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[Grippenschaaft] How To Trick Someone Into Dating You

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Dr Gustav Grippenschaaft | 17:30 UK time, Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I'm a Succesologist, hypnotherapist and author of bestselling self-help book and now DVD series, Self Help Myself Help You.

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What do you think thus far? Be honest. I hope you are finding the series as INCREDIBLY LIFE-CHANGING as I am. If not, there could be something fundamentally wrong with YOU.


(Also remember that you are under my power and it only takes one word from me and you will happily crush your own head.)

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some of my fabulous new self-help products. Read on to find out how my products can change your life.

Grippenschaaft is written by Thomas Nelstrop and Simeon Goulden.
Dr Gustav's Bottle-Me-Up Emotion Bottles

Next time you feel angry or stressed... DON'T GET MAD! Simply take one of these bottles from your pocket and blow your negative energy into it. Finally, when you're all done... seal it with the Magi-Cork provided and bury it somewhere where you won't find it. Feel better? Of course you do!

$59.99 per 3 bottles
call 08100-BOTTLE-09981

Dr Gustav's Pecs, Necks & Hands Electricfied Combat Suit

Tired of being pushed around at work? Particularly in the pec, the neck or the hand? DON'T GET MAD! Simply slip this beauty underneath your work clothes and next time you're pushed in the pec, the neck or the hand, just watch as 50,000 volts course through your assailant's body.

Warning: remember to unplug for friendly hand shakes, neck massages and if you plan to walk more than 3 feet from the wall socket.

Only $9,999.99
call 08100-PECSNECKSANDHANDS-09981
Call now and get an EGG GRINDER absolutely FREE!

All my products are 100% Guaranteed and 98.5% Safe.




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