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  1. Clear the schedules: man takes bus to Swansea

    Charles Miller

    edits this blog. Twitter: @chblm

    Thursday's PM on Radio 4 devoted eight and-a-half minutes to an Eddie Mair interview with a listener: a retired man who described his bus ride to Swansea the previous day. Geoffrey has been suffering from depression and panic attacks and hadn't managed to take the bus for four years. As par...

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  2. Aggers not out after tech breakdown, thanks to Skype

    Adam Mountford

    TMS producer

    This is a guest blog by Adam Mountford, producer of Test Match Special: The Test Match Special team is not always known for its technical prowess. It is true that Christopher Martin-Jenkins once tried to make a phone call with a television remote control. But in Dubai the programme was f...

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  3. Covering trials on Twitter

    Philippa Thomas

    is a BBC News correspondent. Twitter: <a href="!/PhilippaNews">@PhilippaNews</a>

    Does Twitter help or hinder the business of reporting a trial in Britain? I'm not a legal expert. I'm not even a regular court reporter. But I was one of the BBC team covering the Stephen Lawrence murder trial at the Old Bailey in November. I am also the BBC broadcaster who used Twitter to b...

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  4. The BBC brings a local Question Time to Egypt and Tunisia

    Naglaa El-Emary

    ''It took me more than 300km to come here and ask my question. And so I will.'' These were the words of a young Tunisian student taking part in Saat Hisab, the Arabic version of the BBC's flagship Question Time. In Tunisia, the BBC World Service Trust and BBC Arabic produced the show in pa...

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  5. Challenges for journalists in Egypt

    Najiba Kasraee

    editor of the BBC Academy's language websites

    The election in Egypt is not only an historic test for political democracy but a challenge for the Egyptian media in covering this unprecedented news event. The BBC College of Journalism, including its head, Jonathan Baker (above), has been supporting the BBC World Service Trust and the Arabi...

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  6. Good afternoon, Scotland: going live for the first time

    Andy Burke

    The latest dispatch about the life of a BBC journalism trainee, from sports enthusiast Andy Burke: My first week in radio was an eventful one. I was shadowing one of Radio Scotland's sports news presenters, Annie McGuire, who was showing me the ropes of sports bulletins. She explained the ba...

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  7. How to present breaking news

    Najiba Kasraee

    editor of the BBC Academy's language websites

    One of the biggest challenges for any presenter is how to cope with breaking news - when the running order is abandoned and the presenter is asked to carry the programme, through an ever-changing situation. This can be an exciting opportunity but it's a daunting experience for a new presenter...

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  8. Don't let media studies rewrite TV history of 'the Arab Spring'

    Bill Neely

    I suspect that when the histories are written the revolution in Libya will occupy a similar place to the Romanian revolution in 1989 - the bloodiest to date but in the end an uprising that lacked much significance for all but its people.  Libya is not significant in the way Egypt is. Egypt's r...

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  9. Amanda Knox - reporting the verdict

    Wietske Burema

    To say I was nervous is an understatement. It was only the second time I had run a major story. I had never been to Perugia. And I had covered neither the trial nor the appeal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Covering the result of their appeal was a big deal. By rights it should have be...

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  10. My 9/11: 'We were painfully aware we had broadcast live the moment hundreds of people died'

    Simon Waldman

    Simon Waldman is the BBC News Channel's Morning Editor. He was just finishing his stint in the gallery on 11 September 2001 and expecting to do the school run as usual at 4pm. The teachers were very understanding when he didn't make it... It had been a humdrum morning on the still relatively n...

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