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  1. One soldier: five reports of his death

    John Mair

    is a journalism lecturer and former broadcast producer and director. Twitter: @johnmair100

    How many times do we 'kill' our casualties in Afghanistan? Last Friday, the 100th British soldier this year from the Helmand theatre of war was buried with full military honours at St Mary's Lowe House Church in St Helens, Merseyside. Christopher Davies was a 22-year-old Irish Guardsman kill...

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  2. Afghanistan: do we care what soldiers think?

    Simon Ford

    'Ground truth' is a term used by soldiers. It means what is really happening in a situation, rather than how it is perceived from afar. It is, aptly, the title of Patrick Bishop's book about 3 Para's redeployment to Afghanistan in 2008. I bought a copy as holiday reading back in Februa...

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  3. How Rolling Stone toppled General McChrystal

    Charles Miller

    edits this blog. Twitter: @chblm

    The effect of the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine on the career of General Stanley McChrystal has been swift and drastic. His Commander-in-Chief removed him unceremoniously from his role as leader of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Rolling Stone feature wasn't a scoop i...

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