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  1. Pope gives blessing to social media

    The European Journalism Centre

    By Claudia Costa. Shortly after his election, Pope Benedict XVI was seen as more interested in his theological and philosophical studies than people's everyday concerns, as theologian Hans Küng underlined in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica last April. But last week, to mark the...

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  2. CoJo News Debrief with Robert Pigott

    Angelique Halliburton

    A month after the UK papal visit, the BBC's religious affairs correspondent, Robert Pigott, talks about the controversial head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI. Ticket sales were low, turnout was poor - so was the papal visit deemed a success by the Vatican? Apparently so, or rather t...

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  3. Who speaks for the Pope?

    Robert Pigott

    is the BBC's religious affairs correspondent. Twitter: @pigottrobert

    The visit of John Paul II to Britain in 1982 seems, from the perspective of his successor's trip, to have been gloriously uncomplicated.   He came as a conquering hero, the man who was challenging Communism in Eastern Europe and who had survived a would-be assassin's bullet the year before. Hi...

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  4. Will coverage of the Pope be as good as this?

    Charles Miller

    edits this blog. Twitter: @chblm

    On Monday's late-night talk show on BBC1, The Case for God?, the Chief Rabbi took on four challengers - from the ritual-hating novelist Howard Jacobson to the scientific reductionist Colin Blakemore, via historian Lisa Jardine and writer Alain de Botton.  Jonathan Sacks held a short conver...

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