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Sue Llewellyn

Social media consultant and trainer. Twitter: @suellewellyn

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  1. For breaking news, WhatsApp can be a strong team player

    When news broke of the Jakarta bombings in January, the BBC bureau team in Singapore used WhatsApp to communicate with each other in the crisis. It could work for other news team too, says Sue Llewellyn.

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  2. If hackers strike, don’t be a phish out of water

    On Thursday the BBC found itself a victim of Twitter hacking when a group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army hijacked a number of official Twitter accounts.

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  3. Even if you aren't fooled by royal baby accounts - five more tips for spotting fakes on Twitter

    Fake Twitter accounts can be obvious: @IamRoyalBaby (now suspended) @RoyalFoetus and @UnbornRoyal speak for themselves - or, rather, don’t.

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  4. Is this the real Pope? Five ways to spot a fake Twitter account

    Even before officials of the Pope launched his Twitter account, there were several fake accounts to distract the gullible. But there are ways to spot the hoaxes.

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