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No More Women - Its Marks time, its Marks time

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Lucy McDermott | 16:10 UK time, Thursday, 28 January 2010

Alex Horne Writes:

In brief No More Women news, this eighth match takes place in the BBC Club (a staff restaurant/bar out of which Mark, Tim and I have been thrown many times because we're not staff, but to which we consistently try to return because they show the cricket (when it's on) and do good cheap breakfast. On this occasion we had 'permission to film' so they couldn't do anything about us being there or buying bacon and eggs. And the cricket was on so we had an excellent time).

The main thing about this particular game, I think, is how seriously Mark takes it. He's desperate for a point and it's wonderful to watch him scrap - very nearly as wonderful as I imagine it would be to watch him physically fight; awkwardly wrestling another man to the ground, growling, elbowing him in the ear, that sort of thing.

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No More Women is now played in every English-speaking country in the world, (all but four of the others too). Watch this and you'll understand why!


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