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Matt Lucas hosts And the Winner is...

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David Thair | 15:05 UK time, Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Matt Lucas holding a Lucas Award
Have you won an award - a BAFTON or a Golden Globo perhaps? Well you may as well just throw it in the bin as it is now useless. The only award worth getting from now on will be a Lucas award (see above).

It's not just people that can be nominated for the Lucases - also eligible are places, songs, films... pretty much anything. Nominations take place each Thursday at 10pm on BBC Radio 2, when Matt Lucas will host And the Winner is....

Nominations will be made by three special guests, starting this week with Graham Linehan, James Corden and Katy Brand.

Here's Producer and co-deviser Ashley Blaker with more:

Matt Lucas was going to write this blog entry and apparently had finished it when his dog came and ate it. Or ate his laptop. Either way, Matt's tale of a MacBook-eating puppy, implausible as it may be, is not incredible enough to earn it a nomination for the Lucas for 'Lamest Excuse of All-Time' which will be handed out this week.

For what it's worth, in the running for that prestigious gong are Eddie Murphy's for claiming a transsexual prostitute was in his car because he was giving her a lift; Hamid Karzai for maintaining he passed a bill radically reducing the rights of women in Afghanistan because he hadn't actually read it; and Graham Linehan's mother for blaming the piano playing on a stray cat (you'll have to hear it explained by Graham). To find out who has won the Lucas - yes, it really is a naked golden Matt Lucas figure - you will have to listen to the first episode of And The Winner Is... on Thursday night when we will also discover who has won the Lucas for Most Pointless Member of the Royal Family and the Lucas for Greatest Song by an Artist Who Is Otherwise Rubbish.

So why should you be listening to the show we affectionately call ATWI? Well my personal nominations for the Lucas for Best Thing About ATWI are -

  1. Some burning and some less-burning issues settled as we hand out Lucases for Least Hateful German, Sexiest British Prime Minister, Greatest Historical Fatty, Most Disappointing Film Sequel, Best War and Catchiest Theme Tune to an Otherwise Dull TV Show amongst many others.
  2. Eighteen wonderful guests including James Corden, Graham Linehan, Sarah Millican, Tom Baker and Bob Mortimer (on the same show out-surreal-ing eachother), Josie Long and Scott Capurro. Oh and a friend of Matt's called David Walliams who he said we should give a big break.
  3. Some incredible insights into the life of Matt Lucas who makes his debut as a host and a rare sighting as himself. I don't want to give any spoilers but his revelations about his hip-hop street name and his encounters with Haberdashers' Aske's metalwork teacher Mr Dinsdale are personal favourites.
There you go. I hope you enjoy it. And breaking news - I can exclusively reveal that the series has just won its first award. And The Winner Is... has claimed the Lucas for Greatest Radio Comedy Show Ever Made.

Here's David Schneider in a sneak preview of Episode Two:

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And The Winner Is... starts this Thursday at 10pm on BBC Radio 2.



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