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  1. A global tragedy on a journalist’s doorstep

    Global news stories like mass shootings in the US don’t just change the lives of those affected, they can take their toll on journalists too and particularly local reporters closest to the community.

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  2. Data matters: An evolving story

    At the latest BBC Data Day speakers discussed the creative opportunities - immediately clear or otherwise - that are exciting journalists, programme-makers and technologists in 2016.

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  3. Now news videos can be created by software

    A New York tech startup, Wibbitz, has developed software that takes a written news story, creates a commentary track from it and finds shots to illustrate it. Should news journalists be worried?

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  4. Mishal Husain: The challenges of Today

    Mishal Husain’s professional life is a mix of the carefully planned and the spontaneous – much like the formula for the Today programme, which she joined two and a half years ago.

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  5. Out of Africa – how a good idea for sixty second catch-up news went live

    BBC Minute CatchUP is a pilot media player that sits on your browser and gives you a 60-second news bulletin, updated every half-hour.

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  6. Digital predictions 2016: Year of audience engagement, online video and bendy phones

    2016 will see more ad blocking, a faster mobile web, the primacy of audience ‘engagement’ over clicks and messaging apps like Slack going mainstream at work.

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  7. How to tell seven murder stories in 60 minutes

    Vanessa Engle explains how she made a documentary about domestic violence, negotiating a range of issues with contributors and colleagues.

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