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The wallaby: Nature's lawnmower, coming to a garden near you

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Shanta Barley | 10:40 UK time, Monday, 11 May 2009

Forget the bamboo dog frisbees and the solar-powered kennels. Greening your dog is all about replacing it with a wallaby, according to the Times.

A dog generates four tonnes of carbon dioxide (calculated using Do The Green Thing's estimate that every pound spent in Britain emits at least 0.4 kg of CO2) and 1.5 tonnes of excrement over its lifespan, so it's fairly easy to see what John Sparrow was getting at when he derided man's best friend as an 'unsavoury engine of pollution'.

Enter the wallaby, Britain's new pet of choice, according to Valerie Elliot, Countryside Editor for the Times. This lawnmower on legs' predilection for locally-grown grass means that you'll never need to power up your grass trimmer again (a machine that emits a kilo of carbon dioxide per hour, according to the BBC).

Of course, one can't help but feel relieved that the jump in wallaby sales as pets comes late in man's history. 'Raining cats and wallabies' and 'hair of the wallaby' don't have quite the same ring to them, and 'a wallaby ate my homework' is unlikely to attract much sympathy from sceptical teachers.


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