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Alan Pearce

is a journalist and author specialising in cyber security

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  1. Cyber security for journalists: Secure communications

    While it’s acceptable to use unencrypted email for general use, it’s a good idea to set up a more secure option just in case you need it.

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  2. Cyber security for journalists: How to keep your browsing private

    You can stop criminals and corporations following you on the web by tweaking your settings; you can mask where you go by using a virtual private network.

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  3. Cyber security for journalists: How to devise the perfect password

    The key to good cyber security is a secure password that cannot be guessed at or cracked. So never use any word that you can find in a dictionary - nor names of pets or children.

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  4. Cyber security for journalists: The internet is a hostile environment too

    In the first of a series of posts, Alan Pearce looks at the dangers facing journalists in cyberspace and what they can do to keep themselves safe.

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