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Matt Fincham | 11:28 UK time, Thursday, 30 June 2011

Chris - is recording our 'free download' links after the show, he then has another script meeting for his TV show and then he's got some bits to do at home

Dave - will be working from home before returning to town for a meeting and going for some work-related cocktails

Dom - will be jumping out of a plane

Tina - will be speaking to David Haye on the phone at lunchtime

Aled - has record company appointments, then he's going to the gym and then seeing Glee in London Town tonight

Freya - will be accompanying Dom on his journey to face his fear

Matt - will be working hard in the office and then tonight (if he's still awake) he'll go and see old producer Rachel's husband's band (!)

Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend, well kinda...

Matt Fincham | 10:50 UK time, Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Chris - is going to the gym, then he has some writing to do. He's going to have an early (ish) night tonight.

Dave - is going to York on disco business

Dom - is doing the same as Dave, then worrying about potentially facing his fears tomorrow

Tina - is rushing home to tidy up her house before her Mum, Aunt, two cousins and sister come over for lunch

Aled - unfortunately has a long day ahead of him in the building because of several meetings, including playlist

Matt - has the same as Aled, but he hopes to go out for a few drinks tonight with some friends

Freya - is getting the coffee out of her skirt and then doing some risk assessments for Chris, Dom and Dave's challenges this week

Face Your Fears - Day 1

Matt Fincham | 10:44 UK time, Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Chris - is filming for the next series of his TV show today

Dave - is hiding at home, concerned about Face Your Fears

Dom - is recording a voiceover at lunchtime and this afternoon he'll hopefully be enjoying the sunshine

Tina - will be celebrating the fact that she's faced her fear of heights this morning and then organising her amazing trip to Ibiza

Aled - is supposed to be going to the gym, but he's thinking of going home to sleep instead

Freya - eating pizza then going to a spin class

Matt - will be continuing to plan this week's Face Your Fears feature, then tonight he might have a rehearsal with the String Tings

Let's do the blog, like we did last summer

Matt Fincham | 10:47 UK time, Monday, 27 June 2011

Chris - is going to the gym and then he's heading to the TV studios to film the new series of Quiz Night

Dave - is going home to catch up on his post-Glastonbury washing

Tina - has lots of dull meetings and then she'll be enjoying the sun

Aled - is having a swimming lesson today

Freya - is going to try and catch the sun in her lunch hour

Matt - has lots of meetings today to finalise details for 'Face Your Fears' this week, then tonight he's having a quiet night in to recover from the weekend

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat


Matt Fincham | 14:11 UK time, Friday, 24 June 2011

Chris - is off to Glastonbury and then he's coming back early on Sunday because he needs to be nice and relaxed for Monday - it's a busy week, with a very exciting radio feature launching in our show and Chris will also be filming his new TV series

Dave - is mainly heading West to buy some raffle tickets, garden chairs and the like ahead of FolkFace's performance at Glastonbury

Dom - all of the above - plus reading the news beforehand

Freya - is going to a family party after yogalates

Aled - in support of his good friends Dave and Dom who'll be performing at Glastonbury, he'll be going to the Glee Tour in London

Matt - is recovering from a rather interesting show, celebrating his birthday tonight with some friends in a bar and then seeing where the weekend will take him

Tina - will be focusing on getting better; she's got a bad cold today

Thursday really is quite a dull day, isn't it?

Matt Fincham | 12:05 UK time, Thursday, 23 June 2011

Chris - is recording podcast links

Dave - is doing a big shop ahead of Glastonbury

Matt - will be meeting Roy Walker, running a brainstorm this afternoon and then this evening he needs a quiet night in

Freya - is eating peanut butter sandwiches and then going for a drink with her friend from 5live

Aled - has record company appointments, then he's going to the gym

Tina - has a friend coming to stay for a few days, so she'll be having fun with them

Dom - will also being doing a big pre-Glasto shop - binbags and wetwipes are high on the agenda

It's Wednesday. That is all.

