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What's on - Week of 21 March 2009

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David Thair | 17:22 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009

Newswipe with Charlie Brooker Newswipe with Charlie Brooker

Here's the first of a new regular feature for the blog: a convenient list of funny programmes to look at and listen to in the next few days specially chosen for you, dear reader. Take heed!


NEW Genius
Tonight! 10pm BBC TWO

Dave Gorman hosts the show that explores 'genius' ideas sent in by the public with the help of a special guest (this week it's Catherine Tate). Fans of the Radio 4 version will love this - and check out the fantastic title sequence by Cyriak, who won Comedy Soup's first talent search competition.

PILOT Brave Young Men
Sunday 22nd March 11.15pm BBC THREE
Keep an eye out for pilots late at night on BBC THREE - you never know what you might find. This one pairs Marc Wootton and busy Coward Tom Basden (who also co-writes) as a couple of average twennysummink blokes who find themselves tasked with saving the world - by a time-transient civil servant from the future. Let us know what you make of it.

NEW SERIES Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle
Monday 23rd March 10pm BBC TWO

The second episode of Stewart Lee's storming return to television sees him drive his funny car furiously into that very medium, spilling out disses all over the place. Warning: don't watch if you think Del Boy falling through the bar is the funniest thing ever. Preceded by That Mitchell and Webb Glimpse - highlights from the Mitchell and Webb sketch show - at 9.45.

NEW SERIES Newswipe with Charlie Brooker
Wednesday 25th March 10.30pm BBC FOUR

Screenwimps rejoice! Charlie Brooker dedicates a whole Screenwipe spinoff to the news media. Maybe he'll talk about Chomsky's Five Filters, or maybe he'll just shout into the camera. I can't wait.

NEW SERIES I've Never Seen Star Wars
Thursday 26th March 10.30pm BBC FOUR

Rory McGrath. Has. Never. Seen. Faulty. Towers.


Adam and Joe

Saturday 21st March 9am BBC Radio 6 Music

Adam and Joe's must-have podcast is now swollen with extra goodness, including new feature Retro Text The Nation. Don't miss!

Galton and Simpson's Half-Hour
Saturday 21st March 1.30pm BBC Radio 2

Classic TV comedies written by Steptoe creators Galton & Simpson, adapted for the radio. In this episode, Rik Mayall and June Whitfield(!) star in I Tell You It's Burt Reynolds.

NEW SERIES The Unbelievable Truth
Monday 23rd March 6.30pm BBC Radio 4

David Mitchell's bluffing panel show is back, with Lucy Porter, Chris Addison, Clive Anderson and Graeme Garden trying not to be too convincing.

Mark Steel's in Town
Wednesday 25th March 6.30pm BBC Radio 4

Mark Steel creates a stand-up routine specially tailored for a particular town: this time it's Boston, Lincolnshire (not Massachusetts).


  • Comment number 1.

    BRAVE YOUNG MEN _ "...let us know what you make of it" - I thought this pilot from baby Cow productions was one of the most promising I've seen on BBC3 for some time. Great performances, well written etc.

    I (and it seems many others agree - see the BBC POV board, The British Sitcom Guide board, comedy website Chortle, TWITTER) would like to see more - a series please BBC!

  • Comment number 2.

    Agreed, really engaging performances from Basden and Wootton, and a sweet nature to the whole thing.


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