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Phil Harding

is a journalist, broadcaster and media consultant, and a former controller of Editorial Policy at the BBC

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  1. Harry, the public interest, and the internet argument

    Why did the rest of the British media decline to follow the Sun in publishing the unexpurgated pictures of Prince Harry frolicking in Las Vegas?

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  2. The challenge of reporting history in two and-a-half minutes

    Two more dates for the Queen and two more royal events for the BBC and the media to cover. But a couple of royal engagements this week were trickier to report than most.

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  3. Journalists need a workable definition of 'the public interest'

    What exactly is journalism in the public interest? It's the most important question in journalism today. It's a question which lies at the heart of the Leveson Inquiry. It's a question which is hotly disputed, and to which there seem to be few easy answers. Yet, unless it can be answered convinc...

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