Matt Fincham | 12:41 UK time, Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Chris - is filming all day today again for the new series of Quiz Night

Dave - today he'll be finishing his meetings with Roy Walker in the Imaginarium, then he'll be taking Nicole out for the afternoon and tonight he's packing for Glastonbury

Dom - is ironing some FolkFace outfits today

Tina - is doing some work bits and bobs and then she's spending the rest of her afternoon with MJ, her dog

Aled - has playlist today

Matt - also has playlist today and then tonight he's celebrating his best mate's birthday

Freya - is going to be in lots of meetings

<insert witty title here>

Matt Fincham | 12:38 UK time, Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Chris - has the final script meeting before Chris Moyles Quiz Night starts filming next week and then he might work on his new Templecloud parody

Dave - will be fine tuning his love and hate tracks, then he's having a lunch meeting and catching up with Roy Walker this afternoon

Dom - will also be thinking about his love/hate tracks and then he'll be washing his FolkFace costume ahead of the weekend

Tina - will be office-based for a lot of the day, then she's going out for dinner later

Aled - will be working on his love/hate tracks, attending a brainstorm chaired by Matt Fincham, then he'll be going to the gym

Matt - will be collating everyone's love/hate tracks, then at lunchtime he's hosting a brainstorm for a future event on Radio 1 and tonight he's going to try to cook for some friends

Freya - is up to office work then has a spin class

New week, new beginnings

Matt Fincham | 12:07 UK time, Monday, 20 June 2011

Chris - is off to the gym, then he's filming all day for the next series of his TV show

Dave - has a very long meeting with Roy Walker in his Imaginarium

Tina - has to clean her flat, empty her fridge and do lots of washing today

Aled - is going to catch up with his Sunday night lack of sleep and then he's going to be listening to Radio 1's Story Of Glee - tonight from 9 on BBC Radio 1

Matt - will be continuing to plan something very exciting for next week's show, then this afternoon he has record company appointments

Freya - will be sorting out something very exciting for our listeners over the summer and offering the cakes I baked last night round the office

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat and then he's going to take one of his children horseriding

It's the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!

Matt Fincham | 11:23 UK time, Friday, 17 June 2011

Chris - is planning something top secret today, which he'll reveal on Monday

Dave - is putting his arms around the weekend and embracing some lie ins

Dom - is going to go home and recover from this morning's (slightly creepy) hilarity

Tina - is off to Ascot today

Aled - is welcoming some superfans of the show to BBC Radio 1 - we're having a meeting of ideas with Matt Fincham and Freya

Matt - as above, then he's catching up with some friends over the weekend

Freya - another office day orgainsing something exciting for Tina next week plus seeing the superfans, then doing a yoga class

Midweek fun and games on the Chris Moyles Show

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Matt Fincham | 10:57 UK time, Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Chris - it's the first day of filming for his new series of Quiz Night - today he's doing a film parody

Dave - is up to assorted business

Dom - is doing a voiceover for TV today and then this evening he's watching Bad Teacher with Fearne Cotton ahead of Cameron Diaz coming in tomorrow morning

Tina - is up to lots of boring work stuff then she's helping her Mum with some kitchen planning

Aled - has meetings with the Chris Moyles production team, Surgery production team, playlist meeting then he's going to watch the film with Dom tonight

Freya - I'll be sorting out some paperwork then going shopping after work

Matt - also has the playlist meeting, then tonight he's going for a drink with former producer Sam

Blog on!

Matt Fincham | 12:11 UK time, Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Chris - has a script meeting for his new TV series and then he's getting a haircut

Dave - is up to assorted business, including deciding what his secret hate/love tracks are for the Musical Tastes feature tomorrow

Tina - is working very hard for the next few hours, then she's going grocery shopping

Dominic - has to sell his car

Aled - has a quiet day catching up on telly

Freya - is working on something exciting involving Dom then she's going to a spin class

Matt - is working on two secret projects then tonight he's going out for dinner

The blog on this fine Monday

Matt Fincham | 17:31 UK time, Monday, 13 June 2011

Chris - is going to the gym, then he's recovering from his boozy weekend by being healthy and virtuous

Dave - is also recovering from the weekend by being healthy; then he and Dominic are having some rehearsals this afternoon

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat and then rehearsing with Dave

Tina - is also having a good food day, then she's going on a mandatory BBC training course; tonight she's going out for dinner with her Dad's birthday

Aled - is desperately in need of some sleep, so will be leaving the building ASAP

Matt - has record company appointments, then tonight he's getting a haircut and deciding where he's going on holiday this year

Freya - first day in the office with the team, then the gym, then some spaghetti bolognese

Yessss it's Friday!!

