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Grandpa Dave aka David Attenborough

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Matt Callanan | 12:35 UK time, Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The talented  Doc Brown (aka Ben Smith) kicked off his brilliant series of new music videos on BBC Comedy with his hip hop eulogy for a fallen, albeit furry, gang member Jimmy Wiggz.

Next up, is some lyrical love for Grandpa Dave aka David Attenborough.

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Doc gave us the low down on shooting this video.
Doc Brown writes...

A homage to the greatest living Englishman, this video was given a whole different vibe once we heard the music backing track my partner in crime Mikis had created for it. We initially had visions of me running about in a pith helmet super-imposed onto an episode of The Secret Life of Plants. What Mikis' piano instantly brought though was a pathos that perfectly anchored my genuine love for the king of lyricists - a man who can talk about the sucker pads of barnacles and make you feel like it's the most important news you've ever had.

We switched the setting to the Horniman Museum in south London (like a mini Natural History Museum but with a flaky skinned walrus instead of a blue whale as their centrepiece) and even approached the man himself about making a guest appearance. He turned us down in such a lovely way it felt like he'd accepted. Legend.
Attenborough-Letter.jpgSo, we settled on a lookalike who, at a glance, really did look like Sir Dave, even turning a few geeky zoological heads amongst the Horniman staff, until he opened his mouth and this brash cockney leapt out at you: "Bladdy 'ell I could murder a brew!"

Whilst we were all very professional in our approach to the location shoot, I was surprised at quite how entertained we were kept by the number of stuffed birds whose names ended with tit or cock.
There's a fantasy strand to the video's narrative imagining a six year old version of me on a day out with David, wherein the great man gives the lad a DVD of Life on Earth. I'd secretly had my eye on taking that DVD for myself at the end of the shoot, but the child actor Romeio asked if he could keep it and the crew were like "of course!" My jealousy regressed me by 24 years. I think I may have even stamped a foot.

Must say though - respect to Romeio! They say never work with children or animals but from my experiences on this vid I'd say what's the fuss? (Though to be fair the animals were either stuffed or played by humans).

Have a look at some behind the scenes photos from this Doc Brown shoot on our flickr account.


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