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  1. How social media enriches broadcasting: a Northern Ireland perspective

    Conor Macauley

    is a reporter for BBC Northern Ireland

    Have you ever thought what it must be like for someone who wants to ring a newsroom? It's bound to be a daunting task. What's the number? Who do I ask for? That's all changing thanks to social media. The BBC Newsline social media project began about a year ago. We didn't want to get left beh...

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  2. Hyperlocal journalism: interviewing party leaders with toddler in tow

    Richard Jones

    Richard Jones, founder of the hyperlocal website Saddleworth News, soon found his patch in the national spotlight: It's January 2011. In a cramped upstairs room at a car repair garage in Oldham, I sit next to a couple of other local journalists as we interview David Cameron about the Conserva...

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  3. Kony 2012: 80m views, but Africans ask 'why are we talking about this?'

    Graham Holliday

    lives in Africa and is a foreign correspondent, photojournalist, lecturer and BBC journalism trainer. Twitter: @noodlepie

    It's not supposed to work this way. Conventional wisdom says viral videos are less than three minutes long, sometimes less than a minute (averaging 1 minute 42 seconds apparently). Thirty-minute videos aren't designed for the attention-deficit internet audience. Until, that is, a video pro...

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  4. Cyber-attack on BBC: need for caution in assigning blame

    Graham Cluley

    The BBC has reportedly revealed that it suffered a "sophisticated cyber-attack" following a campaign of persistent intimidation from the Iranian authorities.  Mark Thompson, the BBC's director-general, is due to give a speech at the Royal Television Society later today, describing how, alongsi...

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  5. A new BBC social media strategy for England

    Robin Morley

    When it comes to journalists enjoying a close relationship with listeners, viewers and readers, it's hard to beat local media. Tell a story well, or badly, and you'll soon hear direct from your audience - whether you're out walking the same patch tomorrow or just standing in the chip shop queu...

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  6. Hooked on Pinterest, but it's frustrating

    Charles Miller

    edits this blog. Twitter: @chblm

    Pinterest is fascinating and addictive... but it could let its users do more things, more easily. Well that's how it seems after a few days of trying it out. I wanted to experiment with something different from the collections of pictures of women's shoes, clothes, home decorating ideas and fa...

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  7. The New York Times' evolving social media strategy

    Charles Miller

    edits this blog. Twitter: @chblm

    The New York Times uses three principles when deciding how its journalists should use social media: do it strategically, be different, and strive for meaningful engagement with the audience. That was the message from Liz Heron, social media editor of The New York Times and the keynote speaker...

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  8. Social media training is getting results for the BBC

    Chris Walton

    is project editor in digital media at the BBC College of Journalism

    BBC News and The Huffington Post are easily leading the way worldwide at "social distribution", according to Newswhip, an innovative start-up company that monitors which news stories are spreading fastest through the social web. It's clear that BBC News has come a long way in social media in t...

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  9. Google Hangouts - a new tool for journalism?

    Ramaa Sharma

    is a multimedia journalism and production trainer for the BBC College of Journalism International. Twitter: @ramaamultimedia

    Skype it's not... A Google Plus Hangout, for those of you who don't know, is a video conferencing facility within the Google+ platform which allows up to ten people to talk to one another in the same space at the same time. (See this in action in the video.) The integration of this Skype-ty...

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  10. Happy birthday to us

    Jonathan Baker

    is head of the BBC College of Journalism

    We're marking a small milestone at the College of Journalism this week - the fifth birthday of our website. It was on 17 January 2007 that BBC journalists first had the chance to sample this extraordinary online facility. The site was created by Kevin Marsh, who joined the College after a long...

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