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Shooting Stars: Matt Lucas introduces Angelos Epithemiou

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David Thair | 17:47 UK time, Wednesday, 15 July 2009

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Regular readers may remember that a few weeks ago we revealed some info about the new series of Shooting Stars, including news of a new permanent team member. Well, now you can find out exactly who he is and also about his van in this exclusive interview with Matt Lucas (aka George Dawes).

Matt explains:

Angelos"Angelos Epithemiou is an award-winning burger van owner, who refuses to let anyone know where exactly his burger van is situated because as he puts it, "I don't want anyone coming up to the van and mucking around with my generator because it's just been fixed and it cost me a fortune to do it, well not a fortune but quite a lot of money, well not that much because I knew the fella who did it for me and he did me a favour, but he's done a rubbish job, but I never trusted him anyway so it's not a big surprise that the bloody thing is buggered again".

Angelos met Bob Mortimer when Bob presented him with his award for Mobile Caterer of the Year. Angelos said of meeting Bob, "This fella gave me this award, what was long overdue in my opinion, and then we was talking and he said come on the telly, and I said no. Then he said, why not, and I said I dunno, then he asked me again and I said, alright."

Angelos is a big fan of quizzes so this seemed like the right show for him to launch his TV career. He had been looking around for a show to be on for some time but nothing had caught his eye apart from The Apprentice but he then decided that the people that go on that show are mickey mouse and it wasn't for him.

His experience on Shooting Stars has been as he puts it, "OK, but the whole thing is a bit babyish if I'm honest, I prefer comedy that you can get your teeth into like the Desmonds or Fresh Fields."

Angelos is planning to expand his burger van with the money his TV appearance has earned him."

So there you have it!

Shooting Stars returns to our screens later this year.



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