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Here's what the team are doing - according to Aled

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Aled | 13:17 UK time, Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hi, it's Aled here. Every morning after the show Matt Fincham asks the team what they are doing that day. He then writes it up as a blog and posts it to the Radio 1 website and to The Chris Moyles Show Facebook page.

Matt forgot today, all the team have gone and I'm left looking at the blank email that was meant to contain everyone's activities. So here, to the best of my knowledge (aka guess) is what everyone's doing:

Chris - Being a radio superstar, will be hanging out with Elton John, Gary Barlow and Sinitta at his house playing Call Of Duty in their underwear. (Not sure why the underwear is important - that's just what they do).

Dave - will undoubtedly be doing 'assorted business' which is the phrase he often uses to give the impression that his life is dull. Nothing could be further from the the truth, Dave does in fact have a secret double life and the 'Comedy Dave' facade is there only to serve his Chris Moyles Show persona. In fact today, he has chartered a private helicopter and is flying to the nearest rainforest where he will team up with Bono and Sting in helping the delicate eco-system flourish that lives therein. (Incidentally he will be planting a further 25 trees to the rainforest's mass to make up for the fumes he used in flying to and from the rainforest).

Aled - is naturally the fun person of the team, who will spend the day selflessly helping those less fortunate than himself. This includes the homeless, old people and those still wearing last season's clothes.

Freya - Will be hard at work in the Radio 1 offices ensuring that someone will answer their phone tomorrow morning when we run the competition to hang out with our listeners in Liverpool this week.[[LINK TO COMP]]]

Matt - Will be to a lesser extent doing the same as Freya, but will be singing along to Radio 1 jingles in the process. This activity will be providing an abundance of joy to those who work with him in the office, least of all Aled. Who's also fun - did I tell you that?

Tina - will be hanging out with the sporting elite - pretending to be all social with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, David Backham and Usain Bolt but who will, in fact, be writing everything she sees down so that her sport bulletin will have that bit more detail over all her colleagues sport bulletins on other radio stations like BBC Radio 2, or indeed 5 Live.

And... Dom - will be nursing his wife's finger.

I hope you too have a day as interesting as those of us who work on The Chris Moyles Show :)



  • Comment number 1.

    Aled, this is brilliant! A much more interesting read - thank you. And that's not just because you made stuff up. It's also because you wrote it in a personal style from your own perspective, rather than the matter-of-fact bullet points we normally get in the blog entry. #teamAled

  • Comment number 2.

    Haha! Agreed with 'Snozboz' above - Great read - Interesting fact about Elton John playing COD!
    Interesting use of [[LINK TO COMP]]] instead of the actual hyperlink to the competition ;) - Must have been late in the day when Hoop or relevant R1 Web person got the email ;)

  • Comment number 3.

    Nice one, Aled. I still like Matt's posts, too, but this was quite funny.


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