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No More Women - Perfect Christmas Day Entertainment

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Lucy McDermott | 15:13 UK time, Monday, 21 December 2009

Mum and Dad are bickering, your little brother's whinging and Uncle Errol has already set light to the cat. And its only 2:30! After the turkey's been eaten, what better way to top off Christmas Day but to play a light round of No More Women?!

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It beats falling asleep in front of a movie, and if you're clever, you can secure yourself a few extra Christmas pressies. Not that we're condoning gambling with your little sister's presents. Or your little sister.

It's even more fun as a multi-player game - just take it in turns, and gradually as each player loses challenges and retires, it will become a two horse race. After which, one horse will win. And that horse could be you!

It should end those arguments nicely, especially for the more competitive among you. Who may lose their house / car / wife. But never mind, IT'S CHRISTMAS!

And of course, don't forget We Need Answers with Mark Watson and Tim Key, the whole reason this game was invented - well, the reason we filmed it and put it on t'internet. The Christmas episode will be on tomorrow night at 10pm on BBC Four and will test the knowledge of Neil Innes and Kirsten O'Brien and features our very own Alex Horne in a delightfully seasonal outfit.

Lucy McDermott works in the Home Editing department of Comedy Extra and wants a hoodie with Barack Obama's face on it for Christmas. Or a generic non-branded car. Hint Hint.


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