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We're loving this Indian Summer!

Matt Fincham | 10:53 UK time, Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chris - is off to the gym this morning then this afternoon he's reviewing a well-known football game on his gaming platform

Dave - is up to miscellaneous jobs

Tina - is filming some bits and then she's finding a new wardrobe

Matt - is meeting up with Roy Walker, then he's off to playlist and tonight he's going to see Fenech Soler

Freya - is enjoying the sunshine while she's not in meetings

Aled - is also off to playlist and then having a long sleep

Dom - is off sick

Is it only flippin' Tuesday?

Matt Fincham | 11:18 UK time, Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Chris - is filming till 5 this afternoon...he's going to be cream crackered

Dave - is picking up Nicole from her second day at school and then is taking her swimming later

Freya's cold has turned a corner, so she's raring to go and will get back to her 'to do list' for the next few months

Matt - has lots to do in the office today, then tonight he's going out for dinner with two mates

Aled - is seeing his physio and trainer and then catching up on lots of TV tonight

Tina - is doing the voiceover for nine short films today

Dom - is having a bit of 'me time' today...he's feeling very rough

Are you ready for the weekend? We are!

Matt Fincham | 13:56 UK time, Friday, 23 September 2011

Chris - has his first day back at the gym today for several weeks, then he's cooking an early tea before watching Leeds vs. Brighton tonight

Dave - has a quiet night in tonight, tomorrow he's DJ'ing in Hull and performing in Plymouth on Sunday

Dom - is taking Finn football training tomorrow and then he'll be performing with Dave on Sunday night

Freya - is sleeping off her flu and having a cup of tea with Rachel who used to work on the show

Matt - is playing some records at his local bar tonight

Tina - has a late lunch, then she'll be filming and then she's doing 60 Seconds

Aled - is in Newport tonight, Hull tomorrow and presenting the Surgery on Sunday


Matt Fincham | 11:09 UK time, Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chris - has a meeting with Aled and Freya in the coffee shop near Radio 1

Dom - is recording a voiceover this afternoon for two hours

Dave - is also doing a voiceover

Tina - will be chosing her secret love and secret hate tracks

Aled - is going to playlist today and attempting a midweek mammoth sleep

Matt - is also off to playlist and then he's going to see Rizzle Kicks and Alex Clare tonight

Freya - is going for a coffee with Chris and Aled and is then getting over the flu

Tuesday's blog is full of fun and frivolity

Matt Fincham | 12:44 UK time, Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chris - is filming another episode of his TV show

Dom - will be getting a manicure as his fingernails are horrid at the moment*

Tina - is being teachers' pet by going to the filming of Chris' TV show

Dave - is going for an extensive overhaul of his wardrobe as he feels his current clothes are a little drab*

Matt - will be going out for lunch with former producer Rachel ahead of her maternity leave and then he's going jogging tonight

Freya - is off sick today

Aled - is working on Chris Moyles Show office stuff now that Freya's off ill - he's then going for a lunch with Rachel to see her off on maternity leave

* these guys had left, so we thought it'd be amusing to make up what they're doing today

It's the start of a new week

Matt Fincham | 10:45 UK time, Monday, 19 September 2011

Chris - has some suit fittings and then he'll be filming the first episode of series 5 of Chris Moyles Quiz Night

Dave - is doing a voiceover, and then he has an afternoon of writing

Aled - has lots of meetings and then he'll be meeting with BBC3 this afternoon

Matt - will be working on a secret project, then has record company appointments and then tonight will be getting a haircut

Freya - is organising the week ahead and some fun stuff for next week, as well as having an early night after a girly weekend in Paris

Tina - is up to assorted TV business and then she's going out for dinner tonight

Dom - is off sick with a migraine

Thank flip it's Friday!

Matt Fincham | 11:07 UK time, Friday, 16 September 2011

Chris - has a TV show meeting, training, shopping, a mate's birthday, and then some chilling time.

Dave - is doing telly stuff, then a long travel based meeting with Westwood, and a quiet night in with Nicole

Dom - is taking his son to his second football match as he's been picked again! Then general stuff.

Aled - has a meeting at Radio 1, a meeting at BBC3, and a meeting with his trainer.

Tina - has filming and stuff

Matt - is back from his travels in Woking so will be busy in the office and then later on he's going to his colleague's house for home-made pizza

Midweek mayhem on the blog!

Matt Fincham | 10:41 UK time, Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chris - is meeting a pal Bryn for a cup of tea, then he has a TV meeting and then later on today he might be trying on a dress (although that may be cancelled). This afternoon it's all about training, tea and telly

Dave - is up to a day of assorted business and then he may go for a late afternoon sleep

Freya - is doing fun office things and is then having a fitting for her wedding dress

Matt - is off to playlist then tonight he may go for a run

Aled - is off judging the Teen Awards this morning

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat

Tina - has a few TV meetings and then she'll be resting

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

Matt Fincham | 12:02 UK time, Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chris - is getting his haircut, then he has a production meeting for Chris Moyles Quiz Night and then he might cook and watch Star Wars

Dave - is doing book business and then he's taking his daughter Nicole for a swimming lesson

Dom - is doing boring work and computer business

Aled - is taking part in 'The Big Conversation' - listen in from 2 this afternoon on Greg's show to hear highlights

Tina - is also taking part in 'The Big Conversation'

Freya - is going to take part in 'The Big Conversation' too!

Matt - will be busy working in the office and then tonight he's going to do some exercise and cook for his housemate

What exciting stuff is going down today then?

Matt Fincham | 10:44 UK time, Monday, 12 September 2011

Chris - is getting some suits fitted for the next series of his TV show and then he might watch Star Wars on DVD later

Dave - will be meeting up with Tim Westwood to see where he's heading next around the world

Aled - is going to daytime editorial, then having a meeting about tomorrow's 'Big Conversation' (tune in tomorrow to find out more) and then he's got another meeting about the Teen Awards

Matt - will be helping Roy Walker out with some singing, then looking into a special project and this afternoon he has appointments with record companies

Freya - is in the office all day planning some exciting things for the future months on the show

Dom - is taking his dog for a walk

Tina - is up to assorted meetings and work stuff

Blog on!

Matt Fincham | 15:19 UK time, Friday, 9 September 2011

Chris - today he's working on another couple of song parodies, then he's catching up with Rick from online and then hes trying to get in two training sessions between now and Monday morning (he'll be lucky to do one)

Dave - will be recording four episodes of Coach Trip, then packing this afternoon ahead of moving house this weekend, then he's going to Edinburgh to DJ with Dominic Byre

Dom - as above, but minus the voiceover and moving house bits

Tina - has a TV meeting, script meeting, voiceover recording and then lunch with a friend

Aled - is having a haircut, going to the gym and then catching up with his cousin who he hasn't seen for years

Freya - will be going out for a posh dinner with Sara Cox tonight for a charity

Matt - will be meeting his Dad for lunch, entertaining a special friend tonight and then catching up with friends this weekend

The Blog is back on!

Matt Fincham | 10:58 UK time, Monday, 5 September 2011

Chris - has a day off from going to the gym, but he'll be doing some running and weights later

Dave will be mostly sleeping today and then having something healthy for tea

Dom will be picking up his children from their first day back at school

Tina has a meeting, then a sleep, then she's going to buy an external hard drive

Aled will be going through the new rob DJ bits with Matt and then he has a meeting with BBC3 later

Freya will be retuning from producing David Walliams this morning in Gloucestershire

Matt will be going out for breakfast, then meeting with Aled to talk rob DJ then tonight he's doing some exercise

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