Matt Fincham | 11:11 UK time, Friday, 10 June 2011

Chris - his parents are arriving this afternoon so they're all going to his brother Keiron's birthday party and then hanging out with the family all weekend!

Dom - is picking his car up as it's had a service and then he has a weekend of relaxing and BBQ'ing

Tina - is presenting 60 Seconds on Saturday and Sunday night

Dave - has a quiet night in tonight, then he's DJ'ing in Exeter tomorrow night

Matt - is off to Manchester for the weekend to visit a good friend

Aled - is finishing recording his Glee documentary which goes out on Radio 1 a week on Monday

Thursday - Dreaming Of Donuts

Matt Fincham | 12:56 UK time, Thursday, 9 June 2011

Chris: has a suit fitting and then he can't decide on whether to go home and do some work or watch Back To The Future movies as Michael J Fox is 50 today

Dave: is going to Sheffield to play some tunes with Dom tonight

Dom: is going to Sheffield to play some tunes with Dave tonight

Tina: is working on a secret project for The Chris Moyles Show

Aled: has record company appointments and then is going for a meeting with the new producer of The Surgery

Matt: will be recording something for someone special in the studio and then tonight he may go two for one at a well-known pizza establishment

Wednesday - Need Sleep and Food

Matt Fincham | 11:02 UK time, Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Chris: is off to the gym and then doing a big Wednesday shop

Dave: might get his haricut, go for a little snooze then do assorted shiz

Tina: is celebrating a friend's birthday all day so she's going for posh lunch, then having a treatment and going for cocktails and maybe dinner if they make it

Dom: is presenting the Odd Box today, even though it's not Thursday and looking forward to seeing The Apprentice tonight at 9pm on BBC 1

Aled: has playlist this afternoon and then a sleep before seeing The Apprentice later tonight at 9pm on BBC 1

Matt: also has playlist, then tonight he's going to a BBQ where he might be hanging out with the skaters from the DJ Fresh video!

Monday - new news day!

Matt Fincham | 10:44 UK time, Monday, 6 June 2011

Chris: is going back to the gym, he's then got loads of work to do with Lynn, sort some stuff out at home and then he's got to do a bit of writing

Dave: has jobs to sort out and when he's not doing that he'll be sheltering from the rain

Aled: has got various Radio 1 and production meetings, he's then nipping to the doctor and going to the gym to work on his thighs for tomorrow's show

Matt: is continuing to work on something exciting for the show, recovering from his cousin's wedding then going to a pub quiz tonight

Tina: is going back to bed after a fraught morning of new news jingles

Dom: is off sick with a migraine

Fun In The Sun

Matt Fincham | 11:54 UK time, Friday, 3 June 2011

Chris - is going to bed. That's it - he needs to get rid of his cold

Dave - is driving to north Wales for a weekend break

Aled - is doing some work (believe it or not), going for a run, a gym then a swim!

Dom - is having fun in the sun

Tina - has a meeting and is presenting 60 Seconds on BBC 3 tonight

Matt - is going to his cousin Kate's wedding in Wolverhampton

Thursday Need-A-Sleep Blog

Matt Fincham | 14:52 UK time, Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chris - is going to the gym even though he'd rather do anything else, then he has a medical, then meeting his brother and sorting out his surprise birthday present

Dave - is packing for the weekend as he's going to North Wales; he may also have a sleep later

Aled - will get an emergency sleep in today after record company appointments

Dom - is presenting the Oddbox today

Tina - will also be having a nice sleep today

Matt - has several meetings, then yoga, then he'll be planning a special surprise for the team

Team Outing Tonight Blog

Matt Fincham | 11:21 UK time, Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chris - is going to the gym, then is undoing all his good work by going out for curry and beers with the team

Dave - has assorted jobs to do followed by a team outing

Aled - is going to playlist then he has an awkward 2 hours to maybe spend at home sleeping before going out

Dom - has a meeting, then another meeting, then he's going to the cinema ahead of an exciting interview with a Hollywood A-lister, then he's back for the team outing

Tina - is having a snooze then she's up to work bits and bobs before the team night out

Matt - is also going to playlist and then this evening's he's out with the team

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