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Trushar Barot

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  1. How BBC Ebola WhatsApp service is battling virus and finding great stories

    BBC World Service wanted to get vital health information on Ebola direct to people’s mobiles in West Africa. WhatsApp was the answer.

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  2. How BBC News covered Indian elections on WhatsApp and WeChat

    BBC News ran pilots on WhatsApp and WeChat for India elections, on BBM for Hausa service, and on Mxit for South Africa elections.

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  3. Will Indian election coverage via WhatsApp get the user vote?

    BBC News is testing chat apps's editorial potential, using the Indian elections as the focus of a BBC News India account on both WhatsApp and WeChat.

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  4. UGC: Source, check and stay on top of technology

    This has been another busy year in terms of stories driven by user-generated content (UGC): Egypt, the St Jude storm in the UK, Syria, the Russian meteor, Typhoon Haiyan, and most recently the death of Nelson Mandela.

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  5. Tweeting the Budget: a BBC hashtag experiment

    Anyone who followed Budget Day on Twitter may have noticed the BBC trying something a bit different. As an experiment, we used the hashtag #BBCBudget to aggregate the best of our content on the story and engage with our audience. It was something that wasn't welcomed by all and I can understan...

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  6. Social media's sentimental journey

    It's the Holy Grail for advertisers, marketers, companies, economists and politicians - how to know what people are thinking as soon as they think it.   Leaving aside the possibility of discovering a way of telepathically reading minds en masse, sentiment analysis has been creating a bit of ...

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