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Video Briefing: Opinion and the spending review

Kevin Marsh

is director of OffspinMedia and a former Today editor

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It's fair to say the jury - aka the electorate - is still out on the detail of the spending review ... though it certainly knows more now than it did before the election.

Add to that uncertainty about and the way the economy will go and it's clear that the opinion polls will provide crucial reading for the political parties and journalists alike in the months ahead.

Opinion and the Review

BBC Head of Political Research, David Cowling, reflects on public opinion and the spending review.

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The public's view is that the deficit should come down.

But it's clear they'd rather that happened through 'efficiencies' rather than real cuts ... and certainly rather than cuts to what they and politicians call 'frontline services'.

As David Cowling, the Editor of BBC Political Research, explains in this short video guide, one of the big problems for the Government is that the electorate is split.

Reduce the deficit slowly, or go for quick, deep cuts?

Which areas should be exempt?And do people think the cuts will be fair?

And what effect will the cuts have on public opinion once they see which services will be reduced, which will be provided in different ways and which will disappear completely?

These are the issues that will be played out in the weeks and months ahead as the polls track the likely impact for voters.

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