wrote itself. But in lots more ways, I wrote it. And the vision for shooting it, on the surface, seemed equally cut and dry. In actuality, on that shoot, everyone chipped in with fantastic ideas which I shouted down, then reproduced a few minutes later as my own.

One of the locations in this video is the famous gothic Nunhead Cemetery in South East London. We were there at eight in the morning, blinged up, walking amongst the gravestones playing a loud hip hop backing track on a huge boombox. We got a few weird looks, but thankfully weren't attacked by any undead corpses.

This is also the video in which both producers demanded cameo roles. Or maybe we just couldn't afford any more real actors to play those parts. Anyway, see if you can spot them. One makes a very convincing psychopath and the other makes a completely unconvincing vicar.

The shoot was a lot of fun - without giving anything away there is one scene in which a simple attempt to drink from an unusual utensil sparked a mass corpsing the likes of which I have never before experienced. At the time I honestly never thought we'd get the take. Luckily we did - see if you can spot the corners of anyone's mouths faltering... that was the vibe of the shoot in a nutshell.

You don't have long to wait for Doc's next video - come back to the BBC Comedy website on Wednesday for more!


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