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Muffin Tuesday

Matt Fincham | 11:15 UK time, Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Chris - will be filming the last two editions of his show with Stacey Solomon, having lunch with Andi Peters and then tonight packing a bag with fresh pants and socks for BBC Children In Need Rocks Manchester and oh yes he is excited!

Dave - will be having a meeting with Roy Walker, doing assorted jobs, picking Nicole up from swimming and then packing a bag for BBC Children In Need Rocks Manchester

Dom - will be writing BBC's Newsbeat Odd Box today as he normally records it on a Wednesday, but tomorrow he is going to Manchester. Then tonight he'll be packing for BBC Children In Need Rocks Manchester

Tina - will be sending emails, packing her bag for BBC Children In Need Rocks Manchester and then her friend is staying over tonight

Freya - will be eating chocolate and nut muffins all morning, sleeping and then going to a spin class later

Matt - will be avoiding the muffins, going for a nice lunch, getting ready for Manchester and then going out for a friend's birthday drinks


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